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Demons and Druids By James Patterson Adam Sadler,

  • Title: Demons and Druids
  • Author: James Patterson Adam Sadler
  • ISBN: 9780316038300
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daniel X is on an impossible mission to eliminate every intergalactic criminal on the face of the Earth Using his incredible superpower to create objects out of thin air, he s taken on some of the most fearsome and fiendish aliens in the universe, and now he s aiming to extinguish his next target the explosive demon of fir, Phosphorius Beta, and his army of flame weavinDaniel X is on an impossible mission to eliminate every intergalactic criminal on the face of the Earth Using his incredible superpower to create objects out of thin air, he s taken on some of the most fearsome and fiendish aliens in the universe, and now he s aiming to extinguish his next target the explosive demon of fir, Phosphorius Beta, and his army of flame weaving henchmen But it s going to take a whole new level of mojo to destroy this villain Beta s strength has been growing since he arrived on Earth over a millennium ago, and he s finally ready to turn the blue planet into his own fiery wasteland The only way to stop him is by jumping back in time to the Dark Ages to end Beta s blistering reign before it has a chance to begin But can Daniel X take the heat Or will the alien hunter finally get burned
    Demons and Druids Daniel X is on an impossible mission to eliminate every intergalactic criminal on the face of the Earth Using his incredible superpower to create objects out of thin air he s taken on some of the mos

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    1. This book was actually the best out of the series Though the thing is, Daniel never did face number 1 It just ended after he defeated number 4 I think Daniel is getting rid of the other aliens, so he could save number 1 for last Also Daniel has a new power He could stop time Maybe the Aliens he defeats,the powers he could obtain James Patterson should write another book but he is writing Maximum Ride at the moment Through out the whole series, I really did feel sympathy for Daniel though Even [...]

    2. I like this book because it has the best start and ending It has fire monsters and very interesting things I want to recommend this book to others cause it is a good book to read when bored I myself like it because it s and action book The characters parents died and for me the best part was when the fire monster tried to take over the world This book teaches us a lot of things like bravery Good book,really like it

    3. I absolutely ADORE Daniel I would totally date him if he was a real person but this book was a real let down it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO SHORT Plus not as good as the first two which are on my fav book list I felt it lacked depth and i didnt feel as much emotion as i did the first ones I felt that while Merlin was cool, he was like kinda pointless James Patterson could have done much better and, if that was the last Daniel X book, he could have made it way longer i got the feeling he was under pre [...]

    4. Demons and Druids our the third book I The Daniel X series, and it was not as jam packed with action as the other two The other issue I had with this book is the fact that he kept losing his friends that he created to help him Why did he just send them away and then bring them back I don t know when I will pick up the next book, but when I do hopefully it has action.

    5. I take this to be a young adult series It is science fiction.I reread this It was kind of fun james Patterson mixed past, present and future.

    6. My book review is over daniel X demons and druids I began reading this book and i was confused at first but after a few chapters things starting adding up What I ve noticed about the daniel x series is, and no offence to james patterson, all the books are the same Daniel thinks he s done with the list ,which is a list of alien outlaws that are wanted dead, but another just pops out of nowhere Also there s usually an alien of the same breed he is going after and he makes friends with them and kil [...]

    7. This was a pretty good book I liked it a lot, but it was SO SIMILAR to the other to that it was kind of boring I feel like the same thing happens every book evil alien, supposedly super powerful yet main character defeats anyway I knew exactly what would happen because it ALWAYS happens The plotline was still really interesting, and I like how the author doesn t just explain that things happened, he explains how things happened and why.

    8. I chose this book because the first two were great I really liked this book because we really get to see his friends than the other two In the beginning Daniel learns a new skill and that is the ability to turn back time The one thing is the books are the same with a new bad guy I have to say the he gets rid of them gets so much better every time The book kept me entertained throughout the whole book I so far love this series it is great.

    9. In the third book of the Daniel X series, he continues his hunt for the Number 1 Alien on his list, but before that he has to take out the Aliens below number 1, and the next alien on his list is Number 3, Beta I overall thought it was a great and exciting book to read with a ton of action, and adventure I recommend this book if you have read the others before it.

    10. apparently, all of Patterson s characters are really family centered, and it s true even though they re imaginary I liked how they jumped right into the action at the beginning all of Patterson s books have some moment s where they just get so sad and depressed but eventually, somebody helps them it was not s good as I thought, but it s readable.

    11. I read this in 2011I read this 2011, and never reviewed it This book is one I can say I enjoyed I did go on to read the full book This is an excitimg 25 chapter preview Pattereon just cant write a bad book.

    12. Week of 1 7 13 Read 243 Pages Continuing his alien hunter duties, Daniel decides to go to England where he needs to track down Number Three on the alien list of outlaws On the way to England, an old lady wanted to give Daniel and his imagined friends a car ride to England The strange part was the woman was driving on the left side of the car while in the United Kingdom, they drive on the right Suddenly the women transformed into an alien and trapped them all in the car and wanted to eat them in [...]

    13. I enjoy keeping up with the new exploits of Daniel X James Patterson created a very entertaining young man and set of surrounding characters with this series If you haven t had the chance to give one of the novels a try, here is the backstory from the inside of the book jacket Daniel X is on an impossible mission to eliminate every intergalactic criminal on the surface of the Earth Using the incredible superpower to create objects out of thin air, he s taken on some of the most fearsome and fien [...]

    14. This book Why does this book exist How does it have so many five star ratings How did any publisher even consider this series worthy of publishing It boggles my mind how popular this entire series is Let me give you my impression of the series, based on what I ve read so far 1 This book is written like a bad fanfiction 2 Daniels powers defy any sort of logic or plausibility 3 The characters are all see through and predictable, especially the villains 4 Worst of all, EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER ENDS IN [...]

    15. Alien Hunter and alien Daniel X continues to work on hunting down the most grievous evil aliens on Earth with this third edition in the series, which seems to be a cheap rip off of Men in Black with a teen protagonist Daniel s next target is Number Three on the List of Alien Outlaws Number Three is a fire based lifeform, who seems to have a personal connection to Daniel than he realized This is less than thrilling for our hero, who has a major fear of fire.Along for the ride, Daniel s imaginary [...]

    16. My Review Demons and DruidsI decided to read this book because it was lying around at home and I hadn t read it before It also completed one of the categories on the bingo board.This book completes a science fiction book category on the bingo board.I really enjoyed this category because it was a bit mysterious and the end wasn t too easy to predict.My favourite quote from this book was no, I can t fight your battles But I can still help I m going to help you help yourself You ve got tremendous p [...]

    17. This book is the third in the series of Daniel X by the well known and well respected James Patterson He has brought back Daniel and his list to once take down an alien who is wanted on the planet Earth.Not only does this book enhance Daniels power with the ability to turn back time but also delves into the death of his parents.When Daniel moves on to number 3 on The List a raging alien made of fire called Beta Phosphorus he also seems to be weakening in his powers Except for the new learning [...]

    18. This was my first Patterson An odd choice for a first, I suppose, but it was another ARC Don brought home, so I read it Initially I wasn t sure what a good demographic for it would be It s listed as being for ages 8 12, and the content and length of it are suitable for that age range, but the writing itself just seemed geared rather lower Then an endorsement on it mentioned that it was written with the purpose of interesting boys in reading, which reminded me that many boys in that age range are [...]

    19. I chose to read this book because I enjoy reading James Patterson books, ever since my friends introduced me to the Maximum Ride series I also enjoy reading first person novels as it gives a better understanding of the main character and how he she feels about certain situations I decided to try out the Daniel X series thinking that authors have a unique writing style which would be demonstrated in almost all of their books.Daniel X is an extraterrestrial who lived with his family on Earth and g [...]

    20. Daniel X is just not my favorite YA series I think part of it is there doesn t seem to be much point in Daniel s mission as Alien Hunter Yes, the aliens are hurting humans, but Daniel doesn t seem overly concerned It feels like Daniel is checking bad guys off The List than any noble cause or even an actual plan Even his quest for revenge doesn t seem to be very strong Every kill is almost accidental dumb luck.Also, I feel cheated every time Daniel is going to die and bing something amazing happ [...]

    21. In this 3rd instalment of the Daniel X series, Daniel again finds himself hunting one of the most dangerous aliens on The List This time its number 3 an alien named Beta made out of almost entirly fire Like in the earlier books of the series Daniel has his parents and friends help him in his quest His parents and friends aren t exactly like yours and mine This is because Daniel has the power to create anything with his mind This can be extremely helpful in his attempts to destroy the Prayer who [...]

    22. The book I had read Daniel X Demons and Druids is one of the best book I had every read that compiles the basic human amity to those of the supernatural forces Daniel is a person who has the will to fight for a fight that doesn t affect him and wish for a brilliant future that doesn t include him Above all, he has the heart to sacrifice his life, the only thing he has, to give the human race some protection against the Outer Ones Through the self less deeds, he had not only gained the respect o [...]

    23. The boys and I came across Daniel X in graphic novel form a while back, so happened to see this at the library and brought it home It was relatively easy to read, as mentioned by others the chapters and uniformly short, just about 3 pages per The ideas are not complex and often borrowed, another retelling reimagining of Merlin, and Stonehenge is worked in somewhat gratuititously it seemed.Speaking of gratuitous, while I know the lone abandoned child is nearly required for much kid fiction and or [...]

    24. Daniel X Demons and Druids was a great book that kept you on the edge of your seat, and kept you reading I am not a huge reader and it usually takes me a while to finish a book but I finished this one in only three weeks, only reading in class This book got boring at times but every book does that at one point or another, where it slows down for a couple chapters I got really attached to Daniel because I could relate to him Even though this is a sci fi book I kind of felt like I knew what he was [...]

    25. The Daniel X books are basically fabulous adventure stories populated by strangely one dimensional characters When you find an author using the phrase he said, sarcastically it makes you wonder whether the sarcasm of the character s statement was obvious and humorous enough to be worth adding without hammering a nail in it that way But, as I said, the adventure and the surprises in the plot itself are worth the read Experiencing a Daniel X book is something like experiencing a comic book in fact [...]

    26. Best series ever, i wouldnt mind if there was like fifteen or books i this series I would love daniel as a brother, i would have tons of fun with him ewn if he just makes me uo from his mind, his powers are really incredible I ve been asked so mqny times and even back when i was little, what kind of super power would you have , i never imahined being able to think of something from your head and brin it to life and not onlythay, he can also stop time and he s fast strong, i just wonder why he e [...]

    27. Really not the best addition to this series The storyline despite having quite a promising plot really didn t deliver at all and like the two books before this the ending was very flat I would have liked to read about the dark ages especially about Merlin, Arthur and the dragon but James Patterson just seemed to rush through this part of the book In addition to being quite flat the ending was also quite confusing and doesn t explain what happened at all Also the characters despite having insigh [...]

    28. Demons and Druids by James Patterson and Adam Sadler not actor Sandler is the fourth count em funny, sad, scary, fast, dangerous, fantastical Daniel X super powered alien teen fights bad aliens on Earth catastrophe Usually, his genius brain and imagination generate the weapons or transform his shape appropriately If not, his long dead family and four pals, one girl especially sweet, in grown older tangible bodies, pop in and help, deus ex machina Time travel is his new trick, to battle a fire mo [...]

    29. Having read many James Patterson and Daniel X series books, I was excited for this book to come out I bought this book the day it came out This book was good it had excitement on every page The characters were exciting and very relate able James was able to put a new spin on the wizard Merlin He also put a new spin to the King Arthur story I will admit though I believe that the other Daniel X s books were slightly better, but this one still had me wanting to read A very significant passage was [...]

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