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Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel By Ray Keating,

  • Title: Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel
  • Author: Ray Keating
  • ISBN: 9781453801031
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • KFUO radio s BookTalk Ray Keating is a great novelist WARRIOR MONK A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL made The top 10 self published books to cross WORLD s desk this year WORLD magazine June 29, 2013, issue looked at than 100 titles and then came up with a final list of 10 that display clear writing and storytelling On WARRIOR MONK, WORLD declared, The warrKFUO radio s BookTalk Ray Keating is a great novelist WARRIOR MONK A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL made The top 10 self published books to cross WORLD s desk this year WORLD magazine June 29, 2013, issue looked at than 100 titles and then came up with a final list of 10 that display clear writing and storytelling On WARRIOR MONK, WORLD declared, The warrior monk in question is an ex CIA agent who settled into life as a Lutheran pastor, saving lives and taking care of bad guys who get saved WARRIOR MONK revolves around a former CIA assassin, Stephen Grant, who has lived a far different, relatively quiet life as a parish pastor in recent years However, a shooting at his church, a historic papal proposal, and threats to the Pope s life mean that Grant s former and current lives collide Grant must tap the varied skills learned as a government agent, a theologian and a pastor not only to protect the Pope, but also to feel his way through a minefield of personal challenges Larry Kudlow, CNBC s The Kudlow Report, said, Ray Keating has created a fascinating and unique character in Pastor Grant The way Keating intertwines politics, national security and faith into a compelling thriller is sheer delight U.S Congressman Pete King, the Ranking Member on the House Homeland Security Committee, declared, CIA intrigue, the Vatican, international terrorism and brutal assassinations make Warrior Monk a fast moving, riveting read right out of today s and tomorrow s headlines Add challenging religious issues, which the author makes us confront, and you have a brilliant novel Ray Keating knows what he is writing about and writes it extraordinarily well And Paul L Maier, best selling author of A Skeleton in God s Closet, commented, Holy Scripture and unholy gun play in the same novel Exactly and you ll love the combination WARRIOR MONK offers a riveting mix of action, romance, and intrigue, served up by a master wordsmith Keating s Pastor Stephen Grant manages to wield both Bible and bullets with equal expertise Grant is clearly in control whether in or out of the pulpit.
    Warrior Monk A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel KFUO radio s BookTalk Ray Keating is a great novelist WARRIOR MONK A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL made The top self published books to cross WORLD s desk this year WORLD magazine June issue

    One thought on “Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel”

    1. This was one of the first explicitly Lutheran novels I had heard about It s got it all action, intrigue, character development, etc with a Lutheran sub plot to boot It s an excellent introduction to the concept of Lutheran novels.I know, I know One needn t be explicitly Lutheran in content to be a Lutheran and write a novel At the same time, a major hat tip to you, Ray Keating, for casting a high church Lutheran pastor serving a Saint Mary s Lutheran Church as normal enough to exist, let alone h [...]

    2. I ve read enough Christian fiction books to REALLY appreciate the Lutheran perspective in Warrior Monk It was refreshing to read familiar prayers and a proper Law Gospel sermon instead of Sinner s Prayer and other decision theology The plot may seem unbelievable but it is well done and moves quickly My only criticism is the author might be trying to mirror Tom Clancy style of writing a little too much by having a few too many characters At the end of the story, I was left feeling Did we REALLY n [...]

    3. There never seemed to be a dull moment in the story, from the opening flashback right up through the climax and conclusion Keating has introduced virtually all the modern subjects of discussion that in some way relate to our spiritual life through the eyes of characters that participate in a complete escapist tale That s not to say that there are no former CIA people who have gone on to seminary to place them at the side of the Pope who is on the verge of shaking things up seemed a bit of a stre [...]

    4. The first of Ray Keating s Pastor Stephen Grant novels, Warrior Monk, catches your attention from page one It reads like one of Vince Flynn s Mitch Rapp adventures, dishing out details and action at a fast pace And in the midst of that action Keating manages to brilliantly present the reader with thought provoking truths, seemingly little things that aren t pondered nearly enough, such as a note about church architecture or a relational reality particular to men who hold the pastoral office At o [...]

    5. I got a lot of enjoyment out of this one The idea of an ex CIA dude becoming a Lutheran pastor tickled my incongruous bone immensely, but Perhaps some of the skills from that other calling would be useful when voters meetings at churches get out of hand I loved the insider references, and actually laughed out loud in recognition of some of the people, places, and things Of course, the names had been changed to protect the guilty and innocent alike.I can t decide if my minor quibble is valid or n [...]

    6. A great read.I am a Lutheran and was intrigued at an ex C.I.A agent becoming a Lutheran pastor The only problem I had with the story was the liberal beliefs of Pastor Grants church fellowship practices Other than that the characters were well developed and the conflict that Pastor Grant was constantly having to deal with regarding sinful feelings and being a shepherd of God s flock was very thought provoking The action was fast paced and quite vivid All and all a fantastic read.

    7. Fascinating thriller theology mixWarrior Monk is a truly interesting book I was intrigued by the main character, Pastor Stephen Grant One doesn t often consider the previous life of a LCMS Lutheran pastor and certainly one would not expect that life to have included Navy Seal and CIA experience Although the story line is good, found myself involved with the pastor as he struggled with his past and present The book is definitely a quick read, and well worth your time.

    8. I enjoyed the story a lot A fun plot And it was interesting to read a book whose main character was an LCMS pastor I really enjoyed seeing portions of the liturgy and such woven through the story However, I was disappointed to see that this particular LCMS pastor wasn t quite as confessional as the amazing pastors we have at Mt Hope I wish the character had been true to the Lutheran confessions and a little less mainstream.

    9. I should probably hate this book The plot is one of a B movie hired killer trying to reform, pulled back in in this case CIA and as a Pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod The hero s political and religious attitudes are conservative, even for LCMS Yet, the book was well written and a lot of fun to read It was the literary equivalent of a James Bond movie boy, does that show my age I know what is happening is improbable to impossible, but it is SO COOL

    10. This is a book of intrigue Former Navy Seal, CIA Assassin turned Pastor finds his past catching up to him At first, it seemed like different stories were being written in that made no sense Further reading finds them all linked together The author weaves all the different stories to the climax and then shows how they all fit together by the end of the book I did not want to put the book down as I wanted to see how all the entities fit together.

    11. As an LCMS member, I loved that this book featured an LCMS pastor There was a lot humor than I expected The action moves quickly, even if it is a bit improbable There was a good bit of theology but it didn t seem preachy because of the way that the author would it into the story Overall, an enjoyable bool.

    12. Realistic characters and an interesting premise made for a great read I really enjoyed the realistic portrayal of people in a Christian novel For those of us that aren t pietistic about language, this book made the people think and sound real than in many other Christian novels.

    13. A little Clancy, a smidge of Greeley, and a great quick read Pastor with history as a CIA and special opsd the quick, analytic mind that those required And a solid Christian underpinning that holds the story tightly together.

    14. Very good entertaining read Weaves together the present and past very nicely At some points goes a little overboard in describing every little nuance and detail but overall very good.

    15. The author really drew me in either his character development and dislogue I was disappointed when I had to put the book down at night.

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