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Asterix and the Magic Carpet By Albert Uderzo,

  • Title: Asterix and the Magic Carpet
  • Author: Albert Uderzo
  • ISBN: 9780752847153
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cacofonix s tuneless singing always makes it rain which is just what they want in Rajah Watzit s distant Eastern kingdom The guru Hoodunnit has threatened to end a terrible drought by sacrificing lovely Princess Orinjade Can the Gauls, flown in on the fakir Watziznehm s magic carpet, rescue her The bard s finest hour has come.
    Asterix and the Magic Carpet Cacofonix s tuneless singing always makes it rain which is just what they want in Rajah Watzit s distant Eastern kingdom The guru Hoodunnit has threatened to end a terrible drought by sacrificing love

    One thought on “Asterix and the Magic Carpet”

    1. Ein paar sch ne, witzige Ideen reichen halt nicht aus, um ein Comic ber 45 Seiten voll zu polstern Hier beginnt au erdem die unsch ne Tendenz, vorher nie in der Reihe gesehene mystisch fantastische Elemente aufzunehmen Es wirkt einfach unpassend manchmal.

    2. It s the first issue of Asterix after the author Goscinny died The illustrator Uderzo attempted to continue Asterix but the plot suffers a bit So the vard Cacofonix is the worse musician in the whole world EVER He is so bad that when he sings it starts rain, when he continues to sing, storms comes But when a fakir falls in the village of his flying carpet and asks for the help of Cacofonix all the Gauls of small village unanimous vote for his immediate departure At last, Cacofonix free village O [...]

    3. Asterix the Magic Carpet a mediocre Uderzo plot that serves as an excuse for exquisite artwork the ancient world from above Cacofonix is flown by magic carpet from Gaul to a parched land of the Ganges in the hopes his horrible singing will summon a delinquent monsoon.

    4. The Asterix with some of the most beautiful pictures is also one of the most boring ones Linear storyline without any real depth, like the older ones.Obelix stupidity and cravings for food are a bit too much for my taste It lacks the humour it had in, say, The Soothsayer.

    5. Une aventure d Asterix et Ob lix qui compte parmi mes pr f r es.Humour et aventure sont au rendez vous pour des dessins d paysants

    6. I loved these as a kid I picked up a couple from the library recently I definitely have a greater appreciation as an adult for all of the puns but it also doesn t hold my interest the way it did when I was young

    7. Non il cielo a cadere sulla testa dei Galli, ma un fachiro indiano arrivato in Armorica sul suo tappeto volante per chiedere aiuto ad Asterix ed Obelix Nella valle del Gange non piove da settimane e la figlia del rajah sta per essere sacrificata per propiziare gli dei Cos i nostri amici partono con il bardo al seguito per salvare la ragazza e far tornare la pioggia.Albo dove i nostri fanno un lunghissimo viaggio e Uderzo ne approfitta per inserire tanti rimandi a vecchi albi e tantissimi giochi [...]

    8. Asterix memang nggak ada matinyeee thanks to penerjemahnya yang dahsyat menginterpretasi kelucuan Asterix ke dalam local content misalnya kata silly diterjemahkan menjadi dogol, instead of bodoh kadar lucunya jadi naik hehehe.Kebayang si Assurancetourix yang biasa dicemooh bangsanya sendiri karena selalu meruntuhkan langit bin bikin gerimis mengundang di atas kepala mereka setiap kali menyanyi, kali ini malah dielu elukan oleh bangsa India karena kedodolannya itu Yah, bagaimana nggak senang, lha [...]

    9. Proof that Goscinny and Uderzo really needed each other to create a great work At the time of this installment s original release, Author Goscinny had died, and illustrator Uderzo attempted to continue the Asterix franchise The plot suffers, and the storytelling reeks.Subtle wit Gone Social commentary Nada Name puns Still there, but not even remotely funny any Honestly, there s zero depth to the humor Uderzo has Obelix uncork beauties like This leaves me cold as their magic carpet passes through [...]

    10. It s been years since I ve read any Asterix and Obelix comics I m afraid to say that I learned quite a lot of my ancient history from these guys I d forgotten how Asterix like most good cartoons is based on such absurd plotting I d also forgotten that Obelix was so obsessed with food how could I possibly have forgotten that What I hadn t forgotten is how chock full of puns the books are, as well as being full of European stereotypes about every and all cultures no one is safe Not even the Gauls [...]

    11. escrito s por uderzo, a hist ria perde muitas das subtilezas de texto dos primeiros livros Um faquir vem at g lia procura do gaul s cuja voz faz chover o bardo assurancetourix , uma vez que uma princesa da p rsia vai morrer ao fim de 1001 horas se n o chover no seu pa s em sacrif cio aos deuses a viagem num tapete voador e ao longo fazem se achegas da vida moderna que se contextualizam, mas s o muito superficiais

    12. Asterix in India Finally What can I say about this other than that the appeal of the Asterix books is universal, and timeless As a child I enjoyed the antics as an adult I enjoy the puns and historical allusions I was laughing out loud reading the medical diagnosis to Cacofonix s illness, He has lost his voice, the moment it is needed P and then their treatment to it Really a South Asian or an Indian will understand the pun better For me that s the best bit.

    13. Cacofonix has a habit of causing it to rain when he sings, son when an Indian mystic arrives on a magic carpet, Cacofonix agrees to help the man bring rain to his drought plagued homeland, and Asterix and Obelix accompany them The sultan s evil vizier is planning to sacrifice the sultan s daughter in order to restore the rain and take over India The book includes the usual humor and parodies of Indian culture.

    14. This has got to be one of my favorites in the whole series, but this review goes for all of them.Why is this odd little graphic novel so popular Well, that s because it s actually Really, really good The first time a started reading one I was quite confused and weirded out, but I soon grew to love it It has great humor, fantastic writing, and beautifully developed characters This series is timeless, and I think they all deserve 5 stars.

    15. Incursion indienne pour Ast rix Bof, c est pas nul, mais c est pas g nial non plus Manque cette touche d humour d cal qu on trouvait auparavant L , on n a plus que les jeux de mots avec les noms propres.L histoire emprunte beaucoup l univers des milles et une nuits Correct sans plus.

    16. This is one of the hilarious books in the series Cacophonix Troubadix in the German version and his horrible singing, the Indian gods fight, standing joke about Obelix and his ravenous eating, and much I thoroughly enjoyed the humor Some dry, some offbeat, some was typical rehashed jokes from previous books but it was funny nonetheless.

    17. Uno dei 5 volumi che ho preferito della serie, Voto effettivo 4.5 Per un breve approfondimento sulla serie e sui volumi che ho preferito, lascio il link al post che ho scritto sul mio blog su questo tema.

    18. So che alcuni critici hanno espresso pareri negativi su questa storia A me piace parecchio, sia come tematica, sia come svolgimento I disegni di Uderzo sono belli come quasi mai in precedenza, ed sempre un piacere rileggere quest avventura in cui finalmente anche Assourancetourix protagonista.

    19. AWESOME There is nothing that comes close to Asterix I have the whole series, both on e books and hard copy and they are some of most treasured possessions I grew up with them and they are simply the best

    20. Hihihi very funny and silly book I remember when caconofix the musician can t sing, asterix said angrily when we don t want him to sing, he sings And when we do want him sing, he can t lol

    21. this book was funny actually all Asterix comics are funny but i liked this one than the others because like at last they went to INDIA it looked nice from outside and inside but the way they make treatments for sick people is funny like what happened to Cacafonix

    22. This is very funny book Even someone who useless in the community can still usefull in other community The musician had new talent that needed in India The Gaul s artist can sing and rain will come pouring This is good adventure and introduce the Indian culture.

    23. est vraiment bien comme bande dessin e J ai bien aim Ob lix et son attitude boudeuse tout le long du voyage Il passe son temps parler de manger De plus, j ai bien aim que les Romains soient cart s de l histoire C est une bonne BD d Uderzo.

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