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Clutches and Curses By Dorothy Howell,

  • Title: Clutches and Curses
  • Author: Dorothy Howell
  • ISBN: 9780758253309
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Life is looking good for amateur sleuth professional fashionista Haley Randolph She s even close to getting her hands on the Delicious, the season s hottest purse until she s hit with a curse from an irate customer at Holt s department store When things start to go really wrong, Haley transfers to the new store near Las Vegas and promptly finds the body of Courtney CLife is looking good for amateur sleuth professional fashionista Haley Randolph She s even close to getting her hands on the Delicious, the season s hottest purse until she s hit with a curse from an irate customer at Holt s department store When things start to go really wrong, Haley transfers to the new store near Las Vegas and promptly finds the body of Courtney Collins, an old classmate, sprawled across the floor of the menswear department Now Haley is suspect number 1 Everyone knows Haley was once jealous of Courtney, and Courtney was about to launch a spectacular line of designer bags And, well, there weren t any witnesses when Haley actually found the body Since she doesn t look good in prison stripes, Haley will have to get to the bottom of this mystery Finding the killer won t be easy d getting rid of this curse may mean going against everything a real fashionista stands for.
    Clutches and Curses Life is looking good for amateur sleuth professional fashionista Haley Randolph She s even close to getting her hands on the Delicious the season s hottest purse until she s hit with a curse from an

    One thought on “Clutches and Curses”

    1. All in all not a bad book It was a bit repeatative and a bit silly I haven t read any of the previous books in this series and I don t really think I will A good murder mystery is always fun but all the fashion nonsense is a turn off for me I ll bet there are many many women who would love this book but with not knowing anything about the fashion things she s talking about, makes this book kind of annoying.Plus the attitude of the heroine is obnoxious I know that there are people out there who a [...]

    2. This heroine makes a mud puddle look deep and clear Shallow, unlikeable, not so awfully bright and mean on top of it The phone book would be a better read.

    3. Summer reading No real thought needed, simple dialogue, silly characters, but still fun enough to finish.

    4. Edit HmmI should really learn to not read other people s reviews because yes, Haley can be annoying and frustrating but that s what makes her human and relatable a good character is a flawed one.She has a much bigger heart than people give her credit for You have to read the other books but she uses her money to create a scholarship in the name of a dead girl that she talked to once or twice She patiently helps Evelyn along in her recovery And in this book, she does end up doing something selfle [...]

    5. This is book 4 from the ongoing Mystery Series featuring 24 year old female sleuth Haley Randolph This series has been described by critics as Jane Evanovich meets shopaholic I purchased my copy via ipad in the ibooks app and it costs 9.99 as its the most recent release in the series Book 1 3 can be pursed via or ibook for about 5 but the christmas novella Slay bells and Satchels is only available via Kindle app for 2 Book 5 is scheduled for June 2012What s it about After being cursed by an angr [...]

    6. Synopsis from bn Life is finally looking good for amateur sleuth professional fashionista Haley Randolph Her sort of boyfriend Ty is now her official boyfriend, her job at Holt s department store is going well, and she s on track to get her hands on the Delicious the hottest purse of the season What could possibly go wrong A curse from an irate customer Haley doesn t believe in curses but when things start to go really wrong she jumps at the chance to pack up her wardrobe and transfer to the new [...]

    7. Clutches and Curses is the fourth book in the Haley Randolph mystery series When an altercation with a customer leaves fashionista Haley Randolph with a curse instead of her dream purse, she s is transferred to the new Holt store in Las Vegas Shortly after arriving, she finds the body of an old classmate and nemesis, Courtney Collins Because of their rocky past and the fact that she s the one who found the body, Haley becomes the prime suspect in Courtney s death With this curse hanging over her [...]

    8. The only way to review this book is to give it one star which it DOES NOT DESERVE I give it zero An accessories fashion themed mystery series I was attracted to the book because it was set in a department store similar to a place I worked for a decade, but this is such a stinky book I hated it by page 10, and put it down at the end of Chapter 1 on page 12 There is nothing about this book worth spending time on Haley, age 24 has no socially redeeming characteristics If she had worked in my real p [...]

    9. Haley Randolph is back and dealing with the things she s always dealing with non existent finances, the search to find the hottest new handbag, an overbearing pageant mom, her relationship with her official boyfriend and owner of the department store chain where she works although she d never openly admit that to anyone she knows , her feelings towards her favorite way hot private detective, and, oh, yes, being the prime suspect in yet another murder This time, the victim happens to be a former [...]

    10. Everything was going along quite uneventful for Haley Randolph Between tolerating her job at Holt s Dept Store, trying to understand her relationship with Official Boyfriend , wealthy Ty Cameron the fifth generation to own the Holt s Dept Store chain as well as her boss, and the quest for The Delicious , the ultimate handbag the fashion conscious only dream about, her life was as full and a bit goofy as ever That was until an irate customer cast a spell on her Haley scoffed in disbelief until ev [...]

    11. Ended excellent I wasn t so sure about Haley at first, she seemed to be a spoiled woman, shopping and drinking frapps nonstop without a work ethic was driving me crazy But somewhere along this cute little mystery, she grew on me and I am very sad it ended I can t wait to pick up Haley When Haley s mom wants her to fill in at the mother daughter week spa thing, she decided to go to Vegas on the spur to help the department store she works for get a new store together Haley doesn t have much of a [...]

    12. This is my first Howell novel and I truly have enjoyed it The details that Howell uses regarding the purses, the scenery Vegas and the surrounding areas , and the Haley s thoughts and feelings are fantastic Reading first person and writing it is sometimes difficult for me to place myself into the story, but Howell has done an exceptional job pulling me into Haley s self absorbed life.I do feel that I would have understood Haley had I read the previous three novels in this series She seems a bit [...]

    13. This was a book I won through the First Reads program And, one of the nicest benefits of the book give away is that it introduces readers to authors they may not have encountered otherwise.Dorothy Howell and her publishers have to be complimented for their chutzpah, creating a series around a character who is every employer s nightmare Haley Randolph is a slacker a spendthrift insensitive irresponsible and narcissistic and, that is what adds spice to this very frothy mystery Clever, huh I starte [...]

    14. Haley Randolph is a fashionista and an amateur sleuth she also works at Holt s department store After an irate customer puts a curse on her things start to go wrong in her life She decides to volunteer to be transferred to Holt s new store in Las Vegas but the curse has followed her She finds the body of her old school mate in the dressing room Since she s the police s number one suspect she decides to find the killer herself While she s doing that she s also trying to track down a Delicious , t [...]

    15. I have never read any of the others in this series, but I am not sure that was necessary, there were places which stated something and then said it is a long story which I took to be told in the other books, but did not take away from the storyline in this book This is very much Stephanie Plum Janet Evanovich meets Shopaholic sophie Kinsella That twist is different and it was an entertaining story of a very vain woman and the things she gets into As long as you read it for the fluff and entertai [...]

    16. This was a giveaway.Even though chick lit is not my favorite genre I did ultimately enjoy this light, breezy, cozy mystery While on a temporary job at the new Holt s department store in Las Vegas, Haley Randolph, a 20 something fashionista, self centered and with a terrible work ethic, finds herself number 1 suspect in the murder of an old high school friend.Clearing her name, finding the real killer, and helping a few people along the way did make her likable and the supporting cast of off bea [...]

    17. I thought this was great and suspenseful and fun too I love the character s sarcasm and the way the author mocks her when revealing her the character s thoughts I think this is a great series, I have enjoyed every one of the books I think they are much developed than the Stephanie Plum series, and harder to figure out whodunit.I look forward to the next book in the series, I wish it would come out quickly so I can have another good cozy read with Haley and the evolving characters

    18. I loved this story and the author s writing I did my walk through in the local library recently and found this book on a shelf in the front The pocketbook title and graphic caught my attention I was delighted to have the purse theme throughout the story line being a bit of a handbag addict myself Of course, now I cannot wait to start the previous three novels Kudos to Dorothy Howell

    19. I have read the other three books in the seriesbut this one was painful at times Haley got on my nerves, dropping the purse names, drinking Starbucks, having no money She kept forgetting Trey, her official boyfriend Ironically, as painful certain parts of the book were, I thought the end happened very quickly I need Haley to mature a little in the next bookriously go to school or commit to Trey Something

    20. Funny and entertaining I wasn t sure if I was going to like this book but it had me laughing out loud and not wanting to put the book down Haley is only a twenty four year old amateur sleuth and I just loved her oh, crap moments and her penchant for needing chocolate in any form I could definitely relate.

    21. I stumbled into Dorothy Howell and Haley Randolph a few years ago and I absolutely adore this series I really enjoyed that this book was moved to Vegas since the previous 3 were all in LA Also I forgot how hysterical Dorothy s writing was For anybody looking for a light, easy and entertaining read, I highly recommend this book and the entire series

    22. I wish I had an option for 2 1 2 stars I ve read from this series before but always forget that I hate the portrayal of the lead character at the beginning of the book She s portrayed as quite vapid, with moments of unethical and unkind mixed in By the end of the books, she s much human It takes me about half the book to get engaged, and then I enjoy the rest.

    23. This character is so funny She s a master of avoidance, a shopaholic who s always broke, and she trounces through life with good intentions as long as there s a good handbag to be had in the process.

    24. I still love the mystery aspect of theses books It s like my guilty pleasure reading Dorothy Howell I m still waiting for Haley to grow up but I acknowledge that maybe this is just her She may be turning into an updated version of her mother LOL

    25. This was an easy read It doesn t have the depth of the mysteries I normally read, but it wasn t bad The main character is a little flighty, but I think she does have some redeeming characteristics I wouldn t mind reading another from the series.

    26. I always love a good mystery especially one from Dorothy Howell It was hard to put down and I already ordered the next book from the library I especially relate to Haley Randolph mc , although she may be a little immature At least she has a handsome boyfriend who treats her well Loved

    27. I d forgotten about this series until I found this on the library shelf I really like this series, Haley Randolph is a very lovable character I can relate to the oh crap moments

    28. If you re looking for a fun read for the summer this is pretty good It s a mystery, but not the gruesome kind Funny too

    29. This is a fun fluff series to read I like the fashion references, and Haley Randolph, the heroine, is such a self absorbed, irresponsible, but surprisingly likable character.

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