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The Ring of Solomon By Jonathan Stroud,

  • Title: The Ring of Solomon
  • Author: Jonathan Stroud
  • ISBN: 9780385619165
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fans of Jonathan Stroud s Bartimaeus books will devour this book a cracking adventure brimming with magic, intrigue and a treasure trove of characters that the reader can t help but fall for.We find everyone s favourite irascibly insolent djinni serving at the court of King Solomon in 950 BC Jerusalem, where he is causing his customary chaos and must help a girl assassinFans of Jonathan Stroud s Bartimaeus books will devour this book a cracking adventure brimming with magic, intrigue and a treasure trove of characters that the reader can t help but fall for.We find everyone s favourite irascibly insolent djinni serving at the court of King Solomon in 950 BC Jerusalem, where he is causing his customary chaos and must help a girl assassin sent by the Queen of Sheba steal the all powerful ring of Solomon.The comic relief is perfectly timed, the dialogue sharp and snappy and the fiendishly clever plot perfectly handled with Jonathan s trademark flair and command of language Thrills, chills and a danger spiked finale this is one of the publishing events of the year.
    The Ring of Solomon Fans of Jonathan Stroud s Bartimaeus books will devour this book a cracking adventure brimming with magic intrigue and a treasure trove of characters that the reader can t help but fall for We find e

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    1. I love love love this book Please please PLEASEEEEEE Jonathan Stroud, write another prequel sequel epic poem play novella memoir thesis whatever of Barty We, his adoring fans, could never get enough of him Ok, back to the book This is your typical Barty like adventure High speed chases, extreme danger, lots of demons scary, weird, yucky, you name it , strong but flawed characters, and of coursee trademark acerbic, sarcastic, narcissistic comments from our dear beloved jinni O Barty, how I LOL ed [...]

    2. Revisiting the world of Bartimaius, fans will be rewarded with everything we loved about the original books a fast paced, entertaining adventure with a satisfying ending Most importantly, there s Bartimaius himself, back with his footnotes and customary cheek Bartimaius is one of the most unforgettable and entertaining characters come to kid s fantasy in the past few years, and there s no doubt he could carry several good novels like The Ring of Solomon Surpassing the original trilogy is a diff [...]

    3. It s Jerusalem, 950 B.C.E but, much to our sheer delight, Bartimaeus could have been Dismissed out of 21st century London only moments ago It seems that two millenia are nothing for this sharp talking djinni, for Bart s as charmingly insolent as ever And Bartimaeus really is the highlight of the work It s no wonder that Asmira struggles to be equally as appreciated by readers as Bartimaues is, just as Nathaniel and Kitty do in the original Bartimaeus Trilogy The reader, so ensnared by the capric [...]

    4. oooh, it sure took me long enough to read this it wasn t because it wasn t fun or wonderful, it was greaaat the reason was or less because i was reading it kindle version wish i had the paperback .

    5. Barty Barty Barty What a rofl book Just laugh, laugh and laugh until my stomach hurts Since first page, The Ring of Solomon was sooooooo funny that me started laughin so hard Oh Barty, we love you This book is hilarious, funny, and exciting I think Barty is the most beloved fantasy characters all time awesome I like this book it is a lot fun n you should get this book you will love Barty and and and Great job Mr Stroud Please, give us Barty s stories.

    6. When I finished The Bartimaeus Trilogy, I was hungry for Adding on to the trilogy would probably have been a disaster, but creating a sister book with the same humorous cheek of Bartimaeus , and living his adventures before his days with Nathaniel, was genius I started reading with a smile, and I finished it smiling In addition, It left me wanting to go back and read the whole trilogy again

    7. Maybe it s the heroic rogue of a main character, or the Arabian setting, or possibly even the Disney logotype on the spine of the jacket, but I got to thinking about the animated feature Aladdin The first ten minutes of that movie contain a sprawling musical action set piece in which we learn that the titular hero Has to steal to eat HAS to eat to live Works really, really hard at it And did we mention he s an orphan and anyway after he finally absconds with his hard won loaf of bread he just gi [...]

    8. FAN TAS TIC Can t wait to read the three other books Jerusalem, 250 B.C.E, King Solomon is ruling his kingdom with an iron fist or a very powerful ring to be specefic , demanding immnense revenues after terrorising other kings and queens of far off lands Magicians, recognizing the supreme power of the ring, are competing for the king s favors, enslaving djinn, afrits and marids to get the most beautiful and powerful magic curiosities to add to the king s huge collection When the kingdom of Sheb [...]

    9. Don t know what to say about this book except that is one of the best ones out there I m a big fan of Bartimaeus since I was a child, and imagine how thrilled I was when I found out Jonathan Stroud wrote one book about Bartimaeus I was amazed by this book, and I have to say that with years, Jonathan hasn t lost his touch, and wrote another great book about Bartimaeus.After reading this book, I kinda miss Nathaniel because I absolutely love having him and Bartimaeus in the same team.It s pretty [...]

    10. Leider gefiel mir die Vorgeschichte zu den Abenteuern von Bartim us und Nathanael nicht so gut Die Geschichte wies einige L ngen auf und die meisten Fu noten waren nicht soooooo witzig wie gewohnt Es gab trotzdem noch gen gend Stellen, die mich zum Lachen gebracht haben und das Ende hat vieles noch einmal herausgerissen, weshalb das Buch gute 3,5 Sterne von mir bekommt.

    11. Argh This book took forever to get started I wish there was some way to skip over about a hundred pages, the loong time it takes for Asmira and Bartimaeus to start working together, and foreground the nicely nasty maneuvering early on in the book instead of saving it up for a reveal later on Only after the unveiling does Asmira start to become slightly interesting in her zealotry, but that only lasts for a few scenes.The prequeal to Bartimaeus Trilogy, the story is set in ancient Jersualem where [...]

    12. Nakon to je po tre i put odbila bra nu ponudu kralja Solomona, kraljica Balkis od Sabe Sheba na la se pred ultimatumom ili e pla ati visok godi nji danak Jerusalimu, ili e njena mala kraljevina biti napadnuta kroz 14 dana Umesto odgovora, kraljica alje svoju mo da ne najbolju, ali svakako najverniju ratnicu, Asmiru, na tajni zadatak kako bi ubila kralja Solomona i otela mu arobni Prsten, koji svome nosiocu daje neverovatne mo i i zapravo ini Solomona zastra uju im vladarom, a Jerusalim centrom t [...]

    13. I really loved this book, the fourth but actually a prequel in the series Bartimaeus was as fabulous as I remembered him Further, I found the setting of ancient Jerusalem served to add to the whole feeling of exoticism, particularly with the famous figure of King Solomon in the midst of the action.If you were a fan of the previous three books, I am sure you will enjoy this one, too But even if you are new the stories of the djinni Bartimaeus, this is a good place to start, as it can easily be re [...]

    14. Both youth and Jonathan Stroud are wasted on the young Seriously, the Bartimaeus books are far too fabulous to be sequestered in the same section with the Gossip Girls and the Twilight series.The nice thing about this entry in the series is that it stands alone quite nicely By the time you re finished with it, if you haven t already read the first three, you ll be running full tilt to get your hands on them.The plot Oh, it s just your standard girl meets djinni meets evil magician meets king mee [...]

    15. Bartimaeus is in trouble with a powerful king, and is put with a harsh master, who he soon also annoys When he is set out on a dangerous mission, he meets a girl who offers to try to get his freedom He knows she is hiding something, but he goes with her She eventually becomes his new master, but he is on a mission that will most likely result in death for her and Bartimaes the djinni, leaving Bartimeaus with a new goal of not dying.This book takes place many years before the Bartimaeus Trilogy, [...]

    16. Year 250 B.C.Location JerusalemThe mighty king Solomon rules over Jerusalem and terrorises the neighbouring kingdoms of Edom, Sheba and many such others He commands a horde of marids highest level of djinn bucketfuls of afrits second level of djinn and hundreds of djinnns Commoners fall back in awe of his personality, magicians bow their heads in respect, entire empires bow to his will and tumble under his gaze And all because of one reason The Ring.The Ring The ring that gives it s wearer contr [...]

    17. Originally posted here.Bartimaeus is back, with his trademark wit, humor and impudence In the world created by Jonathan Stroud, demons are slaves to magicians who summon them from the Other Place They are forced to accomplish tasks that usually involve prestige for their masters There are many kinds of demons and Bartimaeus isn t even one of the most powerful He than makes up for it in his own cunning way and has even served several powerful masters In The Ring of Solomon, he serves Khaba the C [...]

    18. Solomon s Ring comes across like a summarized version of the other 3 books Good people turn out to be bad, bad people turn out to be good, there are seemingly insurmountable odds that are heroically overcome, there are plucky young warrior women, jaded heroes exhausted with their burden, uncompromisingly evil villains, hilarious side notes and slapstick magic Why do I feel I ve seen this somewhere before While definitely entertaining enough, you don t get an opportunity to connect with the chara [...]

    19. I read this after it won SLJ s Battle of the Books since everyone was raving about it I was pretty dubious about it but no This is so much fun I have immediately started rereading this which I don t do often at all The language and wit of Bartimaeus is just so much fun The story is suspenseful and well done, and the other characters are all individual as well I also like who got the worst punishment among the baddies, very interesting choice I can t wait to start the original trilogy My suggest [...]

    20. How I love sequels that are well thought out It s like getting back together with an old friend and picking right back up from where you left off However, to clarify, this isn t a sequel It s a prequel that feels like a sequel But Bartimaeus is still his delightfully charming, impertinently saucy, and good self Great fun.

    21. Great to have Bartimaeus back proper review to follow at some point After this I read The Wind Through the Keyhole

    22. Barty kembaliiiiii Yah, sebenarnya tidak tepat juga dibilang kembali , karena cerita ini berlatar tahun 950 SM, jauh sebelum Cerita Barty dan Nathaniel di tiga buku sebelumnya.Alkisah, Barty diperbudak oleh Ezekiel, yang merupakan salah satu penyihir kepercayaan Raja Solomon Si Barty ditugaskan mencari barang berharga dari Eridu untuk dibawa ke Masternya, sialnya ketika Barty telah melaksanakan tugasnya, eh si Master mati karena ternyata ada jebakan di dalam patung yang dibawa Barty.Begitu tahu [...]

    23. L anello di Salomone un romanzo simpatico e scorrevole che avrebbe portato lodi a tanti altri autori, ma non a un diavolo di scrittore come Stroud Lui poteva fare molto meglio.La vicenda appare fin da subito pretestuosa e la trama talmente scarna che sarebbe stata pi adatta a un lungo racconto, piuttosto che a un romanzo non sorprende che l idea iniziale fosse di pubblicarlo a puntate sul web E non sorprende nemmeno che fino a met libro si sbadigli con Asmira o si rida un po a casaccio con Barty [...]

    24. Erste S tzeSonnenuntergang ber den Olivenhainen Der Himmel err tete pfirsichfarben wie ein versch mter J ngling beim ersten Kuss.KlappentextWas aber treibt unser Held Nachdem Bartim us einen Magier K nig Salomos austrickst, verspeist und fr hlich r lpsend hinfort fliegt, beginnen seine Verstrickungen Auf frischer Tat ertappt, brummt man ihm unw rdige Arbeiten auf, welche er mit diversen Respektlosigkeiten quittiert Unbelehrbar in Gestalt eines Nilpferds im Bastr ckchen anz gliche Lieder ber das [...]

    25. 3.75Even when he isn t at his best Stroud is a good storyteller The Ring Of Solomon isn t as good as the original Bartimaeus trilogy, but it s still good I would not suggest you start reading Stroud from here, nor would I recommend reading this before The Amulet of Samarkand though, because I m quite sure you d like this if you knew Barty and the magic system already Still, if you loved the trilogy, read this It s not perfect, it lacks something, but it s fun and fast Plotwise it was a bit obvi [...]

    26. ketemu lagi dg bartimeuslut dg penerjemahnya, jadi gampang bacai prequel ya berarti sebelum barty ketemu dg nathaniel kupikir ini cerita barty dg ptolemy, sang master kesukaan barty ternyata bukan tapi ga kalah serurty ini jin narsis, punya segudang kejailan dan.jika masternya hanya penyihir biasa suka nyuruh2 dan punya sifat tamak, tanpa segan2 barty akan menggunakan akalnya utk melepaskan diri bahkan memakannyah, apa yg dilakukan barty jika ketemu master yg bukan 100% penyihir dan punya sifat [...]

    27. A worthy companion to the astounding Bartimaeus trilogy, Ring of Solomon was a fascinating book about Bartimaeus s shenanigans in prehistoric Jerusalem Just as with the other books, I found myself laughing copiously at Bartimaeus s snark, and reading spellbound during some fantastic action sequences Admittedly, I did not care for Asmira s POV chapters for the most part, but once she met up with Bartimaeus they became tolerable.Also like the rest of the series, Ring of Solomon was surprisingly th [...]

    28. I ve been waiting to read this book since in the other books Bartimaeus seems to always boast about how he d have talked to Solomon In one ocassion, I don t remember wich book, Bartimaeus said that it was only a brief chat well it evidently than that Bartimaeus had practically saved Solomon s life I thought Barti s famous chat with Solomon would be kind of formal as it turned out, the first time Solomon heard about the djinni was when he got some report about Bartimaeus singing songs in public [...]

    29. Great glimpse into Bartimaeus s old life His narration was wonderful as usual and seeing this darker, Ptolemy less Bartimaeus was an interesting contrast, as all the previous iterations had already been highly influenced by the boy magician Although Bartimaeus does seem to already lean towards young human forms But winged For the characters, I don t really have to say that Bartimaeus was great I liked seeing him work together briefly with Faquarl Including Khaba s POV, however, I really disliked [...]

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