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What Is a Palestinian State Worth? By Sari Nusseibeh,

  • Title: What Is a Palestinian State Worth?
  • Author: Sari Nusseibeh
  • ISBN: 9780674048737
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can one right the right of return be given up for another the right to live in peace Can one claim Palestinian identity and still retain Israeli citizenship And what is a Palestinian state worth This title poses questions about the history, meaning, future, and resolution of the Israel Palestine conflict.
    What Is a Palestinian State Worth Can one right the right of return be given up for another the right to live in peace Can one claim Palestinian identity and still retain Israeli citizenship And what is a Palestinian state worth This

    One thought on “What Is a Palestinian State Worth?”

    1. Considering the fact that he s a Palestinian, he takes on a very unorthodox approach towards solving the conflict I definitely don t agree with him and think he adopts a highly utopian unrealistic view of the situation on the ground, but the book was definitely worth reading.

    2. At times, it seemed of an exercise in political thought than anything In that sense, I think the academic nature of this book was to create discussion, adding fresh ideas to an old set of arguments on loop I appreciated the author s style of using rhetoric to raise even MORE questions Even the title is posed as a question a provocative one at that The concept of individuals enslaving themselves to meta biological entities, and the idea that moral values being the key to a successful compromise [...]

    3. This is an important view of history, present reality,and possible futures for Palestine Israel.The author dares to speculate on a one state solution He encourages all participants to understand the values that each brings to the table, and include faith as a critical tool for bringing about a future of peace, justice, prosperity, and hope to this complicated region.

    4. Nusseibeh refers to states and other political systems as meta biological entities He does this to emphasize that they are made up of biological humans but tend to take on lives of their own at least in our imaginations and sometimes no longer serve the interests of their constituents People project their own feelings onto the national identity, which can then mutate beyond recognition and become ugly Individuals sometimes adopt identities thinking that their identities clear them of moral respo [...]

    5. A little too heavy on philosophy and logical constructions and a little too light on concrete ideas on how to end this seemingly intractable conflict The book meandered and never really settled on a thesis, I thought I also have to strongly disagree with the author, if in fact he is in support of his proposed temporary expansion of Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank, thereby ensuring Palestinians basic human rights without enfranchising them fully into the Israeli polity If this were attempt [...]

    6. Somehow i forgot to put the stars on this after i read it It s quite interesting if you ve been following the development of peace activism Nusseibeh had been committed to the two state solution, but given recent changes in the situation, he is going through a process of re examining the possibilities for reaching a resolution that ensures and protects the rights of Palestinians and it looks like the two state solution won t do that So this book is his thought exercise he doesn t reach any con [...]

    7. JERUZALEM Een staat of twee staten Over deze vraag hebben Isra li s en Palestijnen veel gezegd en geschreven De Palestijnse filosoof Sari Nusseibeh en president van de Al Quds Universiteit in Jeruzalem lanceert zijn in laatste boek opnieuw het idee van een enkele staat voor Isra li s en Palestijnen Palestijnen moeten volgens hem alle rechten krijgen die Isra li s ook hebben, behalve het stemrecht.Lees verder via deze link alfredmuller 2011 06 20 sa

    8. Although painful to read the other sides s perspective on the history,the present and the future of the region, and although I have many quibbles with his arguments and suspicious that his ideal two state solution is not the same ideal as mine, his conclusion that the intrinsic good of people and what is needed is Palestinian leaders of bold faith and vision to resolve the crisis is refreshing Unfortunately, his writing is depressingly free of any strategy to create this faith, other than throug [...]

    9. Nusseibeh makes an interesting and thoughtful case for ways to stabilize the Israel Palestine region Make no mistake, this book is out to push buttons and get people talking It s well written and eloquent As a reader with no expertise in the region, I can only assess his arguments based on my own perspective I strongly disagree with Nusseibeh, but not because I think his idea is unacceptable, only because I think his idea will not yield the desired results Well worth reading it is always a good [...]

    10. Really good book with an alternative view to the Israeli Palestinian conflict It s written by Sari Nusseibeh, a philosophy professor from Al Quds University Some reading tends to drone on but makes a very interesting argument about meta biological needs of humans and how that affects the conflict in the middle east.

    11. Well written and eloquent book The author admits he presents no real solution to the conflict, but the thought experiments within and his future vision are mind opening and sure to stir discussion Do yourself a favor and skip the first three chapters though as they are dripping with bias Great book otherwise.

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