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Girl, Nearly 16: Absolute Torture By Sue Limb,

  • Title: Girl, Nearly 16: Absolute Torture
  • Author: Sue Limb
  • ISBN: 9780385732161
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just when things were going so well Jess had the perfect summer planned She and Fred, lounging in the park, gazing into one another s eyes and engaging in witty repartee It was going to be so romantic And then her maddening mum stepped in She suddenly announced a two week road trip to Cornwall to visit Jess s dad, something Jess might have enjoyed, actually, were itJust when things were going so well Jess had the perfect summer planned She and Fred, lounging in the park, gazing into one another s eyes and engaging in witty repartee It was going to be so romantic And then her maddening mum stepped in She suddenly announced a two week road trip to Cornwall to visit Jess s dad, something Jess might have enjoyed, actually, were it not for the monstrously bad timing Not only will this force Jess and Fred apart for two whole weeks, it will also leave the darling and handsome Fred in the clutches of Jess s blindingly beautiful best friend, Flora who, you might recall, expressed an interest in Fred not too long ago As if all this weren t enough, Jess s mum seems to expect her to weep at the grave of every departed literary hero in Britain s long history It s absolute torture And little does Jess know, a huge surprise awaits her when she visits her dad at his home for the first time in years.
    Girl Nearly Absolute Torture Just when things were going so well Jess had the perfect summer planned She and Fred lounging in the park gazing into one another s eyes and engaging in witty repartee It was going to be so romantic

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    1. Jess Jordan has just found her true love Fred and they ve made all sorts of plans for their summer vacation when Jess mom announces that they re off on holiday to St Ives Jess has been longing to go down to St Ives to visit her father, but this is just the absolute worst timing If she leaves now, then Fred will be left all alone to potentially fall in love with some other girl And worst of all, Fred s just surprised Jess with tickets for them to go to Riverdene a music festival It s one hardship [...]

    2. This book was very amusing While I was reading this book I literally Laughed Out Loud I chose to do a review on this book because it was funny and found it interesting I didn t want the book to end, I wanted it to keep going Shout OutThe book Girl, Nearly , Absolute Torture by Sue Limb is a fascinating book It s about a girl that has divorced parents her parents got divorced when she was young and how she wants to go and visit her father which lives in a different town but she is torn because sh [...]

    3. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooWelcome back to crazy adventures of Jess Jordan School is out and Jess has nothing planned than to spend her time with her newly turned boyfriend, Fred But it doesn t take long before disaster strikes Of all times, Jess s mom has decided to take a vacation They re to take a road trip so that Jess can visit her father in St Ives They ll stop at all sorts of historical and literary sites along the way She surprises Jess with the news hours before Fred surprises [...]

    4. The next morning Fred called to tell Jess he had gotten tickets to the camping festival Jes was very exited she had always wanted to go to the festival.She now needded to find a way to tell her mother about the camping festival It had to be a lie because she couldnt tell her mom the truth about fred.When Jess decided to tell her mom she panicked and told her it was an invitation from flora.Her mom was appreciative and found that so nice she wanted to call floras s mom to thank her.Jess quickly t [...]

    5. Toujours aussi irr sistible Jess Jordan doit passer ses vacances en famille, lesquelles consistent errer dans la campagne anglaise pour visiter les glises m di vales, en compagnie de sa m re et de sa grand m re, voil donc un programme qui ne l enchante gu re car Jess est follement amoureuse de Fred et veut passer tout son temps libre aupr s de lui L o a se corse, c est que sa m re ignore l existence de cette relation amoureuse, essentiellement parce que sa m re est f ch e avec la gente masculine [...]

    6. Jess s new boyfriend and long time best friend , Fred, can kiss like no other literally, we re talking fireworks melting knees So of course, her mother decides that they and her murder obssessed grandmother must go on vacation to visit her father Who is being terribly weird, by the way very evasive and strange If only Jess could tell her feminist mother about her new boyfriend Now she s stuck trying to unravel why her parents broke up in the first place and jealously imagining Fred being left al [...]

    7. Do not read this if you have not yet red Girl, 15, Charming, but Insane because this is a sequel to that book.There is something very likable about this couple Most of the time you would get so bored because you re so happy that the best friends get together and you don t wanna read the sequel because the romance get s kinda boring But I really like Fred and Jess together Fred is kinda that funny weird kid but at the same time he s pretty cool and he would seem nice to hang with He s also the ki [...]

    8. A fun quick read I, in all honesty, forgot that this was a sequel Thankfully it doesn t read like one I didn t really connect with the main character, Jess, but I think that s because I am not interested in this type of book any Maybe if I was 16 when I read this I would have enjoyed it .

    9. Love the last quarter of the book Couldn t love it without the first three quarters So I love the whole book.

    10. This is the sequel to Girl, 15, Charming but Insane, and picks up where the previous book left off This volume can stand on its own but contains numerous spoilers for the earlier book.Jess is a wildly effusive narrator Every event is either the pinnacle of human experience or an irretrievable catastrophe Much of the humor comes from the over the top style, described in increasingly absurd metaphors She s a fun travel companion, but I think she would be infuriating to live with.The previous book [...]

    11. Girl, Nearly 16, Absolute Torture by Sue Limb is the sequel to Girl, 15, Charming but Insane This crazy sequel follows the beloved characters of Jess Jordan, her mom, Granny The genre of this book is realistic fiction because it takes place in England as the terrific trio venture across England as a summer vacation, with the finial destination being St Ives, down by the sea Funky twists and turns have you reading on edge every time you flip the page, with one too many plot twists I rated this bo [...]

    12. Jess thinks that life is just about perfect She has her slighlty ape ish, yet absolutely adorable boyfriend Fred and the summer hols are just about to kick offen her mom springs it on her summer road trip to adore all kinds of history and nature Disaster Of course Jess wants to see her lovable Dad and finally force the secret of why he and her mum split up, but she wants to snuggle with Fred Sue Limb is brilliant at humor, that s all there is to it Jess is hilarious I think all girls, be they o [...]

    13. It s been a week since I last finished a book, so naturally I needed something quick.I m rather dismayed at my choice, actually Sure, Girl, 16 is quick to read, it s light and stupid but not the stupidest thing ever seen For all that, it could have been a summer read worth the cents I spent on it.Still, it s terribly out of my comfort zone Jess is exactly the kind of a heroine who makes people laugh at YA literature namely, overly jealous, superficial, and so funny it mosty makes the reader want [...]

    14. This book is about a girl that has a boyfriend and has a boyfriend and sha has not tould her parents Her parents are divoursed because her father is gay Her mother tskes her to a trip with her mom and she takes a bus to get faster and left her mom behind When she got their she found her dads house and sleeped thair for somedays The next days her mom came and drop of her stuff and said she was going to be in a hotel.Days passed and her boyfriend came and had a good time together She finally got t [...]

    15. No puedo decir de este libro m s que cosas buenas, tal vez por el amor obsesivo que le profeso desde hace 8 a os, ya sea merecido o no por lo que cualquier opini n que pudiera expresar no ser a realmente objetiva Adoro este libro, adoro releerlo al menos una vez al a o y, pese a la poca fama que ha tenido, me siento feliz de haber descubierto a Jess y haber compartido con ella cuatro maravillosas aventuras, y las que me quedan por explorar en los otros tres libros que no han sido traducidos al e [...]

    16. I think I first read this when I was about14 And then re read it about a year ago From what I remember, I really enjoyed it A lot of that was down to it being creepily relatable I went on a lot of holidays with my mum and nan when I was younger and they acted so much like Jess mum and nan I ended up showing my mum a billion bits of the book and we d crack up together at how much it was like us The story s quite sweet as well, and I may have got a little teary eyed at the end If I re read the ser [...]

    17. I thought this book was very good especially for young adults Right when Jess gets what she wants, a nice stable relationship her mother arranges a trip to see jess s father Although she loves her father and wants to see him Jess had made plans with Fred and is worried someone might take him away from her It is a bit suspenseful and also nice story of teens trying to keep a long distance relationship.

    18. This was another fun listen, with the same FANTASTIC narrator, but the story was just ok I felt myself hoping for it to end, which is unlike me So3 stars Funny, but pretty transparent, and the overly flamboyant characters started to get on my nerves like they never did in the first book DON T read this one first if you re considering these And if you only read 1, read Girl, 15, charming but insane.

    19. Girl, Nearly 16 Absolute Torture lived up to its title It was a torture to read Jess who had a new boyfriend, Fred, had to go on a road trip with her Mom instead of spending the summer with him Now Jess was livid and she complained and complained about it Mind you, this was 216 pages of complaining from a teenage girl Occasionally Jess would make some crack up jokes like always, relieving me from my anguish.

    20. Another great book to listen to This one picks up where the previous book left off with Jess just starting to date Fred while her mom has planned a whole summer vacation for Jess and her grandmother Jess does finally find out why her parents separated and is actually very okay with what happened.While there were some funny parts, it wasn t as funny to me as the first one But the narrator was awesome.

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    22. Hilarious teens are the same even if they live in Great Britain I haven t laughed out loud at a book in a long time This author knows teenagers 15 year olds with modern issues, a grandmother who is my age and totally whacked, a mother busy with her own issues I plan to read all of Sue Limb s.

    23. This is the second in Limb s series, and I didn t read the first book But I found it fun and quirky It reminded me of Angus, Thongs, and Full frontal Snogging Towards the end I was getting a little tired of Jess drama and wild imagination.Very much a girl book And the audio was nice because the narrator did a wonderful British accent at least to my American ear.

    24. This was way better than Girl 15, Charming But Insane It was fun and interesting I loved it because most of it takes part in St Ives, were her dad lives A surprise for Jess, and a shocking reality about her dad Could it be a new wife, new baby, or a new boyfriend for Jess s dad 3 Fun,weird,shocking and a whole bunch of jealousy because of Jess

    25. Not quite as good as the first one but it still had its moments Jess Mom is dragging her on holiday when all she wants to do is spend the summer having picnics with Fred What starts out as a very boring holiday filled with historical homes and graveyards, ends up with a few surprises that make it the best holiday ever.

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    27. This is a book that I easily was able to sit down and read for a long period without becoming restless or bored which often with slow books I find myself feeling Definitely recommend if you want an easy read

    28. Very funny and will make you laugh and snort The book didn t have much of a plot but just a little situation that lasted a while Great if you don t want to get all wrapped up in a book and have a need to giggle Love Sue Limb s style of writing

    29. Such a good lighthearted funny read No matter the age of the reader we will all likely find a character we can relate to Aimed at teenagers the book can take the very small trials and turmoils of our lives and flip them into comic geniusNo doubt I shall read another book in the series

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