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The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom By Henri J.M. Nouwen,

  • Title: The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom
  • Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
  • ISBN: 9780385485890
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Catholic priest describes a period in his life of intense mental and spiritual crisis and the quiet, inner voice of love that brought him enlightenment, courage, new hope, and a new life.
    The Inner Voice of Love A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom A Catholic priest describes a period in his life of intense mental and spiritual crisis and the quiet inner voice of love that brought him enlightenment courage new hope and a new life

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    1. This is a book to be read and absorbed in small doses It is a deeply personal and very honest book written during a time of great pain But it is a hopeful book It s as though Nouwen is writing to himself from place of hope My sense is that, through effective advice and sheer force of will, Nouwen imagined a place of hope from which he could write to himself sitting in despair From this imagined place, Nouwen looks back and sees a path to wholeness, a path to an existential, a real place of hope. [...]

    2. I ve been meaning for some time to read Henri Nouwen, a Christian writer I ve always associated with profound spirituality, intelligence and wisdom This book might have been a weird one to start with, but it does make me want to read of his work It s a journal he kept during one of the lowest periods of his life Within me there was one long scream coming from a place I didn t know existed, a place full of demons It was written for his eyes only, short entries he calls spiritual imperatives that [...]

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    4. Tainted My point of view is too tainted to look at this work objectively, and anyone who reads my review of this book should know that.My reaction to this book was deeply personal and disturbing This book is a compilation of Nouwen s journal entries over a series of months when he felt great dispair and angst His colleagues felt the journal would serve as a great instructional tool for others, and hence this little book was born.However, drawing from my personal experience, I could clearly hear [...]

    5. These are selections from a journal that Henri Nouwen wrote when he was in the midst of a very dark season in his life He writes in the second person singular, saying things like, You are called to live out of a new place, beyond your emotions, passions, and feelings As long as you live amid your emotions, passions, and feelings, you will continue to experience loneliness, jealousy, anger, resentment, and even rage, because those are the most obvious responses to rejection and abandonment While [...]

    6. Imagine that a priest, writer, and professor with great spiritual wisdom underwent a spiritual collapse What would he tell himself in these dark nights of the soul What kind of wisdom would he apply to his own life after fifty years of theoretical and practical investigation of his relationship with God When at the edge of despair, what would he remember the most Henri Nouwen s personal spiritual journal of the most difficult period of his life reads just like that these are deeply personal refl [...]

    7. What an excellent book Nouwen has really been through it, and so you trust him as you helps guide you through your troubles There were so many excellent and deep insights in this book It took me a while to get through, but that is because it is a series of devotionals meant to be read slowly and steadily I can see a lot of growth in my life in the last year, and this book is a significant part of that.This is one of the best books that you will find that contributes a true Christ centered view o [...]

    8. I used this book for a study during Lent with a small group The book is a journal Nouwen kept during a particularly troubling time in his life, when he asked himself some deep questions about who he was and why he was not at peace with himself My small group was also looking at the discipline of journaling as we read this particular journal Some good conversation came out of our group as we read through Nouwen s journal It forced us to decide if we were going to be as self revealing as Nouwen wa [...]

    9. A collection of private journal entries by an openly gay but celibate priest, The Inner Voice of Love is a meditation on accepting the kinds of love that are available when the love you want is not available Because the author was a priest, many of the meditations specifically address accepting divine love, not as a metaphor but as a real, personal gift from an ever present deity, so I personally had to translate a lot of the concepts into metaphors but even so, these meditations create a space [...]

    10. I had resisted doing the challenge because I read stuff like this which is of no interest to my friends But I read it so I ll count it It s been my bedside reading for a while.This is a book of short 1 to 3 pages meditations by Nouwen when he was experiencing a dark time in his spiritual life They are easy to identify with and uplifting to read, especially knowing that he came out of this stronger.Br Bill Bolts, S.M introduced me to Nouwen s writings when he was the adult faith formation directo [...]

    11. Healing, hopefulThis book is excellent for anyone who is going through the pain of rejection, abandonment, self doubt or feelings of worthlessness You do not need to be Christian to recognize Nouwen s universal truths Every small chapter, or spiritual imperative is a gem, worth highlighting in its entirety I read this book once through, and then went back through slowly to highlight particularly helpful passages Now I am eager to retreat for awhile, to do the solitary work I must do to become wh [...]

    12. This book begins with a warning not to read too many of these spiritual imperatives at once and I think that is good advice There is so much to contemplate with each entry in Nouwen s secret journal I especially liked Control Your Own Drawbridge and Own Your Pain I found myself feeling sad for Nouwen as I read, though even though I knew the purpose of the book was for the reader to reflect on him herself as opposed to viewing it as a memoir I took some comfort in the hope that he is now free fro [...]

    13. This is one book read that I would recommend to any Christians who are recovering from depression and trying to piece their lives back together There are moments of theological wonkiness, sure, but Nouwen s meditations get at the heart of the fear, insecurity, and neediness that people who are depressed struggle with More importantly, he points them to Christ who is the only one who can fulfill all their needs, and shows practical ways to find belonging as a child of God without expecting from [...]

    14. Do not read too many of these spiritual imperatives at once They were written over a long period of time and need to be read that wayToo much salt might spoil it, but a little at a time can make it tasty I took Nouwen s suggestion to heart never rushing It was worth it For the discouraged or those of us who often sense a distance from God, Nouwen s words continually reminded me that I am not alone.

    15. This is Henri Nouwen s journal that takes us through his own personal journey with depression He was encouraged to publish it so others could see that the master too was human An important work, especially for us novices When you are struggling with your own path, it is good to see that those who continued on had struggles to I give this volume to all I work with who are new on the journey.

    16. As I said in another review, this book had a powerful impact on me in conjunction with Brennan Manning s Ruthless Trust.I have profited from all Nouwen s books, but this and The Return of the Prodigal have been the most important.

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