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From Third World to First: Singapore and the Asian Economic Boom By Lee Kuan Yew,

  • Title: From Third World to First: Singapore and the Asian Economic Boom
  • Author: Lee Kuan Yew
  • ISBN: 9780060957513
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Few gave tiny Singapore much chance of survival when it was granted independence in 1965 How is it, then, that today the former British colonial trading post is a thriving Asian metropolis with not only the world s number one airline, best airport, and busiest port of trade, but also the world s fourth highest per capita real income The story of that transformation is tolFew gave tiny Singapore much chance of survival when it was granted independence in 1965 How is it, then, that today the former British colonial trading post is a thriving Asian metropolis with not only the world s number one airline, best airport, and busiest port of trade, but also the world s fourth highest per capita real income The story of that transformation is told here by Singapore s charismatic, controversial founding father, Lee Kuan Yew Rising from a legacy of divisive colonialism, the devastation of the Second World War, and general poverty and disorder following the withdrawal of foreign forces, Singapore now is hailed as a city of the future This miraculous history is dramatically recounted by the man who not only lived through it all but who fearlessly forged ahead and brought about most of these changes.Delving deep into his own meticulous notes, as well as previously unpublished government papers and official records, Lee details the extraordinary efforts it took for an island city state in Southeast Asia to survive at that time.Lee explains how he and his cabinet colleagues finished off the communist threat to the fledgling state s security and began the arduous process of nation building forging basic infrastructural roads through a land that still consisted primarily of swamps, creating an army from a hitherto racially and ideologically divided population, stamping out the last vestiges of colonial era corruption, providing mass public housing, and establishing a national airline and airport.In this illuminating account, Lee writes frankly about his trenchant approach to political opponents and his often unorthodox views on human rights, democracy, and inherited intelligence, aiming always to be correct, not politically correct Nothing in Singapore escaped his watchful eye whether choosing shrubs for the greening of the country, restoring the romance of the historic Raffles Hotel, or openly, unabashedly persuading young men to marry women as well educated as themselves Today s safe, tidy Singapore bears Lee s unmistakable stamp, for which he is unapologetic If this is a nanny state, I am proud to have fostered one Though Lee s domestic canvas in Singapore was small, his vigor and talent assured him a larger place in world affairs With inimitable style, he brings history to life with cogent analyses of some of the greatest strategic issues of recent times and reveals how, over the years, he navigated the shifting tides of relations among America, China, and Taiwan, acting as confidant, sounding board, and messenger for them He also includes candid, sometimes acerbic pen portraits of his political peers, including the indomitable Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, the poetry spouting Jiang Zemin, and ideologues George Bush and Deng Xiaoping.Lee also lifts the veil on his family life and writes tenderly of his wife and stalwart partner, Kwa Geok Choo, and of their pride in their three children particularly the eldest son, Hsien Loong, who is now Singapore s deputy prime minister.For than three decades, Lee Kuan Yew has been praised and vilified in equal measure, and he has established himself as a force impossible to ignore in Asian and international politics From Third World to First offers readers a compelling glimpse into this visionary s heart, soul, and mind.
    From Third World to First Singapore and the Asian Economic Boom Few gave tiny Singapore much chance of survival when it was granted independence in How is it then that today the former British colonial trading post is a thriving Asian metropolis with not on

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    1. Addendum February 24, 2017 Lee Kuan Yew may be one of the most consequential persons of the 20th century in the demonstrated case of Singapore, and in his commentary to Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s In short, it is his attempt to decouple market capitalism from fully democratic institutions It may have proved a decisive influence in early Chinese reforms, and eventually the Chinese model of political reform Part II of Mr Lee Kuan Yew s memoirs.Given his extremely busy life as a statesman over [...]

    2. I m surprised this book is translated into Vietnamese He makes no effort to hide his distaste for communism and the Vietnamese leaders who came to him for advice in the 1990s Whether you like the way he s ruled Singapore Inc he s an amazingly intelligent guy with a far sighted vision for where his country was going and has largely succeeded and outdone many leaders of the West From his fascinating description of other Asian countries, including many that had similar starting point as Singapore b [...]

    3. This guy just seems to get everything right Take all the good stuff in Ayn Rand and turn it into something that s actually workable, and that adds in the concept of fairness LKY is able to examine the policies of all the other countries that came before Singapore and take what s good and leave what s bad His policies on welfare, healthcare, retirement savings, you name it, it seems to be the ideal solution for dealing with the inherent problems of each of those things His personal savings plans [...]

    4. Fascinating and well worth reading The story itself is great a small nation, isolated, forced to import even drinkable water, obtains forced into independence Ah, yes, small detail British Empire, protector and developer of this big port, is moving out And China is willing to move in Question what do you do Majority s response cry and dieY s whatever is necessary to make it work.Amazing, what a team of people honestly dedicated to their country and utterly pragmatic can do, no And pragmatic LKY [...]

    5. Dear Harry, Thank you for your company during my daily lunch hour for the past couple of months When I heave open the hard bound book that is the second volume of your memoirs, I feel as if I have been transported back in time to post colonial Singapore I have benefited from the peek into your early struggles and that of your colleagues Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye and Raja I am intrigued by your account of The Plen short for plenipotentiary , your moniker for Fang Chuang Pi, the mysterious comm [...]

    6. I have always admired how Singapore has managed, in a short period of 30 40 years, to become the competent, rich and serious first world country in the region where it sits, and wanted to learn about the how.Lee Kuan Yew s impressive and magnificent autobiography is a testimony of pride of the growth of the nation, written by its founding father, and covers the period from 1965 onwards i.e When the country separated from Malaysia and became The Republic of Singapore , i.e the period of 30 years [...]

    7. One of the best books you ll ever read, period Mr Yew knows everything about how to build a prosperous country and nothing about political correctness I d never heard someone as accomplished as Mr Lee describe with all honesty his dealings with super powers, heads of state and the common man.If you re interested in learning how common sense, discipline and hard work can be combined to transform a country, you can t miss this book.

    8. TODO very clear, high quality writing A delight to read such an eloquent story Very good book, excellent in many parts but annoying in its many propaganda parts Excellent and lengthy analysis of China s leadership, policies, and issues, if compassionate than that of Southeastern Asian countries I finally understood how Vietnam s invasion of Cambodia and Pol Pot s Khmer Rouge were possible Many politically charged statements, which makes the book difficult to assess objectively recommended readi [...]

    9. He was A free market supporter who also didn t mind some government intervention.A die hard anti communist who also supported gun control and unique social policiesA proponent of the rule of law but one who didn t mind using the state to jail and bankrupt his opponents in long court cases A dedicated classical liberal who also was willing to institute the infamous anti chewing gum law and hang drug smugglers A founder of the most successful multi cultural state in Asia but one who also believed [...]

    10. Very informative and insightful Half the book explains the context and challenges LKY faced in the journey of transforming Singapore from a third world British colony into a first world leader The second half dives into LKY s thoughts on countries around the world and their unique situations An incredibly insightful book by one of the greatest leaders of the modern era Highly recommend.

    11. When you read the history of a country s success through the lens of one of its foremost architects, it is a reading experience that is slow and deliberate Lee Kuan Yew tries to show the progress of Singapore over the years since the formation of PAP, her intrigues, her politics, her successes And in all this, his paintbrush extends to the geopolitics of China, Russia, Britain, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia This is how he ends the 691 page long memoir The future is as full of promise as it is frau [...]

    12. Mr Lee s memoirs first narrates how his team took the reins and built Singapore from scratch when the city state was expelled from Malaysia in mid 1960s His team was organized in crafting policies, such as targeting investments and building up key high tech manufacturing industries, building up their defense capabilities, devising an efficient health care and housing system, promoting tourism through building up airport infrastructure and nurturing its national airline, improving tertiary educat [...]

    13. How to build a country from the scratch Unbelievable story of unbelievable man Must to read at least first part of the book.

    14. Lee Kyun Yew was very visionary man with great intelligence, braveness and talent.He founded the modern Singapore and changed it to one of the biggest economy country There was no other country like Singapore where its leader had very big ambition to build the first world country from just an island, that is why his new methods and schemes for the development had been never tried before His decisions in his prime time sounded like a cruel and hard one at that time, but from today s perspective, [...]

    15. Fascinating LKY can be fairly divisive, but I really appreciate having access to someone whose views are somehow similar yet very conflicting with mine.Divided into thematic sections, From Third World to First is slightly meandering than his Memoirs It admirably covers a large swath of his life in only 700 pages, but not every section is equally worthwhile It is also indubitable that, given that this is a LKY s perspective on issues , my rating is biased by my own views.Still, definitely wort [...]

    16. I had been meaning to read this book for a while, and after hearing of Lee Kuan Yews worsening condition last week I finally pulled it off my shelf I m very glad I did.To be a great man of history you usually have to lead a large nation or embody a clear and significant culture or ideology Lee Kuan Yew did neither, but he was no doubt, a great man.Lee led a small city state, which both joined and left a larger federation in his time, and was nearly swamped by the much larger states on either sid [...]

    17. From Third World To First is an exciting read because we already know it has a happy ending Singapore, the city state that no one in 1965 expect to make it, did, and become what others have called a country that punches above its weight I have wanted to read this book when it was first published back in 2000 But it was constantly sold out It was next to impossible to borrow from the library, and there was a long reservation queuing list After that, several chapters were serialised in the Straits [...]

    18. This is one of the best books I have read till date It opens one s eyes to the diplomacy of the world, why some countries strive and others don t Filled with knowledge applicable, also, to business, leadership e.t.cHowever, at some point, I felt he Lee Kuan Yew was too critical of African states and, even dismissive but with a better understanding of his views, I agree.

    19. Singapore today has become a second name for development at least for the developing world countries like us in India Every now and then we hear our politicians promising us to make another Singapore out of one of our cities So, what is it that Singapore did right and is it possible for us to do that here I wanted to find out these answers, having traveled to the island myself couple of times myself, I knew Singapore was doing something special and exceptional but the exact reason of its success [...]

    20. A glimpse into a Cambridge educated, economics minded, personnel obsessed statesman This is his second memoir and includes stories of foreign relations.His explanation for Singapore s bilingual policies is thus If you can t speak English, you won t be able to find work and make a living If you can t speak your native language, you ll lose your cultural identity, and hence your confidence, because no matter how well you speak English, you re not an Englishman.He considers Hong Kongers to be drive [...]

    21. As you might hope from the title, this book delivers insight into, not only the mind of an extraordinary man, but also into the extraordinary success story of Singapore.This is a book of two stories The first is of the success of the social and economic policies which turned Singapore into the wealthy city state it is today As a somebody who has only ever known life in a liberal democracy, I found a lot of the restrictions on citizens that were imposed during Lee Kuan Yew s his time as Prime Min [...]

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