UNLIMITED PDF ☆ The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal - by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal By Julia Cameron,

  • Title: The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal
  • Author: Julia Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780874778861
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Julia Cameron keeps row after row of journals on the wooden bookcase in her writing room, all containing Morning Pages from than twelve years of her life The journals, she says, listen to her They have been company on travels, and she is indebted to them for consolation, advice, humor, sanity Now the bestselling author of The Artist s Way offers readers the same coJulia Cameron keeps row after row of journals on the wooden bookcase in her writing room, all containing Morning Pages from than twelve years of her life The journals, she says, listen to her They have been company on travels, and she is indebted to them for consolation, advice, humor, sanity Now the bestselling author of The Artist s Way offers readers the same companion, in which we may discover ourselves, our fears and aspirations, and our life s daily flow Readers will find privacy, a portable writing room, where our opinions are for our own eyes Morning Pages prioritize the day, providing clarity and comfort.With an introduction and instructions on how to use this journal, by Julia Cameron, readers will uncover the history of their spirits as they move their hands across the universe of their lives.
    The Artist s Way Morning Pages Journal Julia Cameron keeps row after row of journals on the wooden bookcase in her writing room all containing Morning Pages from than twelve years of her life The journals she says listen to her They hav

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    1. Julia Cameron works my last nerve She s always talking about looking out at the sun dappled mesas of New Mexico, or using some other affected, high falutin lingo about her gloriously new age, trendy life Meanwhile, I look out at the cracked concrete of my driveway in the Chicago drizzle and wonder how us normal people ever survived without people like Julia Cameron telling us about their fantastically charmed lives However, I like the little mind toys in this book I did the morning pages, and fo [...]

    2. On the whole, the key to the Artist s Way is selfishness That is something I fundamentally disagree with You should not skip your child s soccer game to paint your masterpiece Your kid is the masterpiece All of the relationships in your life are masterpieces I use that as an example but there are other moments in this book where self indulgence at the expense of others is encouraged This is loathsome.So why didn t I just give the book and the program a 1 star rating Because there are some very g [...]

    3. This is a really difficult book for me to rate At the time I first read it fifteen years ago, it did wonders to open me up creatively I was still struggling to slough off some negative parental programming about being a writer, and this book along with a good friend helped give me permission to explore that side of myself.Since that time, however, my belief system has changed so radically that I no longer agree with a number of the book s fundamental premises For this reason, it would be hard fo [...]

    4. Another book that has changed my life See also The Runner s Handbook I have started this book many times and not finished my 12 week or commitment, but this time, when I got to the point where I wanted to give up, I kept on going, and let me tell you where I am now, as a result of this I pitched my memoir to agents in February.I am taking acting lessons.I have started wearing clothes I like every single day I am planting a garden.I have taken up knitting.I am taking ballet classes.I am treating [...]

    5. My New Year s resolution for 1998 was to finally actually DO the Artists Way I had given it to several people close to me for the last three holidays, but I had never actually done the process This is not a book to read It is a book to do and it promises major life changes in 13 weeks I was desperate to find a new way to make a living and decided to give this my best shot 13 weeks later there was no epiphany I still didn t know where to go, so I started over from the beginning Two weeks later, w [...]

    6. A book to cheer you on when you feel like you can only look longingly at your passion writing, painting, drawing because the dog needs a walk and the kids need a bath, and you ve bills to pay so you ve just come home from a job that took you from the house and back to it without a glimpse of the sun.

    7. I was introduced to The Artist s Way back in 2005 when I took a college class on creativity If I hadn t signed up for that class, I m sure I would have never picked up this book I expected The Artist s Way to be full of fluffy, New Agey platitudes, and I approached it with cynicism and skepticism However, I kept an open mind I read each chapter thoroughly I did the morning pages every day and an artist s date once a week I did a handful of the exercises at the end of each chapter And my life cha [...]

    8. Look, for writers and artists whatever inspires you to create is a good thing However, I found this book For me to be too I am an artist, I am bohemian, I create attitude Writing or any of the arts has a greater verity for my when it s a little less GIFT OF THE GODS and a little craft The most successful creators view their work as a craft in the same manner that a furniture maker or a bricklayer would, in my experience Also when one focuses on craftsmanship rather than inspiration it makes fo [...]

    9. I read and did the exercises in this book during the most intense professional and personal time in my life It was a life changer because it allowed me to articulate my life purpose which is fundamentally about using my voice and helping others to find theirs I recommend this book often.

    10. mrlshelflife.wordpress 201The Artist s Way, while it contains some gems, is an overall disappointment I ve started it several times and it took me this fourth time to get all the way through I had previously blamed my inability to finish it on myself than on the work in general The book taken as a whole comes across as pop psychology mixed with a heavy dose of New Age philosophy There is a lot of talk about nurturing the inner child that is our real artist, the child s inability to accept raw c [...]

    11. I recently completed the 12 week book on my own, and I think that it was very well put together I was already on my way to discovering a few of the main drivers in the book, but it would have taken me many years to collect them I have been inspired by this book, and it has helped me work through things, instead of ignoring big problems with my creative process and trying to push them aside A few of the reviews haven t been so kind for this book, which is okay It is really hard to surrender to an [...]

    12. I read The Artist s Way a few years ago and could see the benefits of actually doing the work in it But, of course, I never did it So I thought I would listen to the book and refresh my memory, and again I feel it would do me good But will I do it this time I have many other artists friends who have read it and also planned on doing it, but I don t know if they have eitherThe Artist Way is a book written to unblock artist of a kinds, writers, painters, actors ect I can t say that I m blocked, bu [...]

    13. i m just randomly pulling these off my shelf, literally, i didn t even know i had this still but it s what helped me get back to writing when i did my first book eight thousand years ago, the one everyone says WHY CAN T YOU WRITE ANOTHER BOOK LIKE THAT book.i always give the morning pages exercise to my students that makes it sound like i have students hanging around me and in my life at all times instead of twice a year but here it is, a teaser for this fine book 1 first thing in the a.m before [...]

    14. Okay, I read over a half and this is cheating a little bit but I am so DONE with the book And I do believe that enduring through 150 pages of this entitles me to regard it as absolutely read Any book that recommends affirmations is not good for much else but using it as a beer coaster Then there s this constant babbling about some God the Creator Whatever There s pseudo psychotherapeutic talk than any actual propositions of inviting creativity Oh, and the repetition of the artist s child phrase [...]

    15. I took the plunge into this book and, like several of my friends, did not make it all the way through the closest I came to finishing was chapter 10 even when i revisited the book a few years later However, the ground I did cover helped me get honest with myself about my creative interests I think I ve made some choices in my life that, in hindsight, I might not have made had I not had experience with this book.I think that s what is great about this book Whether you make it through every chapt [...]

    16. First read this book with a class in 1997 Oh, the disgruntling over morning pages Oh, the looks of sheer hatred I got when I announced I d given myself permission to write morning pages at the end of the day because I knew I wouldn t get them written otherwise Re read in 2006 with GB to get ready to facilitate an expressive writing support group Those pages are now lovingly known as the whatever pages This book gives permission, and I think we all need a lot of that in order to take creative bab [...]

    17. I can t rate this book, since my opinion of it veers wildly between five stars and zero stars.For those not familiar with it, The Artist s Way by Julia Cameron is a book that claims it can reconnect anyone with their Inner Artist, via a program modeled openly on AA s Twelve Step Program it is not a coincidence that Cameron is a recovering alcoholic As such, it conceptualizes creativity as something inherently spiritual and conceptualizes the artist as a channel for God s will.SoOBLEM NUMBER ONE [...]

    18. Today I finished the 12 week program in this book for the 4th time The first time, I joined an online group that went through it The second time, I attempted it alone The last two times, I went through it with a local group that I gathered and facilitated.Every time, I learn something new about myself, about creativity, about my hopes and dreams Sometimes, I find the essays and tasks cheesy and dumb Other times, they are exactly what I need at the time.When writers ask me to recommend a book to [...]

    19. I worked through this book from the beginning of September till now For me, it was helpful I liked how Cameron was able to illuminate in a gentle, eloquent way, how an artist can become blocked Some of her concepts such as nervous reading a word of my own coining , were surprising, but I can see how mindless consumption of information of anything at your fingertips can create difficulties I haven t read other reviews, but I imagine that they are probably pretty brutal This book is not high tech [...]

    20. A friend told me she was doing the Artist Way , and asked me to do it with her I figured, why not.As an aspiring writer, the book, definatly had some appeal, but kind of lost me as I progressed through it It s obviously written for people who are not artists per say, but would like to be The first chapter was about overcoming mental obstacles like being afriad that you ll become poor and get AIDS from being an artist.It s also a very kind of spiritual new age type of books, i.e Art is from God a [...]

    21. If you were an adult in the late 1990s and don t know this book, you were either living under a rock or never set foot inside a bookstore or library or community center for that matter I was living in Reno and then in Charlotte, NC when the book s popularity hit its zenith and there were Artist Way groups that got together at bookstores, libraries, community centers, and coffee shops.The biggest takeaway for me was morning pages writing, by longhand, three pages of stream of consciousness stuff [...]

    22. From the beginning of the year been insanely busy emphasis on insane with all the preparation and marketing involved with the Huntress series, relaunching Huntress Moon and Blood Moon and launching Cold Moon with Thomas Mercer in a rollout over just five months.But that s not all there s been to it The last part of last year was really hard, in a professional sense.The delays in the release of Cold Moon made me anxious and depressed At the same time that I was grappling with that, I committed my [...]

    23. I m not one to ask for external recognition, but I d be OK if you gave me a medal for completing not just this book, but the program The Artist s Way by Julia Cameron is a how to book specifically, how to overcome your creative blocks structured as a 12 week program It s based on a popular workshop Cameron taught in NYC to help creative people recover their creative productivity and passion, so each week s lesson starts with a lecture about 6 8 pages of content , is peppered with quotes from oth [...]

    24. This has been an important book in my life for the past 10 years I have gone through the process 4 5 times.I believe the book is extremely valuable for anyone who wants to have creativity in their life, including such non artistic pursuits as creative problem solving, creative parenting, etc I have experienced and seen others experience great results.There are some very difficult moments, especially in Chapter 8 9 when the rubber hits the road and you are asked to name your goal and how you are [...]

    25. 5 The Artist s Way Julia Cameron good read great read The Artist s Way 12 12 self help how to The Artist s Way spiritual Julia 90 The Artist s Way great book Creative Habit Twylar Tharp On Writing The Artist s Way

    26. I read this ages ago when my mother gave me a copy for my daughter I read it before I gave it to her and I credit the practice of Morning Pages with giving me the strength I needed to get a divorce I definitely needed the emotional push.Years later, I led a book group on this book and we had a wonderful time working through the book, growing closer as a group and feeling stronger in our individual ways of being artistic.Years later, my mother suggested we read through it together and I once agai [...]

    27. I picked up this book from the library when a friend of mine asked a group of us to go through the book with her The Artist s Way is designed to be worked through over 12 weeks Because it was a library book, I did it in six My friends had started the book a few weeks before me but I still think I finished first The concept is to learn how to nurture your creative side and avoid creative blocks I had picked up the book years ago but it didn t make an impression I don t think I took it seriously T [...]

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