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Berserk By Tim Lebbon,

  • Title: Berserk
  • Author: Tim Lebbon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They kept monsters That s what Tom overhears in the bar that night And he hears things that can finally lead him to the truth about his son s death ten years before The army had said it was a training accident But why had the coffin they sent home been sealed So on a dark night, in a deserted field, Tom begins to unearth the mass grave where he hopes and fears t They kept monsters That s what Tom overhears in the bar that night And he hears things that can finally lead him to the truth about his son s death ten years before The army had said it was a training accident But why had the coffin they sent home been sealed So on a dark night, in a deserted field, Tom begins to unearth the mass grave where he hopes and fears that he will find his son s remains He finds instead madness corpses in chains and dead bodies that still move and grasp and clutch And one little girl, dead and rotting, who promises to help Tom find what he s looking for, if only he will free her
    Berserk They kept monsters That s what Tom overhears in the bar that night And he hears things that can finally lead him to the truth about his son s death ten years before The army had said it was a training

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    1. My first read of a Tim Lebbon book and I liked it Got two Lebbon books on my shelves and looking forward to reading them There were three factors that got me interested in this book First, the title Berserk Don t know what it is about the word but sounds great I like the reaction it gets when people ask me what I am reading Second, the cover This was a Kindle read and I detest the poor, awful, non creative photoshop covers on Kindle books Berserk has an excellent Kindle cover A horror cover tha [...]

    2. Berserk es un libro que me ha llamado mucho la atenci n Primero porque no es muy conocido y encontrarlo fu de pura suerte y segundo porque no hay mucha informaci n del mismo As que cuando lo encontr , no dude en llevarlo, y eso fu una excelente decisi n Es un libro corto, de unas 280 p ginas aproximadamente En la historia vamos a conocer a un padre angustiado por la muerte de su hijo ya desde hace 10 a os, quien descubrir de un d a para otro, que la muerte de su hijo encierra un misterio sin res [...]

    3. Tom es un oficinista de m s de cincuenta a os que vive felizmente casado con su esposa Jo Se acerca el aniversario de la muerte de su hijo Steven, y el triste recuerdo de su desaparici n sigue estando m s que presente Su hijo, paracaidista del ej rcito brit nico, muri mientras realizaba unas maniobras en las llanuras de Salisbury Al empezar la novela, Tom escucha una extra a conversaci n de dos individuos en un pub que le lleva a pensar que lo ocurrido a su hijo tal vez no fuese un accidente A p [...]

    4. I ve always heard the saying you don t judge a book by its cover and I can say that I haven t picked out a book that way since I was a kid wandering around the adult fiction section for the first time at the local bookstore Well that bookstore met it s demise by the wrecking ball long ago Since then, I ve expanded my reading horizons in a systematic way First, it was through the recommendations of like minded friends In the last couple of years, it s been through the recommendations of my like [...]

    5. I set this aside at 78% for a while because it was a bit boring and now decided to push through to the end Turns out, it ends at 80% The rest is previews of other books I m happy this ended when it did It was about a 2.5 Not that bad Not that good.

    6. When I was a teenager I used to be into these sorts of horror books, the kinds I d find in the paperback section of the used bookstores, the ones that didn t seem to be that popular otherwise, but their covers usually spoke to me because there d be a freakish looking child on the cover, or some other sort of terrifying image Things like John Coyne s Hobgoblin or Whitley Strieber s Billy I usually would find a few before or during family summer vacations to read on the road Authors like John Saul [...]

    7. Chose this for my third read of Spook season This is also a first time read for me with this author It was not really all that scary, but it was quite disturbing with our characters slow decent into insanity I also found that the author has a very poetic style of writing which is quite odd with this type of book I enjoyed the characters of this story as well It was hard though to decipher who was actually good and who was bad The 2 main characters both has similar personalities and both went tho [...]

    8. Una novela de fantas a bastante oscura, adulta y bien construida que resalta entre otros trabajos de g nero que tanto abundan hoy en d a, m s destinados a un p blico juvenil que busca una y otra vez los mismos t picos.Hay un personaje principal atormentado, el bueno de la pel cula, y otros personajes que se van uniendo a la historia movi ndose solo por conveniencia y de dudosa moralidad Los monstruos que presenta el autor est n bien desarrollados y las situaciones en las que el realismo deja pas [...]

    9. From the first word, Berserk is a fast paced thrill of a horror novel Driven by a need to know the true fate of his son, Tom travels to the site of his son s supposed burial ground, only to find instead the corpse of a little girl, held by chains and promising him answers if he frees her They flee the vicious Mr Wolf, a man who will stop at nothing to kill the girl once and for all A rarity in the horror genre, Berserk is not only an entertaining read, it is also an interesting character study F [...]

    10. I ve had issues with most of Tim Lebbon s past novels, although I do enjoy his novellas which is where I think his strength lies the shorter format However, Beserk has showed a solid improvement in his skills He s brought together a tight story using only a few characters and really got inside their head Lebbon planted just enough seeds throughout the book to keep the suspense building at a steady pace I enjoyed this original story and found the ending to be particularly strong If this is any in [...]

    11. im Lebbon s Berserk gave me nightmares want some None of us are new to the story of the bereaved father in search of the truth to find out how his military enlisted son truly died, only to find that the conspiracies that are whispered in the streets and on the internet may in fact be true What sets this book apart from all the other clones is skill Traditional in appearance only, the plot is intense and imaginative The story explores the darker aspects of humanity and all that it is capable of, [...]

    12. Having read five of his books, Tim Lebbon has become yet another hit or miss author with me I haven t really loved any of the books that I have read of his but I haven t really hated any of his either Berserk falls somewhere in the middle I will say that the short novel starts off very well which made me expect it to continue being very well through the whole thing The writing is great, the 55 year old protagonist if you can consider Tom to be a protagonist is interesting and likeable enough, an [...]

    13. A vivid and compelling story of one man s obsession with his son s death, and another s long held conviction that he made a mistake in not finishing the job of wiping out something he viewed as evil While there were some usual horror clich s the eternal battle between the forces of good and evil and so on, the build up allows room for ambiguity, aside from the main protagonist I wasn t sure who I should be rooting for, further adding to the frenetic pace of the story A truly exciting read with e [...]

    14. The beginning of this is sooooo good And then it gets tired I skimmed The plot ran on rails after a certain point Despite the blood and guts, it was a mild book, if that makes sense I felt like there was a interesting book that almost got written, a kind of Rashomon of horror, but didn t because of contract stuff Fly free, secret horror novel Fly free Will probably check out books by the author That opening It s gonna take off at some point.

    15. A very strange, but very good book This one is different, doesn t really go down any path you d expect and it was nice and refreshing Some of it struck me as a little too strange, but in the end this was a whole lot of fun.

    16. The one thing you don t want to hear in a bar is that they didn t really bury your son like you thought ten years ago, they buried something else And then to overhear They kept monsters What begins very strong with a distraught father returning to the burial ground of his soldier son and immediate reader interest soon sees the energy fizzling.Once the father finds what s really in the burial ground, it makes for what should be an intriguing, suspenseful, perhaps even horrifying read However, it [...]

    17. Tense scenes are tight and strong, chocked to the brim with action and heart pounding suspense Gore is not spared here, yet it s not all the book is about The plot is original in some aspects, all too familiar in others, yet succeeds in the way its delivered The ending is a bit of a surprise to me, as I figured one of the characters would turn out dark than she portrayed to Tom, and I can t say the finale was as satisfying as I d like The map of this book is still fun to follow, however, and th [...]

    18. Another excellent Tim Lebbon book I had a lot of fun following this story of a grieving father who finds out his son might actually be alive and winds up digging up a mass grave and discovering the mummy of a supernatural little girl and going cross country on the run from a military man who wants to kill him and the girl That s about the most regular way I can describe this crazy story When the protagonist is digging up the mass grave, it s kind of like the reverse of the scene in PET SEMATARY [...]

    19. Ten years ago Tom s only son was listed as a casualty of friendly fire and sent home in a sealed casket One day he overhears a couple of military men talking in a bar and he learns that his son s death might involve something sinister He begins a quest to discover answers.I picked this book up because of the cover The picture of the little girl is crazy scary And nothing is scarier than an evil child.Good story but I felt like I was on a long car trip through the flat plains of Kansas I kept as [...]

    20. 3.5 stars They kept monsters there If I were to break this novel up into acts, the first act would be fantastic There is lots of mystery as Tom delves into the past to find out what really happened to his son, and unknowingly puts himself and others in danger The second act is a bit of a disappoint The story dissolves into one big chase scene There is a marked decrease in tension and I found myself losing interest at points Things pick up again in the third act The showdown between the humans an [...]

    21. I had this book in my audible wishlist for three years because I was too chicken to listen to it It s not scary at all I laughed a lot Natasha was funny I loved it when she told Mr Wolf to eat shit or when she said, f k you Mr Wolf, and every time she referred to Tom as daddy Natasha is not a vampire, she s a Berserker They drink blood, they re very strong, they can be in sunlight but a bullet to the head will kill them I felt so bad for Tom You don t find anything else out about Steven until th [...]

    22. This is the first time I read Tim Lebbon and I feel that I chose a fantastic story to start with A man seeking answers on his son s odd military training death is given some clues by a drunk who was once stationed with his son The drunk speaks of monsters being kept on the post and states that his son was buried on the post and not in the casket sent home to the parents.This leads the man to look deeper into his son s supposed death and discover some interesting and terrifying things along the w [...]

    23. I m a patient reader, and can appreciate a well crafted, slow build In this case it certainly paid off The psychological thriller element of this novel was supremely executed, but soon the horror, sci fi and action strands of its DNA wriggled out into the sunlight and I was in heaven or hell as the case may be Either way I was loving it.Truly unique Vibrant and enthralling I was really very impressed, and can wholeheartedly recommend this work to anyone who doesn t mind getting a little red on t [...]

    24. Tim Lebbon El primer libro que leo por parte de este autor una lectura muy gil, con mucha acci n y escrita de manera sangrienta Realmente las escenas de asesinatos son muy descriptivas, del tipo gore y narradas con el odio que reflejan algunos personajes Al principio no me convenc a la relaci n de los protagonistas principales pero, a medida que avanzaba un poco m s, Tim Lebbon logr dibujar ese v nculo de manera excelente con frases interesantes y el buen uso de flashbacks en la historia Me gust [...]

    25. Although hard to be original in genre fiction, Lebbon has taken some genre tropes and added his own unique twist by mixing them up which makes for an interesting story The novel starts at a brisk pace and I was captivated by the characters and their predicaments, but then I felt that it started to run out of steam towards the end and the story started to meander a little Lebbon is a solid author, and even though not one of his best, it s still worth reading.

    26. This is a great romp of a story which is part origin tale and part chase story Lebbon shows a deft hand in his creation of a series of complex characters who test the values of good and evil.

    27. They had a chance to write their now history And it had only just begun.Tom, overheard two retired military men speaking one night in a bar, a simple phrase that managed to both destroy the entirety of the life he knew, but be delved deep into a role he missed so dam,n much, the role to become a father again After him and his wife Jo, lost their son Steven ten years ago, an incident in the military covered up, a lie to hide the truth of their son and nineteen other men s death Receiving a casket [...]

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