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My Soul to Keep By Rachel Vincent,

  • Title: My Soul to Keep
  • Author: Rachel Vincent
  • ISBN: 9780778304104
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teenager Kaylee is a banshee, so when she screams, someone dies And Kaylee s about to scream her head off Somehow the deadly and addictive demon breath has made its way to the human world Kaylee and Nash have to find the source and protect their friends.
    My Soul to Keep Teenager Kaylee is a banshee so when she screams someone dies And Kaylee s about to scream her head off Somehow the deadly and addictive demon breath has made its way to the human world Kaylee and N

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    1. There are no specific spoilers in this review, but I assume you ve read the first two books or don t mind and read this anyway but I don t know exactly how much vague information you want to about this book before you ve read it So I warned you, keep that in mind.Please hold me I feel like somebody came in, grabbed me and swept me off my feet, made me feel warm on the inside while he whispered everything I wanted to hear into my ear and so much , and then suddenly I m being dropped on my ass, a [...]

    2. 2,3 5 stars I got swirling eyes and the capacity to shatter windows with my bare voice Tod got teleportation and invisibility The supernatural world is so far from fair Well, this series is just and disappointing I really wanted to loved this after the promising first book, and it s not all gloom and doom, but I can t overlook the angsty teen drama, the horrible love interest I m seriously starting to hate the name Nash now tbh and it just seems all flat to me I quite like some of the characte [...]

    3. BR with little Amy DThe best installment of The Soul Screamers so far Darker, sexier, scarier More Netherworld, Avari, demon breath I just wish there was a little Tod I like Kaylee, she s an ok heroine Not annoying, not stupid, just the right amount of naive If I thought Nash couldn t possibly piss me off , I was wrong His lies and betrayal will be difficult to forgive, I hope.Tod swoon My right foot snagged in the hem of Sophie s dress and one hand went automatically to my ear to protect my [...]

    4. Wow did this book bring out the emotions in me Seriously I was fuming mad when I got to the end of this book This is what I wrote as I finished the book Dear Nash,You are lower than pond scum Seriously you suck Some things should be unforgivable I m sure Kaylee will ultimately forgive you but I m not sure how you can possibly redeem yourself in my eyes Make sure you have book 4 on hand so you can begin it as soon as you finish this one It was midnight when I finished but there was no way I was g [...]

    5. Ok so after reading this book I am completely in love with Tod his character becomes much human in it I cried through the last chapter but it did leave me a bit confused I will not post spoilers for the people who haven t read it yet All I can say is WOW and I can t wait for the next book

    6. May contain spoilers When the first two books of this series originally came out I read them right away, though for some weird reason, I never got around to reading this book until a few days ago, but I had read many reviews of it and basically knew the majority of the plot line I think that had I not known what was going to occur in this book before reading it, I wouldn t have picked up on all of the un Nash like behaviour to the extent that I did and had I not known what was going to occur bef [...]

    7. You know what I don t even need to review this This rant doesn t have to have any effort on my part in order to get my point across I am pretty sure within the next thirty seconds you will understand exactly why I could not get past page 36.All I m going to do is paste quotes from the book here Keep in mind that all of these are taken from only pages 7 to 15, No further Nash leaned against my car, flashing that smile I couldn t resist The one that made his dimples stand out and his eyes shine, a [...]

    8. First Impressions When I finished My Soul to Keep, the third installment in the Soul Screamers series, I realized that I had hardly moved for the last half of the book I also realized that Rachel not only created a brilliant piece of dark fiction but she also touched on many real issues that teens adult s face in today s world My Reflections Kaylee has been through than her fair share of horror Born a Bean Sidhe, motherless and with an absentee father she s had to survive being institutionalize [...]

    9. 3.5 My Soul to Keep, the third book in the Soul Screamers series, was an improvement over book two However, I was still frustrated with both the main character and the general plot until the halfway point.Vincent showed shades of Richelle Mead by liberally bashing me over the head with clue by fours By the second chapter, I d already developed strong suspicions about who might be involved in the Netherworld drug scheme yes, all of those suspicions came true Constantly foreshadowing plot twists t [...]

    10. My Soul to Keep deals with the issue of drug abuse, but if you re worried it will be a preachy Very Special Episode type of story, worry no Rachel Vincent raises the book above that level both by allowing the damage to strike very close to home for Kaylee and by placing the issue in an enthralling plot so that it never feels like a simplistic drugs are bad, mmmkay fable.In My Soul to Save, Vincent introduced readers to Demon s Breath, a sought after intoxicant among the denizens of the Netherwo [...]

    11. So far this has been my least favorite of the Soul screamers books.For some reason I just couldn t get into the beginning Maybe it was Nash s problem completely changing his character and the dynamics between Kaylee and him Maybe it was just a slow starter Maybe it was just the whole Demon breath thing Kaylee got on my nerves just a bit though I did stick it out though And, I have to say I ended up enjoying the late middle end I love Tod even now than ever I still want to punch Sophie in the fa [...]

    12. Checkout my full review on my blog omgbooksandbooks.Okay so in analyzing that summary, Kaylee is not addicted to her boyfriend, fyi I personally hate it when summaries are exaggerated I have a feeling that each of these books deals with one of the seven deadly sins This book references Greed and how the Demon of Greed, Avari getting pawns and demons breath to the human world, a dangerous drug to humans.There is NetherworldThe ending broke my heart My OTP is end game But honestly Nash s actions [...]

    13. Am I the only one thinking Tod acts like he cares about Addy and Kaylee, but not about his own brother He didn t even flinch when he found out that Nash is on drugs and that Avari kidnapped him He s scared for what Avari is doing to Addy, but he doesn t care what the hellion does to Nash What kind of a big brother takes his brother to Netherworld and doesn t asks him what he wants to do there Tod is so creepy He s always there when Nash and Kaylee are making out, but never around when, for examp [...]

    14. Emma was right about Nash and I really didn t want her to be I wanted him to be different It wasn t just the Demon s Breath either It was the way he stared at Sophie with every other guy The way he pushed her I wanted him to be different I wish he d been left behind instead of Addie by the end Seriously I didn t like her in book 2 but I really disliked Nash here And she is going to be put through even worse hell for trying to help them And we really needed Tod in the first half.Kaylee didn t fo [...]

    15. When I hit the I m finished button for this book I truly meant it I m finished with this book, and series all together, I can t stand it any and it s not worth my reading time I can see why these books are popular but they re just not for me I don t want to rant unreasonably butThe idea of banshees is wonderful and unique, but when you stick it in a high school and have underlying everyday high school problems with a paranormal twist just loses the charm Anyone know of other book series on bansh [...]

    16. This series is getting pretty intense Can you tell by my adding an extra exclamation point Kaylee and Nash have now been dating for awhile, and things seem to be going relatively well in regards to their relationship and life in general That is, until the two realize that several of the guys they know have been using Demon s Breath, a strong narcotic for those with non human blood, but deadly to those who actually are human So in this installment of the series, Kaylee and Nash work together alon [...]

    17. The Good Tod is becoming a much compelling character He seems to be growing into his role and becoming a better person, in sharp contrast to his brother I really enjoyed the Demon s Breath drug angle of the book and how that played out with involving the students at Kaylee s school.The Bad Kaylee conveniently forgets crucial details on a regular basis It drags the books out, ridiculous when they re so short as it is Any reader even halfway paying attention will completely remember these things [...]

    18. I think this was the most disappointing book so far in the series Tod is rapidly becoming my favorite character but there was so little of him in this book Once he came back into play, I wanted to keep reading simply because he was involved Nash s character really disturbed me because in this book compared to the others he had a completely different personality To me it was almost like she was writing about another character entirely just with Nash s body I realize that was her intention but it [...]

    19. Rip my heart out, why don t you Rachel Why Why in God s name did I decide to reread this It s been almost a year since I ve first read this and so far I haven t managed to get over it Whenever I saw this book somewhere I was reminded of how much I was hurting while reading it and how it left me depressed for days after I had finished it I don t know why I felt the need to stick my finger into this particularly nasty old wound And rub salt in it And pour alcohol all over it And then set the whole [...]

    20. My RatingsPlot 5 5Setting 4 5Writing 5 5Originality of Plot 5 5Characters Development 5 5Ending 5 5Cover Art 5 5Overall 34 35 97%Series InfoMY SOUL TO TAKE is the 3rd book in Rachel Vincent s YA Soul Screamers Series Kaylee Cavanaugh is just your everyday high school student, except she was a bean sidhe banshee Along with her boyfriend Nash, who is also a bean sidhe, and his brother Tod, the reaper, Kaylee is coming to grips with her powers and her tie to the Netherworld.First LineThe whole thin [...]

    21. Dopo aver letto il secondo libro della serie mi aveva assalito il dubbio che anche i libri successivi sarebbero stati pi lenti rispetto all inizio avvincente ed emozionante del primo libro Ma fortunatamente questo non il caso.La trama stata organizzata alla perfezione, rendendo il libro emozionante e mai scontato I personaggi si evolvono, crescono e affrontano problemi concreti e tematiche sentimentali Il mondo dei bean sidhe si evolve ed entrano a far parte nuove e misteriose creature, e un nuo [...]

    22. Never exactly a light series, Soul Screamers takes a notably dark turn in this book After a party that gets out of hand, Kaylee begins to suspect that some of her classmates are using demon s breath a Netherworld substance with hallucinogenic properties She and Nash set out to cut off the source of the drug before things turn deadly.First of all, I have to applaud Vincent for attempting to tackle as difficult a topic as addiction What I have admired about this series most thus far is that she ma [...]

    23. If you haven t read any of Rachel Vincent s SoulScreamers series, then you are seriously missing out Young old alike can find a lot to enjoy in this series For the adults, there s well written plot lines, great characters for the younger readers there s just as much to love They get to enjoy all of the stuff that the adults would like but they also have the joy of knowing that at no point does this book write down to them As a teen I d often get irritated at the overly perfect characters the pre [...]

    24. Wow, what a ride My Soul to Keep was After reading My Soul to Save I was a little bit disappointed that is wasn t as good book one but Rachel Vincent is definitely back.In this instalment we see Kaylee go through a whole new challenge When her friends at school get a hold of the deadly Demon s Breath, they soon start becoming addicts and of course Kaylee takes it upon herself to try and sort out the problem With the help of Nash and Tod, Kaylee battles through the Neverworld yet again but when s [...]

    25. My Soul to Keep is the third novel in Rachel Vincent s Soul Screamers series In the previous two books, Kaylee and Nash met, fell in love and realised the lengths they would go to prove their love for each other Without giving away the plot, My Soul to Keep is a whole different matter as Nash fundamentally betrays Kaylee and her character is tested to the limit as she must overcome her shock and pain to push forward nevertheless and save the lives of Nash and her father.My Soul to Keep starts wi [...]

    26. This is officially my favorite book in the Soul Screamers series It takes place a month after the last book and it is full of action and intense emotion Rachel has a way of making Kaylee s experiences mirror the experiences of what may happen to a typical teen The Netherworld has opened up the door to things Kaylee never knew were possible, and this book proves just that I don t want to give too much away, but I will say that I am thrilled that the boyfriend Nash is not perfect Every relationshi [...]

    27. Well, well what a turn around.My Soul to Keepcertainly is the best installment of the series so far It s darker, scarier, deeper and full of mystery and heart break Perfect October read First of all, though I have to rant on about the highly annoying and unfair attitude of darling Kaylee towards Tod Ahem, hello The guy is always there to help them, even though he s putting his life death on a line Still, every time something goes wrong he s the first to blame While for others means justify actio [...]

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