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Last Human By Doug Naylor,

  • Title: Last Human
  • Author: Doug Naylor
  • ISBN: 9780140143881
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lister gazed out of the porthole and catalogue the series of disasters that had led him to this point in space and time the bad decisions, the poor career choices, the unreliable friendships that had led him here on a prison ship bound for the most inhospitable penal colony in the outer cosmos and all he d ever wanted was to be a soft metal guitar icon This is the bLister gazed out of the porthole and catalogue the series of disasters that had led him to this point in space and time the bad decisions, the poor career choices, the unreliable friendships that had led him here on a prison ship bound for the most inhospitable penal colony in the outer cosmos and all he d ever wanted was to be a soft metal guitar icon This is the beginning of the third and eagerly awaited red dwarf novel where Lister starts out by searching for his Doppelganger and ends up having the future of the human race on his shoulders.
    Last Human Lister gazed out of the porthole and catalogue the series of disasters that had led him to this point in space and time the bad decisions the poor career choices the unreliable friendships that had

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    1. The Final Chapter28 May 2016 It has taken ages for me to get around to reading this book, namely because when my sister first bought it back in 1995 she told me that I couldn t read it until she had finished it I m not sure if that ever came about her reading it that is however over Christmas, when I was back in Adelaide for a few weeks, I asked her if I would be able to borrow it half expecting her to say no, namely because she hadn t got around to reading it yet and fortunately she had this on [...]

    2. Disappointing The bits where it stayed close to the TV series are tedious e.g the Cat s variations on this is deader than plaid and the original bits don t make sense I treat this as the fourth novel in the series, although it was published before Backwards However, there are really two alternate third novels, which don t fit into the same continuity, and this is the lesser of the two.The book is called Last Human , but it also reintroduces Kochanski as a member of the crew as seen in the 7th 8t [...]

    3. I m sad to say that this is even of a letdown then Backwards was It seems that Naylor needs Grant then vice versa At least when it comes to writing in the Red Dwarf universe This book just wasn t that funny or even true to the characters As a science fiction novel in it s own right it wasn t bad but then again, it wasn t great The plot is so full of holes I feel it s been a marksman s target and I couldn t get over the feeling that this had just been cobbled together as part of a contract comm [...]

    4. Rozd len spisovatelsk ho dua moc neprosp lo, ale stejn jsem se dost pobavila a sm la nahlas proto, e zn m ty vt pky ze seri lu nazpam Ale jen t m vtip m, d j byl trochu ujet , zmaten a p ekombinovan sl tanina ale ne ujet v trpasl kovsk m duchu a postavy m ly takov n jak nestandartn chov n , ehh, view spoiler pro hrdina Rimmer a pro takov happyend s Listerem a Ko anskou hide spoiler

    5. Not the best book in the series of red dwarf books, really only for the super fans of the series It s a bit of a mash up from various episodes and because of that it doesn t flow as well as the other books You can find lots of plot holes too, for example the book is called Last Human but there is another human called Kochanski, so right away the title is confusing Maybe if this book was better edited I would have rated it as high as the other books in the series I still laughed though and enjoye [...]

    6. Bloody rubbish From reading this and then reading Backwards by Rob Grant you can see who teh talent really was out of teh two of them It s a shame that it was Doug Naylor who kept on writing the show, one can only imagine how good Red Dwarf could have been had Rob Grant stuck around.

    7. prive a n padov, prive a snahy, prive a r znych dejov ch l nii a prepletencov Zbyto ne zm to n a smutne otravn koda

    8. Not as good as the previous two books in the series The characters don t seem as fleshed out in this book, as if the author doesn t know them very well In fact, at one stage it was written said Rimmer when it was clearly something the Cat was saying Just a typo but it sums up the feeling I got throughout the book It wasn t bad, just not as good as I was hoping for after the first two books.

    9. This book is for those that have read the previous two novels or familiar with the characters from the TV show All others will be totally lost.It feels a little rushed and the author crow bars in scenes from the TV series which I don t think where necessary and felt like padding to beef up the book.All in all I enjoyed it, even if the plot and characters are dealt with superficially I would have liked a bit astronomy and astrophysics.

    10. I liked this book less than the first two I think Naylor needed Grant to balance him out, as I found the first two books much enjoyable.

    11. Like most other books in the series it s only worth reading if you re a fan of the TV series There just aren t enough interesting parts in the book to stand out.

    12. While not as funny or as relatable to the BBC series as Red Dwarf Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers or Better than Life, the third Red Dwarf book entertains Written solely by Doug Naylor, Last Human picks up where Better than Life concludes and brings Lister s story full circle.It s a complete story than the episodic first two books, and this seems to be its biggest flaw The first two Red Dwarf books worked so well because they added to stories seen in the BBC series, but Last Human effectively [...]

    13. Last Human by Doug Naylor is the third book based on the British science fiction comedy show Red Dwarf The crew of Red Dwarf accidentally end up in an alternate dimension and they find an alternate copy of their transport ship Starbug with all the crew dead inside except for Lister They set out on a quest to find what s become of the alternate Lister, but when they find him, he turns out to be a lot different from Lister than they had imagined I would say that overall this book wasn t quite as [...]

    14. I did not want to read this book This book ruined my Christmas day for reasons that will be explained when I actually finish reading it But nevertheless, I am reading it Because I love Red Dwarf so much and I feel like I m obliged to read it.More thoughts when I m done and probably in floods of tears, but it ll bump up my made me cry shelf.EDITOkay so I finally got around to reading this and yes it made me cry okay I m so pathetic.Further thoughts I didn t like Kochanski until the end Someone me [...]

    15. While the wacky zany genius of the series is intact in this tomb with the same lovable cast of characters and the same melding of comedy and sci fi that is sure to charm, there were a couple elements that caused me some minor concern the scenes that are literally from the tv seriesw I understand that these scenes were for the most part written before they premiered on the tv series Since series VII and VIII were released in the late 90 s and this was from the mid 90 s however that almost made it [...]

    16. David Lister ut k z intergalaktick ho v zen , m zl ho klona a v e kon na planet , kterou ob v devastuj c virus Hn v S lovka Douga Naylora ve sv t erven ho trpasl ka se moc nepovedla Sna se o velkolep sci fi p b h a zapom n p itom na vtipy Sem tam se najde opravdu vtipn sc na nebo dobr n pad, ale nen toho moc.Asi pades t stran se tam p ipravuje p b h na to, jak Arnold Rimmer potk sv ho syna jeho zrod mi nep i el v bec patn Chud k Rimmer junior si v dy myslel, e je jeho otec chrabr hv zdn admir l, [...]

    17. i missed chris barrie s narration, but all in all craig did an okay job don t know what rob grant did with the next book

    18. I read this book because I fondly remember watching Red Dwarf with my then girlfriend, who was a big fan as well I didn t expect the book to be very good or original and I wasn t disappointed, because it wasn t The writer used the weird but passable plot as an excuse to revisit some of Red Dwarf s old jokes It was strange to see these outside their original context, but they were still funny enough for me to crack a smile.In the end, this book takes itself too seriously Recycling old plot points [...]

    19. This is an entertaining read It has a different style to the previous books in the series but once you get over that you will find the book quite gripping.The problem I had with this book is the stark number of incontinuities and plot holes It makes me wonder what role he played in writing the first two books because there are stark differences between the details between the texts.Some things I noticed Rimmer had spent his carreer working up to become a 1st technition not a 2nd, When approachin [...]

    20. Doug Naylor is half of the team who originally wrote Red Dwarf, the other being Rob Grant They published Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life as the gestalt entity of Grant Naylor This is an important fact, because, I felt that this book fell short of greatness by a gnat s wing Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed many of the tv episodes, and in fact, this book incorporates a few of the actual episodes, but changing them in subtle ways, much like the ori [...]

    21. Started it yesterday, finished today It s obviously hard to write a review of this book without comparing it to the other 3rd book in the series written by Rob Grant They both have their points I like the fact that Grant dealt with the crew actually getting Lister back to Red Dwarf from the Reverse Earth He wrapped up most of the varying threads neatly, except for the point of Kristine Kochanski She should have been rescued along with Lister since she was remade from her ashes Really that was th [...]

    22. This book melds episodes together and dashes it with lots of new bits but the sum of its parts isn t always comprehendable It took itself seriously in some places and then mutinied into comedy in others I enjoyed this for what it was but this is my least favourite of those I have read so far The story sees Lister imprisoned to 18 years hard thought in Cyberia where it takes your least favourite things and forms it into your virtual punishment I was half expecting the book to end with and he woke [...]

    23. A Journey To NowhereThis was a bit of a challenging book for me to read I love dystopias and really love the survival aspect of them The book had this in spades.What it was missing for me was a goal something or someone that the main character was trying to reach While I liked Clay, we spend much of the book simply observing this new world with him It s a ton of very effective world building with little to no plot.Blondie was my favorite character by a long shot and there really are some fantast [...]

    24. Warning This book contains a rape scene which it tries to pass off as funny Avoid if this is triggering for you.Bit of a mess overall All the Red Dwarf books are like this but this one so They try to take different episodes in the series and put them together in some sort of plot but it doesn t really work that well The characterization wasn t very consistent and there were a few odd mistakes here and there suggesting the book could have really used a bit proofreading.Though the deeper explora [...]

    25. This is light weight sci fi humor by one of the writers for the British series Red Dwarf I really enjoy the showlong gone now can hardly not like books about it that are made up of some bits from the shows and stitched together with unifying new material.It s funny in the same ways as the show is, and I would have rated it higher but you know, it s just silly There s a place for silly in the world and in my head, but it doesn t do to compare something like this to great works of literature which [...]

    26. The split happened Rob and Doug wrote series six together, and the previous novel better than life before both writing a sequel to BTL for contract reasons Last Human is the weakest of the Dwarf novels and shows up why series 7 and 8 never quite reached the levels of Grant Naylor.Doug Naylor loves massive knockabout sci fi set pieces Whereas Rob Grant picked his sequel up from the end of BTL, Naylor has a lot of exciting things happening with anti gravity without ever giving us a reason to care [...]

    27. Big hodgepodge of a book that never quite manages to pull it all together.I love Red Dwarf, but these books have suffered diminishing returns Trying to take episodes from the TV show and stitch them together into a big space epic, just hasn t been working This one was slightly better than Backwards , but not by much.Naylor doesn t seem to know what to do with half the cast, and yet he keeps adding new characters.The alternate Lister storyline was predictable every step of the way.Some of the bit [...]

    28. The third and, unfortunately, least of the 4 Red Dwarf books, I actually read this one last, thinking it was book 4 of 4.Written by Doug Naylor who co wrote the first 2 booms with Rob Grant , this follows an all new plot with certain scenes lifted from the TV show on which it is based Unfortunately, it fails to capture the humour of the show, with most of the funny bits falling flat.Both this and the next book Backwards by Rob Grant are perhaps best viewed as alternate third books in a trilogy i [...]

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