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Old Town By Lin Zhe George A. Fowler,

  • Title: Old Town
  • Author: Lin Zhe George A. Fowler
  • ISBN: 9781611090079
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lin Zhe, one of China s most prolific writers, paints an unforgettable picture of an ordinary family caught up in the maelstrom that was China s most recent century Her narrative ranges across the entire length of China, to California and back again, to the battlefields of the Anti Japanese War of Resistance and the brutal struggle sessions of the Cultural Revolution BLin Zhe, one of China s most prolific writers, paints an unforgettable picture of an ordinary family caught up in the maelstrom that was China s most recent century Her narrative ranges across the entire length of China, to California and back again, to the battlefields of the Anti Japanese War of Resistance and the brutal struggle sessions of the Cultural Revolution But it always returns to this family s home in Old Town, that archetypical, old fashioned, and vanishing place steeped in the traditions of South China Ms Lin examines the inner strength that sustains people s lives in their darkest hours, when religious and political faith falter And yet, a vein of irony and droll humor runs through this powerful story Lin Zhe s novel may be understood as a love story, memoir, history, or allegory For the non Chinese reader it provides a rare and moving insight into Chinese lives in a century of fearsome upheaval This book was originally published under the title Riddles of Beliefd Love A Story.
    Old Town Lin Zhe one of China s most prolific writers paints an unforgettable picture of an ordinary family caught up in the maelstrom that was China s most recent century Her narrative ranges across the ent

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    1. I liked this book a lot It s a good old fashioned multi generational family saga that takes place in China It was a huge best seller in China and has been made into an even popular TV series It covers the years from the 1930s to the present Obviously a lot has happened in those years in China The history is told through everyday lives of the main characters The narrator is a very modern Chinese business woman The story infolds as she thinks back on the city she came from, Old Town, and recounts [...]

    2. Some books you can t put down after you start them this one I couldn t pick up I thought I would like this book before I began reading, and I really, really tried I read 67% of it according to my Kindle , and as I fell asleep reading last night I realized that I just didn t care what happened anye pace was unbearably slow, and there was so much minutae covered And so, though I almost never do this, I quit the book Therefore to be fair, my two star rating applies only to the two thirds that I rea [...]

    3. For some reason me and this book just didn t gel I m not sure why, as I love books to do with China It jumped around to much and the characters seemed very aloof Such a shame as I was looking forward to this.

    4. In interesting perspective on China from WWII through the 1900s This is a long book about the history of two families from Old Town as the narrator recalls numerous events while on a train from Beijing to Old Town with a friend from the States The stories are not told in chronological order but as they are recalled Feelings expressed by the narrator about China and the Cultural Revolution may not be as harsh as we would expect but do appear to be quite honest.

    5. It took me a looooong time to read this book months, even It is unusual for a book to take than a couple of weeks for me to finish It took longer than normal for lots of reasons it s a long book, I m not familiar with Chinese history and culture, I felt ambivalent about the characters at times, it almost feels infused with sadness, and I had less reading time than usual Most of the time I like stories that cover several generations as this one does I also usually enjoy historical fiction There [...]

    6. Lin Zhe 4.99 on Kindle This is a looong but fascinating book spanning three plus generations of several families living in a small town in southern China I read all the reviews of this book on 41, at the time hoping to find at least one written by someone of Chinese heritage there weren t any because I wondered if the experiences of these families reflect universal Chinese truths Reading this book, I was struck by two main things 1 How several wars and then numerous devastating and ugly purges a [...]

    7. Another multigenerational sage of which I am so fond, this one is set in southern China during the cultural revolution and focuses on three generations The grandparents who are extremely traditional and educated products of the era and face the effects of communism on their lives in rural China the book follows the granddaughter of this family and flashes back to that time in China post WW II when all was in chaos it s a great source of historical information, I believe, of the time in in China [...]

    8. Even being nearly 700 pages, this book seems incomplete Maybe it s the translation, maybe it s the structure time jumping is so hard to execute well , or maybe the author s goal was to leave the modern story feeling incomplete to portray the continual social and cultural evolution of China Whatever it was, I finished feeling somewhat dissatisfied.There were vignettes I loved long passages that left me bored memorably developed secondary characters and a cast of characters that required, in my op [...]

    9. There were parts of this book I really enjoyed and parts that just dragged I really enjoyed the history parts of it and hearing about Ninth Brother and Second Sister I didn t like the modern story line of the woman who was telling the Guo Lin family history I know it was a translation so it is difficult to make it read well and keep the original meaning, but the language was also overly descriptive at times from what I ve observed from living in Beijing, Chinese is just a descriptive language, [...]

    10. Multi generational family saga of China from before the revolution to the present day Lovely characters I came to care about Story was sometimes confusing with characters introduced at the beginning, then not mentioned again until near the end so that I had to do some searching to figure out who they were The narrator tends to jump around a bit chronologically, describing a character s death and the immediate outcome and then, in the next paragraph, moving back in time so that character is among [...]

    11. I really wanted to give this book than 3 stars, because at times the imagery of China over the course of the 20th century, and the family history that is portrayed is very well done However, it just seemed to drag on at times, and it would jump around from unrelated scenes and time period with seemingly little rhyme or reason But, if one manages to trudge through these issues, they will be rewarded with a book that provides a good glimpse into Chinese history and culture, familial obligations, [...]

    12. Long but interesting narrative of a fictional family and their journey through the history of 20th century China The author s note commented on her desire to tell a story about Christianity during this era and it was a constant throughout the story I expected that at some point, the family that became good Communists would meet with the loss of their faith at the hands of their party They did struggle, as most Christians do, but the issue of religion in a Communist society never appeared Still, [...]

    13. Increased my understandingFor me, this was a peek into another culture and a time in history about which I had only passing knowledge Having been to China several times recently, I appreciate the Chinese voice that comes through the translation I felt I was listening to the intimate story of one of my many Chinese colleagues and friends To my Western mind, the analogies are strange and the expression of emotion is not at all what we Westerners expect Old Town gave me a feel for a very different [...]

    14. I came prepared to enjoy this one multi generational stories whose characters are pulled along in the wake of great historical events always attract me Since this is an era and culture of which I only have a passing knowledge well, that was icing on the cake Unfortunately, I found Old Town to be a bit of a slog It seemed disjointed, and, in the cases where the narrator is telling her own story, even inarticulate Maybe that was intentional.What made it worthwhile though, was the depiction of Nint [...]

    15. I don t know whether to blame the author or the translator for this big dull dud I had the impression that Chinese was an expressive language given to poetry and flights of fancy, so how is it that the word really shows up so often in the English translation Beautiful language can sometimes save an uninspiring story see Dyachenko s The Scar, also a wonderful example of how to translate into English and keep the poetry , but I m not sure a good story can save dreadful writing In this case, I foun [...]

    16. I couldn t finish this book and I am an avid reader of all things Chinese In all fairness it is not a horribly written book, which is why I gave it three stars instead of two It is just very boring and too long I could not connect with the characters and life is too short to wade through a book I was not enjoying I m guessing that a lot of the boredom factor is due to a poor translation There are some who will enjoy the historical aspects enough to outweigh the tediousness of the writing, as for [...]

    17. Fascinating inside look at tumultuous effects of political revolutions on Chinese familiesFascinating inside look at tumultuous effects of political revolutions on Chinese familiesOver several generations of Lins, the revolutions of the 1950s and 60s had profound effects on families The rise of Communism, in particular, was intriguing to watch from inside a Chinese family At the same time, the strength and attitudes of Chinese culture were intriguing My only negative would be that it was quite a [...]

    18. Reading the comments about this book I wonder if something has been lost in the translation from Chinese to English I personally found it a good read and a fascinating insight into Chinese society Family members being referred to as ninth brother or second sister did help in remembering each individual in a large cast of characters It does ramble somewhat and as an avid reader who can devour a book from start to finish in a couple of days, this one did take a little longer Fortunately I persever [...]

    19. Lost in Translation.I actually loved this story The characters are compelling and the turbulent history of China is a fascinating read I did struggle though with who was who Many of the characters had similar or the same names or were only referred to by their birth order The translation left me a bit confused at times Still, the book is a sensitive and careful look at a time and place filled with political turbulence and heavy cultural traditions Definitely worth reading.

    20. Admittedly, the book is long and at times difficult to read, but I would attribute this to the translation Since I started looking into Chinese myself, though, I tip my hat to the effort as it is by no means an easy task All in all, I think the storyline itself and the non linear storytelling made up for the dragging bits Personally, I have gained a lot of insight into the current Chinese culture and am looking forward to discuss some points with my colleagues and friends there on my next trip T [...]

    21. This was a difficult book to read because it is written by a Chinese author, and the style is hard for a westerner to follow at times Just the names alone were hard to figure out, since each character had a multitude of names I finally had to make a list to keep up It took me quite a while to finish as I had to reread some sections Plus, I spent a lot of time on the internet looking up China s history so that I could better understand what the author was talking about.It is a fascinating look at [...]

    22. I can t remember the last time I didn t finish a book I really hate doing that I try to finish reading a book always because otherwise I feel like I ve wasted time on the part of the book I have already read But OLD TOWN by Lin Zhe broke me I m not sure if it was the story or the translation, but the pacing of this book was godawful and I could really have done away with the religious references Maybe I ll pick this up and give it another go at some point in the future, but I can t see that happ [...]

    23. This narrative reminds you of your childhood, especially when you grow up with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins An interesting perspective of the Chinese Cultural Revolution Tender, optimistic, and filled with displays of strength and hope At times, it is hard to keep up with the generation being talked about for there are three, but every story is filled with lessons in human nature, vulnerabilities, and strengths Do I recommend Yes

    24. Some reviews raved, and others called it a slow slog I agree with both I have been dragging though this book on my Kindle for a month It covers 3 generations of a Chinese family from early 20th century to current day, and bops back and forth in time Every once in a while when referring to past eras, it picks up and I can t put it down Then it changes to the modern day, and I can hardly wade through it The paper copy has 700 pages, so it is a long one.

    25. What an interesting read this book was It traced the Lin Guo families in China through three generations 20th century and many political upheavals Originally written in Chinese, the translation was charming because of the quirkiness in English The translator did a good job of explaining cultural references and differences for Western readers It was reminiscent of Pearl S Buck with the strong, resilient women in the story It was a good insight to Chinese culture and history.

    26. Interesting historical novel that describes the lives and experiences of a Chinese family during the period from the 1930 s thru the present time Most of the story is centered in a southern China village called Old Town and the focus is on how the several generations of the Lin family survive WW II and the Communist takeover of China following the war, including the cultural revolution Good human interest and a great look at modern Chinese history Kindle book L

    27. Fascinating tale that includes epic history of China from pre WWII to today The first protagonist is Christian, so his struggles in the face of communism are interesting.The plot following this extended family was difficult to follow It jumped around chronologically, and the character names, besides being in Chinese, also included unique terms like 2nd sister and 9th brother Still, I found it engaging.

    28. Great book, great first insight into the Chinese culture, family affairs, war, communism, cultural revolution Enjoyed the way the author takes you through the story, back and forward without loosing the chain of events, picking pieces here and there I will definitely read about Chinese culture and may one day start learning the language.It definitely took me longer than I expected though, I still cannot understand why.

    29. This was a long and slow moving but interesting book It traces the lives of three generations of intertwined Chinese families living in their ancestral home of Old Town With universal themes of religious faith, courage in the face of hardship and the sustaining love of family, the author gives us a look into enigmatic China it s social and political changes over the last hundred years I was inspired and enlightened.

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