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Aiden's Game By Sienna Mynx Erica Langdon M.B. Wright,

  • Title: Aiden's Game
  • Author: Sienna Mynx Erica Langdon M.B. Wright
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First Installment to Tale of Three Hearts Series Genre Multi cultural Women s FictionCategory DramaWord Count 55KOther book in the series Daisy s Choice by Sienna Mynx Book TwoDescription Meet Aiden Keane rich, sexy, and bored He owns Vegas and every lost soul looking to make it rich No bets are placed at the infamous Shamrock Hotel from which Aiden Keane doesn t coFirst Installment to Tale of Three Hearts Series Genre Multi cultural Women s FictionCategory DramaWord Count 55KOther book in the series Daisy s Choice by Sienna Mynx Book TwoDescription Meet Aiden Keane rich, sexy, and bored He owns Vegas and every lost soul looking to make it rich No bets are placed at the infamous Shamrock Hotel from which Aiden Keane doesn t collect But with all that he s acquired, he s squandered even Arrogance and curiosity draw Aiden to a young couple down on their luck One look at Daisy Johnson and a plan forms A young woman, whose simple, small town upbringing makes her crave the glamorous life, seems the perfect prey for Aiden s wanderlust He approaches her and her boyfriend with the promise to make her dreams come true But does he A deal is made One sex filled night on his terms with Daisy Johnson will bring about a bounty of a million dollars, free and clear The stakes Her dignity, and her young lover s pride Can the love of money and a young woman s greed destroy the bonds of true love Aiden thinks so It s a wager he s sure to win until he, too, learns a valuable lesson play with the wrong woman s heart and you may lose your own.Publishers Warning Explicit Sexual Content, Strong Language, Mild Violence, Dark Humor.
    Aiden s Game First Installment to Tale of Three Hearts Series Genre Multi cultural Women s FictionCategory DramaWord Count KOther book in the series Daisy s Choice by Sienna Mynx Book TwoDescription Meet Aiden K

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    1. First let me say I originally read the author s Mi Carina series and fell in love and went on a Sienna Mynx buying spree Since then I read two of her other series and couple of her stand along books so therefore I kind of have an general feel for her writing style Now I feel like I ve been had When I read the desciption of the book I thought to myself that sounds like the movie Indecent Proposal or at least somewhere along that line The ratings for the book were good so I thought WTH I ll try it [...]

    2. I m barely halfway with this book and I don t think I can bring myself to finish it All I keep thinking is this girl is a whore, she s nothing but a prostitute at heart Everyone wants to have money to make their lives easier but her level of greed kind of turns my stomach I know I sound judgy but I don t see how anyone can think this is romantic Maybe if I go back and finish reading the book with the idea that I m not reading a romance novel I might be able to finish it but at this point I can t [...]

    3. Oh my God, was that it Was it I was completely speechless, why on earth should it be cliffhanger Just hang me, now.First of all, at the beginning the flow brought me to dislike Pete By the way Daisy described him, I just believed that Pete was a scumbag, though I knew he loved Daisy, but his love was not enough Then, Pete showed me that he s not that bad And it made me to hate Aiden Hell, Aiden was a big jerk, a d bag, whatever you call him I was so disgusted by him And I started to hate the sto [...]

    4. Originally, I accidentally read the sequel , 1st Now that all of the puzzle pieces have been set in place, I can truly say that there are Interracial Romance writers who get it right, and some that definitely get it wrong Sienna Mynx is an Interracial Romance writer who gets it right with Aiden s Game Daisy s Choice Her characters, plot, and scenes of seduction are well thought out not to mention well edited If you are into Interracial Romances with some spice, I highly recommend this book along [...]

    5. I had higher hopes for this book I found it hard to believe that she would just leave and disappear from her family and the guy she supposedly loved on the flip side I can t see Aiden being that obsessed with her after a short time I was disappointed I bought both this and the sequel at the same time bc I don t even want to read the sequel

    6. This IR book is the first in a series that surrounds the characters of Aiden, a very wealthy hotel gambling mogul, and Daisy a very young, ambitious, and somewhat naive woman fleeing a small town with her fiance in pursuit of a better and exciting life Daisy, after being spotted by Aiden in his hotel is willing to sacrifice what she tries to convince herself and her fiance Pete is just a night of her life and the use of her body that will mean nothing to their relationship in the long run, but [...]

    7. This book started off a little shaky, so I can see the reason for the mixed reviews, but once it got going it was really good The Indecent Proposal storyline did throw me for a loop at first, but once the story really got going it didn t bother me so much The things that went down in this book with Aiden, Daisey Pete were all kinds of crazy Yes we all knew what was going to happen, but the end didn t play out how I expected to, and that was a great twist to the story Sienna Mynx always tells a g [...]

    8. I really didn t like the characters in this story from the beginning, and at the end I only liked them slightly than I did at the beginning I liked the story alright, drove me crazy at times with how annoying the characters could be, but overall it was okay.

    9. Spoiler Free Review Inter Racial love story Tell me this isn t paradise Tell me Daisy in Aidens GameThis book gets 3 Stars simply b cuz this is a story we are all familiar with I think the author did an okie doke job with her twist and turns but the plot remains the same and is very well known Strapped for cash a young couple from a small town in Kentucky Daisy and her boyfriend Peter go to Vegas seeking a quick financial fix but fall short They then decide to marry before leaving Vegas and to h [...]

    10. I went back and forth between a 3 and 4 star rating with this book I liked it, but I hated Aiden, but the fact that I hated him and still loved the book made me give it the higher rating Anytime I am still thinking about characters and the emotions they pulled from me even after I ve finished a book deserves a higher rating because that s what an author s goal should be Daisy and Pete set off to Vegas to gamble, win some money and start a better life for themselves Just when they are about to gi [...]

    11. Loved it I didn t really like daisy s character all that much, the way she did Pete was just wrongAiden was a compete asshole and a crybaby at the same damn time I liked his character somewhat but his Rich man temper tantrums were annoying.The only character I truly loved was Pete which is messed up because I have a feeling he won t be coming out on topon to book two

    12. Good storyThis was a good story but it took way too long to tell it Very redundant and at the end of book 2, you only get to read a third book to find out how Aiden maneuvers with the new found information Thanks, but after this tedious read, I no longer care.

    13. O.M.G I loved this book Let me start by saying that it was not quite what I was expecting If you liked Indecent Proposal starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore and thought there should have been to the story, wondered how in the world Demi could have that passionate and instant connection with Redford and then go back to Woody, you ll love Aiden s Game Aiden is a tortured hero, sexy, arrogant, ruthless but also vulnerable, passionate and tender Pete is lovable, passionate, sweet, sexy and whole [...]

    14. Biden s Big WinWhat an incredibly modern day interracial love story, with twists, suspense I enjoyed reading about Aiden, Daisy and Pete s love triangle Little Amy is blessed to have two daddies Will there be a third book to this story

    15. Decent readKind of reminds you of indecent exposure with Demi Moore and Woody Harrison They went to vegas to win money for their house.

    16. Drama I could not put this book down, well I did a couple of times but within 5 to 10 minutes went straight back to it I loved and felt for Pete so much Daisy was a bitch With a capital B, Aiden well how can I describe him, obsessive, selfish, self centeredness, uncaring and a bit of a bully, how did you get me to feel for this character Sienna Mynx, well done on your writing skill The twist and trysts to this storyline was unbelievable, I screamed and shouted, felt heavy hearted nearly crying a [...]

    17. So I went in to this knowing that there was at least one additional book in this story That being said, this story was not at all what I was expecting I wasn t even sure how to classify it There is nothing romantic about it in my opinion If that s your thing, you probably don t want to take this journey It s definitely nowhere near the worst I ve ever read The three main characters Daisy, Pete and Aiden are all tremendously flawed I usually enjoy flawed characters but they were so flawed it just [...]

    18. No real substance or emotion, just smut I wonder what this whorish heroine thought would happen after she slept with that creep Did she really think Pete would just accept it no matter what he agreed to go back to the way things were before she sold herself and allowed her self to be sold Stupid chick.She sure didn t have to agree.The creeps vow of caring about her could not be real, after all, they didn t know each other any amount of time to care that deeply or know what the other is all about [...]

    19. Well this book had indecent proposal written all over it So much went wrong with what happened between Aiden, Daisy and Pete Daisy was selfish and only thought about herself, sure she loved Pete He was want she wanted at the time but he could not give her what she wanted In walks Aiden, a man that could chew both Daisy and Pete up and spit them out.This book made me angry with all parties involved and the heartbreak for both Daisy and Pete, playing a game they were ill equipped to play True love [...]

    20. Main characters go through the trouble of learning the differece between loving someone and being in love with someone Pete and Daisy are young lovers that leave their home town in search of something better Once stepping out of their comfort zone they are plagued with adult situations that test their love love for each other and love of life Enter Aiden and the three go on a journey through life So strap on your seatbelts and buckle up for the ride of their lives.This is truely one of the best [...]

    21. I liked this book I was a little wary after reading most of the 3 start reviews but I thought it was interesting First of all I recognize that it is fiction, and I wasn t hoping for it to be completely realistic It held my attention, I stayed up reading it super late even though I needed to come into work this morning, but I really couldn t put it down There were unexpected twists and turns all throughout And I do like Pete, some people may think he s lazy and a bum, but I understand him He was [...]

    22. This novel could be an ode to Indecent Proposal with a twist Instead of some old, dried up millionaire parting with a million dollars to sleep with the attractive at the time Demi Moore, we have a young couple from Kentucky who come to Vegas to strike it rich They gamble, get caught in the mysterious net of Aiden Keane and lose big time To me, this novel was a tale of what people think they want money happiness but what happens when you are willing to sell your soul to get it Nothing is the sa [...]

    23. Wow, the author has done a great job with this one At first I was shocked at what people will do for the love of money how that kind of love can destroy the real deal I randomly picked Daisy s Choice to read discovered it was part 2 of a series so I decided to start here with Aiden s Game instead couldn t put it down Aiden is a PLAYER of games he just got PLAYED so to speak Daisy is portrayed as a selfish gold digger Pete is whipped and can t remember that he agreed to the game as well.I m anxio [...]

    24. I like this triliogy overall However, the first book, daisy s choice, was just okay It was a little unfulfilling and left a little to be desired I kept reading comments an reviews were people didn t like the characters The are not your 100% good guy girl They have ambition and dreams and take a crooked road to achieve them That s okay though I will also say that when you read the subsequent books you understand this one as a prequel, not a stand alone It makes sense that it is a bit weaker or un [...]

    25. 4 stars Indecent Proposal meets Pretty Woman sort of When I started reading this book, it had not registered that it was a trilogy The initial pairing of Daisy with Pete seemed to be bolstered by defiance after they accept the terms set by Aiden, I knew Daisy and Aiden would make love and that this act would destroy her relationship with Pete It was the ending of the story where the fate of the three Aiden, Daisy and Pete, was unresolved I enjoyed the story it held my interest and it moved along [...]

    26. I am a true Mynxerother great read I have seen some harsh reviews on the book series but I loved it It is very Indecent Proposal but fleshed out into an intriguing story of romance and karma It is also fiction and a sexy romp to be enjoyedI think that people are super harsh and judging of Daisy but I do think there are people that you just feel connected with and the book asks the question would you act on it I thoroughly enjoyed Aiden and Daisy I sat for hours today reading the trilogy and I wa [...]

    27. Well written story about Aiden Keane, owner of the Shamrock Casino, a bored, arrogant and selfish millionaire who cheapened the dreams of two young country kids by using sex as a weapon Daisy wants a better life, and will do anything to obtain it She is not satisfied with Pete, her boyfriend, but she loves him and constantly overlooks his flaws Pete acts before he thinks and then complains about the consequences Daisy is young and immature but she deserves happiness I hope she finds it

    28. I guess I am on the fence about 5 stars it was good it kept my interest, but there were just some moments where I just didn t like Daisy How could she not think that she didn t have to sleep with Aiden, that was what he said in plain English Just how the story was weaved in general was just incredible I was engrossed in the plot and wanted to see how Aiden s game played out and what happened to the players involved.

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