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Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers By Gyles Brandreth,

  • Title: Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers
  • Author: Gyles Brandreth
  • ISBN: 9781848542495
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders opens in 1890, at a glamorous party hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Albemarle All of London s high society including the Prince of Wales are in attendance at what promises to be the event of the season Yet Oscar Wilde is interested in another party guest, Rex LaSalle, a young actor who claims to be a vampire But the enterOscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders opens in 1890, at a glamorous party hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Albemarle All of London s high society including the Prince of Wales are in attendance at what promises to be the event of the season Yet Oscar Wilde is interested in another party guest, Rex LaSalle, a young actor who claims to be a vampire But the entertaining evening ends in tragedy when the duchess is found murdered with two tiny puncture marks on her throat Desperate to avoid scandal and panic, the Prince asks Oscar and his friend Arthur Conan Doyle to investigate the crime What they discover threatens to destroy the very heart of the royal family Told through diary entries, newspaper clippings, telegrams, and letters, Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders is a richly atmospheric mystery that is sure to captivate and entertain.
    Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders opens in at a glamorous party hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Albemarle All of London s high society including the Prince of Wales are in attendance at what

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    1. The fourth of Gyles Brandeth s Oscar Wilde mysteries is perhaps, relatively speaking, the weakest yet, mainly because of the vampire element of the tale However, set in 1890, it redeems itself with the witty dialogue that takes place between Oscar particularly , Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker, who features prominently in this tale One can avoid, or perhaps take little notice of the vampire side of the story for, as the Prince of Wales states at one point, Porphyria is a disease of the blood [...]

    2. It s easily discernible by its title that Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders provides mere cheap entertainment and little substance Gyles Brandreth has written a whole series centered on Oscar Wilde solving mysteries, and judging from this one, the series has little to offer besides the fun of characterized famous figures.The novel opens in 1890, where the Duke and Duchess of Albemarle are hosting a glamorous party Among the guests are Oscar Wilde and journalist Robert Sherard, and they encount [...]

    3. So I found this title on the library s new book shelf I hadn t heard of the series before and it s nice that you can read them as standalones The concept is intriguing and I think it works because the author does a ton of research and gets the historical stuff right Even so, it took me awhile to get into it The oscar wilde quotes scattered throughout kept me going until I wanted to finish it to figure out the mystery fav quotes re s the pity for a dreamer is one who can find his way only by moon [...]

    4. For a full review, please see my blog cornishamy 2011 0This is the 4th in Gyles Brandreth s series of Oscar Wilde mysteries American title Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders In this 4th entry, the Prince of Wales asks Oscar to look into the mysterious death of a friend, whose body has been discovered half naked and with two wounds in her neck Oscar is accompanied, again, by Robert Sherard, Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker The Oscar Wilde mysteries are good fun, steeped in Victoriana and mixing wholl [...]

    5. If I could choose one word to describe this book, it would be wicked I love the Oscar Wilde murder mysteries If it helps put this in perspective, I did my thesis on Oscar Wilde and the representation of sexuality in his plays, specifically A Woman of No Importance, Lady Windermere s Fan, and The Importance of Being Earnest This is one of those historical novels I can approach with an understanding of the characters and time period involved.The book opens with Sherard visiting Oscar in Paris afte [...]

    6. To all of those who ever wondered what would happen if you were to lock Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde in a room, well, now we have one of several hilarious answers.That said, this was a really fun read mixing some of my favourite genres and authors I LOVE me some Wilde and Doyle my IRL bookshelf has both omnibuses of their work And you know what It all worked, and worked well There have been some mashups with similar uses of authors the Austen genre is a huge example of this with not so gre [...]

    7. In the interview at the back of Oscar Wilde the Vampire Murders Gyles Brandreth says that one of the the things he wants most as a writer is to write what the Victorians would have called a rattling good yarn I want to leave the reader satisfied I would say that Brandreth does just that in all of his Oscar Wilde mystery stories of which the Vampire Murders is the fourth.Having read the first three, I was very ready to snatch this one up when it appeared on the library s New Arrivals shelf And I [...]

    8. Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders was my first Gyles Brandreth book, but it sure won t be my last I was a little afraid of this one, as I am not a fan of some of the mashups that have been so popular I thought Brandreth s story was fun and entertaining His characters, both historical Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, The Prince of Wales Bram Stoker and fictional have depth and a certain smartness and wit that I enjoyed Coming after the Jack the Ripper murders, but still in the Victorian era, Brandret [...]

    9. Discovered this by accident at the bookstore Apparently it is number 4 in a series The author states they do not have to be read in order It is an historical novel series main charadters in addition to Oscar Wilde are Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle, the Prince of Wales and others At first I was not sure I was going to like the way it was written The story is told totally through documents after the first chapter setup Letters, telegrams, police reports, journal entries are used to tell the stor [...]

    10. Brandreth has opted in this, the 4th in the Oscar Wilde series, to construct the story entirely through the notes, telegrams, diary entries, postcards, and reports of the main protagonists Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Sherard, Bram Stoker, and the would be vampire Rex LaSalle In many cases this kind of structure distances the reader from the narrative, but Brandreth pulls it off in fine style, and it has the advantage of giving the reader intriguingly different views of the same events Not finishe [...]

    11. I was vaguely aware that Gyles Brandreth had written novels involving Oscar Wilde so when I saw the bright orange cover on the library bookshelf I thought I would give it a go It is an easy read, I finished the book in a weekend In general I was pleasantly surprised although I did get a little bored at times The plot was so so, but what kept me reading was the use of real characters of the time I am quite interested in history but can never remember who belongs in what era so this was helpful I [...]

    12. Her doctor insists that the beautiful young Duchess of Albemarle died of a sudden heart attack But the Prince of Wales, a close friend of the Duchess s, is worried He asks Oscar Wilde, the brilliant wit, and the young doctor Arthur Conan Doyle, to determine exactly what happened to the Duchess while avoiding any trace of scandal Also concerned are Prince Eddy, heir apparent to the throne after his father, a handsome young man who insists he s a vampire, and Wilde s old friend, Bram Stoker, who c [...]

    13. I picked up this book thinking it would be a cozy murder mystery After a while it started to get on my nerves and at the end I was pretty much hate reading it to see how many humiliated, undressed, abused, voiceless, and frequently murdered female stereotypes these literary douchebags would come across before the end This book made me hate this book s version of Oscar Wilde, whom I ve loved since childhood Steer clear Reread Michel Faber s The Crimson Petal and the White instead Please.

    14. I want to dislike these Wilde mysteries but they are very entertaining The titles are funny and there is something inherently wrong with putting a huge, bloody spear on an iconic photograph But they are good Brandreth clearly does his homework and writes Wilde very well The only complaint I have is that these stories tend to run a bit longer than they should but they are a lot of fun.

    15. This book gets a four star rating as I was so delighted to find a murder mystery starring Oscar Wilde, Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and many other famous figures from my favourite era I found the whole idea irresistible and I wasn t disappointed Wilde, the infinitely quotable flamboyant genius, makes the perfect sleuth A perfect light fluffy read.

    16. Another Oscar Wilde murder mystery that did not disappoint More dynamic than the previous one in the series due to the assortment of letters, newspaper articles and journals presented.

    17. It s easy to read and amusing It s the sort of book you read simply to pass the time, or because you have nothing else better to read at the moment However, it s still a nice book.

    18. Loved this though I wish that the version that Oscar said was to protect the prince and that there was another version That said, in reality it was because of the prince that the murders happened I definitely do not like monarchy or anyone that has a right to rule and must be protected no matter what they do _ But also this book is hella gay queer and it s written in a different format from the other previous books.In previous books we got some chapters that were journal entries or telegrams and [...]

    19. Rather tedious and a jumbled mess Found this at the Branford book sale over the weekend and based on the back of book blurb thought I had discovered a little gem and a new mystery author to follow Loved the premise Oscar Wilde as detective with a gliterrati of notable authors of the time, including Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker in supporting roles, along with a few famous composers and scientists of the time Each character was so typecast and flat No true grit or personality to them Their b [...]

    20. I m very sorry to discover that this is the last unread Brandreth Oscar Wilde mystery left for me This one takes advantage of the fact that Wilde and Bram Stoker overlapped not just in place both were Irish and went to university there together Stoker was actor manager Henry Irving s factotum at the Lyceum Theatre but in personal lives Wilde was an early suitor of Florence Bascombe, Stoker s wife Further, Stoker was distantly related to Arthur Conan Doyle, a major figure in these Wilde novels It [...]

    21. Dans ce quatri me roman d une s rie qui en compte sept ce jour Gyles Brandreth reprend son personnage f tiche Oscar Wilde charg cette fois par le Prince de Galles lui m me d une enqu te sur la mort suspecte d une duchesse Le c l bre auteur est de nouveau paul par Arthur Conan Doyle en personne Au fil des pages, on croise Bram Stoker et d autres figures des arts de l poque.C est toujours aussi rudit, toujours aussi distrayant, mais plus sombre aussi que les volumes pr c dents Chaudement recommand [...]

    22. A real rollicking read.It s not often a book is actually FUN to read, but this is Entertaining on so many levels The whole premise is ridiculous Oscar Wilde as Sherlock holmes yet the author s skilful use of real people and historical events, draws the reader in and creates a world that s almost true The best in the series so far.

    23. With so many real life characters in this mystery, it was like a bio history lesson The layout of the novels was intriguing with all the different characters adding letters or journal entries as the make up of the book I am looking forward to starting at the beginning of the series as I found this novel very clever and an interesting read.

    24. Very well done but a bit over done I am the biggest Wilde fan, and I found the amount of quotes peppered in the story got too much Otherwise it was good sensitive in the areas I was worried about, left me feeling sad for what might have been but wasn t.

    25. Since Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, has already appeared in this series within his historical role as West End stage manager, I assumed that this volume would claim to have provided the background for Stoker s classic horror story I was wrong And it wasn t the only time I was wrong concerning this volume in the series I assumed the story, like the others, would be told primarily through the eyes of Robert Sherard, the Dr Watson to Wilde s Holmes, if you will But Brandreth tries something diffe [...]

    26. Quando organizam uma recep o que conta com as mais altas individualidades da sociedade londrina, os diques de Albermarle nem sequer imaginam que essa noite vai terminar de forma tr gica Presentes na festa est o o pr ncipe de Gales, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle e um jovem actor, Rex LaSalle, que se auto denomina vampiro, e que confessa a Oscar que nessa mesma noite vai matar a duquesa.O certo que na manh seguinte, o pr ncipe de Gales chama Oscar Wilde e Arthur Conan Doyle para a investiga o de [...]

    27. This is the fourth in the Oscar Wilde mysteries series, taking place in 1890 A noblewoman is found dead in her house, half naked, with cuts on her torso and two deep puncture marks on her neck It looks like she s been murdered, but the doctor insists she died of a heart attack despite being quite young And what are the wounds from Figuring it out isn t made any easier by the fact that the death is being kept hushed up because the Prince of Wales, as well as his son, Prince Albert Victor, were pr [...]

    28. Murder will out but uncovering the murderer almost proves incidental as we are given the grand tour of England its royal halls, opium dens, hotels, music halls and restaurants The novel is lush in its descriptions of late 19 century Britannia but the author wisely keeps us focused on the story Told in mostly epistolary form much like a certain 1897 novel about an infamous vampire , the nature of very different men is outlined and fleshed out as it winds to its grim conclusion Still, it is Oscar [...]

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