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Meanwhile Back at the Ranch By Trinka Hakes Noble Tony Ross,

  • Title: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
  • Author: Trinka Hakes Noble Tony Ross
  • ISBN: 9780140545647
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Rancher Hicks drives 84 miles to Sleepy Gulch for excitement, his wife Elna misses the 12 year old wanted posters in the post office, a never ending checker game, and hot spot Millie s Luncheonette Meanwhile back at the ranch, all that happens is Elna strikes oil, inherits a fortune, and is visited by the President Never has the West been wilder or funnier A ReadinWhen Rancher Hicks drives 84 miles to Sleepy Gulch for excitement, his wife Elna misses the 12 year old wanted posters in the post office, a never ending checker game, and hot spot Millie s Luncheonette Meanwhile back at the ranch, all that happens is Elna strikes oil, inherits a fortune, and is visited by the President Never has the West been wilder or funnier A Reading Rainbow Feature Selection Full color illustrations.
    Meanwhile Back at the Ranch When Rancher Hicks drives miles to Sleepy Gulch for excitement his wife Elna misses the year old wanted posters in the post office a never ending checker game and hot spot Millie s Luncheonet

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    1. Mr H and I read this book today Not sure if a four year old can appreciate the humor, but I loved it I think he mostly enjoyed the terrific art and the different voices I added to the the reading But his favorite part was the hours of What the Hay he got to treat me to afterwards.

    2. I actually first saw this book on an episode of Reading Rainbow and I have instantly started to love this book Meanwhile Back at the Ranch is a hilarious book written by Trinka Hakes Noble along with illustrations by Tony Ross and it is about how Rancher Hicks goes down to Sleepy Gulch to see what is happening, while his wife Elna has wild adventures on the ranch Meanwhile Back at the Ranch is a truly hilarious book that children will enjoy for many years Trinka Hakes Noble has done it again as [...]

    3. A classic So funny, so cute And, I m sorry, but the way the wife is drawn as having a huge squashy bust right atop her apron is hilarious to me.

    4. This is a very silly, very funny story and we had a lot of fun reading it aloud together The absurdity and improbability of the events occuring at the ranch juxtaposed with the banality of the events occuring in town makes this a really entertaining tale And the illustrations are so sterotypical, they remind me of the cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

    5. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch is the next addition to my all time favorite little kid s book list It is a Reading Rainbow Book and absolutely delightful read I have read it many times since it came out in 1987 and it s just as charming in the current century It was a favorite of one of my students and when she graduated from high school I gave her a copy to share with her future students She was thrilled Now she s a mom herself In the tiny town of Sleepy Gulch, Farmer Hicks and his wife Elna have [...]

    6. This was a silly story that teaches students about luck and cause and effect While the farmer drove 84 miles to get to town, he wife had changed alot of things while he was gone She built new houses because she inherited money She became a movie star because of her digging and striking oil Her husband felt bad for leaving her so he brought her back a box of Cracker Jack s Suprisingly, the box contained a diamond ring The children loved this silly story when I read it to them.

    7. I really wanted to like this book, but I found it was just too unbelievable The pictures are original, but could not really make up for the plot An old couple lives on a ranch far from everywhere where nothing much ever happens Rancher Hicks decides to see what s happening in Sleepy Gulch, eighty four miles away and invites his wife Elna to come along, but she begs off saying she has to dig potatoes The plot consists of contrasting the dullness of Sleepy Gulch with all the things that start happ [...]

    8. Summary This hilarious book shows the excitement that can happen when you least expect it Rancher Hicks goes into town to see if anything exiting is happening there Nothing to exciting happens Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Elna has nothing but excitement as the cat has kittens, she wins a refrigerator, she strikes oil, and other amazing things Genre Picture BookAudience K 3Theme You never know what to expectLiterary Elements Irony, humor, repetition, dialogueReading Level Transitional ReadersCur [...]

    9. This book is pretty funny, though not one of my favorites, it did make me laugh.Rancher Hicks decides to drive 84 miles to the town Sleepy Gulch for some good old excitement Meanwhile back at the ranch, wife Elna misses out on all the fun or does sheRancher Hicks checks out the 12 year old wanted poster, a never ending checker game and all the towns people can t get enough of the new visitor making his way across the road The excitement is almost too much to bare But what happens to Elna.Meanwhi [...]

    10. This is not the best book I ve ever read, and I may donate it to the school.The rancher goes to his sleepy town for excitement and wow, what an exciting day he has Why, there s a checker game that just made a king, and it only took two weeks The whole town turned out to see a turtle cross the road Meanwhile, his wife misses everything because she s stuck at home while and farm animals give birth and boring stuff like lottery tickets and oil wells happen Shucks.There s not much to it, but it is [...]

    11. The tale of Rancher Hicks visiting Sleepy Gulch, while his wife Elna stays at their ranch For Rancher Hicks in town, the day seems to be non stop action, between the turtle crossing main street and his buddies months long checkers game Meanwhile, poor Elna is stuck at the ranch, where everyday things like striking oil, litters of kittens and becoming a movie star keep happening As a kid, I loved this book, between the crazy things happening to Elna, the animals all having babies and Rancher Hick [...]

    12. This is a very cute, funny story about a man leaving the ranch to look for excitement in town He does all the boring, normal stuff while really exciting things happen to his wife back at the ranch We read it and made a timeline with the top being the rancher and the bottom being his wife The students knew when to add to the time line because it used transition words, such as Meanwhile, back at the ranch back in Sleepy Gulch every time the point of view changed It was a fun activity for making a [...]

    13. When the rancher goes into town and leaves his wife on the ranch he feels sorry for her all day because of the fun she is missing Meanwhile back on the ranch, little does he know what an eventful day his wife is having A humorous and fun story in the vein of tall tales.When my family saw this book on Reading Rainbow back in the 90s, it became an instant favorite I think my mom loved it just as much as we kids did, which was a good thing because we checked it out of the library a lot.

    14. This is a fun tale from the Reading Rainbow series While the sense of humor in the story and illustrations is excellent, there fails be any higher moral ground I m not sure the message that possessions are what makes life interesting is one I care to propagate, and it s not clear that the book feels otherwise.

    15. Nothing much happens at Rancher Hicks place so he decides to find out what s happening in town while his wife Elna stays at home Funny, funny book that can be read at a slower pace while Hicks is in town and an exciting, quick pace while describing everything that happens in his absence back at the ranch.

    16. This Funny fiction is about two farmers, who live on the ranch One day, Farmer Hick lives town, and leaves Elna alone While farmer Hicks has no luck Elna has it all She gets money, she s in a movie, and While famer Hicks in a boring empty town My favorite part was when Elna is almost flying away from the helicopter Please read this FUNNY book

    17. This book was a cute book to just read The illustrations were very good Not sure what I would use this for in my teaching besides as a read aloud Students would like the fun nature of the characters.

    18. A very fun laugh out loud story told in parallel structure One day, Farmer Hicks decides to escape the boredom of farm life by visiting the town of Sleepy Gulch Meanwhile, back on the ranch, his wife Elna is experiencing a series of ever exciting events

    19. Meanwhile Back At the Ranch is such a cute book The farmer and his wife part ways for the day and have two completely different days It uses lots of figurative language that could be used as a mentor text for a figurative language literary unit Highly recommend

    20. The thing I remember most about this book is that it was on Reading Rainbow I remember laughing hysterically every time the narrator says Meanwhile, back at the Ranch because I knew something even crazier was about to happen This is a fun read and one that most children are going to enjoy.

    21. I loved this one A tall tale of sorts, a married couple each have an exciting day, but in very different ways The story is laugh out loud funny and would make a great read aloud It would work well for a lesson on comparing and contrasting.

    22. Reading Rainbow introduced me to this delightful and humorous children s book I would say it works for ages 2 and older.

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