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Dave Barry Does Japan By Dave Barry,

  • Title: Dave Barry Does Japan
  • Author: Dave Barry
  • ISBN: 9780307758675
  • Page: 488
  • Format: ebook
  • One of the funniest peole ever to tap tap on a PC PHILADELPHIA INQUIRERNot since George Bush s memorable dinner with the Japanese prime minister has the Land of the Rising Sun seen the likes of a goodwill ambassador like Dave Barry Join him as he belts out oldies in a karaoke bar, marries a geriatric geisha girl, takes his first bath in public, bows to just about everyo One of the funniest peole ever to tap tap on a PC PHILADELPHIA INQUIRERNot since George Bush s memorable dinner with the Japanese prime minister has the Land of the Rising Sun seen the likes of a goodwill ambassador like Dave Barry Join him as he belts out oldies in a karaoke bar, marries a geriatric geisha girl, takes his first bath in public, bows to just about everyone, and explores culture shock in all its numerous humorous forms, including Failing to Learn Japanese in Only Five Minutes Or Very Much Good Morning, Sir Humor in Japan Take My Tofu, Please Sports in Japan Yo, Batter Loudly Make it Fly , and .
    Dave Barry Does Japan One of the funniest peole ever to tap tap on a PC PHILADELPHIA INQUIRERNot since George Bush s memorable dinner with the Japanese prime minister has the Land of the Rising Sun seen the likes of a good

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    1. Back when I was in middle school, I remember thinking that Dave Barry was a pretty funny writer I haven t read him in quite some time, but in my mind liken him to Bill Bryson So, when I saw he had a book about his travels to Japan, I thought it would be a perfect fit for my armchair travel goals for the year Looking at the cover alone, however, should have tipped me off as to what I was in store for To be fair, this book was written in 1992, which must have been a very different time in the worl [...]

    2. Very funny, classic Dave Barry Everything he noted about Japan was really dead on, which is what makes it the funniest Japan is a wonderful place, and also very, very differentThe funniest thing for me is that I ve had all of these experiences when visiting Japan I ve been to Japanese baths and stayed at traditional country inns, I ve eaten all kinds of weird food including blowfish, which is poisonous if not prepared just so , I ve travelled all over by subway and train, been to lots of shrines [...]

    3. Japan isn t our enemy That notion is racist and stupid Japan had nothing to do with creating our monster national debt, or wrecking our cities, or dumbing down our schools, or making so many of us hate and fear each other We don t need any outside threats to mess up this country we re doing fine on our own.I d never read a Dave Barry book before, and the few times I had read one of his weekly syndicated columns in The Oregonian, I wasn t blown over by his wit enough to keep reading However, this [...]

    4. I always find Dave Barry funny, but this book was not in my opinion one of his best He makes no apologies that it isn t a travel guide but never says what he intends for the book to be I felt like he didn t really achieve anything There were several thoughtful and serious moments, but they were so quickly stuffed in among jokes that they were out of place Further, the book wasn t in a linear timeline from his arrival to departure, he just threw in stories from anywhere in his travels to tenuousl [...]

    5. My husband is Japanese When we got married I didn t want to throw this book out but I also didn t want him to find it and possibly be offended by it However, I came home one evening and he was reading it and laughing very hard I can t think of a better endorsement Note I often read Dave Berry s column growing up as a teenager I was on the school paper and was curious about that fact that he could write in his off the wall style and be published and paid for it and always appreciated how hard I c [...]

    6. I like to read this one about once a year It s a real hoot And I love anything Japan Sometimes my husband and I read it out loud to each other when we re feeling particularly corny and we crack up.

    7. As a native Japanese, I recommend this book who has a plan to travel to Japan and who has an experience to spend some time in Japan Of course there are many deformed as his way of describing, items issues really exist, include the nightingale s leftover.

    8. I long ago learned to appreciate Dave Barry s sense of humor As with much good humor writing, he often starts with a kernel of truth, and then exaggerates it to the point of satire, often with hilarious results I still quote from his book on home ownership, where he recommends that those planning to move should just pile all their belongings in the yard and set them on fire Here, Barry brings his offbeat way of seeing the world to Japan, and he provides us with his own personal take on the diffe [...]

    9. In September of 2008, I went to Hiroshima with The Boyfriend I knew it would be a serious place to visit than a lot of the other places I ve been to in Japan, for obvious reasons, and as I thought about it, I remembered this book You see, while Dave Barry is enormously funny, and I always have a hard time holding in my laughter when he writes, he also knows exactly when to turn off the funny and talk seriously about a topic Such was the case with this book, and the chapter on visiting Hiroshima [...]

    10. For what it is, it s pretty brilliantly written The humor is sharp and concise and actually, this is basically how a gaijin often feels that first two weeks they re here, especially for those of us who actually stayed and thought, WTF did I get myself into Dave Barry makes certain things that you don t notice or at least, consciously hilarious, especially the aspects of it that are supposedly reverent or traditional The book is dependent on certain aspects to make it funny, some of which, unfort [...]

    11. This is the second Dave Barry book I ve read and will likely be the last I just don t find him funny, and there s not enough content to prompt me to read his books apart from that He frequently relies on hyperbole, for the sake of humor I suppose but it comes across to me as lazy writing I read nonfiction to learn new things, but any question he raises he answers not with something factually interesting, but with a feeble stab at humor I know, a bit harsh it s a combination of not finding him fu [...]

    12. This book is Dave Barry s hilarious account of his trip to Japan He runs into so many cultural things that any foreigner runs into He repeatedly accounts that he doesn t really know anything about Japanese culture language, but he shares his experiences from sqatty potties according to Dave, a hole in the ground where they forgot to put the toilet to food to places Having lived in Japan for just over a year now I found the book hilarious I did listen to it in the car on audio book I really appre [...]

    13. Barry gives a somewhat pessimistic view of his adventures in japan, while at the same time he uses his dry sense of humor to make up for it and give the reader a good time He shows that unlike America, Japan is an exclusive club meaning unless you are Japanese your ethnicity you will never be considered Japanese In America if you are of Japanese descent you would still be considered American With the Japanese it wont ever be like that because of the concentrated number of the same ethnicity that [...]

    14. Hilarious I laughed out loud several times per chapter, and at least one of those laughs was an actual roar of laughter The chapter on Japanese was especially funny as the boyfriend and I recently took a Japanese course, and the chapter on music was quite entertaining as well Dave writes very amusingly, with plenty of quips to go around for both sides of the culture divide he frequently pokes fun at his and his family s perspectives, especially trying to find their train at the train station, or [...]

    15. Well, this one s not exactly the kind of end to end humour book you would otherwise expect from Dave Barry.Some of the chapters make for silent reading and taking in a lot of insights, especially for someone like me, who has not been to Japan but has heard a lot about its vast difference for an outsider.And being of vegetarian food habits, some of the items of menu described in some detail don t go well Be warned not to read these chapters before your meal or immediately afterwardsBut the book d [...]

    16. I liked this book better than the last Dave Barry book that I read because it told a complete story and wasn t just a random collection of his columns Yes, it was still a collection of anecdotes from his trip to Japan with his wife and son, but it felt complete and the stories fell in a context that stitched them all together He is, as always, amusing and has a way of stating things in that perfect Regular Joe manner that made him famous Not gut busting and at times the jokes were predictable, [...]

    17. I loved this book First book that I m giving full marks this year Laugh out loud funny Pokes fun at Japan but in a nice way, makes me want to visit even We were going to go this year, with Japanese speaking friends I d never be brave enough to go with my limited grasp of the language hello, yes, what and thanks for the food but we had to move which kinda ruined the plans Boo Will be checking out books by Dave Barry because a book hasn t made me laugh like that in a long time.

    18. This is, without a doubt, the most accurate depiction of what you ll experience when you visit Japan After we had been a week in Japan, I handed this book to my husband to read on the shinkansen on the way back from Hiroshima He about died laughing on that train because it s all TRUE the bowing, the random tentacles in food, all of it It s not all laughs, though the chapter on Hiroshima is contemplative, capturing the feel of visiting the memorial If you visit Japan, you MUST read this book.

    19. Oh my god Not since the posters warned of yellow peril during the second world war has anything so racist been passed publicly and widely as if it were comedy I had always liked Barry s columns and books, and picked this up w o even thinking One of my children is half Japanese, and I am so glad she didn t see this crap.Dave Time to recognize some issues and hopefully deal with them better than this If not, don t air them any than you would with anti Black or anti Jewish literature.It took me a l [...]

    20. I have read this book many many times It s one of my favorite of all time It was Dave Barry who taught me that the written word is a magical thing, that it essentially causes a person to have great emotional responses to a piece of paper.This book will cause you to display all of the emotions associated with any book I laughed out loud, I cried openly, and I had a LOT of people move away from me on the train to let me be alone with my book.

    21. I usually read Dave Barry right before I go to bed because the essays or chapters are quite short I have discovered this to be a mistake because I can t go to sleep without constantly lapsing into giggles I do think that Japan has changed alot since Dave Barry has been there, but it doesn t take away from how funny it is Though Dave spends the entire book being his usual goofy self he does end on a very important note Another two thumbs up.

    22. A funny and superficial look at visiting japan Most westerners will relate to his experiences There is no in depth insight into the Japanese people or their culture here, but it is worth a laugh It was particularly appreciated after living in the culture for a while Laughing at our own lack of understanding is always a good thing

    23. I read this book listened to the audiobook at the end of last week and while traveling for school Very light and silly book that feels like a 3.5 to me On par with other Dave Barry books, with the flippant humor style that I ve come to appreciate in Dave Barry books I d recommend to people that appreciate Barry s sense of humor.

    24. Dave Barry s humor often strikes me as adolescent, but he still manages to make me laugh out loud at times, and this book is no exception Interspersed with the smart mouthing are nuggets of insight about Japan e.g when he describes The System as well as a lot of general information about the country I enjoyed it.

    25. I enjoyed this It was a quick read, and offered some fun outsider perspectives on Japan, its culture and its language There were a few serious moments fittingly, the chapter on Hiroshima has no humor in it and I think they balanced out the sillier parts nicely A quick, fun, travelogue kind of read.

    26. Classic and thus quite random Dave Barry observations on a country, its culture, its quirks, and how America compares I spent some time in Japan just a few years before this book was published, so it was easy to see exactly what he was talking about There are a couple serious moments in the book, but otherwise it s just laugh out loud, zany fun.

    27. So funny And some of his honest opinions about Japan, I am 100% agree, i.e the historical events have become like the carnivals that in another fifty years, they will have lost all their meanings.He also mentioned about the drawbacks of my country which I, myself, often feel uncomfortable with Too many bloody rules to obey

    28. Very funny Dave Barry has a way of explaining Japanese culture through an american s eye without sounding belittling or pandering He s just basically confused and it s pretty funny The Japanese think he s pretty funny too, but not because he s a comic but because he has no idea what he s doing and is doing everything wrong Quick read, very enjoyable

    29. I got a few chuckles out of this book which is what I was looking for but, I didn t find it nearly as funny as the other book of his I ve read I ll Mature When I m Dead Mostly it just felt a bit out of date, which makes sense since it was written in 92 It only takes about an hour to read so even at 2 stars it s a decent read for a flight.

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