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Edith By M.B. Forester-Smythe,

  • Title: Edith
  • Author: M.B. Forester-Smythe
  • ISBN: 2940011129971
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Nook
  • Edith Conrad s sister is getting married in ten days Instead of hanging around town, Edith flies to where the wedding will be hoping for an escape and peace of mind She meets Jake Beckhand, her old friend Mac s co manager, and he s her date to the wedding She likes him but is ten days too soon to really fall in love
    Edith Edith Conrad s sister is getting married in ten days Instead of hanging around town Edith flies to where the wedding will be hoping for an escape and peace of mind She meets Jake Beckhand her old fr

    One thought on “Edith”

    1. Eh Another freebie from Barnes and Noble This one I felt was obviously not well edited as I found a number of grammar mistakes Also, the story was not very realistic I would not recommend this to someone.

    2. First reaction endless laughingSecond reaction the creepy and overstepped boundaries of her friend Mac were horrifying, the romanticizing of a super large age difference with just the excuse of physical attraction strong enough to create love feelings was kinda gross and normalizes the younger woman older man stuff which isn t wrong at all, but the way this novel treats it highly reduced the complexity of a relationship with such an age gap , the main character Edith was the annoyingly stereotyp [...]

    3. This book was a free e book on the BN website and the summary intrigued me I read this book in about 3 days, mainly while commuting back and forth to work and really enjoyed it This is the story of Edith, a lively and adventurous 22 year old, preparing for her sister, Delaney s wedding She decides to head to the hotel where the wedding will take place a week before everyone else, so she can have some time to relax, as her sister is a bit of a nightmare Delaney gives a whole new meaning to the te [...]

    4. Edith s sister, Delaney, is getting married She is spoiled rotten and insists on having her own way Edith s mother, encourages her in eveything she wants Edith flies out to where the wedding will be early and rents a hotel room She runs into a co worker named Mac Stern who introduces her to Jake Beckhand Mac invites Edith to dinner with them and they spend the evening together The next day, Delaney tells her mom that she wants Edith to come to her wedding with a date At first, Edith balks, but f [...]

    5. When she got there first thing she ran into her old friend Mac He introduced her to his co manager Jake The time seemed to fly and Edith had never had so much fun doing nothing.The closer to the wedding date Edith seem to melt down Nothing Jake could do would truley pull her out of it Finaly the wedding party arrived and it was worse than the party from hell Jake did all he could including throwing the bride out of their room.All this was leading up to a climax, Jake did not know what to do, but [...]

    6. Fun quick read Short and to the pointain and simple Enough detail to feel like you knew the characters and still have an entire storyline My heart broke for Edith in having to deal with her sister It definitely makes me thankful for my amazing relationship with my sister I recently had my wedding and was so grateful in didn t treat anyone the way Delaney did Overall, I enjoyed the whirlwind romance of Edith and Jake I loved how much attention he gave her and vice versa It s always amazing to fee [...]

    7. Another book that I just downloaded for free off of my Nook and I liked this one a lot better than my first It was a quick happy cutesy read I liked how things moved quickly and got to the point but yet still have feeling and meaning Many of these free e books are not so great but I did like this.I didn t like that she was 10 years younger than her new beau but that may just be my own insecurities Edith just seemed older Maybe had one of those old souls I really enjoyed Jake and men like him do [...]

    8. This was a recommendation here on and, since it was free on Smashwords I downloaded it.It s a sweet and romantic shortstory Edith is the youngest daughter and her sister, who is getting married, has the nasty habit of treating her like crap Edith flees to the hotel where the wedding will take place and there she meets Jake, her friend Mac s coworker I liked how the author didn t turn it into a love at first sight, but rather allowed their relationship to evolve slowly well, relatively, since the [...]

    9. I was in a funky sort of mood today, and didn t feel like starting a book that would take me a few days to read Well, I noticed on my Nook the book Edith a novellaa story that was compact and to the point I decided to give it a whirl, I sometimes like to read a story that is not filled with a lot of unnecessary details, and this book hit the spot What a pleasant surprise when I finished the book Edith I was invited to download Gracelynn and read it also Both Edith and Gracelynn were free downloa [...]

    10. This was a free book on Smashwords It is short but full I enjoyed it.Edith is getting away from her family She goes to the Hotel her sisters wedding will be at a week early as her sister is going a bit crazy getting ready.Edith runs into her good friend Mac He is there on a conference They go to dinner together along with his friend and work partner, Jake.When Edith s mom finds out Mac is there she has his mom call him to see about a date for Edith for the wedding She ends up with Jake.Just a cu [...]

    11. This was a short story I ran across when I downloaded my nook app, and I loved it Aside from a few random grammer errors, it was a perfect little love story about two people who take the time to get to know each other in less than perfect circumstances, and fall in love in the end Just lovely It makes me wish I could have a love story like thisminus the crazy family because lord knows mine is crazy enough already

    12. I give this book a 4.5 This is a story about Edith and Jake, who meet through one of her childhood friends She has a Bridezilla note the capital B sister who is getting married in ten days This is the second book by M.B Forester Smythe that I have read Her style is short and sweet, non graphic with a happily ever after ending Her characters are relatable, and the relationship is exciting I recommend for readers looking for something to make them smile.

    13. This book embodies all that is cheesy and tacky in chick lit Yes, I read it cover to cover in less than 24 hours It was compelling in the way an accident scene is compelling You know it s going to be horrific, but you have to look anyway This book combines cheesy romance novel scenes of passion with an insultingly simple plot I only discovered it because it was free to download to my Nook, and even at that price, I feel a bit ripped off.

    14. Book 25 of 2011 this was a shorter book almost a novella but it was really good It was a shorter book, but I didn t feel shortchanged, like I was missing out on anything because there was less pages The characters were developed and the story unfolded naturally Definitely an author I d read again.

    15. I enjoyed Edith from the first few pages She was the type of woman I would like hanging out with and who had just enough family drama I completely understood how she felt This book and romance flowed effortlessly and made me want to read of Mirriam Smyth s books In fact, I downloaded 2 within a few minutes after finishing this book.

    16. A very short, very predictible romance It had everything that you might expect from love at first sight, to the wacky family, to the conflictof course ending as you would expect I like most of the characters and although parts of the plot were far fetched I enjoyed the story.

    17. I wanted to SLAP Edith s sister After Edith got away from her sister I relaxed a bit as did Edith A sweet story of love This story has a wonderful feeling of love just being right from the start A wonderful lunchtime or anytime read

    18. two maybe 2.5 stars it is a very short books, less than 100 pages At times the story felt rushed and didn t flow well Also reads like a twilight fanfiction story Even the names were pretty similar.

    19. This was I great story Again with all short stories they could be longer lol There was a small part that was kinda uncalled for in a woman as strong as she seemed to be but it didn t take away from the story for me.

    20. Only about 80 pages long, but it certainly was an entertaining story about the relationship between two sisters one the bride to be and the other younger sister who seemed to never do anything right in the eyes of her sister, the bridezilla.

    21. Cute story of love at first sight LOVE Edith Jake quick short story of Edith s sisters wedding her being a bridezilla how it effects Edith My 1st book by this author I will definatley be looking for other books by this author.

    22. This free download was a short and sweet read I never understood the tension between the sisters or what the point of it was For me, it didn t make any sense The story between Edith and Jake was kinda cute Quick way to pass the time.

    23. I am usually a sucker for romance, but this book didn t feel right Most of the story felt rushed and forced and I didn t care much for the characters either I know it s a short story, so there wasn t going to be too much detail But I also know that short stories are capable of than this.

    24. Predictable short book He takes her to his sister s wedding andwell, you ll have to read the rest of this predictable book The good news It s short.

    25. this was so good, cute light hearted, made you fall in love with the couple I didn t realize it was only 82 pages until I got to page 79 Bummer

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