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Don't Bargain with the Devil By Sabrina Jeffries,

  • Title: Don't Bargain with the Devil
  • Author: Sabrina Jeffries
  • ISBN: 9781441847287
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Audio CD
  • New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries weaves a dazzling tale of Regency manners and roguish passions in the fifth title in the seductive School for Heiresses series As New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas raves, Anyone who loves romance must read Sabrina Jeffries Diego Montalvo, a dashing Spanish magician, is determined to find the long lost grandNew York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries weaves a dazzling tale of Regency manners and roguish passions in the fifth title in the seductive School for Heiresses series As New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas raves, Anyone who loves romance must read Sabrina Jeffries Diego Montalvo, a dashing Spanish magician, is determined to find the long lost granddaughter of a Spanish marques and return her to Spain He suspects that Lucinda Seton, of Charlotte Harris s School for Young Ladies, is the woman he s been searching for Now, he just has to steal a look at her thigh to confirm a birthmark before whisking her away to Spain to collect his reward But Diego never suspected his mission would include falling in love Jeffries delivers an irresistible love story with a bad boy hero, an intrepid heroine, and just the right amount of mystery to pique readers interest and deftly hold them under her spell Romantic Times.
    Don t Bargain with the Devil New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries weaves a dazzling tale of Regency manners and roguish passions in the fifth title in the seductive School for Heiresses series As New York Times best

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    1. I m going to say 2.5 on this one for me which says a lot because I m a notorious easy 4 review I don t know, I found myself at page 326 of 384 and still didn t feel terribly invested in this H h The author may not have employed the dreaded BIG MISUNDERSTANDING, but the book seemed rife with a lot of little misunderstandings and or miscommunication lack of good communication regarding feelings At 95% complete yep, a kindle read , the H h were STILL trying to determine if there was to be a full on [...]

    2. Not one of the author s best book but still enjoyable I found it hard to get into and it took me a while to stay focused on the story It was actually rather boring in the beginning but picked up momentum towards the end If nothing else, it left you anticipating the final book and wondering who Cousin Michael is Overall the romance was good and the mystery behind Lucy s parentage was intriguing enough The hero makes some mistakes that may have been forgiven a little to easily and quickly in my op [...]

    3. Don t Bargain With the Devil is the sixth book in Sabrina Jeffries School for Heiresses series This time we get the story of Lucinda, one of the former students but now stepping in as a teacher to help out the owner This is a tale filled with Jeffries humor, sensuality, and the search for a missing heiress.Lucinda Seton is furious, hurt and furious The man she thought was going to propose DID come up with a proposalbut not for marriage Well, she ll show him Her Spanish blood doesn t mean she can [...]

    4. Diego Montalvo is searching for the long lost granddaughter of a Spanish Marques He knows she was kidnapped by her nanny at the age of four, she is twenty years old, and she has a birthmark on her thigh Diego s search leads him to Lucinda Seton, a teacher at Mrs Harris Finishing School To get close to the school, Diego moves in next door and tells everyone he will be opening a pleasure garden Lucy is incensed when she learns this information The business will hurt the school This gives the outsp [...]

    5. Don t Bargain with the Devil is a wonderful read I rushed out to buy it this afternoon and didn t put it down until I had finished If you haven t read all or any of the other School for Heiresses books don t worry because this book can be read alone though many of the characters from previous ones do reappear, so that s something to look forward to if you have I myself only read the first book, Never Seduce a Scoundrel, yesterday and am looking forward to catching up on the other ones before the [...]

    6. The unhappy truth is that Georgette Heyer has completely ruined my ability to read other regencies In the past, I would have read this book and I wouldn t have thought it was good, exactly, but I would have thought it was fun and finished it And now I just can t My little finger has historical accuracy that DBwtD although I would like to point out that it does feature a headless heroine on the cover, so at the very least I can add it to my collection.In short a girl is orphaned in Spain during [...]

    7. I love this series so much I can t get enough of it, I m ready to start over again after I finish the last one This is by far one of my favorite series ever Lucinda Seton is the adopted daughter of a Scottish colonel who has always wondered about the parents who died when she was four, leaving her feeling out of place due to her Spanish blood in proper English society Quick tempered and even quicker to speak before thinking, Lucy constantly feels she doesn t belong, but nevertheless tries to fit [...]

    8. When I originally began this I wasn t so certain I d like Lucy She seemed too impulsive and reckless in her feelings Then also her love was such a jerk I worried for her common sense It s one thing if the man is a jerk to the heroine, but is secretly doing so for her own good, or out of a twisted sense of revenge or because he was hurt in the past pretty much any reason would assauge my irritation, but for money Really I was ready to thwap him upside the head Luckily the jerk wasn t the man dest [...]

    9. I love the author s note It made me reimagine Diego as Rodrigo Santoro yummy.Anyway, I was a bit skeptical about starting book 5, mostly because it had an atypical cast foreigners, I can t believe I could have been that prejudiced with the typical SJ rogue takes virgin under misconception story Well, thank god I was willing to read this so I can finally read Mrs Harris story.Lucy Seton, is half Spanish which is a nice change to have some new flavor into HR Usually, it s only limited to the Frenc [...]

    10. I think Sabrina Jeffries can now officially be added to the extremely short list of my favorite romance authors This book was pretty awesome Non English hero in a Regency romance Not a single bit of the book set in London An obstacle to the main characters being together that wasn t just stubbornness or miscommunication an obstacle that honestly left me wondering how on earth they would manage to work it out with neither making major sacrifices The heroine making a conscious and clear headed if [...]

    11. Although I occasionally felt as if I d read this book before as well as wanted to throttle Lucy Seton , I did enjoy the story I think the reason the story felt so familiar is because I ve read so many books from this series Good read

    12. I remembered this was my least favorite book in the series, and that is still true Lucy Seaton has grown up knowing she was half Spanish, feeling as though she was somehow inherently different She knows that Colonel Hugh Seaton whom we met in the book 3, the Scottish one adopted her when her mother and her father, a soldier in his regiment, died Now, after being a student there for years, Lucy is now a teacher for Mrs Harris.Diego Montalvo lost everything when he was 12, when English soldiers ov [...]

    13. Top credits for good, old fashioned sexual tension and believable passion, not to mention a plot worthy of some of the most cringe worthy 1980s era romance novels There was one sub plot too many and I feel like the characters and the author alike were confused by this, at the end of the day a secret marriage, false tales of kidnapping, a Spanish magician who is also a count, multiple men plotting sneak attack rapes, and a drug induced abduction are a bit much for any one novel, pick any three an [...]

    14. School for Heiresses, book 5salah 1 daya tarik membaca series ini adl ceritanya yg tidak berputar2, bahasa yg mudah dimengerti, emosi yg selalu dapat, chemistry yg bagus diantara tokoh utama juga tak lupa korespondensi diantara Charlotte Harris, owner Headmistress School her late husbands cousin, michael, orang yg memberikannya dana untuk mendirikan skul.juga tak lupa adegan nya yg hehehhehee menyegarkan tp bukan berarti sepanjang novel ceritanya begitu lhooooga koki memang series tp ceritanya b [...]

    15. Almost last book in the School for Heiresses series which I am forcing myself to read so that I can get to Mrs Harris s love story and find out who cousin Micheal is in Wed Him Before You Bed Him.Historical English romance with a mysterious Spaniard who moves next to the school in order to find a missing Spanish heiress who he thinks is a recent graduate, Lucy Setton We meet her father in the third book set in Scotland so I assume that he is also Scottish which would make for a really good looki [...]

    16. I usually like Sabrina Jeffries stories, but this one was difficult Yes, it had banter that made me laugh, however part of the action was a problem for me While I almost never spoil parts of a story for readers, I don t have much of a choice this time if I am to be clear why I am not a fan of this story Here it goes if a man I trusted lied to me, drugged me, kidnapped me, and put me on a boat to a foreign country against my wishes, I d want to kill him not sleep with him I just couldn t believe [...]

    17. I place Sabrina Jeffries on the second tier of my favorite authors list her books may not be my top picks, but I can always rely on them to give me a fluffy but satisfying read Don t Bargain with the Devil was both fluffy, satisfying, and a good set up for the next book in the series involving Charlotte Harris and cousin Michael Initially, I enjoyed the passionate sparring between Diego and Lucinda They have an instant, fiery connection that made me root for them from the beginning However, some [...]

    18. Good story, good characters, good kidnapping What can you ask for Oh yeah with a handsome dark Spanish hero with a lot to lose for the woman he loves.

    19. Overall 3 starsHeat 1 5 3Lucy is recovering from heartbreak The man that she has loved at waited on for years suddenly informed her that because of nature she wouldn t make him a suitable wife Of course, he doesn t think it is her fault She couldn t help that her mother was a Spanish nobody married to a British soldier, but that Spanish blood makes her far too impetuous, and even being adopted by a colonel couldn t overcome her low bloodlines In order to stay busy, Lucy agreed to stay and teach [...]

    20. Lucy Seton yg biasanya ceria sedang patah hati Maka Mrs Harris menawarkan Lucy menjadi guru menggambar di sekolah Dan tiba ada tetangga sebelah yg rupawan dan Lucy tidak bisa melepaskan pandangannya pd si pesulap tampan tsb, Diego Diego pny misi rahasia Dia hrs menemukan cucu Don Carlos sblm sang don meninggal Diwgo nyaris tdk mempercayai keberuntungannya bhw gadis yg dicarinya selama ini ada di depan matanya Sayangnya membawa Lucy tidak semudah itu Diego hrs membius dan menculik Lucy Lucy pun m [...]

    21. I am going to be so tired at work today I woke up at 1 30 am and picked up where I left off with this book, and didn t finish until the sun was up Time to get ready for work I think this was one of my favorites Diego was infuriating, stubborn, but yet completely swoon worthy He did things that got me irritated, but in the end, he was simply perfection I liked Lucy, especially in the end I loved her opinionated, outspoken nature My family hails from the Iberian and Mediterranean, so I know a litt [...]

    22. Overall, I give the book a 4 stars out of 5 stars because I really enjoyed it I read this in less than 5 hours and was captivated from start to end I didn t read this series following its order but each stories, even if I m curious about other characters, can be read as standalone It is a prop to Sabrina Jeffries for giving each characters situation a realistic layer even if they are a fictional characters One might love this book, others might disagree but to each their own If one would ask if [...]

    23. Because you have bewitched me Because when you are near, I want only to have you Read this book years ago, lost my copy, forgot about it Then was in a used bookstore and saw it and suddenly how much I had enjoyed it came flooding back This is just a straightforward sassy romance Jeffries has a great writing style and it s hard to put her books down without finishing it in one fell swoop.

    24. School for Heiress 5 Lucinda Seton meets Diego Montalvo when he moves into the estate next door to Charlotte Harris s finishing school She s there to teach drawing while her parents are away on a trip Diego is an illusionist looking for a lost heiress so he can recovery his family s property and restore the family vineyard.

    25. I have read the Sharpes and all the School for Heiresses books before this I can t remember most of the scenes for those but I remember that I loved those books This one didn t really stand out It was just interesting to read about Spain I feel like it had a good plot but it wasn t completely executed properly or thestringswere not wrapped up into a neat, little bow.

    26. I well understand the difference between fantasy and reality, but I still struggle with characters I am supposed to like and respect falling in love with their kidnappers I mostly enjoyed the novel, but that element raised my blood pressure.

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