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The Bride Price By Buchi Emecheta,

  • Title: The Bride Price
  • Author: Buchi Emecheta
  • ISBN: 9780807609514
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Nigerian girl is allowed to finish her education because a diploma will enhance her bride price, but she then rebels against traditional marriage customs.
    The Bride Price A Nigerian girl is allowed to finish her education because a diploma will enhance her bride price but she then rebels against traditional marriage customs

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    1. This is my second from Emecheta, after her The Joys of Motherhood having left an unfortunate taste in my mouth chamomile, not Earl Grey But this was already on my shelf, and short, so I thought I d give it a go Expecting to leave off after 30 or 50 pages But it turns out that it worked well for an enjoyable afternoon reading not for it s content of course, harrowing as that is, but just the right book for the right mood Still far too much explaining going on for my preferences, leaving me with t [...]

    2. Aku nna s father dies when she is thirteen years old Her mother, Ma Blackie, is forced by economic circumstances to leave their close community of supportive relatives in Lagos, and move back to her village in Ibuza with Aku nna and eleven year old Nna nndo Following tradition, Ma Blackie becomes the fourth wife of her deceased husband s brother, Okonkwo Ma Blackie has some money set aside for Aku nna to finish her schooling, and Okonkwo agrees, only because an educated girl will fetch a higher [...]

    3. Aku nna knew that she was too insignificant to be regarded as a blessing to this unfortunate marriage Not only was she a girl but she was much too thin for the approval of her parents, who would rather have a strong and plump little girl for a daughter Aku nna just would not put on weight, and this made her look as if she was being starved but she simply had not the kind of healthy appetite her brother Nna nndo had And that was not the end off the disgrace she was showering on her family If a ch [...]

    4. Had I not been chosen to read this book for Global Literature, I don t think I would ve picked up this book and read it However, I m glad that I got the chance to read this book to inform myself of Nigerian tradition and to change my perspective of Africa This book starts off with the protagonist Aku nna, and her brother Nna ndo who face the death of their father Because of tradition, they are forced to move with their mother, Ma Blackie, to Lagos in order for her mother to remarry the uncle The [...]

    5. 3.5 stars if I could give half stars and I liked it enough to grab another book of hers called Double Yoke I saw at my library today I like to go back into the past to a place I ve never been but can see in my minds eye Ibuza, a village of Ibo people with their customs and ways with many of their youth moving at that time to Lagos looking for work I like to hear about the old customs and their new ways, how their worship of the ancestors mixes with Christianity to create a new altogether brillia [...]

    6. I look forward to reading of Buchi Emecheta s works in the future even though this novel had some difficult and disturbing episodes.When The Bride Price begins, Aku nna the character which the story centers around, is a pretty, young, and fragile school girl living in Lagos, Nigeria with her parents and younger brother It s the 1950s and things are changing in the city where people are blending both Western culture and their own traditions together After her father s sudden death, Aku nna s lif [...]

    7. The book is very interesting with various views of female power in a traditional society in particular, but if you have the edition with Marie Umeh s foreword, it really should be an afterword it summarises the entire plot including the very ending.

    8. Having a daughter marry someone for a price is almost the same as selling her According to the book, The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta, Aku nna, a young teenager, was forced to marry someone of her uncle, Okonkwo s choice Aku nna fights fate and cultural customs to be with the one she desires This story shows how females in a society must feel as if they are under the men The readers learn about how in the African society, the males use women to benefit themselves, traditions play a big part in [...]

    9. Review originally written for my blogSo, this is the second of Buchi Emecheta s books that I ve now read and this one was also fantastic It s set during the 50 s in Nigeria starting in Lagos then moving to Ibuza and looks at the customs surrounding marriage.The book starts with the death of Aku nna s father due to an foot injury he sustained during the war This means that his family can no longer afford to live in Lagos and so they all return to Ibuza to life with her uncle Aku nna and her broth [...]

    10. This book is a about a traditional young ibo girl named Aku nna living in Nigeria Her family is very traditional so she follows all rituals and beliefs Unfortuanetly this young girl faced the tragedy of losing her father who is the head of the family at a young age She was very close with him and thsi was a traumatizing experience for her because she was forced to move out of the town she has lived in her whole life to live with her cousins Her mother is forced to marry her uncle because it is a [...]

    11. The Bride Price the protagonist, Aku nna who lives in this period of time followed these old traditions and wasn t able to make her own decision on her own marriage Aku nna on her part was determined not to let her father down She was going to marry well, a rich man of whom her father would approve and who wouldn t be able to afford an expensive bride price Emecheta, 10 This quote clearly explains that young women are determined to marry someone rich, so they can afford expensive bride price to [...]

    12. I first read Buchi s work a couple years ago in a lit class The Family I loved that novel and I loved this one The Bride Price focuses on how cultural traditions of treating women as property harm not only the women in question, but the entire society The story is about Aku nna, a young girl who falls in love with a man her uncle and designated male guardian will not accept The story is tragic and sobering because along the way we learn of all the ways in which Nigerian women can be mistreated, [...]

    13. This story is one of my personal favorite From this story, I learn about African culture and many others.

    14. Buchi Emecheta is a mother figure to a substantial group of African women who are currently writing the most interesting and powerful fiction in English and possibly several other languages The Bride Price is a jump into the deep end of Igbo culture and beliefs, especially around women and marriage There are many, many layers the split between rural village life and city life specifically, Lagos the split between the educated and illiterate very odd class distinctions descendants of slaves are l [...]

    15. I so enjoy book about another culture At some point I could even identify with some of the customs described here This book reminded me of The Secret Lives of Baba Segi s Wives which made me laugh out loud.The Bride Price cracked me a few laughs too I was definitely cracking up with the scene at the funeral Full of superstitions this is another book that takes inside the world of Nigerian culture At 15, Aku nna is waiting to be given in marriage to the man who pays the higher bride price The pro [...]

    16. This is a hauntingly beautiful love story set in the late colonial period in Nigeria Emecheta s simple yet elegant writing style makes this text easily accessible to any reader She also aids the non African reader with explanations of cultural nuances It moves fast and will keep the reader engaged If you ve read her famous novel The Joys of Motherhood, I highly recommend this one.

    17. I think this was a very interesting book because it showcases the customs of Nigerian people within this girl s life You learn so much aboug what s like to be a girl in that region and how difficult it must be to live under all of these unknown traditionsI found the finale a little bit sad but it s a great book specially if you want to learn about other cultures in a very simple way.

    18. Written for a non Nigerian audience so there is a lot of explaining justifying of how things in Emecheta s culture work rather than just telling the story and allowing the cultural aspects to show through I really enjoyed the story and cultural insights but found the writing style tiresome.

    19. What a sad ending to a beautiful love story, this story really touched my heart the way the young man loved this girl and circumstances worked against them Sad that she had to die in childbirth

    20. I was assigned to read this book for class It is a coming of age story that is very eye opening to different cultures.

    21. This is also a heart breaking story from Buchi Emecheta, actually from her own experience of agony she faced and she expected her own life to be happy but it was not In first place she wrote the story with happy ending but after her husband burned her story, she wrote again with a heart breaking epilogue I really cried in the last chapter It is odd that it ends like this Of course, Aku nna died because of malnutrition while giving childbirth But her story was spread as superstitions to fetch the [...]

    22. The Bride Pride by Buchi Emecheta was a book that actually sparked my interest from the first page all the was until the last and held it by using unexpected details to the story that were minor yet could change the whole story In this book, the author uses Aku nna and her life as a way to portrait Nigerian customs and values This definitely helped keep me very interested throughout the whole book because I learned so much about a way of life that is so completely different from mine For example [...]

    23. Buchi Emecheta s The Bride Price tells not only a beautiful yet tragic love story but also provides a strong lesson about straying from the beaten path, or in this case, cultural norms The Bride Price is a well written compelling novel whose pages hold everything from poverty, caste, love, and cruelty to jaw dropping traditions and customs Emecheta s careful word choice used to describe characters and their actions provided a deeper meaning to the book than what may meet the eye She tells the st [...]

    24. Alternative title How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Eating a Crap Ton of Yams This is a young adult novel about a Nigerian teenage girl Aku Nna, whose A hole uncle won t let her marry the guy she really likes SPOILER ALERT She marries him anyways, then dies because she births a child when she was malnourished and anemic This is what comes of eating, like, nothing but yams Add to that the fact that her A hole uncle was casting evil spirits against her, and you don t stand no chance, girl I [...]

    25. Another book read in global literature class, for out Africa Unit, we learn about stereotypes and biases especially in the society of Africa Finding out where those stereotypes come from was one of the main focus of our unit because it help answer our essentail question of the year, which is what is the role and responsiblity of an individual in a society As we read this book in our groups, from this book we find the theme of tradition vs modernization The protagonist, Akunna, strives to break o [...]

    26. Q4 I would like to change Aku nna s life if I had any chance to change Because of that, Aku nna who is main character in the story has very hard life after her father passed away she gave birth although she is not strong In the end of story she is going to die If I were writer, I can save her life and the story might end happier maybe she could not gave birth She can ask her brother in law who is a doctor than she can escape her disease.Q15 In The Bridge Price which was written by Buchi Emecheta [...]

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