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Indigo Blue By Catherine Anderson,

  • Title: Indigo Blue
  • Author: Catherine Anderson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Experience the thrill of an unexpected love that defies all boundaries in the third historical romance in New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson s Comanche seriesTorn between the white and Comanche worlds of her parents, Indigo Wolf has grown up estranged from the townspeople of Wolf s Landing, Oregon No decent woman calls her a friend, and no man undersExperience the thrill of an unexpected love that defies all boundaries in the third historical romance in New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson s Comanche seriesTorn between the white and Comanche worlds of her parents, Indigo Wolf has grown up estranged from the townspeople of Wolf s Landing, Oregon No decent woman calls her a friend, and no man understands her strange, elusive spirit until rugged Jake Rand comes to town.Jake offers to act as foreman of the family mine after a series of mysterious accidents have left Indigo s father seriously injured But Jake s real motives are as secret as his true identity, and as personal as his growing attraction to Indigo
    Indigo Blue Experience the thrill of an unexpected love that defies all boundaries in the third historical romance in New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson s Comanche seriesTorn between the white a

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    1. Saben esa sensaci n que pasa cuando te das cuenta de que lees un libro estupendo en la primera p gina La he sentido yo con Amor Comanche pues no he podido evitar quedar atrapada en una historia dura, una historia real, humana.Me encant En eso resumo todo Ahora mismo ni siquiera s c mo explicar lo que sent cuando comenc a leer este libro, pero es que es inexplicable.Siempre es una delicia leer a esta autora, que poco a poco se ha ganado un lugar entre mis favoritas Les juro que no miento cuando d [...]

    2. I didn t have high expectations going into reading this book and I m glad I didn t I was pleasantly surprised with how engrossing this story was Of course it wasn t the epic that Comanche Moon was, but it was well written, entertaining, and even suspenseful and held my interest right through the tear jerker ending And yes, at times a was a little miffed with young Indigo I thought she was stubborn, immature, and a bit headstrong and a lot of that I blame on her parents.I m kind of surprised at L [...]

    3. I re wrote this review because I wasn t happy with it I hate it when it happens that I can t quite decide what to say about a book Which is the case of this one I m of two minds on it and I ve been sitting here debating what to write in my review.First off, I think it d help to write a detailed summary since the one on the back of the book which is the same one on the book page here at GR doesn t tell you much about that story SoooJake Rand grew up with a father who would do anything it took to [...]

    4. I am surprised by how much I liked this book I wasn t expecting to, because I was disappointed by Comanche Heart, and though this one is definitely no Comanche Moon, it has it s own unique charm.Indigo Wolf, daughter of Hunter and Loretta, is nineteen, wild, a tomboy, and the apple of her parents eyes She dresses in Comanche leathers, works the mine, and runs the woods with her wolf friend Lobo All of that comes to a stop when Hunter is nearly killed in a mine accident, and they bring in Jake Ra [...]

    5. 4 1 2 Stars What an ending Felt, the ending or last 1 4 of the book made up for some of the frustration I felt with other parts of Indigo Blue Part 3 of the Comanche series and the setting for Indigo Blue takes place about 20 years AFTER Comanche Moon where Hunter and Loretta s daughter second child , Indigo, is 19, in Wolf s Landing, Oregon For me, the story took too long to get going I wasn t hooked until page 70 or so and wondered if I was going to enjoy this one as much as the previous books [...]

    6. I can never go wrong with Catherine Anderson Before reading this book I wasn t reading at the pace I normally go But I am so glad Indigo Blue didn t disappoint me and I m back to reading everyday again Indigo is three quarters white and a quarter Comanche After a horrible incident at the age of 13 she decided to let go of her whites ways and be completely absorbed with the Comanche tradition and heritage Indigo had decided at the age of 18 she wanted to be free like the animals and listen to the [...]

    7. This is the story of Loretta and Hunter s daughter Indigo She s grown into a young woman who constantly seeks to run and hide from herself, her heritage, and especially white men But when Jake Rand shows up to work at her family s mine, her running days are over.This book does not possess the same magic that Comanche Moonhad It s not a difficult book to get into, but it s sort of easy to walk away from I didn t feel the driving need to get back into it and find out what was happening between Jak [...]

    8. Indigo Blue was slightly disappointing It was a good romance but not what I ve come to expect from Catherine Anderson My heart never lurched, my gut never wrenched I found Indigo frustrating and just never really got into the relationship between her and Jake It seemed forced and ultimately unconvincing Jake was no Hunter or Swift The story lacked the sweep of Comanche Moon and the heartbreak of Comanche Heart All in all, enjoyable but not as amazing as I expected it to be On to Comanche Magic

    9. 3,5 Para este libro que me gust un poco mas que el segundo Sin duda la magia del primer libro Luna Comanche no la tiene ninguno de los otros libros, aunque este fue lindo y la autora recupero bastante de lo que me gusto del primero y eche en falta en el segundo, me refiero a muchas costumbres comanche y la manera de hablar enigm tica de Cazador, igual esta muy lejos de la majestuosidad de Luna Comanche, el personaje de Jake fue muy lindo, un amor y una delicia leerlo, el libro esta bien y es bon [...]

    10. 4.5 5 stars I thought I would make it all the way through this Catherine Anderson book without crying, but I ended up with some tears reading this one just like the other two I ve read by her She s a very gifted writer My only minor complaint was that I felt that she could have added another 25 50 pages to settle things in the end I felt like it ended kind of abruptly I would have enjoyed seeing things play out with the hero s father, etc.

    11. 3rd in the Series Does Not Disappoint Daughter of Hunter of the Wolf Comes into Her Own Set in Oregon in 1885, this is the story of Indigo Wolf, daughter of Hunter of the Wolf and his white wife, Loretta, from Comanche Moon and Comanche Heart When she was younger, Indigo fell in love with a young man who broke her heart and betrayed her trust, telling her she was just a squaw and good for only one thing Though his attempted rape was thwarted by her uncle, Swift Lopez, Indigo is still scarred by [...]

    12. Really great book I was unsure about how I would feel, since Catherine Anderson s books tend to be very dramatic and she seems to have some perverse obsession with heroines who are raped, abused, and tortured and or witness all of these things.Indigo s wariness and reluctance to trust Jack went on a little too long for me and I grew a little frustrated She was a wonderful and unique heroine, however, and I completely fell in love with Jack Watching him fall in love with Indigo and begin to chang [...]

    13. I wavered between 3 4 for quite a while, but in the end decided my 3.5 didn t really reach to the 4 , mainly because it was too easy to put the book down and do something else Indigo s story should have been compelling, but for a girl who had been through as much as she had, parts of it just didn t ring true for me I guess Comanche Moon was just too compelling, and this one suffers in comparison.

    14. Liked it, but not as good as the first two books, IMO Indigo tended to get on my nerves a little bit I was expecting fire I did however adore the last 100 pages, as well as Jake chapter 21 and then the mine episode had me tearing up D

    15. This one fell a little flat for me A bit heavy on the submissive woman theme Maybe I just didn t get too into it because I couldn t wait to read Married by Morning and took a break halfway into this book to read the other.

    16. A very great romantic read between Indigo and Jake Although there were some disagreements and rough patches in the book, I was happy with the end result 4 5 stars

    17. I really enjoyed this book Of course I loved Comanche Moon, like most readers I wasn t expecting to like this book as much as I did, which was a nice surprise as it surpassed my expectations Always a good thing Probably the only little negative with the book from my perspective was that I did expect Indigo to have a bit feistiness about her In Comanche Heart she was a spunky little thing, and she seemed to have changed her personality from then to this book, that she had become very submissive [...]

    18. I have read all of CA s books and I have loved most of them, and again I loved this as well Being part of the Comanche Series that she has written that put a nice twist for me I absolutely LOVED Comanche Moon and though this one was good it didn t quite have the magic that Comanche Moon had Indigo is the daughter of Hunter and Lorretta Wolf,from Comanche Moon She has grown up in Oregon with her father being a Mine owner Which I can t really see a Comanche Indian being in a mine all day, but okay [...]

    19. El sorprendente feminismo de Catherine Anderson O sea tenes a Jake que es machista, no en el sentido que cree que las mujeres no son capaces sino que toma una actitud paternalista siendo PATERNALISMO La tendencia a aplicar las normas de autoridad o protecci n tradicionalmente asignadas al padre de familia a otros mbitos de relaciones sociales tales como la pol tica y el mundo laboral Es a fin de cuentas una forma de justificar el machismo porque el hombre toma decisiones por la mujer seg n lo qu [...]

    20. I rated this four stars because it is a sequel to Comanche Moon which is a necessary read in order to fully appreciate this While, unlike Commanche Heart, this book could, to some degree, stand on its own, but wouldn t be as good without the prequels Indigo was a bit frustrating, but when trying to argue against her staunch stubborn streak, one starts thinking about Anderson s ability to write a sympathetic character, in this case, Indigo s past and mostly her mysticism which makes her so differ [...]

    21. I don t buy many books any, but I saw this latest book by Catherine Anderson at the store the other day and couldn t resist Catherine s good enough to own which is really saying a lot for me.And I wasn t disappointed at all Other reviewers said that the other books in this series were better than this one I disagree I actually teared up a few times while reading this book I loved it What I especially love about Catherine is her unusual characters No other romance author out there writes about wo [...]

    22. suka sama indigo blue, sama halnya ak suka comanche moonceritanya ngingetin ak sama Craving Beauty nya Nalini Singhgimana seorang cw yg ga suka dikekang sama suaminya, disuruh tunduk pada suaminya karena adat istiadat mengajarkannya seperti itu gitu juga dengan cerita indigo.Indigo menikah dengan jake rand karena suatu keadaan, justru harus tunduk pada perintah suaminya padahal indigo ga suka dikekang apalagi ktakutan indigo akan direndahkan oleh suaminya karena Jake adalah pria kulit putih.Sebe [...]

    23. 3,9 deh.Lanjutan dr comanche apa ya hehe lupad buku sebelumx d ceritakan indigo yg msh berusia 13 thn,d lecehkan oleh pria2 kulit putih yg menganggap rendah wanita indian,sejak saat itulah indigo antipati thd pria kulit putihmpai muncullah jake yg semula datang dgn menyamar mjd mandor d tambang ayah indigo untuk menyelidiki kecurangan bisnis yg d lakukan ayahnya sendiri.hingga suatu kejadian yg menyebabkan jake harus melindungi reputasi indigo dgn menikahinya,indigo yg trauma dgn pria kulit puti [...]

    24. I need a moment Just one moment, to dry my eyes Please excuse meOkay, thats better This story was so heartbreakingly beautiful, the power of love, and its message, resonated on every page.At times I was annoyed with, no that s not enough, I was furious with Indigo, to the point I wanted to crawl into her world through the page and smack her I couldn t understand her, at all Until I did Catherine Anderson did an amazing job with that, keeping me totally out of the dark of Indigo s actions, behavi [...]

    25. Anderson is SO GOOD at writing Native American stories This installment in the Comanche series finds Hunter and Loretta s from Comanche Moon daughter, Indigo all grown up In telling her story, Anderson delves into the issues surrounding the problem of being a half breed Indian woman in the late 1800s We learn the heartbreaking realities Indian women experienced when marrying white men, the vast gap in cultures and the difficulties in overcoming them While reading, it was hard not to become frust [...]

    26. Strange story Indigo Blue was a spitfire some years ago, when they defeated the boys who tried to rape her because she was a squaw and when we meet her she has nothing of that fire any She accept the husband her father chose for her and she s really the little squaw wife, always ready to make her husband happy and with lips sealed.I couldn t recognize her any He was really a good husband I think she was a bit exaggerated with her behavior All in all I cannot say I loved this series so much In fa [...]

    27. I took a little bit longer to feel the love in this book than it did in the first two of the series, but once it got rolling, I knew it was a five star read This book introduces a new character to the series in Jake Rand He has lived his adult life chasing riches It takes one sweet girl, who is happy with little than the basics in life, to show him what real happiness is I loved observing as Jake learned what it meant to Indigo who heavily abides by the Comanche way to be a wife They had to lea [...]

    28. This is the third of Catherine Anderson s books I have read It was so good I do have some minor complaints number one being the end WHAT Girlfriend couldn t have added a few pages than that I also have this thing against self deprication in the main characters Woe is me just never was my style I did however, love the depth that Anderson puts into her novels Makes for a absorbing read Mmmmkess I ll have to go read number four Erika s Link

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