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Island in the Sea of Time By S.M. Stirling,

  • Title: Island in the Sea of Time
  • Author: S.M. Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780451456755
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Utterly engaginga page turner that is certain to win the author legions of new readers and fans George R R Martin, author of A Game of ThronesIt s spring on Nantucket and everything is perfectly normal, until a sudden storm blankets the entire island When the weather clears, the island s inhabitants find that they are no longer in the late twentieth centurybut Utterly engaginga page turner that is certain to win the author legions of new readers and fans George R R Martin, author of A Game of ThronesIt s spring on Nantucket and everything is perfectly normal, until a sudden storm blankets the entire island When the weather clears, the island s inhabitants find that they are no longer in the late twentieth centurybut have been transported instead to the Bronze Age Now they must learn to survive with suspicious, warlike peoples they can barely understand and deal with impending disaster, in the shape of a would be conqueror from their own time.
    Island in the Sea of Time Utterly engaginga page turner that is certain to win the author legions of new readers and fans George R R Martin author of A Game of ThronesIt s spring on Nantucket and everything is perfectly norma

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    1. This book is technically fairly well executed, but politically leaves me cross eyed Warning for sexual violence, weird race issues, and general ookiness In order to discuss it, first, an overview of the plot One spring night, the island of Nantucket with several miles of coastal waters is inexplicably transported into the bronze age Luckily for the islanders, the coastal waters include a Coast Guard ship, the Eagle, and her captain, Black lesbian Marian Alston, who is plenty competent to organiz [...]

    2. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.After a strange electrical storm, the residents of Nantucket discover that their entire island and its surrounding waters have been sent back to 1300 B.C Now this society, which is mostly based on a tourist economy, must figure out how to establish a new identity in prehistory This includes clearing and farming land, building ships, finding new sources of fuel, salt, and other necessities, and most difficult of all, developing a constitution and befriendin [...]

    3. A painful book to read for a number of reasons For a liberal guy, you would think S.M Stirling would be a little less weird and that s the best way I can describe it WEIRD in how he portrays and handles his minority and gay characters I couldn t get into the story at any time because I kept being distracted by his over descriptions of what a black person would be interested in, look like, etc At one point he even describes one of the main character s hair as nappy It sort of reminded me of when [...]

    4. This is probably a pretty good book within the subgenre of time travel alternate history, but that is damning with faint praise There are so many pitfalls that have to be avoided that it usually isn t worth bothering to open the book The only one I can recommend Pastwatch The Redemption of Christopher Columbus If you ll settle for just alternate history, try the incredible The Man in the High Castle, or for just time travel, maybe the almost incredible Doomsday Book The biggest problem here is t [...]

    5. Wow I had this book on my to read shelf for some time as I d heard it was a good alt history book but I never got around to reading it til one of my book clubs picked it as a series read And I m glad I finally read it.A fascinating, thrilling story of an incident which send the island of Nantucket, MA, USA plus a sailing vessel of the Coast Guard back in time to around 1250 BC The affected having to come to terms with the loss of everyone and everything they once knew and learn to live in the Br [...]

    6. In a word, terrible.In several words, racist, sexist, and just problematic in ways than one The ones concerned about having supremely negative effects on the current civilizations are the ones that are delusional, incompetent, and lead to failure.The sole mentioned Asian American character is a woman who gets her rocks off by torturing people The black woman who is in charge of the coast guard people stranded with the island and is part of the closest thing they have to a military is a lesbian. [...]

    7. This book puzzles me The pacing is excellent, the action is quite frequent, the characters get into every conceivable terrible situation that could happen if you landed in 1250 BC, and yet I can only say that I liked it and not that I really liked it I feel like this should be a four star book I would chalk it up to a bad mood but there s that little problem that I m not in a bad mood Also, I read this maybe five years ago and I ditched it around 75% So apparently it s not the here and now, it s [...]

    8. This is an alternate history in which the island of Nantucket is unexpectedly and inexplicably thrown back in time from 1998 to 1250 B.C Nantucket is a real island, part of Massachusetts in the U.S The story focuses on how they survive, considering Nantucket had relied mostly on outside food sources They also needed raw materials that were limited in supply in order to make various goods, tools, and weapons, and politics are involved as they decide how to rule their island and how to handle the [...]

    9. I give credit to Stirling for making such an accurate time travel story and for clearly doing his research, making it as realistic as possible However, that s one of the only satisfactions I received Eventually said research became overbearing, and instead of letting his readers learn and come to understand the world through the lives of their characters he resorted to info dumping in excruciating detail, and often in the most annoying places There would be numerous times in the middle of charac [...]

    10. I loved this book, and the two that followed in the trilogy Quick synopsis the island of Nantucket and a wooden Coast Guard ship are mysteriously whisked back in time several thousand years The only reason I didn t give this one five stars is that Stirling gets a bit carried away with some of the unsavory sexual behavior of some of his characters This seems to be a consistent trend of his in most of his books He can t seem to write plain old vanilla sex his sex scenes are either of lesbian and [...]

    11. When you start rooting for the bad guys to kill everyone else, you know something s gone wrong I found this book intensely annoying.

    12. I was completely hooked by the plot, but the writing and character development brought the rating down a few points The Island of Nantucket with all of the people, buildings, ships and technology within a certain radius was mysteriously sent back in time to the year 1200 B.C The most interesting parts of the book for me were the efforts to form a government and society and provide continued sustenance and safety of the people Stirling reasoned through all of this very well, and when he stuck to [...]

    13. For a guy who makes such a point of writing characters against stereotypes, S.M Stirling sure writes a lot ethnic stereotypes Seriously, this thing reads like a collaboration between Andrea Dworkin and Sax Rohmer.I have a lot to say about the plot, but honestly that would apply to the genre as a whole If you think a bunch of modern first worlders with a representative and extremely unlikely cross section of skills and understanding of modern technology inexplicably go back in time to impose midd [...]

    14. I couldn t finish this book I kept trying but gave up about 4 5 of the way through The characters weren t engaging, the options of dealing with native populations were not adequately explored while at the same time patting itself on the back for doing just that Some of the characterizations were undeveloped and occasionally offensive Mostly I just found the whole situation not worth reading about My review may be a little biased because I have decided that this genre is probably not my thing.

    15. AudiobookCan I book about a modern day island on the American east coast Nantucket going back in time be boring Yes And for an isolated island with minimal supplies there is a lot of traveling going on to Europe, to the Caribbean, South America I know the author didn t want to bog down the book with descriptions of days and days of travel, but sometimes it seemed they were one day in Nantucket and then after waiting a week no real sense of urgency just we re going as fast as we can , it would ta [...]

    16. When a friend suggested this book to me, I have to admit that I sort of attracted by the idea Yes, I haven t read much stories about time travel Stranded, maybe, but time travel and stranded This was my first time.The first few chapters were engaging, for me The plot was built in a superbly easy to understand way A whole Nantucket Island was transported to the 1200 BC Along with a ship and her crew that was unfortunately around the same area.So they had to survive, okay, and also work on their k [...]

    17. I have been rereading old favorites this summer, and I am happy to say that most of them are as enjoyable as I remembered This one was filed in my mind as a swashbuckling adventure in time travel I recalled it as being super engaging, keeping my nose firmly in the book through a long and eventful weekend of travel Well, my memories were accurate and I can still say that nobody does it better than S.M Stirling In this one, he moves the island of Nantucket from now into the Bronze Age The inhabita [...]

    18. Disappointing I loved the premise of this book modern Americans sent back in time, need to cope and rebuild society but the sex and race stuff was just ick, and the violence was unappealing I found the rape scenes really disturbing and wish they had not been included While Stirling is great at thinking through the hows of this situation, some of his characters and scenes are so hard to take that I ended up skimming whole sections I appreciate that the leads were not all straight white men, but I [...]

    19. 3.5 stars Excellent, if you like Swiss Family Robinson and Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court type stories Well researched and told.But it was all too quick and too easy Yeah, there was a big conflict of sorts, but everything worked too well for even the renegade Islanders But isn t that the style of these back to the past stories Fun read Not great literature Hardly even credible, despite all the research Stirling apparently did Heavy handed negative stereotypes among secondary character [...]

    20. This book had has the potential to get bogged down in the details Part of the whole alternate history time travel allure is everything we take for granted in the modern world that doesn t exist in this setting The down side is that you can get lost in describing all the re invention you have to do to the detriment of the story Stirling rides a pretty good line creating a story with drama that you want to keep reading and having the speculative details add to the story One of the main characters [...]

    21. Despite having the same rating and similar a premise, I actually liked this book than 1632 by Eric Flint I liked the fact that Nantucket stayed in the same geographical location Moving West Virginia to Germany to put them in the middle of the action was a plot device that annoyed me All in all, this feels like a realistic take on the idea of a town moving back in time Relatively speaking, I mean And its missing a lot of that overzealous American patriotism that became so annoying in the 163 bo [...]

    22. 1 star might be a little harsh, but I can t remember the last time I ve hated the way an author went with a book as I did with Island It starts off strong but then the antagonist is the one with the concept of how to deal with the situation and the protaganists are just annoying do gooders that should be doomed to failure because they just don t get it I had really looked forward to reading this, but it was a big disappointment now I have the sequel on my shelf just taking space for the foreseea [...]

    23. I ve read few books that I really didn t like This is one I realize that a lot of books contain a lot of the writer s fantasies, but in this one it was so obvious that it made me cringe Premise good, execution bad So bad, in fact, I had Jeanette just tell me what happened in the sequel rather than reading it.

    24. This is a book that I should have liked It s well written with an interesting premise There s nice descriptions and a pleasant turn of phrase I wanted to like it But I didn t Instead, I found myself wondering how much further I had to go to finish The premise is simple the island of Nantucket gets sent back in time We follow the competent characters Jared Cofflin police chief who gets selected as Chief Executive Officer , Doreen Rosenthal astronomer who figures out that they ve been sent to 1250 [...]

    25. Good time travelI can t remember who recommended this book to me but it sure lived up to my expectations.Never read time travel books before, at least nothing with this much detail on how 20th century things are made or in this case reproduced in the middle of the Bronze Age.The history and military was also quite riveting.I really enjoyed this bookright till the very end where Mr Stirling showed his bigotry He may have made our hero a black gay woman winner of all our hearts, but he decided to [...]

    26. I tend to find historic fiction and alternate universe story lines to be enjoyable This book provides a solid story that is plausible in that it cannot be proven or disproved by our level of science but with expected sociological and psychological patterns that give us a good look at our base nature.In a land of blind, a one eyed man is king kind of thing and if the right person is in the right place at the right time.I ll be reading the other books in this series and have also read the other S. [...]

    27. An intriguing take on alternate histories I was constantly wondering, what would I do if I were transported to the Bronze Age and had to survive with none of the resources I ve always taken for granted.This book deepened my already considerable appreciation for paper towels, Tylenol and ballpoint pens.

    28. Wow this time travel novel really gives the what if of speculative fiction a thorough workout The event that occurs 17 March 1998 throws the island of Nantucket and a Coast Guard sailing ship, the Eagle, back 3000 years to the bronze age Modern technology mixes with artisanal crafts and library research to enable the Nantucketers to survive in their new reality Some can t adapt and there are hundreds of suicides, others step forward to lead and figure out how to feed everyone once their existing [...]

    29. Just didn t like it much I love the idea and have read other books that I have liked much in a similar vein I found the story on the island fascinating as they struggle to maintain as much of our civilization, both technical and sociological, as they can I even found the depiction of the native peoples they encounter interesting I was certainly willing to go along with the plot device that allowed for the diversity of talents to survive under the circumstances of Nantucket to go 3300 years into [...]

    30. Another excellent offering from S.M Stirling Island is technically in the Change novels universe, but the stories are entirely separate because the premise goes that just before our world was thrown back into the dark ages by a sudden change in the laws of physics, the island of Nantucket was actually physically transported back in time to about 1250 BC This is alluded to in the second Change trilogy when an expedition finds pre Columbian Indians living on Nantucket somewhere around 2020 apparen [...]

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