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Rules for Renegades By Christine Comaford-Lynch,

  • Title: Rules for Renegades
  • Author: Christine Comaford-Lynch
  • ISBN: 9781615526796
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • PFrom High School Drop out, to Monk, to Multimillionaire, Christine has lived the Rules for Renegades pbrbr p 8220 You want a fabulous career You want to succeed without sacrificing your personal life Your path is different than mine, but I m guessing we have things in common I wrote this book for you 8221 Christine Comaford Lynchbrbr p 8220 Thank you for all your wPFrom High School Drop out, to Monk, to Multimillionaire, Christine has lived the Rules for Renegades pbrbr p 8220 You want a fabulous career You want to succeed without sacrificing your personal life Your path is different than mine, but I m guessing we have things in common I wrote this book for you 8221 Christine Comaford Lynchbrbr p 8220 Thank you for all your work in fostering America entrepreneurship 8221 8212 President Bill Clinton pbrbr p 8220 By reputation, Christine is the woman you want to partner with 8221 Newsweek pbrbr p 8220 If you want to create the career and life of your dreams read this book, apply Christine s wisdom, and you can do it too 8221 Stewart Emery, coauthor of bestselling Success Built to Last pbrbr p 8220 Wanna shot of entrepreneurial adrenaline Inhale this book 8221 Chip Conley, founder and CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality, author, The Rebel Rules pbrbr p 8220 This story of one girl geek s journey through technology gives a series of lessons not just in how to succeed in business, but also in life 8221 Robert X Cringely, host of PBS special 8220 Triumph of the Nerds, 8221 brbrauthor of Accidental Empires pbrbr p 8220 Christine is THE business startup master Christine has done it, teaches it, and continues to do it 8221 T Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind pbrbr p 8220 Through the inclusion of practical tools, Christine has provided an exemplary resource to fast track your path to success 8221 Sarah Heaslip, Private Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley pbrbr
    Rules for Renegades PFrom High School Drop out to Monk to Multimillionaire Christine has lived the Rules for Renegades pbrbr p You want a fabulous career You want to succeed without sacrificing your personal life

    One thought on “Rules for Renegades”

    1. This is not a business book This is also not a career development book It is, however, a narcissistic view from an ego driven woman who started out by thinking she could learn much from billionaires by sleeping with them Do not be deceived into thinking that this book can rock your world as the author claims The author presents herself as a name dropping, flippant, superficial high school drop out who obviously thinks she has something to share with the world She doesn t.Interpretation of the ru [...]

    2. I used to review business books for a management magazine, so I ve read a ton of books like this the secrets to getting ahead Unfortunately, this book reads like of a kiss and tell than a business how to guide to success the author lost all credibility when she started name dropping about her affairs with Bill Gates and Larry Ellison.I was eager to read this slim volume because the author a model turned monk turned programmer turned millionaire seemed to have a heck of a background to draw from [...]

    3. This book vacillated between being inspirational, giving business advice, and the author s personal stories dating Bill Gates yes, that Bill Gates etc It was too difficult for me to keep transitioning with where she was going The business advice didn t fit me as I m not making 3 4 million dollars, don t have current funds to employ others,etc So, chaotic, jumpy book, with advice not practical to me led to a one star rating and a desire to find a business book written for someone starting on a mu [...]

    4. With a title like Rules for Renegades , I expected a book with traditional business platitudes But I found a great How I did it book with unique stories and specific advice I m pleasantly surprised Christine is a master of 1 Fermi estimates.2 Stepping outside social norms when it makes sense to do so.3 Just going for it.

    5. Disclaimer I skimmed this book Despite the title, it s autobiography than business advice book, although she does give some advice Overall, I didn t find this book to have a lot of wisdom, and I wouldn t recommend it over other business books Although a couple of favorite stories stand out in my memory one, Comaford was working at Microsoft as an early temp back in the days of t dashes and her team of temps was told they had to find FTE jobs or sign up with contracting agency Volt by the end of [...]

    6. Rules for Renegades by Christine Comaford lays out practical though sometimes astounding insights that will help anyone in their work or daily living, or for their entrepreneurial ventures or professional work.The CEO and founder of five companies, author Christine Comaford has over 20 years of experience with Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and Lotus She has also assisted several Fortune 1,000 companies as well as small businesses to success.Drawing from her professional life, she draws lessons from he [...]

    7. In spite of the oxymoronic title, there is a fairly interesting read It s definitely focused on entrepreneurs, but there is also some application for what the author calls intrapreneurs, which are people inside of companies trying to stretch themselves and make a difference The anecdotes around dating Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are quite entertaining, and she does include them in a plausibly instructive, rather than purely voyeuristic, fashion Her stories around how she started her earliest co [...]

    8. I just finished this book It gave me a lot of insight, above and beyond simply starting or running a business.It did bug me that there was a section after each chapter summarizing the main points I would be reading, really get into it, and then have the reminder that I m reading a book for people who don t seem to have it all together business sense wise.Good writer, though The stories were very revealing and refreshing.

    9. Good read, just not for me There s some very informative information, though its focused towards the Silicon Valley crowd The anecdotes are quite funny but in the end its just another formulaic self help book, which ends up bending the truth in order to prove the point its trying make I really could never get through any of these and this was no exception.

    10. I read the other updated version that has a different title Decent book a quick read as most of it is common sense stuff I liked the idea that most situations and outlooks are illusions that can be changed so go create the life you want.

    11. I m not interest about business, but this book told business from the other side I think it s like self help and inpiring book, coz Chriz told about her experience in business I like it, and make me see what must I do to get my dream

    12. Loved it, it s morale booster and for people far away from the silicon valley world a non genius insider look gives you a different perspective Christine is in any discipline an example of life, and every chapter has great take aways As a yogi in the IT world, its hard not to fall for her.

    13. A great reminder that the kind of life you dream about having is available just get moving on it You have to parse through some things I wouldn t really agree with in terms of The Secret and The Law of Attraction , but there are some great stories of a person achieving her goals

    14. a fun read, with some easy to implement practices to improve your personal and professional footprint, though tough to imagine most readers would have the Huev n that she does.

    15. It was an easy read that made me think about ways to challenge myself I found it very insightful It had a lot of similarities to other personal development books.

    16. Una gu a para echar a andar tus proyectos en la vida, pero sobre todo a dar prioridad a cosas que valen la pena y encontrar el camino.

    17. Very entertaining and educational She breaks down the how into reasonable, achievable steps I wish she were my friend I needed this information years ago.

    18. Great motivational book for entrepreneurs The Author goes into too much detail about her personal successes and failures but if you weed through the excess the main message can be appreciated.

    19. What a terrible book Should be called the 12 secrets 11 Sleep with powerful men 12 Lie and misguide others into thinking you are something you aren t.

    20. A self help, business, spirituality, auto biography This book tries to do it all, and does it successfully A great guide for current and want to be big business entrepreneurs.

    21. This self made entrepreneur knows how to make a book interesting and readable The know how and experiences are exciting and very revealing She does tell it like she experienced it.

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