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Her Reluctant Bodyguard By Jennette Green,

  • Title: Her Reluctant Bodyguard
  • Author: Jennette Green
  • ISBN: 9780984404407
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alexa s dream job becomes a threat to her lifeWhen English pop star Colin Radcliffe asks Alexa to write his biography and tour with him in Europe, she is thrilled until she begins to receive death threats.To her dismay, Colin puts her under the 24 7 protection of his Italian chief bodyguard, Jamison Constanzo a man with whom she s clashed from day one If only she couAlexa s dream job becomes a threat to her lifeWhen English pop star Colin Radcliffe asks Alexa to write his biography and tour with him in Europe, she is thrilled until she begins to receive death threats.To her dismay, Colin puts her under the 24 7 protection of his Italian chief bodyguard, Jamison Constanzo a man with whom she s clashed from day one If only she could spend time with her perfect man, Colin, rather than spending all of her days with this black hearted thorn in her side Alexa struggles to control her flip attitude toward Jamison Why does opening up her heart to him feel almost as dangerous as dealing with the stalker s threats But when the killer strikes, Jamison is the only one she can turn toExcerpt Alexa crossed to poke her head into Jamison s room He d just unzipped a giant suitcase black, of course and draped a clump of black, button down shirts on the bed Some looked to be made of cotton, others of a silkier material Are you color blind she wanted to know.He glanced up You re here to help me unpack Of course not Alexa felt embarrassed, but didn t retreat We need to hash out rules so we can live in peace He pulled out a pile of black pants Some jeans, some slacks Would you stop that she demanded I m trying to have a serious conversation I can t unpack at the same time Alexa gritted her teeth I have no desire to see any of your blackunmentionables An actual smile curled his lips, and he stopped pulling items from his suitcase Then wait in the sitting area I ll be five minutes Alexa narrowed her eyes She didn t want to stay here, but she didn t want to retreat, either And she wanted to assert her rules first before the bodyguard had a chance to make a power grab I ll make it snappy, she said, averting her eyes as he pulled smaller black items from the suitcase and tucked them in the dresser I have one rule You leave me alone, and I ll leave you alone Fine Jamison pulled a thick book from the bottomless suitcase and placed it on the bedside table What was that War and Peace Certainly appropriate for their living situation Well then, Alexa said, pleased I ll leave you to sort your outfits by color I m never sure does black silk go with black cotton With this saucy comment, which likely sailed right over his unfashionable head, she turned to leave I have a rule Alexa turned back She should have known her triumph had been too easy You don t leave this apartment without me Alexa fell silent for one long beat, absorbing the full, horrifying implications of his statement Excuse me I m supposed to be chained to you night and day That s what twenty four seven means He flipped the suitcase shut The rasp of the zipper sounded like machine gun fire in the suddenly silent room If you want to run the stairs, I go with you If you want to shop, I go with you If you want to sight see, I go with you Think of me as your shadow Hence the black, she said sarcastically But further words evaded her A sick feeling dropped into the pit of her stomach She and Jamison, joined at the hip for almost five weeks They couldn t breathe the same air without fighting Her fairy tale had officially transformed into a nightmare She muttered, We re going to kill each other I promise I won t kill you, princess It s not in my job description How could he look so amused
    Her Reluctant Bodyguard Alexa s dream job becomes a threat to her lifeWhen English pop star Colin Radcliffe asks Alexa to write his biography and tour with him in Europe she is thrilled until she begins to receive death thr

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    1. When I received a copy of Her Reluctant Bodyguard to review, I was skeptical In my experience, Christian romance is often overly saccharine, with an overtly evangelical bent that often supersedes any real artistry in the romance relationship But after reading only the first few pages, I knew this book was going to be different.I know it s tempting, when you see books with five star reviews, to assume that it s the author s friends padding the numbers, but this book is the real thing In fact, whe [...]

    2. Jennette Green s characters are strong and engaging I love this author The two main characters are dynamic and flawed, with a sizzling romantic tension between them that definitely escalates as the story progresses With intense brushes of suspense, this romance is one any fan of good clean romantic fiction will enjoy.

    3. Oh so close to five stars I loved the banter, the romance, the general plot, but the mystery so wasn t there I also thought she was pretty dumb to keep going out into public and not keeping her eyes open when she kept getting attacked Personal opinion Otherwise, great clean romance with some laughs

    4. This was not as good as the last one I read of Ms Green but was still entertaining It is a modern day setting and I really prefer Historical but non the less a fun read There were some Christian undertones but not over the top.

    5. Cute book I really liked the characters and it had a lot of humor Some parts were a bit unbelievable, but everything else made up for it.I loved the fact that he was shorter than her Just goes to prove that the perfect man for you isn t always perfect.

    6. First posted at The Romance ReviewsThis is an intense and suspenseful story gripping you right from the beginning Alexa is a new author and has just published a best seller based off her childhood friendship with a legendary chef, Pricilla Blake The book is an autobiography which rockets her to instant fame She comes into contact with one of her idols on the set of the Today show, both there for a taping of interviews As she isgawking, one of his body guards waives her off He is a small man but [...]

    7. Successful biographer Alexa Kaplan is thrilled to be asked by her favourite pop star to write his biography His publisher wants the draft in 6 weeks so Colin invites Alexa on his Europe tour, all expenses paid It seems like a fairytale.Due to past hurts, Alexa has set criteria for her perfect guy Colin ticks all the boxes except the one labelled Christian but Alexa is confident that will change Oh, life is good Then the threats against Alexa start, her dream becomes a nightmare starting with Col [...]

    8. Her Reluctant Bodyguard is a clean non pornographic , contemporary romantic suspense novel whose male lead is an Italian American who is Italian than American, having spent only his summers growing up in The States Jamison Constanzo is a bodyguard to a major British pop star Part of the novel s story takes place in and around Rome, Italy That is not the whole reason I purchased this e book to read and review here I was also impressed by the author s sample chapters They were clean, well written [...]

    9. So, I loved the Commander s Desire, also by Jennette Green, but this contemporary one is not as good It read like a travel guide for Europe through a big chunk of the middle and I got a little tired of the main character s inner musings about whether she could love someone who didn t meet her criteria and gasp might not be a Christian, like being a Christian would define everything she d need to know before she could let herself love someone I love Christian fiction, but the whole concept of bei [...]

    10. At first, I was a little bit concerned that this would be a super preachy, beat me in the head with awkward witnessing of Jesus Christ Not that there s anything wrong with testifying of Christ, it s just it can get awkward over and over in a book that I don t have a connection to the characters Then, I was worried that it would be like one of the Love Inspired books that I recently swore off.Turns out, this book was nothing of the sort Alexa is a wonderful and moral girl, and her Christianity an [...]

    11. I loved this story Alexa s list for the perfect guy was very similar to my own As a tall girl myself, I always looked to date tall men but married one who was just barely taller than me Alexa and Jamison were such fun characters and I loved their bantering There were good damsel in distress moments as well in this, which I m a fan of This book was super clean and the Christian part wasn t shoved down your throat It was a natural part of the story which was refreshing And of course, there s a hap [...]

    12. This book really caught at my heartstrings Alexa has been hurt in the past, which I can entirely relate to As a result, she looks for reasons to push men away With Colin, it s because he s not a Christian With Jamison besides the instant, sparking antagonism , it s because he s a little shorter than she is But these surface issues are just that surface I like how Alexa comes to grips with the fact that fear of loving again is her deepest problem, and how she deals with that The tension between h [...]

    13. I liked this book Clean, fun, good for a teen.Girl goes on tour with a rock star to write his autobiography for him, and it targeted by stalkers Her feelings for the star are growing, and she must decide if he is the right one for her Meanwhile, her bodyguard is driving her crazy She has never been so angry or frustrated with anyone The fight constantly THe onlything I didn t like about this book, is that the response to her attacks seems less than what it should be If someone was trying to kill [...]

    14. Her Reluctant Bodyguard combines Christian romantic suspense with a tasteful mix of reality and sexual heat The author uses humor to lighten interaction between central characters in a style reminiscent of classic chick lit When newbie author Alexa Kaplan meets celebrity English rocker Colin Radcliffe during a talk show sparks fly between Alexa and Radcliff s bodyguard Jamison Constanzo Friction between Constanzo and Kaplan escalates after the American author receives threatening missives that n [...]

    15. I really want to give this book 5 stars however Alexa was an immature whiner that drove me bonkers I love how the author made the male lead to be atypical of mainstream 6 ft 2 with adonis faces and Greek bodies Loved how he measured up to how normal real men actually look in that he was average height with average looks another great addition was the religious aspect to the book hands down amazing a pleasurable read.

    16. I loved the book, could have loved it , and some things just started bugging me I didn t like how in parts it seemed too much like a travel guide I could have used interaction between the characters versus pages of descriptions of places they visited and what it looked like Also Alexa s issues started to get annoying after a while Come on I really liked but could have easily loved if a few things were changed.

    17. This was the first book I have read of Jennette Green I found the story really fun It s a Christian romance, so there are references to the bible in it, which I thought were put in appropriately and not over the top The story line was a little silly, but definitely fun I enjoyed the characters and their fun bantering Both the main characters were flawed, which was actually a breath of fresh air.

    18. I loved the banter between the two characters It s what kept the story so compelling to me True, there are a few parts that are a bit cheesy and unrealistic like the pop star singer falling in love with her immediately or after several death threats have been made against her and she continues to go out unguarded But, overall, I loved the story and would definitely recommend it to my friends

    19. I give this 4.5 stars I love Jennette s writing style and the way she creates the romance between the main characters Lots of tension but eventually their true feelings come out I also loved her book The Commander s Desire.

    20. Honestly I almost died reading this book It was filled with action, adventure and most of all romance Oh my gosh it was so good I stayed up half of the night to finish it Its 5 a.m LOVED IT SO MUCH

    21. I will give it a 3.5 actually Nice and clean Liked it overall However, there were some places in the book where I did not feel the pull.

    22. I didn t care for the creepy looking guy on the front cover, but the book was a fun, fluffy, clean romance that was a relaxing way to kill a few hours.

    23. I think that this book had potential That being said, I don t really love it when the power couple pick on each other for most the book So that is why I gave it three stars.

    24. 3.5 stars Worth reading if you want quick, clean, easy entertainment Slightly cheesy in places, but overall a good read.

    25. When I started I didn t give this book much credit, but it ended up being better than I expected At least entertaining for a few hours.

    26. Yum Very good All sorts of romantic tension and some toe curling kisses Christian fiction Polished this one off very fast

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