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Brenin By M.B. Forester-Smythe,

  • Title: Brenin
  • Author: M.B. Forester-Smythe
  • ISBN: 2940011130427
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Nook
  • Dylan can t say he s ever met someone like Bre before She s warm, giving, loving and compassionate Dylan just doesn t realize how giving she is until she suffers an immense loss It s not about just understanding but about depending on each other It s about Dylan giving her what she s always given away so easily love.
    Brenin Dylan can t say he s ever met someone like Bre before She s warm giving loving and compassionate Dylan just doesn t realize how giving she is until she suffers an immense loss It s not about just un

    One thought on “Brenin”

    1. Loved the whole story There is a lot of imperfect people in the world, the parents, but there is a whole lot of good people out there too So excited how they met and how their relationship moves forward I smiled and I cried.

    2. I really enjoyed this story.Bre just is happy go lucky and takes her ups and downs in life with a smile She volunteers weekly at a hospital children s ward where she brings joy to both the kids and their families Her boyfriend has just admitted to sleeping with someone else for the last month so she kicks him out of her life and moves on She devotes much of her life to her younger sister Lana as their older sister is busy with wedding plans of her own.She commits to going to the movies with Lana [...]

    3. This is the longest story I have read by Mirriam Smyth and it paid off The extra pages allowed for details and character development It is still a quick, sweet read like her other stories However Brenin gives the readers a main love story and a bonus younger love story The two main characters meet through their younger siblings Brenin herself is one of the most compassionate characters that I have had the pleasure of reading Such a beautiful spirit deserves a happily ever after ending There are [...]

    4. Maria s parents died and she was put in an orphanage and later claimed by herfather s brother and his wife She lived a Cinderella existence with them for two years whenshe was miraculously claimed by her parents intended guardian From thence on she was raised with much love and comfort.This is a wonderful love story but with tragedy striking at a time life was almost perfectand her future seemed likewise near perfection.It is very romantic yet very clean and acceptable for even youth to read.

    5. Story of Bre and her how she meets her little sisters boyfriend older brother Though Bre is overly trusting giving, I still found her to be a believable character I enjoyed this quick story I did feel for Bre her situatuion I also enjoyed how Dylan changed because of Bre I defiantely recommend this story.

    6. I downloaded this on my Nook for free This is the second book I have read by this author I liked this story better than the first one I read because it had a little depth to it I don t believe this book has been published either, and it does not some editing, but overall it is a good story.

    7. Well I don t think that I will be reading any books from this author in the future This story lacked so much, it didn t feel like the characters were real It was sooo sugary sweet that it was to the point of nauseating The author tried way to hard to make the h perfect, that to meet her was to love her, she was so unselfish and giving that it just was unrealistic to me.

    8. This book was pretty short, but my main annoyance was that it seemed to ramble at times and didn t fully develop the characters as well as it could have Not much to the story, but it was free, so I can t complain.

    9. I loved this book I cried soo hard because I have a heart and that it was soooo sad to see a person who literally gives people all she has and they continually just shit on her then to find someone who gives you everything you that you where missing in life I love this book soooo much

    10. Another cute easy read romance The love story itself kind of flew by, would have liked While love at first sight is within a dream, the relationship kind of went fast considering the bit of drama added Enjoyed overall.

    11. This was a sweet short romance story It flowed nicely, and the characters were well developed I am a huge fan of Mirriam Smyth short stories Makes a nice little get away from crazy stress of normal life.

    12. another short storyeds of a plot, but gave me something to read I gues that is what short stories are for.

    13. Eventhough it s short story this book is really nice to read Bre does have a really big heart.Cute and romantic I like it

    14. Quick fluff read I finished this in a few hours It was predictable Don t spend a lot of on this book Did like authors style and would look for books by her.

    15. Cute little short story I liked how the love unfolded Didn t have my sexy scenes like I like to read but it was still cute all the same for a short story.

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