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Madison By M.B. Forester-Smythe,

  • Title: Madison
  • Author: M.B. Forester-Smythe
  • ISBN: 2940011128226
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Nook
  • Madison s first glimpse of Damien Stone was fleeting she walked by him, greeting him with a smile He was nothing than a stranger Damien barely acknowledged her existence until he caught her scent she was his But his appearance in her life forces a change she doesn t understand, a change he wants to help her understand.
    Madison Madison s first glimpse of Damien Stone was fleeting she walked by him greeting him with a smile He was nothing than a stranger Damien barely acknowledged her existence until he caught her scent she

    One thought on “Madison”

    1. 2 hours of my life I will never get back reading this book I normally try to find something I like about a book or story I read and focus on that but there was nothing throughout this entire shore story that I liked I felt like the writing was rushed We don t get enough info on the characters and honestly even though it was paranormal there really was no true paranormal feel Not to mention that the character were pretty lame I downloaded this book free and it s a good thing because I wouldn t ha [...]

    2. I don t have much to compare this story with since I regularly avoid werewolf, vampire, and zombie writing This story slipped through because I have liked the name Madison ever since the mermaid movie with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah I was pretty far into the story before realizing what it was going to be about, so I went ahead and finished It didn t do anything to change my mind about this subject matter, however.

    3. I would say a 3.5 rating A good FREE short story Everything was a little rushed and the story didn t give me time to savor details Its a paranormal romance about werewolves and half bloods Thought it was cute but would have liked a little .

    4. Just stumbled apon this on the iBooks store love it Damien is so sexy xD but it was a bit confusing about certain things people a lot of the time It was really short too, but refreshingly short.

    5. Read on December 02, 2011ebook, 107 pagesPublished October 26th 2010I liked this book from the beginning You have a hard working gal that doesn t look down or talk down to others, she seems to be loved by all And if that isn t enough she remodeled a barn I dunno that just made me like Madison even .She is going through some changes and she notices them but hides them embarrassed.Until one day a were leader comes into town to have a meeting on neutral ground with other were packs They meet at her [...]

    6. The premise of this story was very promising Unfortunately, the short length was detrimental Because it was so short, the author didn t have time to really develop the characters All these characters were thrown into the story very early on, and I felt like they were just a bunch of names I had no connection to them This was even true of the main characters, Madison and Damien Because the characters were so underdeveloped, I really didn t care if they ended up together or not I wanted to cheer t [...]

    7. The decision to rate this one star was slightly tricky It s not that I i dis i liked the story, but that I didn t i like i it It was slightly confusing in terms of plot progression as it felt as if circumstances changed between scenes at one stage Madison doesn t know anything about what she is but then in the next scene it appears as if someone has told her Also, there seemed to be some interesting events happening with the rogue pack but it was barely explored as Madison wasn t there for any [...]

    8. I expected something different and definitely a lot from thi book So first of all the entire story is too rushed I don t mind short stories, but you can t go and create a complex plot of a were who abandoned his kin to be with the human he loves, has a daughter whose half were half vampire and what not, create this entire struggle of accepting the half blood and and and in hundred pages Everything is too rushed but then unimportant things are explained in far too much detail Like the entire des [...]

    9. Another short story.I really enjoyed Madison and Damien s story as it was paranormal.Madison works as a waitress The owner, Gabe, was a friend of her dads and after her dads death Gabe became like her father She was given land with a barn and cottage from her Grandfather with instructions on how it was to be restored and by whom.When Damien and Troy seen Madison pass them on a path her smell rose up in a familiar way to Damien and he knew she was the one.Madison s father kept a secret from her S [...]

    10. This is another short story by Mirriam Smyth that is unlike any of her other stories Madison takes a dip into the supernatural world of weres, half breeds, and Smyth even adds a twist that will surprise readers as much as it surprised the characters This book has an unique plot, but left me with a one unanswered question at the end I enjoyed it and recommend this story to anyone looking for a quick, fun, supernatural read.

    11. This is a short story and not a full length book As a short story, it is uncomplicated and fairly insubstantial There is nothing deep or complex about it It s a quick read but still a decent story There are some typos and editorial mistakes but for a simple short love story, it was intriguing enough At times, it is a bit difficult to discern who is speaking and it causes some confusion but overall it was worth the hour it took to read.

    12. The idea of the story was good, but the author didn t connect some of the scenes One moment two characters would be in one setting, but in the next moment in a totally different place with no warning or explanation at all I found myself going back a page or two to make sure I hadn t missed something It needs some editing

    13. I liked this story and debated whether to give it 2 or 3 stars In the end I chose 3 stars because I thought there was enough to warrant it I did feel a little rushed or not fleshed out enough in spots and occasionally I had trouble figuring out what when things were happening briefly but overall I liked the characters and the story line.Oh and it is super short

    14. The genre wasn t what I was expecting from this author Had I known, I probably wouldn t have picked it up Despite this, I gave it a low rating because the character and plot development was very shallow It wouldn t have helped me enjoy the genre , but I would have been less annoyed by all the loose ends.

    15. This story was too rushed and harried did too much telling and not enough showing and the characters were created oddly one minute he is glaring at her the next they re married what it was kinda ridiculous only 105 pages long but still i wanted to read a book with weres High point I didn t expect a were vampire hybrid That was cool all in all i rate 2 5 stars

    16. Damien found his mate but now how will he win her A series of events occur which gives him opportunity to allow Madisonto get to know him better.This is a well written short story slightly drawn out.This would have been a great YA book but with the sexual explicitness far too often for some of us adults it is highly discouraged for a young audience s reading.

    17. Really good as a short story goes and the price is wonderful I would have liked for it to have been longer Few pages and I would have gone 4 stars Really like how the lead male is very understanding and accepting of her Her extended stay locked in her house was uncalled for on her part and I was a little lost as to why.

    18. I liked this book It had great potential to become a wonderful novel, though it was made into just a short story.The characters were not bad, some things just seemed off because the book was so short

    19. Loved the authors other 2 book, Edith Brenin, this book felt like she was forcing herself into Paranormal romance She threw too many variables into the storyline and the main characters blind acceptance to things was too unbelievable A quick free read it was OK.

    20. I understood the beginning of the book but by the end I was confused and felt that it glided over the most important facts of the book It left to be desired I thought it could have been explained further I didn t feel any love in the book just need was really one sided interest

    21. Fun and not to mention Quick PNR Found it for free on Barnesandnoble.rnesandnoble w madisIt wasn t spectacular, but overall, it was a pleasant surpriseGiving this one 3 stars

    22. Read it way before vampires werewolves were every were tee hee Great free read for what it is when I first read it several years ago Maybe it s not fair to even give it any rating, but I remember that it wasn t so bad.

    23. This was a free Nook book, and I read other stories by this author so I got it I had no idea what the premise was, but not my kind of book Easy read, as like her other books predictable, happily ever after.

    24. This was an ok book Compared to the other books I have read by this author, it just didn t seem to flow together It s good for a nice quick read while waiting at the doctors office I think this story would have been better if was a longer book.

    25. I really wish this book had been longer I would have loved to have seen just a few blanks filled in As it is, this is a pretty good little read, great if you are in between books or want to kill some time.

    26. i didnt find this book believeable plus there are unanswered questions than answers and the plot was very simple something that has been done before also sincevwhen do vsmpires and werewolves mate

    27. ill give it 3.5 stars a short story of half blood werewolf, half blood vampirediscovering herself and sense of belonging to someone You have my heart like I have yours love this quote

    28. Main Characters Madison A half blood werewolf and mate to DamienDamien Stone A werewolf leaderSynopsis This is a short story that tells about the mating of Madison to Damien and her transition into her new life My Thoughts Uneven tale that I m rating at 1.5.

    29. Another short story that has good potential The author has done a good job with these short stories Look forward to seeing a full novel.

    30. Interesting twist on the werewolf tale Short book that could have easily been made into a full length novel.

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