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Lipsmackin' Vegetarian Backpackin' By Christine Conners Tim Conners,

  • Title: Lipsmackin' Vegetarian Backpackin'
  • Author: Christine Conners Tim Conners
  • ISBN: 9780762725311
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • This collection of than 150 trail tested recipes, the meat free sequel to the best selling Lipsmackin Backpackin , features instructions for at home preparation, packable trailside cooking instructions, nutritional information, serving details, and the weight of the ingredients.
    Lipsmackin Vegetarian Backpackin This collection of than trail tested recipes the meat free sequel to the best selling Lipsmackin Backpackin features instructions for at home preparation packable trailside cooking instruction

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    1. In a ziploc over an alcohol stove style cooking Most of these recipes are no brainers meaning that they are not overly creative or unique, but there is a decent section on how to dehydrate and properly store food for mail drops, and how to increase the consumption of vegetables vs noodle a la ramen or lipton style cooking For a novice backpacker, not a bad idea.

    2. The original Lipsmackin Backpackin is my first and most used camping cookbook 5 of 5 star rating , but this is a close second The at home and at camp instructions are clear and concise Recipes range from extremely simple to quite advanced, and also range from no cooking time at all to requiring several hours to prepare Useful tips and tricks are included Serving size and nutritional info are included.I use these recipes for both canoe camping and car camping, as well as lunches for work.If you l [...]

    3. Took my son hiking overnight Outdoors High altitude Lightweight Seems like a great place to do some cooking, right This book was pretty good There are some excellent recipes tried the Chainsaw s Pumpkin Pleaser , and quite a few recipes that are uninteresting variation of the recipe on the facing page Overall, an excellent book for the purpose.Went up dry Woke to a Winter Wonderland Pretty cool Great memory Go again next week.Oh, the JetBoil system is pretty awesome, if you are looking for a fas [...]

    4. If you re a backpacker or camper looking for some good and easy trail food, this is a great book Many new ideas to add variety to your menu I haven t tried them yet, but I have many bookmarked for upcoming trips There s also some food system ideas and descriptions of various long trials throughout the US

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