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Say it Again By Jasmine Black,

  • Title: Say it Again
  • Author: Jasmine Black
  • ISBN: 9781920468163
  • Page: 335
  • Format: ebook
  • One month before the annual fireman s charity auction, fireman, Wade Hartman announces he s gay This year when he strolls down the catwalk, he wants to leave with a man When the only bid he receives is a pity bid, Wade s crushed, but he lets his friend take him to dinner anyway.Real estate conglomerate, Jared Kessler s loved Wade for years So when he reads the article aOne month before the annual fireman s charity auction, fireman, Wade Hartman announces he s gay This year when he strolls down the catwalk, he wants to leave with a man When the only bid he receives is a pity bid, Wade s crushed, but he lets his friend take him to dinner anyway.Real estate conglomerate, Jared Kessler s loved Wade for years So when he reads the article about the fireman s charity event, he knows he has to be the winning bidder Mistaken as an unwanted bidder, Jared refuses to give up He wants Wade, if only for one night.One innocent dinner turns into fiery passion But one night isn t enough for Wade He wants Jared for real The Wade pushes, the closer he comes to discovering the deep, dark secrets of Jared s past Can love conquer Jared s fears or are his wounds too deep for even love
    Say it Again One month before the annual fireman s charity auction fireman Wade Hartman announces he s gay This year when he strolls down the catwalk he wants to leave with a man When the only bid he receives i

    One thought on “Say it Again”

    1. Re read demotion This book is downright terrible The gist is healing sexual abuse victim with good sex Insulting, at best Not even hate read able.Avoid at all costs

    2. This read like really poor fanfic I couldn t even finish it The lead character Wade wasn t very likeable had a huge chip on his shoulder from the very beginning and wasn t very believable 32 year old virgin who had known he was gay for 17 years It felt like it was written by a 13 year old ESL kid I was actually pretty disappointed because this had been recommended on a review site.

    3. 2.5 stars Started out really strong Great story premise and then it got twisted with dark secrets that were too deep to get into in this short story I think we would have been better served with a much longer deeper story I enjoyed the characters and has lots of potential.

    4. Wade is a fireman who has agreed to participate in his community s charity auction He s allowed himself to be placed on the auctioning block, and in so doing he hopes he will land himself with his first official gay date Wade only recently came out as a gay man, and he s a bit nervous that no one will have the desire or courage to bid on him When Wade s golf buddy Jared steps forward and bids a thousand dollars, Wade is taken aback somewhat, thinking that the gesture was merely a pity bid or an [...]

    5. My first m m fiction audiobook and it didn t make a good impression The story was very predictable and it didn t do a really good job of holding my attention I was a bit irked and felt like the author may have been pushing some of her belief of gender lines for both sexes on the audience This made it a lot less enjoyable for me Other issues I had were that Wade was always thinking about sex when it came to Jared It was too sexed up for my taste Jared was also always avoiding Wade but Wade never [...]

    6. I don t know why this was so short A book like this needs at least 100 pages, and I do mean at least 200 would be suitable It was a nice story, I liked Wade He was the nice guy Jared, well he wasn t my favourite, but I liked him enough in the end.Spoiler view spoiler Jared was abandoned by his parents and adopted by his grandfather who molested him for years He would rape him raw and without anything at all hide spoiler

    7. Say It Again opens at an annual charity auction for the local fire department In past years, Wade has been one of the firemen to bring in the highest bids and a popular item with the ladies They took him for a gentleman when he let them down easy, not realizing that the real reason he never took a charity date to bed like the other firemen was because he s actually gay This year, though, he has finally come out of the closet and, than anything, he wants a man to bid on him so he can go on a rea [...]

    8. I think my reaction to this novel was the same of the main character Wade to Jared s rebuttal after their first night together surprise and questions When I started reading it, I was expecting a nice and light comedy about a bachelor auction and 2 best friends with benefits Wade is an hot firefighter but he is somehow like an homemade pie, simple and natural he likes a good beer, good friends and good sex He is not complicated and he doesn t like to fake an interest in women he has not, and so, [...]

    9. Okay, so I m not a big fan of inst love, but at least they were friends before and infatuated with each other Still, no close friends and they know nothing about each other, so I would just like to point out how dating someone before jumping into bed and you know actually talking during the date can be a great idea at times For me the sex in the story felt lacking and it came off as them having a bad chemistry something was clearly off and making the sex scenes less appealing Then the misunderst [...]

    10. Jared had a legitimate reason for the way he acted But by the time we find out what it is, I already hated him Sorrybut finding out why he was f d in the head, didn t make me like him.He was cold He never seemed like he liked anything during sex He instigated it, then acted like it was a chore I don t know why Wade came back for .Ohd comparing someone to a fine antique That is never, ever, a good thing Not a complement I don t care how expensive, or beautiful, you compare me to an antique, and y [...]

    11. Yeah so this was crap I don t know if it was just that the story was that bad, or if it was the story AND the narrator The narrator alone cause I listened to the audiobook was absolutely god awful, and if it had been longer than the hour it was, I would have given up on it.How the hell did this actually even get an audiobook made for it since it s only like 38 pages long That is mind boggling to me I mean if it was a narrator doing it for the exposure like they do with ACX, I could understand bu [...]

    12. I recently read the mini story by Jasmine Black, titled Say It Again At first the title and the brief synopsis caught my attention, but as I read the first chapter, it started out very slow I figured it would pick as the story continued but it did not it just confused me even of how it jumped around There was no clear flow of characters or even how the character s past actually started how to resolve his issues or how just saying I love you can make it all go away The character never truly deal [...]

    13. 3.5 starsWOW, an interesting read At first, I found the interaction between Wade and Jared to be kind of disjointed, their lack of communication on the strange side, though I got that Jared had some serious issues and Wade s inexperience with men compounded his confusion Even so, I gotta say, I was not expecting this to be such a sad story I wish it had been longer, or had an epilogue, so I could have gained a true sense of healing for Jared because it left me with knots in my stomach, hoping th [...]

    14. I ve been delaying with writing a review because I didn t want to revisit the story.The characters were uninteresting and not fleshed out at all Instead of using the precious pages for character development, we just get a lot of smut scenes Including first time sex that has perfect deep throating.Jared is supposed to be a professional, but he admits that Wade makes him not able to focus on his work Firefighter and while he admits it, he seems to place that blame on Wade.I loathed these character [...]

    15. Say it Again by Jasmine Black had all the elements to become an amazing story Sadly, I felt the characters were underdeveloped and overemotional If the storyline had been written from Jared s POV while developing his background story of his childhood abuse and rape at the hands of his adoptive father along with the psychological issues that it entailed would have made the story a better read Although a good story it just fell short of its potential.

    16. This is one of those cases where I wanted it to be good Great premise, interesting characters with deeper issues, but at the end of the day the writer doesn t pull it off The story is rushed and the emotional issues aren t handled in a believable way I wanted a beautiful love story, I got a poor outline with very little character development.

    17. Too many harsher subjects were brought up in this short, too many emotions that rang as shallow in the two dimensional characters Coming away, I found myself poking it with a stick, wondering if it would waster away in it s misery of come out in a startling moment of ressurection Sadly, neither happened.

    18. While reading the summary i was waiting for a light novel with two friends getting together, but after the bidding everything was so confused and i admit that the abuse part wich was mentionned was the real turn off for me Years of abuse can t be cast off with a its fine honey you re not a monster Wich one of the reason why I gave it only 2 stars

    19. Good story, good characters, but bit off a little than it could chew in the length given, I think I would like to read a novel length version of this that really tried to deal with the psychological issues it brought up.

    20. I loved the idea if this book and I think if the book had been length it should have been, I would have loved it But it was way to short for the serious subjects that the characters had to deal with.

    21. Zero connection with either character Had the author put time in developing the relationship, who the characters were, how they got to now, would have made for a much better book 2 stars for the fact that it was ever published.

    22. A very touching story First I actually felt the scared nervousness as Wade was on that stage during the auction, hell I would have freaked the hell out if that were me And how could anyone not fall in love with Jared His character was so beautiful Great story.

    23. There was just way too much to deal with in way too short of a time in terms of Jared and his past He really did treat Wade horribly and the fact that everything is basically wrapped up in less than a dozen pages just didn t work well.

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