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The Hungry Stones and Other Stories By Rabindranath Tagore,

  • Title: The Hungry Stones and Other Stories
  • Author: Rabindranath Tagore
  • ISBN: 9780766182875
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tagore is an artist of rare lyrical powers, who understands the human soul Tagore s poems and stories are devotions, mystical, sublimated ecstasy They are the thoughts of a seer, the perfect union of beauty and truth in poetry Contents Hungry Stones Victory Once there was a King Homecoming My Lord, the Baby Kingdom of Cards Devotee Vision Babus of Nayanjore LiTagore is an artist of rare lyrical powers, who understands the human soul Tagore s poems and stories are devotions, mystical, sublimated ecstasy They are the thoughts of a seer, the perfect union of beauty and truth in poetry Contents Hungry Stones Victory Once there was a King Homecoming My Lord, the Baby Kingdom of Cards Devotee Vision Babus of Nayanjore Living or Dead We Crown Thee King Renunciation, Cabuliwallah.
    The Hungry Stones and Other Stories Tagore is an artist of rare lyrical powers who understands the human soul Tagore s poems and stories are devotions mystical sublimated ecstasy They are the thoughts of a seer the perfect union of

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    1. These stories are close to perfection, but it s a different kind of perfection than you would find in western tales Most are immediate, intensely human, unpretentious and told in a straightforward, unadorned style This happened and then that happened, which led to the next thing Yet the real happenings are within the characters emotional wrenchings, upheavals of the spirit, life altering changes for both good and bad These stories read like fairy tales told from inside the mind.Tagore will speed [...]

    2. This book was my first introduction to Tagore, and I first attempted to read it when I was in the fifth standard the language was beyond my standard, and I took almost two weeks to read it The depth of the stories and their beauty was brought home to me only when I read it again at the age of 15 Its a good book and contains some of the best stories of Tagore.

    3. because of his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, by which, with consummate skill, he has made his poetic thought, expressed in his own English words, a part of the literature of the West Nobel Prize Org.I couldn t agree with Nobel Prize Organization, Tagore s verse is beautiful and fresh Even though I red it on a translated version its still leave some of the beauty from the original manuscript, that s when you know a short stories is great when the translated version is still go [...]

    4. These simple tales of village life and governance show in an entertaining way how the pre industrial world was understood, judged and thought about in India at least, as understood in translation Married life, the impulsive and unwise nature of children, duties of people toward each other, the costs of carelessness and misunderstandings and human nature, and the romanticized power of belief in occult mysteries are told by wives, husbands and government officials.

    5. These short stories are almost poetry than prose Tagore is an astonishingly fluid writer with a distinctly eastern flair and syntax that is evocative and transportive This is a fascinating, quick little read that every student of English should undertake.

    6. Tagore truly measures upto real noble class This is one story that needs to be re read to assimilate its true SPIRIT Actually this story is all about the spirits only amazing truly wonderful I am bowled over

    7. Unlike fortunate readers who could read in Bengali, and appreciate the Essence of the stories in its original form, I read the English translation A collage of short stories themed around ghosts, relationships, fairy tale and much End of each story is a feeling of what else, what next, not this way, not fair

    8. Batu batu Lapar dan 12 cerita pendek lainnya, terkumpul dalam karya Rabindranath yang satu ini Semuanya kental nuansa Indianya, dalam setting, dalam budaya pengkastaan, dalam pemujaan pada dewa dewa bahkan dalam ucapan, tindakan dan kematian Tagore tidak malu malu memotret satu per satu kejadian kemudian merangkainya menjadi satu dalam kolase kisah, yang sama sekali tidak berhubungan, namun benang merahnya mampu membuka jendela tempat kita mengintip kondisi sosial masyarakat India secara lugas d [...]

    9. Je recommende fortement The Hungry Stones disponsible gutenberg ebooks 2518 qui fournit une excellente introduction au g nie de Rabindranath Tagore La gamme de sujets d abord s est tr s large Il y a des contes bien r ussies sur les souffrances des petits gens Il y a deux contes o Tagore critique s verement le syst me de caste Hindou En m me temps, parce que Tagore taient bien croyant, il y a des contes ou Tagore parle des voies que l on emprunte pour percevoir la divinit supr me et de l importan [...]

    10. I became intrigued with Tagore after seeing an exhibit of his paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago My western self was painfully unaware of his existence prior to a few weeks ago This is the first collection of writing that I picked up and will definitely be pursuing .

    11. Among this collection of short stories The Cabulliwala , My Lord the Baby , The Homecoming and Vision are simply outstanding and touch an emotional chord deep down in your heart.

    12. Like most of the short story books this one also has it s lack of consistencyIf you must, then read Once upon a time there was a king of the lot.

    13. This is a slim volume of stories, but it contains multitudes Tagore was one of the most talented and myriad minded writers of the twentieth century In this short book, he reveals many sides of his ability Some stories, like The Babus of Nayanjore and The Renunciation , are realistic, satirical, and comical Others, like Living or Dead and Hungry Stones are weird and mystical One of the stories, The Kingdom of Cards is a brilliant allegory.There are two themes that run through these stories the se [...]

    14. Rabindranath pisa wiersze, kt re wietnie nadaj si na tatuowane sentencje yciowe i w a nie za nie dosta Nobla, ale by prawdziwym cz owiekiem renesansu poza pisaniem wierszy malowa , komponowa , by filozofem i pedagogiem Pisa r wnie proz z takim kunsztem, jakby pisa poezj Czytaj c jego opowiadania zanurza am si w orientalnym wiecie raz po raz otwieraj c szerzej oczy w zadziwieniu lub podziwie, kiwaj c w zrozumieniu g ow , roni c kilka ez wzruszenia lub po prostu delektuj c si pi knem kwiecistych p [...]

    15. A random collection of short stories from the great Indian writer, translated by various hands including Tagore s , and first published in 1916.The stories range from the mystical to the naturalistic, some dealing with issues such as the caste system and earthly ambition all of them deeply humane, evocative moral fables.There are some annoying typos in the free version I downloaded, but not in sufficient numbers to detract from the magical fluency of Tagore s story telling.

    16. These stories are exquisite I remember hearing two of them, Kabulliwalla and The Hungry Stones, read on the radio well over 40 years ago I remembered them vividly It was great to encounter them again, as well as these other small masterpieces.

    17. As I was reading through this I wondered why most of Tagore s stories are so sad and depressing but not in an unlikable way Happy endings or cheerful plotlines were rare that I almost cheered at some that ended pleasantly I would describe these stories as poignant They touch you and stay with you for a while.The best thing about this book is the marvelous writing Tagore s use of similes are beautiful, such as when he described a quiet day still wet after a heavy rain, the way eyelids are wet aft [...]

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