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Veil of Midnight By Lara Adrian Hillary Huber,

  • Title: Veil of Midnight
  • Author: Lara Adrian Hillary Huber
  • ISBN: 9781400144617
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Audio CD
  • A warrior trained in bullets and blades, Renata cannot be bested by any man vampire or mortal But her most powerful weapon is her extraordinary psychic ability a gift both rare and deadly Now a stranger threatens her hard won independence a golden haired vampire who lures her into a realm of darkness and pleasure beyond imagining A combat loving adrenaline junkie, NikolA warrior trained in bullets and blades, Renata cannot be bested by any man vampire or mortal But her most powerful weapon is her extraordinary psychic ability a gift both rare and deadly Now a stranger threatens her hard won independence a golden haired vampire who lures her into a realm of darkness and pleasure beyond imagining A combat loving adrenaline junkie, Nikolai dispenses his own justice to enemies of the Breed and his latest quarry is a ruthless assassin One woman stands in his way the seductive, cool as ice bodyguard, Renata But Renata s powers are put to the test when a loved one, a child, is threatened and she s forced to turn to Niko for help As the two join forces, as desire fans the flames of a deeper hunger, Renata s life is under siege by a man who offers the exquisite pleasure of a blood bond and a passion that could save or doom them both forever.
    Veil of Midnight A warrior trained in bullets and blades Renata cannot be bested by any man vampire or mortal But her most powerful weapon is her extraordinary psychic ability a gift both rare and deadly Now a strang

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    1. 2.5 stars There was a decent plot here, but in the end, it just felt unsatisfying While both of the leads were written to be pretty kick ass, neither of them stood out as exceptional to me, nor did I feel much chemistry between them In fact, they had little interaction until about the half way point Then, the romance felt rushed and there were several crammed sex scenes in a row The romance almost felt like filler to build up the continuing arc between the Order and the Big Bad Dragos and Fabien [...]

    2. I really liked this storyline Although Tegan is still my favorite Breed warrior, I liked Niko Renata was a powerful, admirable heroine I liked that that she was a true survivor I thought it was awesome that she rescued Niko from the interment facility Mira, the young girl with the power of showing people who look into her eyes the future, was an interesting story idea The Midnight Breed series is pretty dark and violent The concept of the alien Otherworlders coming to earth a millenium ago, goin [...]

    3. He was sitting there staring at her hair, for crissake Not just staring, but staring with total rapt fascination To Niko, that seemed to indicate one of two equally disturbing facts Either he should seriously consider looking into night courses with Vidal Sassoon, or he was a complete goner when it came to this female.Yeah, I think I love Niko He is gorgeous, smart, and deadly Also, obsessed with guns, so I guess he would fit in well with my Texan lifestyle Texans love their guns almost as much [...]

    4. OMG If you haven t been reading Lara Adrian s Midnight Breed series, then you really don t know what you re missing I was lucky enough to pick up the first book, Kiss of Midnight , and I was hooked Adrian s breeds are vampires, but their origins, history, and powers are a bit different from the rest of the vamp stories floating around the market today These guys are hot, hot, hot and they re fighting to save their kind as well as humans Veil of Midnight is Adrian s latest and it may just be her [...]

    5. Dear Tegan,I m sorry to say this but I think I ve moved on He s younger and he loves action and really, can a girl say no to that Please don t kill me.Love,MeIt s true Veil of Midnight has become my new favourite book out of the Midnight Breed series The adrenaline junkie we all know as Niko sets out for Montreal to track down a Gen One named Sergei Yakut When he locates Sergei, Niko discovers far secrets than he ever thought possible There he meets Renata, a Breedmate who is capable of handlin [...]

    6. YOU DON T NEED A VEIL FOR THIS ONE By far this book is the best when it comes to action and the introduction of new and twisted characters Though this book doesn t offer up the sensuality and sexiness of the previous books, it delivers with heart pounding menace and destructive action Adrian brings terror knocking at the Breed s door and shit just got personal.Nikolai aka Niko lives for a fight He is an adrenaline junkie who lives for the next kill, his weapons are his friends He is the type to [...]

    7. Breed warrior Nikolai Niko Special ability Controlling and growing plant life Age 170 years old Breed mate Renata Special ability Incapacitating breeds with phychic blasts, creating mental pain Occupation BodyguardMark place Inside right wrist Settings Montreal Canada , Boston, BerlinAnother great story A full force action packed book Niko is a fun to be around adrenaline junkie warrior who goes to Canada to warn Gen One Yakut for the possibility of his assassination There, he meets Renata and h [...]

    8. The romance was pretty rushed at the end of the book, it was another case of insta love The action was good and I am excited to see what happens with the original Breed and how Dragos gets brought down.

    9. GOOD BUT HAS IT S FAULTS VEIL OF MIDNIGHT is an intricate, action packed and well written story Containing several ongoing sub plots and many different POV s Although not as romance filled as the past 4 books in the Midnight Breed series I feel that this instalment could easily be read as a stand alone as it steps away from the previous story arc and main breed characters Lara Adrian has however filled in any relative back story and given the rules to her Vampire world, so you won t be lost Niko [...]

    10. Someone is slowly offing Gen One Breeds and Nikolai is dispatched to Montreal to warn Sergei Yakut, one of those Gen Ones Pity, he meets his bodyguard first Renata, a woman of incredible psychic power fells him with one thought, catching his eye Unfortunately, the girl appears blood bonded to Yakut Which wouldn t be that bad, if the bastard wouldn t be a real bastard with a sadistic streak a mile wide and a huge superiority complex Then all goes to hell in a hand basket and You ll just have to r [...]

    11. Gostei bastante de voltar a esta s rie e li o livro muito r pido J estava com saudades de ler livros de vampiros Contudo, desta vez fiquei com a sensa o de que lhe faltava mais desenvolvimento Tudo se desenrola em cerca de 5 dias e desta vez ainda achei que o romance conseguiu ser ainda mais instant neo que o costume e gostava de ter ficado a conhecer melhor estas duas personagens.Este o tipo de livros que eu pego quando preciso mesmo de ler algo que j sei que partida vou gostar e nesse aspecto, [...]

    12. Our go out in a blaze of glory , live in the moment, thrives on danger, Warrior Niko finds love, in Renata who is a fearless Warrior herself This is PNR as it should be in my opinion It had action, romance, a dark story, and great characters Each book seems to get better.I loved this book Actually one of my favorites so far I like the addition of Hunter, and I really liked Niko and Renata Wow, there s a couple of new threads added in now, and I m looking forward to the next book

    13. Renata is a bad ass survivor that knows her limits but tries to overcome them She s keeps herself cold and hard as stone to stay alive The fact that the kid manages to wedge her way under that steel wall of Renata s is sweet Then she tricks Nikolai and knocks him down a peg or two I love how she is the one to save him I m all for powerful women.FULL REVIEW thetbrpile.weebly reviews

    14. Woohoo The Midnight Breed Train continues This time it s Nikolai s turn to be the hero Niko is a fierce warrior, driven and determined, he loves his weapons and he loves to fight The story starts with him in Montreal where Niko is searching for the reclusive Gen One, Sergei Yakut When he finds him, however, he also finds his badass bodyguard, Renata Renata is different from the other heroines in the series who have no idea of the Breed world Renata is aware of the world and her place in it as a [...]

    15. This is a mighty fine series and book 5 did not disappoint This Reader The majority of the book takes place in Montreal, Canada and picks up where 4 left off finding Drago and the ancient A lot of things spun into play in Veil of Midnight kicking up the momentum for some kind of grand finale Curious to see how the author is going to play it out and how many books will come out of this seriesA few of the earlier characters popped in toward the ending Tegan, Rio, Andreas Reichen and his lady frie [...]

    16. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Nikolai is searching for a certain assassin, a vampire that is a gen one On his hunt he comes across a woman of mystery but one that draws him into a trap, a trap where he finds himself a prisoner because of her unique power But Nikolai is drawn into a different world that is Renata s reality He learns that Sergei is not what he appears to be What he learns he decides that its time to return back to his brethren of warriors and find [...]

    17. La trama se hace m s interesante a medida que avanzamos en la saga Niko y Renata son dos guerreros de fuerte car cter sin embargo se entregan a lo que sienten sin dejar de lado sus obligaciones Nikolai es un tipo duro al que no le tiembla el pulso en la batalla pero casi de inmediato se sabe perdido cuando conoce a Renata Ay Nikolai eres un amor Y a pesar de que en su momento le diera 3,5 al primer libro de la saga, Lucan es el protagonista que m s me ha gustado, pero es que los prefiero tercos [...]

    18. I love this series by Lara Adrian It s absolutely fantastic and each book provides exactly what I want from a paranormal romance when I take some precious time out to read Well, that is under normal circumstances I will say now that Veil of Midnight is probably one of my least favourite books in the series You really should be reading the series in order with this one I m not really one to talk though as I went from Kiss of Midnight the first book to reading Ashes of Midnight the one after this [...]

    19. Hot Damn Another stellar read in this great series Woot Woot Nikolai, the carefree and killing Breed Vampire machine has no use for permanent relationships He will screw women and then scrub their minds but that is as far as it goes The only thing that matters is the Order and his Brotherhood of Breed Vampires and that s it Nikolai has been sent by his leader Lucan to talk with Gen One Vampire Sergei Yakut because someone or something is killing the Gen One leaders There have been than 5 murder [...]

    20. In Adrian s 5th installment of her Midnight Breed series we get the warrior Nickolai s story To be honest, his story was one I was fairly indifferent about, but ended up being a fav.Nikolai is in Montreal on a particular mission Sent by the leader of an elite group of warriors known as the Warrior Breeds a band of fighters initially brought together to destroy the malicious alien vampire progenitors who were wreaking havoc on the human population Nikolai must track down a 1st generation Vampire [...]

    21. Assim que terminei de ler ficou evidente que este at ao momento o meu favorito, adorei tudo, desde as personagens, passando pelo romance e a ac o.Neste 5 volume conhecemos uma nova hero na, Renata que uma companheira de ra a destemida, inteligente, lutadora, corajosa, decidida, teimosa e apesar de ter sido abandonada em crian a e ter crescido parte da sua vida na rua bastante forte tanto psicologicamente como fisicamente, para al m de ter um dom ps quico bastante til Como guerreiro, desta vez te [...]

    22. I love this series It just gets better and better.Lara Adrian has a fantastic talent The way she makes an event turn at an unexpected direction is just fabulous It always surprises the readers and keeps them interested Another great advantage in her writing is that this world is just as real as the one I live in I love that I m always drawn to this world, to the details and politics of it When reading a book of Midnight Breed , I m always thinking how much I d like to live in this world even wit [...]

    23. 5 stars Vampire RomanceThe fifth installment in Lara Adrian s marvelous Midnight Breed series did not disappoint, and in fact she seems to get even better with each book Veil of Midnight focuses on Breed warrior Nikolai and psychic, kick butt heroine Renata Niko is a battle loving adrenaline junkie, yet tender, romantic, and loving albeit somewhat reluctant to admit it and Renata is his perfect match mate There s lots of action and Niko and Renata have dangerously hot chemistry They might even b [...]

    24. This should have been my favorite book in the series Niko has been my favorite Breed since the beginning, and Renata is to me the best Breedmate so far She s tough, she s a survivor, and she kicks butt all over the place.The thing is, how many times will I have to read the same story in this series Truth be told, I prefer my Urban Fantasy with some romance instead of the other way around, but there have been PNR series Demonica for example that were simply amazing and kept my interest because ne [...]

    25. Excellent This series gets better and better in my opinion.This one was about the adrenaline junkie Niko and the broken fighter Breedmate Renata I definitely liked Renata, she was such a broken soul She had a past that was way too painful and full of bad memories and to top it off she ended up with one of the worst of the Breed, the merciless Gen One Sergei Yakut And she wasn t given any choice in her life with him since she happened to care for a little Breedmate named Mira who also resided wit [...]

    26. Veil of Midnight by Lara AdrianParanormal Vampire Romance Mass Market Paperback December 30th, 20084 starsVeil of Midnight is the 5th in Lara Adrian s Midnight Breed Series and another hit in her continuing vampire series Unlike many authors whose continued series have run out of steam and seem flat, Lara Adrian s books build upon each other, enthralling her readers Mesmerizing characters and fascinating plot lines are introduced, which are sure to keep readers wanting Nikolai is a vampire of t [...]

    27. I think I liked this one as much as Midnight Awakening I did get annoyed at Renata at a critical moment, but overall I thought the book was very effective I even got choked up at the end And, as annoyed as I was with her, I could easily see where she was coming from It s not like I would have reacted much differently if I d had her abilities And she didn t end up screwing up the mission at all, so she was quickly forgiven by me BTW I still think Rio s book should have been after this one I was r [...]

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