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The Accidental Wedding By Anne Gracie,

  • Title: The Accidental Wedding
  • Author: Anne Gracie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After an accident, a dashing rogue awakens in a country cottage, where he is being nursed back to health by one innocent beauty and five not so innocent orphaned childrenWhen Nash Renfrew wakes in the bed of lovely Maddy Woodford, he thinks he s dreaming Then he learns of his accident and the loss of his memory But when it returns, Nash has no desire to leave Maddy sAfter an accident, a dashing rogue awakens in a country cottage, where he is being nursed back to health by one innocent beauty and five not so innocent orphaned childrenWhen Nash Renfrew wakes in the bed of lovely Maddy Woodford, he thinks he s dreaming Then he learns of his accident and the loss of his memory But when it returns, Nash has no desire to leave Maddy s side and he pretends he still has amnesia With each passing day, Nash s attraction to Maddy grows But he s a diplomat and she s just a country girl How can he even entertain thoughts of seducing her With five orphaned half siblings in her charge, Maddy needs the money Nash offers and accepts it even though she, knows his stay will stir gossip She can t deny his presence makes her feel safe Nor can she deny the passion promised with each soft caress But their love is also igniting a danger neither of them realizes and a threat to a newfound love neither Maddy nor Nash can live without
    The Accidental Wedding After an accident a dashing rogue awakens in a country cottage where he is being nursed back to health by one innocent beauty and five not so innocent orphaned childrenWhen Nash Renfrew wakes in the

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    1. A nice satisfying historical The plot was familiar Nobleman falls off horse in front of impoverished gentlewoman s cottage and she nurses him back to health It was easy to figure out all of the mysteries and there were not unexpected plot twists This was a fairly light hearted story There was no angst.There were several areas however, where the author did a better than average job and lifted this book above its competition The writing was light and fluid For the most part the actions of the char [...]

    2. 3.5 stars for The Accidental Wedding fast paced, smexy, and a little suspenseful Quite enjoyable Loved the impoverished but valiant, self sufficient, strong willed and proud heroine, Maddy Loved her relationship with her deceased French grandmere, and her relationship with her bees, and with her five younger siblings loved the children I enjoyed the ghostly attacks from the Bloody Abbott Also, it was great to see characters from prior books, especially Harry and Nell from His Captive Lady a slig [...]

    3. Nash falls off a horse with his head Maddy picks him up and heals him in the cradle of her bosoms quite literally When he finally regains his memory, he s eager to stay in the cradle of her bosoms Except then boners get in the way, and then a proposal, and then like feelings, ugh 1 So Nash is allegedly a diplomat But no one s going to miss him for a month And if he s a diplomat, WHY THE HELL DID I NOT GET A PARLEZ VOUS FRANCAIS SCENE WITH HIM AND THE HALF FRENCH MADDY It would have been GREAT is [...]

    4. This is my favorite Anne Gracie book to date What s unusual for me is that Nash is 1 a diplomat and 2 not titled He s the brother of an earl, but his fortune is his own And this isn t a story that I d normally grab That said, I loved the gradual relationship between Nash and Maddy her fierce love for her siblings, the care she shows for a stranger, and her strength when faced with some difficult doings all made her one of my favorite heroines Nash respects that, and he keeps swearing it isn t lo [...]

    5. Nash Renfrew returned to England to take possession of his inheritance and to find a wife So he asked his aunt to find him the right sort of wife for an excellent marriage well born, well connected, well trained in managing large social occasions, someone who can help him in his diplomatic career The last thing he wants is a love match he saw what the passion of a lifetime did to his parents marriage, so he want nothing to do with love, thank you very much.Maddy meets none of his requirements we [...]

    6. I was a bit surprised to find Nash feature in a book of the Devil Riders series After all, he wasn t a Devil Rider and his only connection is as the older, legitimate brother to two of the others He s been as present as the others and than, say, Luke , so it s no big deal Just surprising.Even better, Nash turns out to be a very attractive protagonist He s a bit damaged from his upbringing as much as his half brothers, really , but he s still fundamentally kind and willing to put himself out the [...]

    7. A joy from the first to the last page, this book tells a story about Nash, a rich silver tongued diplomat, and Maddy, an impoverished young woman taking care of her five orphaned half siblings When Nash has an accident his horse stumbles and throws him near Maddy s cottage Maddy drags the unconscious man to her tiny house to save his life Unfortunately, even when he wakes up, his memory is elusive He doesn t remember who he is, and Maddy can t write to his family to come and get him So she nurse [...]

    8. Overall rating 4 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler no hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler no hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler no hide spoiler HEA view spoiler yes, but I wanted LOL hide spoiler My review This was a very cute and sweet romance I liked this story because the focus was on the romance and not so much silly pre made drama There were no other women coming along for the hero or anything in this book The hero wasn t innocent by any means, but the way he fell in love with [...]

    9. Lovely, sexy, wonderful story I had forgotten just how much I enjoy Anne Gracie s writing She is easily Loretta Chase s equal in creating heroes and heroines who live and breathe on the page I ve been waiting for Nash Renfrew s story since the beginning of this series, since he s just my favorite type of hero Suave, sophisticated, charming And what must Anne Gracie do, but take him completely out of his element and plop him down with amnesia in a country cottage with a lonely, gently bred, spins [...]

    10. Maddy along with her five young siblings, are all orphans since their father passed away She has been living in a small cottage making it by on honey and the garden When she finds a stranger slipping from his horse and falling on his head Knowing that she just can t leave him out, she beings him inside her cottage, and stays by his bedside When he wakes up, he has no idea who he is, and is injured and recovering from a fever Maddy knows how dangerous it is to have this man in her home, but there [...]

    11. I ve come to the understanding that I m a total sucker for stories where the rake rogue falls in love with the heroine AND her adorable children or in this case, young siblings Georgette Heyer s Frederica is a classic example In The Accidental Wedding, Anne Gracie takes a familiar scenario handsome injured stranger with amnesia nursed by poor but proud and of course beautiful young woman in a cottage leading to a marriage of convenience and creates a whole new story All of the characters, but es [...]

    12. Review originally featured atFiction Vixen Book Reviews What girl with a flair for style and romance doesn t love gazing at wedding dresses, whether in magazines or store windows So naturally with a beautiful, white dress on the cover, my curiosity to read The Accidental Wedding by Anne Gracie was piqued.Madeline Maddy Woodford lives a simple life in a one bedroom cottage with her five young half siblings They may struggle to make ends meet, tending honey bees and maintaining a small garden, but [...]

    13. At the beginning I thought the story a bit predictable s I wasn t that much excited about it, but I liked being slapped in the face with a great book XDIn this book I loved Maddy than Nash, here Nash messed plenty of opportunities with the wrong words And Maddy had really proved herself as someone who wont take charity from anyone if it was solely for her, all her decision were based on the kids.The scenes I loved in this book were the one s Nash had with the children, specially Lucy, because i [...]

    14. 2011 TBR Challenge This book has been on my TBR list since November 2010.The Accidental Wedding is a decently written historical romance with likable characters No big misunderstandings or other dreaded plot devices to mar what is essentially a fairy tale injured rich man gets nursed back to health by impoverished beautiful woman and falls in love While the book is nice way to pas a few hours, the plot isn t very deep or complex The author never lets the suspense build too far and the mysteries [...]

    15. C est amusant de voir Nash lutter contre ses sentiments, mais son comportement qui ne colle pas toujours avec ce qu on peut attendre d un diplomate Maddy est la fois terre terre et r veuse, et par moments un peu trop contemporaine par exemple la sc ne o elle remet en place la tante Maud, m me si elle est jouissive, ne colle pas trop avec l ducation qu elle a re u Les fr res et s urs sont mignons et apportent une touche de l g ret sans prendre trop de place Par contre une fois que Nash retrouve l [...]

    16. First of all, I thought the title had little to do with the plot Secondly, I liked the plot, but I got a little tired of the hero s ignorance that he was in love Thirdly, personally I get sick of sex in novels when it has little to do with the plot or theme, so I got bogged down I liked the heroine and her siblings, but I probably wouldn t read it again.

    17. It got a bit frustrating and predictable at the middle, but nonetheless the growth of each characters are noticeable and well done I think Anne Gracie is doing a very good job creating characters that are full of life

    18. Me ha gustado much simo, sobre todo cuando est n en la casita de Maddy Nash te atrapa desde el ppo y ella es de armas tomar, y no la tipica insulsa Una historia muy bonita, recomendable 100%

    19. Kind of like a Cinderella story, indeed a Cinderella story Maddy and her five siblings are orphans are barely surviving in a cottage on Nash s inherited estates from his late uncle Nash has a nasty fall from his horse and Maddy rescues him The story is down to earth and full of the positive and hearty kind of love Looking for a story to touch the heart Look no further

    20. It s been so long since I ve read an amnesia storyline, so this was refreshing for me I really enjoyed Nash and Maddy I loved her spunk and how Nash fell in love with her despite not wanting to ever fall in love.

    21. The Accidental Wedding is a fairy tale any girl would love Two people, likely to never know love find each other to make the perfect match in this extraordinary love story Anne Gracie s writing is historical romance at it s bestYoung Maddy Woodford watches a handsome young many race across the property where she lives oblivious to those around him In horror, she watches as he hits a dangerous patch of ice, knocked unconscious when he s thrown from his horse and badly injured Maddy races out to s [...]

    22. Awal ceritanya mirip kisah Alaric MacCabe jatuh dari kuda, ditolong gadis miskin Aku sdh mikir nih ini kisah ala Cinderella lagi Tapi lumayan lah perjuangan perempuan bangsawan yang terpuruk untuk menegakkan harga dirinya Galaknya persis aku hehehe

    23. Ah, I was due for a four or five star I was also due for a historical romance This was BOTH Wonderful for me This is the story about Maddie Her grandmother was a countess who attended Marie Antoinette before the terror , who fled and lived in a tiny cottage as a beekeeper after that Her mother had married an English Lord, but he d gone home and left mother and baby Maddie in France when no male heirs were begat Maddie was raised poor as a church mouse, but with the manners and bearing of her nob [...]

    24. I reviewed this book for my blog bookworm2bookworm.wordpressThis book is part of Anne Gracie s Devil Riders series In it, she brings to life a wonderful story of two people who are product of their upbringing Maddy Woodford is a respectable, single and hard working young woman who lives in a tiny run down cottage raising her five younger half siblings Her life is made difficult by a father that left them destitute, an Estate Manager that threatens their home and livelihood, as well as a mysterio [...]

    25. The Accidental Wedding by Anne Gracie Historical Romance Oct 5th, 2010 4 starsAnne Gracie brings to life another wonderful Regency that is part of her Devil Riders series I instantly came to love the indomitable and pure heart of the heroine and the dashing hero who comes to save her Maddy s loves her half brothers and sisters She has finally found a home in a tiny run down cottage owned by the lately deceased Sir Jasper Brownrigg They may not be rich but the locals respect her and her new found [...]

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