[E-Book] ô Racism: Unraveling The Fear | By » Nathan Rutstein

Racism: Unraveling The Fear By Nathan Rutstein,

  • Title: Racism: Unraveling The Fear
  • Author: Nathan Rutstein
  • ISBN: 9780965994507
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
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    Racism Unraveling The Fear None

    One thought on “Racism: Unraveling The Fear”

    1. This is the most honest and upfront book on racism I have ever read The author, already a deepened veteran in the field of race unity, has pulled no punches in this hard hitting presentation of racism s true scope in American society The destructive power of racism on not only the victims but also the perpetrators, is powerfully expressed A certain kind of courage is needed when reading this book a willingness to look upon this horrid scar on the face of the American identity and see that scar o [...]

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