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Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Seasonal Recipes from Market to Table By Suzanne Goin Teri Gelber,

  • Title: Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Seasonal Recipes from Market to Table
  • Author: Suzanne Goin Teri Gelber
  • ISBN: 9780307547675
  • Page: 336
  • Format: ebook
  • Few chefs in America have won acclaim than Suzanne Goin, owner of Lucques restaurant A chef of impeccable pedigree, she got her start cooking at some of the best restaurants in the world L Arp ge Olives, and Chez Panisse, to name a few places where she acquired top notch skills to match her already flawless culinary instincts A great many cooks have come through tFew chefs in America have won acclaim than Suzanne Goin, owner of Lucques restaurant A chef of impeccable pedigree, she got her start cooking at some of the best restaurants in the world L Arp ge Olives, and Chez Panisse, to name a few places where she acquired top notch skills to match her already flawless culinary instincts A great many cooks have come through the kitchen at Chez Panisse, observes the legendary Alice Waters, But Suzanne Goin was a stand out We all knew immediately that one day she would have a restaurant of her own, and that other cooks would be coming to her for kitchen wisdom and a warm welcome And come they have, in droves Since opening her L.A restaurant, Lucques, in 1998, Goin s cooking has garnered extraordinary accolades Lucques is now recognized as one of the best restaurants in the country, and she is widely acknowledged as one of the most talented chefs around Goin s gospel is her commitment to the freshest ingredients available her way of combining those ingredients in novel but impeccably appropriate ways continues to awe those who dine at her restaurant Her Sunday Supper menus at Lucques ever changing and always tied to the produce of the season have drawn raves from all quarters critics, fellow chefs, and Lucques s devoted clientele Now, in her long awaited cookbook, Sunday Suppers at Lucques, Goin offers the general public, for the first time, the menus that have made her famous This inspired cookbook contains 132 recipes in all, arranged into four course menus and organized by season Each recipes contains detailed instructions that distill the creation of these elegant and classy dishes down to easy to follow steps Recipes include Braised Beef Shortribs with Potato Puree and Horseradish Cream Cranberry Walnut Clafoutis Warm Crepes with Lemon Zest and Hazelnut Brown Butter 75 full color photographs that illustrate not only the beauty of the food but the graceful plating techniques that Suzanne Goin is known for A wealth of information on seasonal produce everything from reading a ripe squash to making the most of its flavors She even tells us where to purchase the best fruit, vegetables, and pantry items Detailed instruction on standard cooking techniques both simple and involved, from making breadcrumbs to grilling duck A foreword by Alice Waters, owner and head chef of Chez Panisse restaurant and mentor to Suzanne Goin one time Chez Panisse line cook With this book, Goin gives readers a sublime collection of destined to be classic recipes More than that, however, she offers advice on how home cooks can truly enjoy the process of cooking and make that process their own One Sunday with Suzanne Goin is guaranteed to change your approach to cooking not to mention transform your results in the kitchen.From the Hardcover edition.
    Sunday Suppers at Lucques Seasonal Recipes from Market to Table Few chefs in America have won acclaim than Suzanne Goin owner of Lucques restaurant A chef of impeccable pedigree she got her start cooking at some of the best restaurants in the world L Arp ge Oliv

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    1. I had never even heard of Lucques before this cookbook made a big splash in the blogosphere a few years ago I ve had my copy for ages now but it s not one I reach for often Something about this book is a little intimidating, though not all the recipes are complicated I guess it s the perpetual problem of having too many cookbooks and not enough time to cook And this is a real entertaining cookbook, not your everyday get a meal on the table cookbook.The book is divided into seasonal menus, each c [...]

    2. The only reason I cannot put a 5th star here is that I do not use this book nearly enough to say that it s amazing I love the organization of the book first by season, and then within each season are a number of multi course meals that you can mix and match Many recipes are a bit too involved for a casual weeknight meal, and most are for special occasion dinners, but the few that I have tried so far were wonderful.

    3. There is a lot of text here, so much so, I skipped over most of it the Forward, Acknowledgements, Introduction alone were 12 pages of not very large print The recipes are in menu form and broken down in to sections by season and each season has 1 1 2 pages of print Each season also has a list of vegetables fruits that you can get from the local Farmers market, what they are, taste, texture, how to sue prepare them.Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter all contain 8 different menus w four dishes each Ea [...]

    4. We got together as a group and made 8 dishes from this book All were quite yummy The only issue was that the recipe for harissa made a tasty paste that wasn t the least bit spicy Remade it with different peppers than were called for chile de arobol instead of ancho and it was great.The other dishes we made were Young onion, bacon cheese tart Pomegranite and persimmon salad Kobacha soup Date, parmesan blood orange salad Tunisian lamb Eggplant stew accompanied by harissa and farro Deviled chicken [...]

    5. Suzanne Goin is one of my favorite female chefs She s truly a role model she knows good food, she s successful, she s fit and healthy, and her recipes are incredibly good Basically everything I hope to be I wouldn t recommend this book for beginners, of course Also, most of the ingredients aren t available in this part of town, but I don t think you need to stick to the script when it comes to cooking some things Think of her menus recipes as mere suggestions and you will get the most amazing id [...]

    6. This is an easy to follow passionate journey into creating meals that will be sumptuous and comforting Suzanne is at ease with all of her ingredients, cooking,and sharing her stories I can t wait to make a reservation for Sunday Supper at Lucques next time I am in Los Angeles I am also looking forward to making some of these recipes at home Carmelized bread pudding with chocolate and cinnamon will certainly become one of my winter desserts, no doubt about it I can hardly wait to make a fennel gr [...]

    7. I stagiaired at this place in the late summer early fall this year and it totally blew my mind in about a million ways Hm, okay maybe only one hundred ways, nonetheless it was an amazing experience This book fills in the gaps of my notes and then some The procedures, explanations of process are complete and informative and for the home cook, seem completely executable, and will most assuredly be delicious This book will help you become a better cook and help you to enjoy food Good times and hig [...]

    8. everything i ve ever made from this book has been ultra tasty and a hit they re great for dinner parties, when you want to make something special the photographs are beautiful, and the recipes are easy to follow, although they sometimes call for hard to find ingredients i like that the recipes are arranged by season and presented in short menus, although i usually mix different menu items together.

    9. If you ate these recipes every day, you would struggle to maintain a healthy weight If you share them with friends occasionally, you ll be fine Many of the recipes can be lightened up without removing the flavor She includes some excellent vegetable recipes We also liked the chicken stew we made with all her suggested ingredients but using a simplified method This book is an inspiration to adventurous and experienced cooks

    10. Some of these recipes are so elaborate, I don t know if I would ever attempt them, and, like many Californian chefs, there is very little acknowledgment that not everyone can get California produce It would be nice to see some suggestions for substitutions But this is a gorgeous book and has many many delicious recipes And photos

    11. Everything sounded delicious, and I would not hesitate to order anything if I saw the dish on a menu However, some of the recipes are extremely time intensive there s a marinated peppers and eggplant recipe with a quote from Judy Rogers that reads, Stop, think, there must be a harder way I love marinated vegetables, but a long page of instructions seems a bit much.

    12. I find most of these recipes too complicated to follow from start to finish in fact, most chefs cookbooks are like this It is not easy to adapt restaurant recipes to the home kitchen, but I do like how it is divided into seasons, and I appreciate tweaking her recipes to fit into my less is cooking style.

    13. What a beautiful book Divided by season including the produce you can expect to find at your local farmer s market in each season of the year Recipes that make your mouth water and taste fabulous without fail Totally worth the 37 hours you will spend in the kitchen to make that insert holiday of choice feast you ve always dreamed about.

    14. One of the best restaurant cook books ever Amazing restaurant quality meals with easy instructions I cooked one of the best meals of my life last night thanks to this one So many to choose from Highly recommend and can t wait for her A.O.C cookbook to come out this month

    15. This is a beautifully photographed book with ideas for wonderful weekend meals using ingredients appropriate to each season It s weekend food for sure many things take several hours to cook Nothing is overwhelmingly complicated, but it s all somewhat sophisticated takes on comfort food.

    16. Though I haven t made anything from it, I will rate it 4 stars for the home cook I have quite a few recipes flagged to copy Her write ups pre recipe are interesting Rob s famous coleslaw, Mary Jones from Cleveland s molasses cookies, curried English pea soup The photography is pleasing.

    17. my favorite cookbook your meals will come out like a top restaurant dish I love her combinations of ingredients and use of farm fresh seasonal items.

    18. Beautiful cookbook, but much too elaborate food for me to really use loved to look at it, didn t find a recipe that I wanted to make.

    19. My all time favourite dinner party cookbook Haven t made a single recipe from here that wasn t absolutely incredible Can not recommend highly enough.

    20. Really wonderful if a little ornate recipes for weekend type dinners I m using the juniper marinade a lot for different pork preparations This book also helped me love romesco sauce.

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