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Pearl By Jo Knowles,

  • Title: Pearl
  • Author: Jo Knowles
  • ISBN: 9780805092073
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bean n e Pearl and Henry, misfits and best friends, have the strangest mothers in town Henry s mom Sally never leaves the house Bean s mom Lexie, if she is home, is likely nursing a hangover or venting to her friend Claire about Bean s beloved grandfather Gus, the third member of their sunny household.Gus s death unleashes a host of family secrets that brings them allBean n e Pearl and Henry, misfits and best friends, have the strangest mothers in town Henry s mom Sally never leaves the house Bean s mom Lexie, if she is home, is likely nursing a hangover or venting to her friend Claire about Bean s beloved grandfather Gus, the third member of their sunny household.Gus s death unleashes a host of family secrets that brings them all together And they threaten to change everything including Bean s relationship with Henry, her first friend, and who also might turn out to be her first love.
    Pearl Bean n e Pearl and Henry misfits and best friends have the strangest mothers in town Henry s mom Sally never leaves the house Bean s mom Lexie if she is home is likely nursing a hangover or ventin

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    1. I finished reading an advance copy of this YA novel on an airplane heading home from IRA, quietly wiping tears from the corners of my eyes and hoping the lady next to me wouldn t notice If she did, though, it would have been okay I d just have to tell her about PEARL.Its author, Jo Knowles, is someone I m lucky enough to count as a friend She s one of the smartest, kindest people I ve ever met, and I loved her first two books, so I wasn t surprised when this one crept quietly up and swept me awa [...]

    2. Pearl and Henry practically grew up together From not fitting in among kids of their own age, to not ever knowing their fathers, they re kindred spirits who promised to never let the other grow old lonely And maybe their absent fathers was the shared ground that bonded them together, or maybe it was from having a couple of mothers who seem to be involved in their own dramas rather than raising their kids Regardless of what it was, theirs was a relationship on the brink of something Henry s mot [...]

    3. Okay, so the problem with this book was the way it was written I noticed a lot of editing mistakes, seeing quotation marks at the beginning of a statement but never at the end was quite common in this book Another thing is that the author didn t have a very broad vocabulary They literally remarked about how sweaty the characters were multiple times He has a thing about sweat spots Even though he puts on two layers of deodorant on, he still sweats through three shirts in the summer Like who cares [...]

    4. I ll start out by saying that this isn t really my type of book I don t read a lot of contemporary, especially books that deal with issues, because, frankly, they depress me And this book definitely had a sad tone to it, but it was also very sweet I quickly read through the 224 pages, eager to find out how Bean Pearl , Henry, Sally, and Lexie would resolve the years of tension, heartache, lies, betrayals, and shattered dreams.Jo Knowles is a fantastic writer who makes you really feel the story M [...]

    5. As I read this title, I started thinking that the lives of Pearl Collatti and her best friend Henry are than a little bit like the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, to which his mother is addicted As in most soap operas, the characters have secrets that,once revealed, will change the world around them in good and not so good ways Both Pearl and Henry know next to nothing about their missing in action fathers, and the truth about Pearl s father only comes out after her grandfather s unexpected deat [...]

    6. This book was terrible I wish I could give it negative stars.The plot makes no sense whatsoever and the characters are poorly developed All of a sudden, Henry s agoraphobic mom leaves the house after 15 years of solitude and starts hanging out with Bean s mom And Bean s Mom never gave any indication she was gay for 15 years I understand that Bean s mom, Lexie, was putting on an act for Gus, and when he died, it was time to be herself But not just the next day And if this Claire was her partner f [...]

    7. Some spoilers I mean it I chose to read this book because it is part of the Contemps challenge that is also the main reason I finished this book besides its short length because I really didn t like most of the characters.Bean, born Pearl, lives with her mother and grandfather, the two often at odds Bean is lonely with a mother, Lexie, who seems indifferent to her and a grandfather, Gus, who tries but can t fill the place of a mother in her heart Her best friend is Henry, who lives with his moth [...]

    8. Bean s life is beginning to feel like the episodes of Days of Our Lives that she and her best friend, Henry, and his mother, Sally, watch every day each summer over a shared bowl of Doritos.For years, she and Henry have bonded over the mystery of why their fathers left them and their mothers behind Bean s father left before she was born Henry s when he was just a baby They don t find many answers from their mothers Sally, Henry s mother, hasn t left the house since Henry s father ditched their l [...]

    9. Pearl, age 15, is raised by a mother who her age when she was born, and by a grandfather who treats Pearl kindly but torments his own daughter Feeling that her mother, Lexie s, life would have been better off without her, Pearl struggles with her sense of belonging, unaware of her mother s own struggles with a second life she has kept secret from Pearl and her father for years With simple but precise prose, the author Jo Knowles weaves an engaging and unique story in young adult fiction Although [...]

    10. I m joining the ranks of the people that said this is one of the worse books they have read in a long time boring, doesn t make sense, not very likeable characters, unrealistic,and not much of a plot.Since the author has a husband and son I m assuming she isn t a lesbian I didn t like her other book with a gay character either I just don t think she gets it right.The setting seemed 1970s I couldn t really tell but Bean seems innocent for a 15 year old especially since she never figures out why h [...]

    11. Pearl aka Bean and Henry are the best of friends Having grown up as social outcasts in a small town, they have only each other to turn to when times get tough For Bean and Henry, times are pretty much always tough As the children of eccentric single mothers, life is often messy and complicated Bean s mom spends most of her time hungover and complaining about her father with her best friend Claire Henry s mom doesn t leave the house, afraid that if she goes out, she might miss Henry s father comi [...]

    12. My Thoughts I didn t know if I d enjoy Pearl when I started it I was unsure about it I liked it quite a bit We are introduced to Bean aka Pearl and her best friend Henry They have been best friends since the age of 7 and they are now 15 years old Both of their dads left them when they were young so they have bonded over that They tell each other everything We also meet Henry s mom Sally and Bean s grandfather Gus, her mother Lexie, and her mother s friend Claire Bean and Henry have made up so ma [...]

    13. Review from my blog iamareadernotawriter.I have such a hard time reviewing and rating books like this one Anyone who knows me knows I m a conservative reader Thus there is certain content that I prefer not to read about This book has some of that content which makes me hesitant to recommend it Since I hate spoilers I m not going to share what it is but conservative readers beware that the family secrets that unravel although not graphic may not be for you.That said Pearl is a well written book, [...]

    14. When I first saw the cover, I honestly thought it was a high fantasy or something But I was way off It s actually a contemporary For me, this type of contemporary wasn t for me This also isn t your typical contemporary YA novel.It was very simple, and an easy read I think that middle grade readers could read this book too, but it was honestly boring I didn t see a point in the book, I mean most contemporary books don t have points in them, but Pearl just seems especially pointless It was basical [...]

    15. I ve read Knowles books before, and like the others, this time I wasn t disappointed Pearl is a quirky, tragic read with yes, let s face it a pearl at the end of the tunnel Like Lessons from a Dead Girl, it was a very quick read that left me wanting Knowles has a fantastic writing style and a knack for writing provocative and flawed characters The characters reminded me almost of Susan Patron s The Higher Power of Lucky , though I didn t really care for that book as much as I did this one.

    16. Jo Knowles has the ability to craft compelling tales of families searching for that fragile balance Such is the case with Pearl Pearl, known as Bean, struggles with the loss of her grandfather, the ghost of her grandmother, and the mystery of her mother s seeming reluctance to embrace anything remotely maternal With the help of her only friend, Henry, Bean learns that it is possible for something beautiful to develop even in the most challenging circumstances.

    17. Knowles books are always slightly unusual, different from most contemporary stories and I love it There are no other characters like Bean and her mother I did feel like Henry wasn t developed enough and I knew hardly nothing about him, but the rest of the story just seemed so real, like it could happen in your neighborhood or town This wasn t my favorite story personally, but like all of her other books, it is extremely well written.

    18. A lot of unlikeable characters here This is, again, darker than See You At Harry s or Jumping Off Swings Oddly enough But I guess when you deal with these subjects children dying and being abused and teenagers getting pregnant and so on even your lighter books are going to sound dark But there s a warmth to the characters in See You At Harry s, and in some of the characters in Jumping Off Swings, that made those books much My Kind of Thing.

    19. The author has brought to life a beautiful protagonist who despite the difficult home situation she grows up in, is a kind, caring and compassionate person, who the reader feels connected to and cheers for throughout the story This passage from p 87 stuck especially with me, p 87 What did he steal, Mom She s quiet for a minute My childhood Who I am Who I want to be I could so easily relate to this There always seem to be people who think they know know better who you are or importantly who you [...]

    20. I have noticed a trend in the books I ve been reading lately They involve secrets and or lies Usually, it is an important adult figure in the child s life that is keeping the secrets or telling the lies And this impacts the entire family That is certainly true in this story Fifteen year old Pearl knows that her mother, Lexie, and her grandfather, Gus do not get along But she is never told why She also knows her dad has never been in the picture but, again, she is never given any explanation for [...]

    21. Review from my blog christitheteenlibrarianspAs soon as I found out about this book I believe through the YA Contemps website , it was on my list, which is obvious, if I m planning on reading all of the YA Contemps books But, after reading Jumping Off Swings and my 2 MAHROAT, Lessons From a Dead Girl, I knew it was an absolute must read And after reading Pearl, it s official I have a fan girl crush on Jo Knowles But enough about me, on to the book Pearl, our main character, is 15 the same age he [...]

    22. Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing Pearl by Jo Knowles is a hard book for me to review, because honestly, I didn t feel much while reading it, and there s just not much to it It s not a bad book, but it s not really a good one either.Pearl aka Bean and Henry are best friends well, only friends, really They ve always lived near each other, both understand and love each other and is it going to be love too and they both have mommy daddy issues Henry s mom hasn t l [...]

    23. Quietly compelling, Pearl is one of those stories that gives us just a few frames in the moving picture of one particular character s life, pulling us into Bean s world quickly for a couple brief moments of conflict before we are released back into our own lives While there is certainly drama, it never crosses the line into melodrama but rather remains engagingly intimate, as though we alone are the only ones that will share in the pain, the healing, and the growth Pearl experiences regardless o [...]

    24. This morning when I left for Henry s, Gus was sitting there reading the paper When I stopped to say good by to him, he looked up and sighed at me in his sad way Be good, Bean, he said, just like always Now that I m at the age my mom was when she had me, I know what he really means Don t be like your mother.Pearl aka Bean and her lone friend, Henry, have been watching soap opera s for as long as either of them can remember Both of them were abandoned by their fathers when they were young and both [...]

    25. The Gist Pearl a.k.a Bean isn t the most sociable person in the world She has only ever made one friend in her lifetime, Henry, who happens to live across the street Pearl, like most teenagers, has troubles with her mom but she especially has troubles with her mom s friend Claire The only person in the house that Peal can tolerate is her grandfather Gus He is always there for her when she needs someone to talk to or if she needs someone to go fishing with That is until one morning Pearl discover [...]

    26. Bean and Henry have a lot in common They are both 15 and have no other friends They both have crazy moms They both have no father around and both their worlds are about to become dramatic than the soap opera that they watch with Henry s mom It is summer and Bean is hanging with Henry when she gets the phone call to come home Upon arriving home, her young, single and slightly off center mom tells her that her beloved grandfather, whom they live with, has died Now, Bean s mom and her grandfather [...]

    27. Pearl was not the book I thought it was going to be This was not a bad thing, it was just unexpected I m not sure what I was expecting when I started reading Pearl, but I wasn t expecting contemporary fiction, which is what Pearl turned out to be Now, contemporary fiction isn t usually my thing, but I still really enjoyed this story I guess Pearl was full of surprises because the first thing that I thought when the book came in my mailbox was Wow, this is a really thin book With only a little ov [...]

    28. This book is really fast read for me I was able to easily step in to the story cause of the major drama going on The plot line of this book is simple yet significant.Lots of secrets, floating around revealing themselves one by one that you are hooked on it like a Spanish novella.I love the main character Bean She demanded answers and got them Even though they weren t what she expected she handle it the best that she could She knew her mother held secrets, she just never thought it would affect h [...]

    29. I m not sure why I came so late to this book, as I ve loved every other book that Jo has written, but I m glad I finally got it out of my TBR pile so I can send it out to some students this year.Pearl a.k.a Bean or Beanie has been best friends with Henry since the age of 7, and now, 15, they roll their eyes at the dullness of their lives as they spend time with Henry s mom, Sally, who stays at home, rarely leaving the house, watching soap operas and living vicariously through the characters on t [...]

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