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Daniel Stein, Interpreter By Lyudmila Ulitskaya Arch Tait,

  • Title: Daniel Stein, Interpreter
  • Author: Lyudmila Ulitskaya Arch Tait
  • ISBN: 9781590203200
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Daniel Stein, a Polish Jew, miraculously survives the Holocaust by working in the Gestapo as a translator After the war, he converts to Catholicism, becomes a priest, enters the Order of Barefoot Carmelites and emigrates to Israel Despite this seeming impossibility, the life and destiny of Daniel Stein are not an invention, the character is based on the life of Oswald RuDaniel Stein, a Polish Jew, miraculously survives the Holocaust by working in the Gestapo as a translator After the war, he converts to Catholicism, becomes a priest, enters the Order of Barefoot Carmelites and emigrates to Israel Despite this seeming impossibility, the life and destiny of Daniel Stein are not an invention, the character is based on the life of Oswald Rufeisen, the real Brother Daniel, a Carmelite monk In Daniel Stein, Translator, Daniel s ability and willingness to communicate with all cultures, to translate across linguistic and cultural divides, assures his freedom and stands as a symbol of love, humanity and tolerance.
    Daniel Stein Interpreter Daniel Stein a Polish Jew miraculously survives the Holocaust by working in the Gestapo as a translator After the war he converts to Catholicism becomes a priest enters the Order of Barefoot Carm

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    1. The Heresy That Dare Not Speak Its NameIn the 14th century Catherine of Siena rebuked Pope Gregory XI for allowing lax behaviour among the clergy, and for his own behaviour by remaining in Avignon rather than re establishing residence in Rome She got away with it because what she didn t question was papal authority, particularly the authority to define and enforce belief She could only chide and appeal to conscience, and even then never assert her own conscience as in any way equal to the pope s [...]

    2. According to the publisher, Ludmila Ulitskaya s novel, Daniel Stein, Interpreter published in the original in 2006 , is seen by many as the great Russian novel of our time Such a generous description may enlarge the number of readers, but it also runs the risk of raising the expectations too high Personally, I might have enjoyed the novel if I hadn t read it with the constant hope that some great revelation will occur at some point it didn t My feelings about the novel have remained ambivalent [...]

    3. One of the most touchy and wise book in modern literature i read over last year Book about person with Heart and one who was ready to share it irrespectively of religious, nations, past and current awful time and situation About one who loved people so much that there is hope that hearts of those who met him can change in reality as meeting with one who was prototype of hero or hearts of readers

    4. Kao i prethodni njeni romani ovo je roman pojedinca Likovi su nesavrseni, ophrvani sopstvenim problemima, brigama i prosloscu Radnja se desava na istorijskom i geografski skroz problematicnim mestima Od II svetskog rata do stvaranja drzave Izrael Holokaust, odnos prema arapskim hriscanima, odnos izme u religija, Izrael sve se to preplice u ovoj knjizi.

    5. Divna knjiga Jedna od onih koje ovjeku na trenutak ili zauvijek, to poslije vidi mijenjaju nutrinu Ono to o sadr aju pi e na koricama knjige ne samo premalo naravno da je premalo, ne mo e biti druk ije , nego je poku aj stavljanja njezinog sadr aja u nekakav skra eni opis jednostavno nemogu zadatak.Re i u samo ovo prevoditelji nisu nismo samo ljudi koji prevode s jednog jezika na drugi Nisu nismo samo oni koji drugima ine razumljivima tu e rije i ili ak misli Prevoditelji su kao Daniel Stein i l [...]

    6. This was one of those novels where I could almost hear the sound of my brain and awareness being stretched and expanded as I read It is clear from the prologue and from letters to her editor within the work itself that Lyudmila Ulitskaya was incredibly taken with the real life hero Brother Daniel Oswald Rufeisen and wrote this novel as a way to understand him and make him understandable to others.She does this through a collage of 170 fictional conversations, lectures, sermons, letters, diaries, [...]

    7. This was an exceptional read and I can t even tell why exactly.Neither the topic of second world war nor the issues about faith, belief and god interest me much It also isn t a story of which the end was unknown or which contained a tension arc Still I could hardly put the book down and wanted to read on and on.Because it is a wonderful book Ulitskaya has a wonderful way of writing, she puts things into words, that make them seem simple, yet profound It s a joy to read any of her books, but this [...]

    8. Oh my What a sobering and remarkable book this is It both horrified me to see the naked inhumanity of our humanity, and forced self introspection as to the relevance of my own life In the book Americans are described as being one dimensional, and I can totally see that compared to the life of Daniel Rufeisen I loved the religious spiritual threads in the narrative The only challenging part of this book was keeping track of all of the characters and how they fit in with each other.Quotes that spo [...]

    9. For me, it is first of all a book about uprootedness Jews as collective Job , Christian Arabs, Jewish Christians, Orthodox Catholics with inclination for Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholics converting to Orthodox Catholicism A typical example Roman Catholic nun, half Polish, half Lithuanian, with background in Russia, converting to Orthodox Catholicism, marrying an Orthodox Catholic Jew and moving to Israel.The novel consists of fragments of letters, diary notes, interviews, newspaper articles an [...]

    10. One of the best books I ve read in a while, it s still haunting me weeks after finishing it This is a multi leveled novel written from the perspective of multiple narrators It centers on the paradoxical life of Daniel Stein, a Polish Jew who becomes a translator in World War II, first for the Gestapo, then for the Russians, and who manages to save hundreds of lives because of his position He converts to Catholicism while hiding in a monastery and, after the war, becomes a priest in Israel The op [...]

    11. Z zrak je z zrak, z zrak to je B h, kdy se ztr c me, tak tehdy do t t t s hne si pro n s v m iku n hle, jist Boris Pasternak Po tejto knihe u nepotrebujem ma na v etko n zor Sprvu ma fragmenty zo ivotov r znych ud v r znom ase 20teho storo ia miatli a potom som v tom klbku videla viac Mimotextov zmysel, aj ke je to kniha o minulosti je hlavne o dne ku, t ch zm tkoch a fanatizmoch Obzvl o aruj ce s v honky, ktor ani v knihe nikam neved a lovek si ich m e dom a ako beznoh invalid, ktor po iadal ce [...]

    12. The result of extensive and, probably, well carried out historical research, edited into a book of fiction written in a terribly flat style, as if by a nurse or some other non professional who does not want to dispense with what they have come to know, want to bring it out into the world Letters of the author complaining to a friend incidentally, and if I am not mistaken, a Russian woman of letters and the translator of Umberto Eco s novels about having to bear this immense pressure of ethical d [...]

    13. b h je v ka d m tak individu ln , a se st v samou podstatou lov ka av ak n bo enstv m s bohem pram lo spole n ho n bo ensk a politick pravdy jsou podobn , zd nliv nepochybn a d razn a p ece ze v ech druh pravd nejv ce relativn a vratk proto se o sebe tak asto op raj.kolik je ivot , osud , tolik je pravd.v echno, co jsme schopni ud lat, je pokusit se porozum tiha je v mnoh m podobn littellov m bohyn m, ale nen tak precizn je to v ak jeden z nejlep ch rom n za posledn dobu zima a smrt z n j mraz , [...]

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    15. Hardly a biographical novel in the conventional sense, it is a collage of letters, transcriptions of conversations, reports, newspaper articles, etc written by persons across the spectrum Jews, Christians, Russians, Belorussians, Germans, etc.The biographical subject is Daniel Stein, a thinly veiled Oswald Rufeisen, a Jewish hero in World War II, later a Carmelite priest who preferred to be called Brother Daniel who moved to Israel.Rufheisen was the subject of a biography in English by Dr Necham [...]

    16. Ur sc problema evreiasc , cu ea m am intoxicat, nu cu sucul de ro ii , spune Ludmila Uli kaia ntr una dintre scrisorile c tre editorul ei, inserate n romanul Daniel Stein, traduc tor Povestea lui central traseaz posibilitatea unei lumi n care Dumnezeu e unul singur i n care diferen e reale ntre evrei i cre tini nu exist Daniel Stein e cel care estompeaz aceste diferen e Dar nu oricum, ci de pe teritoriul cre tin t ii e un evreu convertit la cre tinism, pe care apoi va ncerca s l schimbe, din int [...]

    17. This is perhaps of a three and a half for me, but bumped up because I like Ulitskaya This book is a fascinating formal experiment which was sold as the great Russian Holocaust novel but is actually much interesting if approached as an extended meditation on the role of religion in both public and private lives in the postwar era Ulitskaya is a master of voice and switches between the inner lives of Soviet, American, Israeli and post Soviet Russian characters with ease From a narrative perspect [...]

    18. Exceptional reading This novel poses an ageless moral question What is good Where is true virtue She comes to the conclusion that the real marker of what is good is good itself, that is to act and be good, making the religious beliefs and internal contradictions of each of us secondary to this main moral principle The book is constructed as a patchwork of private histories recounted through the letters, personal diaries, taped conversations and a liberal supply of official notes, interrogation r [...]

    19. Z tr k dopis , osobn ch sv dectv , zpr v z novin, p epis p edn ek i rozhovor se skl d polodokument rn obraz fascinuj c ho ivota kn ze Daniela Steina, ida, kter z zra n p e il v lku, konvertoval ke katolicismu a odjel p sobit do Izraele K form ln mozaikovitosti knihy d le p isp v mno stv postav a osud , dramati nost podobn ch Danielovu, je v ak ve v sledku tvo neuv iteln kompaktn celek kladouc ot zky o smyslu v ry nap n bo enstv mi a d jinami Kniha vy aduj c od ten e trochu trp livosti, ale bohat [...]

    20. Astonishing story I am not sure how much is true to the life of tthe main character or how many of the source documents are real but it doesn t matter to me The fact is it reveals something of the mind of someone who has done courageous things, in a selfless manner and had a significant impact within their own domain This is something any of us can do, but he did it What would Daniel Stein have done today

    21. Das Buch schwebt im Niemandsland zwischen Roman und Biographie viel theologische Diskussion, die mir pers nlich wenig sagt Dahinter geht das sicher interessante Leben des Mannes etwas unter An einigen Stellen ist das Buch auch gar nicht romanhaft und so schwankt man immer zwischen Ist das jetzt Fakt und Ist das jetzt der Roman hin und her Als Biographie zu wenig informativ als Roman zu pl tschernd und lau.

    22. I read the Czech translation This is an intriguing novel, written mostly in the form of letters It is based on a true story The timeline ranges from world war II in Poland now Belarus to recent events in the Israel Palestine conflict The troubled role of Christians in the holocaust and their responsibility is discussed from different perspectives and points of view One of the few historical novels, that reach out into the present and that I m keen to re read.

    23. I recognize that what you believe doesn t matter in the slightest All that matters is how you personally behave A Jewish priest as a bridge between Judaism and Christianity, where the primary importance is to obey the Ten Commandments Oh that was so simple in our world filled with so much hatred Really amazing novel about faith, philosophy, war, forgiveness, love and understanding.

    24. Ulitskaya is a master both of prose and plot in this book she has created a rich cast of characters, each of whom she lets speak with their own distinct voice, and whose paths cross in surprising ways This book gives much food for though what is faith What is ethnicity Is there such a thing as natural or divine justice

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