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The Storybook Hero By Andrea Pickens,

  • Title: The Storybook Hero
  • Author: Andrea Pickens
  • ISBN: 9780451207319
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once upon a voyage to Russia, Octavia found herself in the same boat literally with Alexander Sheffield, a man she hoped never to see again But once the cold brought them together, Octavia began to warm up to the idea that Alexander was a hero when it came to unravelling Russian secrets and unlocking her heart.
    The Storybook Hero Once upon a voyage to Russia Octavia found herself in the same boat literally with Alexander Sheffield a man she hoped never to see again But once the cold brought them together Octavia began to wa

    One thought on “The Storybook Hero”

    1. Interesting romanceThe tutor and the governess were instantly believable as the managed to save the two children as they traveled toward St Petersburg during the Napoleonic war in Russia Snow, lack of food, warmth, and clashes with men trying to harm them kept them on their toes.

    2. The Storybook Hero is the third installment of the Lessons In Love series I ve enjoyed all the books so far, however this story has some issues Lord Alex Sheffield has been on a ten year drunk and womanizing tear through ton, when he is approached by his uncle to rescue a young cousin from evil relatives in war torn Russia After ten years, it s no longer a phase, it s called being an alcoholic This alcoholism is suddenly, miraculously cured when he meets and falls in love with impoverished gover [...]

    3. I have mixed feelings about this novel I prefer the lighthearted comedy of manners and this could have been one, but wasn t For all that it wasn t, it was actually a good story, if one overlooks the little inaccuracies and somewhat hurried plot Alex is a deeply flawed hero He has a lot of issues stemming from a family tragedy that have made him who he is He has a hidden vulnerable side which he rarely shows anyone, yet Octavia perceives it right away and tries to help Octavia is a very modern he [...]

    4. How to have a storybook romance with childrenAlthough this is a relatively standard romance,it has just enough humor and tension to make it worthwhile I enjoyed reading it enough that I went almost straight through and only put it down once The addition to the complication of children, the difficulties of living in a foreign land in the midst of a war, in the winter indeed, some scenes brought to mind Doctor Zhivago

    5. MarvelousThis started out a little confusing but did a bang up job of holding my interest The characters were interesting and very lovable Alex was charming, funny,intriguing and so sorrowful Let s not forget Octavia Strong, capable,funny ,loving and all you wish in a heroine Read all three second chances going to see if MS PICKENS has any to keep me amused.

    6. Very enjoyable read One thing I was disappointed with is view spoiler that you don t experience the moment the hero realizes that he loves the heroine it is off the page.It would have enhanced the story to know hide spoiler 4 5

    7. Excellent readingQuite an exciting Tale I didn t think i would like a story in Russia but the time was fraught with danger and freezing temps Unusual but worth reading

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