DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☆ The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child; Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor - by Susan Wise Bauer

The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child; Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor By Susan Wise Bauer,

  • Title: The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child; Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor
  • Author: Susan Wise Bauer
  • ISBN: 9780971412903
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book by Bauer, Susan Wise
    The Story of the World History for the Classical Child Volume Ancient Times From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor Book by Bauer Susan Wise

    One thought on “The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child; Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor”

    1. I listened to this audiobook years ago with my eldest child now it is my youngest s turn This book does a decent job of sketching out history of the ancient world as it is usually covered in school I found it to be a great refresher for me, and helped me to get a better picture of what happened when in the distant past.I was disappointed somewhat, however, by the strong Judeo Christian slant of the book Wise does discuss the ancient histories of the Americas, of Africa, and of Asia However, ther [...]

    2. As a homeschooler, I used this in my curriculum for my three oldest, ages 6 9ish Written in an easy to read format that often includes the retelling of myths and stories of the time, I found it to be a great introduction to the ancient civilizations.The writing is actually quite good for a text and the stories and the overall content is broken down by various cultures as opposed to a time line format As a result, it can get a little confusing since you are sometimes moving backwards and forwards [...]

    3. We listened to the audiobook every time we had to go into town We enjoyed the overview of history We are looking forward to listening to vol 2.

    4. Unfortunately, I ve survived to adulthood with an embarrassing lack of historical knowledge Not even my liberal arts general education university classes taught me history Now that I m homeschooling, I needed at least a basic understanding THIS BOOK HAS BEEN FANTASTIC FOR THAT PURPOSE I obviously can t assess its accuracy, but my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the overview of all of world history and the way Bauer offers perspective and some repetition We talk about the books frequently, [...]

    5. We used this for our history curriculum for our first year of homeschool I cannot say enough good things about this History has become our favorite subject My son read it again on his own Susan Wise Bauer wrote it in a story form that keeps the young readers attention and pulls them back into ancient times My son was so excited to move on to volume 2 that over the first week of the summer he devoured it as well I recommend this series to everyone, not just home schoolers.

    6. genel er eve izmesi a s ndan iyi okumas kolay ve keyifli tarih ve hikayelere ilgisi olan 10 ya i in g zel kaynak

    7. Second time using Story of the World volume 1 in our homeschool Such an engaging, interesting, humorous and often sad re telling of ancient history The older listeners 13 11 were able to connect lots of dots between SOTW, some of their own prior reading especially of the Greeks and Romans , and our studies of the Old Testament Really cool.

    8. The genius of this work is the children s perspective Many stories could be told to illustrate life in ancient times, but Bauer focus on stories about children, animals and adventure History is explained and enjoyed from an early age This is an excellent program and we are looking forward to continuing the parents are learning right along with the kids some of it is refreshment for us, and some seems new While we are going for exposure at this level, and I m sure it has not all been absorbed, th [...]

    9. I just love Susan Wise Bauer She takes something like ancient history, which can with all honesty be extremely tedious in parts, and turns it into an engaging story that children will happily sit still to listen to She is so great at taking small facts that will appeal to children and highlighting them as you read through the story a horse as a Roman consul A six year old Roman emperor Oh no, here come the barbarians The book reads like an adventure story, which it is, really Susan is careful to [...]

    10. I worked through this book with my oldest child when I was homeschooling her in Kindergarten, but intend on reading it again with my younger two Although, this is geared towards first graders it s wonderfully written for children Without any dumbing down and I just love the way that History is explained from beginning to end It works really well with the Charlotte Mason approach to using time lines for teaching By teaching children History in order they are able to create a picture in their head [...]

    11. This is the most fabulous history curriculum that I have ever used The activity book makes this learning experience exponentially better I have used this book and the activity book for my own home schooled children they love it as well as a small group of home schooled kids who meet together once a week The kids enjoy learning and they remember so many details I would have loved to learn about history this way when I was a child Thank you Susan Bauer I am looking forward to volume 2 next year.I [...]

    12. Great way to present history to children from a world history standpoint, starting at the very beginning I would READ this book one section at a time to your child NOT listen to the whole thing on audio CD I would DEFINITELY purchase the activity book that accompanies the volume it adds a plethora of activities and supplementary reading Best history program I ve found Add some corresponding YouTube videos and some National Geographic articles and you have a first rate fairly comprehensive look a [...]

    13. I will only admit this here and not to my kids yet I never liked history I kind of hated it in school However, since homeschooling and having history lessons with the kids and reading through Story of the World, I find I am falling in love with it I make sure to purchase Jim Weiss readings via audiobook, and when I read aloud, I try to imagine how Weiss might emphasize a word Thanks to Bauer and Weiss for helping me appreciate history and come to look forward to it on our school day.

    14. This is a great read aloud history book or suitable for older kids to read themselves This book is the first of a four book series While she mostly focuses on the Classical World Greece, Rome, and the Fertile Crescent , Bauer also covers Japan, China, Southern Africa, and the Americas Bauer s writing keeps the kids interest and really makes the stories come alive.

    15. Our text book this year A well written, charming account of ancient history that kept my children s attention all the way through For a textbook type book, this series really can t be beaten.

    16. Intro CH.2Many history books are very long thick and very boring So many people find it hard to read Well, this book seems to be less thick and tries to make the whole thing fun I am very excited to read this book At the start of the book it talks about what history is, how we can know or learn history by any journals, letters, or any other records they made in the times But in times where there were no writing, we can learn from what they have remaining like buildings Or we can see from drawing [...]

    17. This is a good intro to ancient times for children My son enjoyed it last year, though he wanted pictures We supplemented with other titles to fulfill his desire for pictures, but I think he learned from this book It does discuss some religion in a few chapters, so be prepared for that They would be fairly easy to skip if you want Overall I think this is a great book to introduce children to that period of history, but I would recommend reading it with your child, not just handing it to them We [...]

    18. This is another book that will span a complete school year I don t want it in my currently reading shelf so I m reviewing after one month The content in this book is detailed enough that my 1st grader asks questions, but not too in depth that she loses focus So far we re loving it she asks me to read when I stop

    19. Great way to teach history to young kids We got through this with a combination of reading aloud and listening to the audio book both methods were effective my children liked it I learned quite a lot, as well We are planning to use volume 2 next year.

    20. We really enjoyed listening to this whole book I felt like it filled in the cracks we missed this year as we studied the ancients It was full of interesting information and kept us entertained for the long hours in the car.

    21. I m not a homeschooling parent heck, I m not even a parent but the whole homeschool thing intrigues me This history series is popular within the homeschooling community, so naturally I had to read it, too That s normal, right

    22. Interesting for all ages This book is definitely written for the elementary audience, but my teens, my husband and I have all enjoyed it alongside our elementary aged children The author has done a fantastic job of turning what is often dry history into enthralling stories.

    23. This was my second time through this book, reading it with the younger kids Susan Wise Bauer does a great job of making history interesting for elementary students Excellent series.

    24. D nya tarihini objektif, k sa ve z anlatmaya al an bir kitap Derine inmeden d nyadaki b t n olaylardan bahsedilmi Kesin okuyun.

    25. This is such a great history text for kids Used it with kinder and first this year, and they were enthralled I learned a lot, too Highly recommended.

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