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The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness By Alan W. Watts Richard Alpert Timothy Leary,

  • Title: The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness
  • Author: Alan W. Watts Richard Alpert Timothy Leary
  • ISBN: 9780394702995
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts s exploration of the insight that the consciousness changing drugs LSD, mescaline psilocybin can facilitate when accompanied with sustained philosophical reflection by a person who is in search, not of kicks, but of understanding More than an artifact, it is both a riveting memoir of Watts s personal experiments a profoundThe Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts s exploration of the insight that the consciousness changing drugs LSD, mescaline psilocybin can facilitate when accompanied with sustained philosophical reflection by a person who is in search, not of kicks, but of understanding More than an artifact, it is both a riveting memoir of Watts s personal experiments a profound meditation on our perennial questions about the nature of existence the existence of the sacred.
    The Joyous Cosmology Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts s exploration of the insight that the consciousness changing drugs LSD mescaline psilocybin can facilitate when accompanied with sustained philosophical reflection

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    1. Alan Watts, the student of comparative religions and exponent of Zen to the West, was originally reluctant to equate some of the experiences readily afforded by the psychedelics to those obtained through long yogic disciplines He changed his views after some experiences with the drugs and this book is his contribution to the discussion, a contribution specifically focusing on the emotional and religious aspects of the experience.I had a similar experience in college For some months a Buddhist mo [...]

    2. This book does an incredible job at explaining the many thoughts that cross the minds of people who are fortunate enough to really explore their inner self while under the influence of certain chemicals There is no way to explain what happens to consciousness during these experiences but Alan Watts does an incredible job at giving an idea.One of the virtues of this book in comparison to something like The Doors of Perception Huxley is that Watts does not hesitate to express the sentiments that c [...]

    3. e tina n e Alan Watts had to be a great man I would like to sit with him on the grass, observe the surrounding nature and contemplate the workings of this world After all, how it would look like can be found by listening to his recordings or reading his books.The book The Joyous Cosmology surprised me above all opinions that you will not hear, or you will not see anywhere else Alan Watts by beautiful playing with words allowed me to get into a completely different world, whether it was physical [...]

    4. Seldom before have I read 30 pages of printed.pdf so tightly packed with meaning A lot of it was profound, written in a time when psychedelic substances were a new unexplored area of the human experience Research was being done on their medical and other properties with Watts being sceptical about whether the proper environment for relative experimentation really was research laboratories and clinics It was an innocent time, before the powers that be had really found out about what a gaping hole [...]

    5. I sometimes feel as though some of Alan Watts s descriptions of his cosmology can t possibly be improved upon He is at once very succinct and very poetic his language is communicative and engaging without ever coming across as obtuse or obnoxious I would have loved to have seen Watts write fiction, because his use of metaphor and analogy is inspiring.Ostensibly this is a book about a philosopher taking psychedelic drugs While his views on drugs are interesting and probably ahead of his time, tha [...]

    6. Alan Watts is arguably one of the important writers of the past century He brings all of his theological experience to bear in this book.This book follows in the steps of Aldous Huxley s The Doors of Perception, but goes to a whole new elevation Watts held a doctorate in Divinity and a Masters in Theology, and was well versed in religions of East and West The search for and acceptance of the self, as well as the spiritual way, permeate his work This work, dealing with his epiphanies and drudger [...]

    7. Another from Alan Watts, creator rest his soul, that is just unbelievably well done This book further opened my eyes to things I had already seen, but had never understood, or connected I wouldn t say this book really taught me anything, but it was of a reaffirmation of many of my beliefs I would highly recommend this to anyone who has had a positive experience with LSD.

    8. Nice book.A book for someone who has enough experience in this arena watts has tried to explain something which can never be put in words It is a pictorial book where watts has tried to explain everything images in an altered state of conciousness or a mystical state Anyone who has done few experience can reasonate with his words.

    9. Beautifully written much of the book reads like a conversation with Alan, with copious amounts of love and laughter, and amused bewilderment with powerful drugs and powerful stated of mind best read a couple days in advanced of taking a psychedelic, preferably in Golden Gate park in the springtime.

    10. If you read this you ll find that almost every other paragraph contains an extremely insightful and powerful idea that is worth writing down and reading again later Alan Watts has an incredible ability to explain his experiences and thoughts in ways that are easily comprehensible even for people who have never explored any kind of psychedelic experience.

    11. This is a truly wonderful book, I wouldn t recommend it for anyone who hasn t had a psychedelic experience, as it will sound like the ramblings of an insane man, but for those who have, you will truly understand the beauty in Alan s words

    12. Alan watts was an interesting character He helped bring Eastern thought to the western world Particularly, Alan watts spread the philosophical ideas of Zen Buddhism in North America He is the author of many Zen Buddhist and Eastern philosophical literacy texts I came upon this text while browsing for books at my University library Providing that I have an affinity towards Eastern religions and philosophy, I had to read this book Alan Watt s Joyous Cosmology was an engaging read In The Joyous Cos [...]

    13. Watts, whose own journey from his English upbringing to Zen Buddhism is chronicled in In My Own Way and who authored a good many books on this and other subjects in his life, experimented with LSD, mescaline and psilocybin as part of his search for changes in consciousness and possibly religious experience His book is both an objective evaluation of the drugs in question and a record of his own experiences with them although the latter than the former It s an enjoyable read.

    14. The other reviews pretty much said what I think This was the last of Watts books I had on my list to read, and I was understandably excited given the subject matter treated by one of my favorite thinkers He uses his incredible ability of expressing complex ideas very simply in order to describe various hallucinogenic experiences he has had the things he has seen, the thoughts that have occurred, etc It sometimes reads pretty dry, when he uses very esoteric words to create a sort of poetry of sou [...]

    15. This book was my first exposure to the anthology of Mr Watts I admire his eloquence and thoroughly enjoyed his account of his personal mystical experiences I had to re read many paragraphs several times for many of them were hard to take in and would take long to digest Of course, that must, in part, be due to English not being my native language Nonetheless, I would assume some native speakers may struggle with his paragraphs in a similar way I also enjoyed his well articulated metaphors He see [...]

    16. I was very much looking forwardto reading this book as it is the only collaberation that I know of between my two favorite thinkers everRam Dass wrote the introduction in the book and Alan Watts Also, I think that due to the nature of the writings memoirs written by Watts while on psycadelics I was ready for the most insightful stuff ever from him Truth be toldis book reads like a random piecemeal buffet of some of his other writings The subjects jump as quickly from one to the next just as one [...]

    17. The experiencia that Watts depicts is an extremely vivid scenery full of purposeful patterns that are the basic units of life We come from this unknown mass of energy that we are all so closely interrelated with one another However, we tend to forget that we are all one, and we forget that as an organism, we are also one and not separate from the whole Sometimes, the void described by religious monks are pegged as full detachment from life however, it is the complete opposite It is a detachment [...]

    18. Good book Very similar to Aldous s The Doors of Perception If you re familiar with Alan s philosophy, you probably won t get that much out of it He uses the psychedelic experience to explain and validate Buddist and Hindu philosophy I felt some parts of the book were a bit hard to read due the complexity of the issues being discussed, but it s still readable, just takes some extra effort than predicted Doesn t add anything new or spectacular, but it s a nice addition to one s psychedelia literat [...]

    19. In modern times the use of psychedelics is at a premium But in most cases people suffer from having no frame of reference for the experience they have during psychedelics It is usually only those people who have already embarked on the spiritual journey prior to a psychedelic experience that have the most insights to bring back for the rest of us to learn from Alan Watts is one such individual His life was dedicated to the mystery of life and the exploration of consciousness In this book he expl [...]

    20. Books by Allan Watts always top my list of favoritesThis book is short but well worth the cost and time to read it Allan tells us from his own experiences how natural psychedelic plants can open the doors of misperception and allow us to experience what it means to drop the idea of a separate self and explore our true connection to life and the energy that is us He also goes into the real reasons that our government has made these substances illegal and why they are mistaken in their reasons and [...]

    21. Mr.Watts is trully a brilliant writter, being able to pour that amount of abstract concepts in such a clear and easy way to relate This was my first book from him and after finishing it I couldn t help comparing his style to Carl Sagan s, yes I know, different fields but there is something there, that remind me of him The subject of psychedelics and mystical experiences has always interested my a great deal and this book presents a record of a series of different experiences, a topic I could def [...]

    22. More or less a short handbook on Alan Watts describing in vague terms different psychedelic experiences he had while in communion with either LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, or cannabis While his observations are lucid, his description of the experiences of course pale in comparison to the experiences themselves This almost felt to me as a book you might read if you were debating on whether to take the substances Those experienced with one or any of the above named substances might find this bo [...]

    23. Alans Vats no pagaid m nepieredz ju a las t ja viedok a, is cilv ks ir, k man zin ms, ne tikai izcils run t js, bet ar , k noskaidroju, izlasot o gr matu, oti sp j gs rakstnieks Tas ir nenoliedzami, ka valodas m ksla zin tne ir vi a stipr puse, ko vi ir izkopis, bag tin jis visu savu m u.Gr mat ir oti kodol gi, ta u pietiekami saprotami viduv jam rietumu sabiedr bas p rst vim aprakst ta ideja par cilv ka vienot bu ar visumu.

    24. i thought it was brilliant the prologue particularly resonated with my philosophy and Watts did such a great job recounting his experience with the drugs he took i definitely recommend this read if you re curious about the spiritual consciousness enhancement potential of chemical drugs or want to dive into this inaccessible but enriching perspective of the harmony and unity of the world around us and within good stuff.

    25. I have a friend that regularly takes ayahuasca and says it s spiritual, but her experience never really sounds like this Watts talks abt a different experience of using psychedelics for a spiritual transformational experience Not inspiring me to do anything this wild right now, but interesting book.

    26. This is a book exploring psychedelic drugs I have ZERO interest in drugs of any kind And so for me was a heavy, I cannot wait to get rid of this book kind of book It s well written and interesting but only It s the wrong sort of book for me 2 stars is definitely too much but only because I m not into the subject of this book Wrong book for the wrong reader perhaps.

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