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The Sallie House Haunting: A True Story By Debra Lyn Pickman,

  • Title: The Sallie House Haunting: A True Story
  • Author: Debra Lyn Pickman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the firsthand account of what Tony and Debra Pickman and their newborn son Taylor experienced in the now notorious Sallie House, from the day they moved in to the turn of the century haunted house until they finally fled in terror The story of the Sallie House and the fire starting ghost girl who haunted it has sparked endless rumors and theories of murder, cover This is the firsthand account of what Tony and Debra Pickman and their newborn son Taylor experienced in the now notorious Sallie House, from the day they moved in to the turn of the century haunted house until they finally fled in terror The story of the Sallie House and the fire starting ghost girl who haunted it has sparked endless rumors and theories of murder, cover ups, racism, and abuse But the Pickmans know the real story because they lived it and barely made it out alive.Now, for the first time, Tony and Debra reveal untold stories from their ordeal They describe Sallie s seemingly protective fascination with their baby, and tell what it was like to live with menacing entities that scratched, bit, and terrorized their family Along with historical research, the Pickmans share personal photographs and journal entries from their time spent living in the nightmare house that still haunts them today.
    The Sallie House Haunting A True Story This is the firsthand account of what Tony and Debra Pickman and their newborn son Taylor experienced in the now notorious Sallie House from the day they moved in to the turn of the century haunted h

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    1. I was drawn to this book in a search for answers, due to experiencing paranormal events in my home Debra documents this case well, and I read this book in a couple of days as I could not put it down There are lots of twists and turns, and I without spoiling the story, I totally understand why Debra felt the need to trust the ghost and try to live with it Unless you have experienced such a thing, that aspect is hard for most to understand.However human nature makes us want to believe the best in [...]

    2. Intriguing book This came out before all of the Ghost Hunting shows came on to network and cable TV This book told the true story of a family that thought they only had one little girl ghost living with them, when it turned out that they had another darker energy there as well.I noticed that this edition was missing several words throughout the text or that the words were switched around So I found myself adding words so it made sense, maybe this is the real meaning of ghost writing.

    3. This felt like a true account of what they went through I like the conclusions the author draws from her experience.

    4. I bought this book to read on my holidays I became so engrossed with the story that I had actually completed it in 2 days well, it was raining so no point site seeing lol I liked the honest approach of the authors concerning Sallie , which was written in the first tense There was no pretence that they knew what it was, only that they did not fear it rather embraced the idea of having a spirit child amongst them.The writing style was clear and simple, refraining from flowering up the plot, or sen [...]

    5. A quick read It was very entertaining and interesting I m used to hearing scary stories, so it wasn t scary to me, but it might be scary to other people It s an extremely haunted house with a lot of activity within days and weeks of each other The show Sightings featured them a few times I was surprised to hear this because I remember seeing that show when I was a kid To this day I remember seeing the scratches form on Tony s body as the camera was rolling The burnt rose on the windowsill also m [...]

    6. I remember watching the Sightings updates on this haunting back in the 90s and found it to be one of the most disturbing paranormal cases I had ever heard of It remains that to this day and the book takes you right into the middle of one family s mounting terror I absolutely could not read this at night

    7. I love how she actually talked about the activity and mentioned that she wrote the book to help others who have experienced the supernatural I was sad to learn that they think Sallie had been a demonic energy all along

    8. These so called true haunted house cases books are never what they claim to be, but The Sallie House Haunting has a few surprises and gripping little bits of history and emotional parts that make it likeable than most This book wasn t bad, and I really enjoyed it.

    9. This book was not well written and there are only 2 of the photos included Experiences were somewhat interesting but not overally presented well.

    10. Not scary, just wack o.Honestly, I m not sure how this haunting became so famous I ve read much creepier stuff on the internet Don t waste your time.

    11. That house is definitely haunted by a little demon girl named Sallie The stories from the people who lived in the house are truly terrifying Also the evidence of the scratches that the man received are really compelling to proof the demon s existence.Sallie wants to play

    12. A good readI enjoyed the book it was written and put together very well easy to follow it felt they tried to verify the events and look At them and reproduce them

    13. I couldn t help but want from this book It is at times really scary, but it feels like it s seriously lacking something.

    14. This book had two of the most disturbing scenarios that I ve read in a horror book, and neither of them had anything to do with the paranormal The first was the author s husband accidentally running her cat through a 90 minute dryer cycle, and then the author happening upon the gruesome aftermath when she went to fold the laundry This really upset me, but the second instance was even worse Claiming to be under the influence of a demonic entity, the husband STABS a stray cat that finds its way in [...]

    15. It s books like these that always make me think This could happen to anyone even me I finished this book in about 3 days, one was in the car on the way from NJ to Maine for Thanksgiving.The read is easy although there are quite a few errors in the writing when it comes to missing words, or things just missed in editing I don t know if it was done unintentionally or to increase the pages of the book or if Debra really did feel that it needed to be said again, but I felt that things that didn t ne [...]

    16. I was new to the Sallie House haunting and hadn t heard of it until I picked up the book It s a very interesting story and the book was an easy, captivating read It starts off quite typically a family moves into a new house and little by little, strange things begin to occur For most of the book, the author is convinced that there is a spirit of a young girl in the house who demands attention and occasional discipline for what she does The family warm to the spirit and intend to keep her around [...]

    17. 3.5 rating Interesting experiences, questionable storytelling.This was an interesting kind of story with revealed details at the end that could have made the story much interesting I m not sure if the point of giving those pretty important details a short but separate chapter was her idea, but it was like an afterthought Really, if Tony s side had been incorporated into the main story, it would have created an interesting parallel between the two different perceptions of the paranormal activit [...]

    18. This was an excellent read It could have used some extra proofreading, but the story itself was really good I especially enjoyed the fact that it was written as the events occurred, even though the book wasn t officially written until after they moved out of the house They didn t know what type of entity or entities they were dealing with until after they moved out Psychics told them it was the spirit of a little girl They had no reason to doubt that until vicious scratches begin appearing on To [...]

    19. This book was a pretty good book It was about this newly wed couple, Tony and Debra, and they had just moved into a house, and they were witnessing ghostly activity, but they just ignored it Well, they finally found out that it really was a ghost, and they told Debra s sister Her sister came down to visit and they called a ghost specialist named Barbra and she came to check out the house She found out that her name is Sallie and she is 7 years old She told them that they need to let her presence [...]

    20. Naturally, when I got to go inside the infamous house, nothing happened I swear I am the anti psychic Ghosts flee from my presence.Update I really have no idea how to rate this since I was reading it purely for insider information I enjoyed having an actual Sallie House resident s detailing of events The only problem was that, after giving us lots of detail based on her journals, towards the end of the book the telling got very rushed and vague The Pickmans moved out and then episodes occurred, [...]

    21. A great, quick read that gives insight into what it is like to live with a ghost or whatever Sallie was.I enjoyed reading it although, it was a predicable tale of a haunting that mirrors so many other true story examples of this genre There wasn t really anything new to add to the subject in this book.It would be nice if, one day, someone could find out exactly what is behind all this supernatural phenomenum and not just run away, leaving the problem for someone else to sort out To leave the hou [...]

    22. wanted this to be scary or entertaining or good it wasn t it was all just some lady writing down every single boring little detail about some child ghost most of what was written was over detailed and never scary and any idiot that knows anything about ghosts and spirits knows that child ghost usually aren t kids fools i only got through 3 4s of the book before i gave up the thing is, i love paranormal stuff, its one of my great interests after Robin Hood so when i picked this up i was all YAY S [...]

    23. I decided to read this because I am going to Atchison, KS and possibly the Sallie House in October It was an interesting read, but with some questionable aspects I suppose all people would react differently to paranormal activity in their home, but I felt the parents in this story chose to get answers over taking care of their family Also, there were a good number of typos and words used incorrectly While this may be attributed to the editor or publisher, it only helped to discredit the story [...]

    24. I thoroughly enjoyed this book Upset with myself that it took 2 years for me to pick it up After reading a few Paranormal book flops I was really afraid that this was going to yet be another FLOP I was pleasantly surprised when I COULD NOT put the book down I really love the way Mrs Pickman recounts her experiences with first telling the phenomenon then trying to de bunk the Phenomenon, Giving full account of where people are in the room at the time of the phenomenon and so on Very well written [...]

    25. If you like spooky stories written by those who experience them, then you ll like this Interesting, creepy, and entertainingopen for you to choose to believe, or not I ve read several of these types of books and this one was pretty good The story was going along great until the last chapter and then the epilogue when the author introduced events that weren t included in the previous chapters and I found that confusing Also, the story had an unsatifying ending.

    26. This is the true story of a haunted house in Atchison, KS I read it because I went to college in Atchison and was curious about it The house got lots of hype and has been featured on several TV shows It was written by a tenant of the house who experienced the gulf of the paranormal activity It was definitely interesting, but it was not well written and I am not convinced of the author s credibility.

    27. A very good read Although my only criticism is the end seemed a little hurried and did not emphasize the real terror that made the Picktons leave the house Very well crafted and effective tale of how a haunting started with a little girl and descended in to something demonic I did not think they could capture the same terror in the Sightings tv programme where we saw Tony Picton scratched and welts and blood appear before us but it was a damn fine effort.

    28. This book was full of typos, missing words, out of order words, etc It was as if the author couldn t organize her thoughts and or there wasn t a very good proof reader on the job The material itself had its interesting points but, overall, you are left with questions than answers However, this is a non fictional account of their experiences, so I suppose that is how the Pickmans must have felt living with the phenomena I give it a Meh and will not read this book again.

    29. This book scared me in a way that makes you look over your shoulder at the slightest sound To think these people had to deal with this in their own home is scary when your home is your sanctuary It s a great read fr any ghost story fanatic and the best part is its a true story just adds to the scare factor

    30. It was nice to read about all of the Pickman s experiences in the Sallie house The book wasn t put together very well though When Debra would talk about a specific picture it wouldn t show up until like 10 pages later The pictures were also really tiny sometimes Still a good read, since I ll be visiting the Sallie House in the near future.

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