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On the Far Side of the Mountain By Jean Craighead George,

  • Title: On the Far Side of the Mountain
  • Author: Jean Craighead George
  • ISBN: 9780140342482
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sam Gribley, the nature loving boy who ran away to live off the land in My Side of the Mountain, is still on his own in the wild With him now are his falcon, Frightful, and also his peppery younger sister Alice.
    On the Far Side of the Mountain Sam Gribley the nature loving boy who ran away to live off the land in My Side of the Mountain is still on his own in the wild With him now are his falcon Frightful and also his peppery younger si

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    1. A brilliant younger sister leads her brother on a wild goose chase just for fun while he is worried sick about her trying to survive like he had done his story in the first book of this series This story is the shortest of the three, but I loved the siblings relationship with each other The author did an excellent job keeping the story line unique to itself and different from the first book in the series Not quite as good as the first book, but so close that I had to give it five stars too.

    2. On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, is about a teenage boy that goes off into the woods and lives a life away from modern civilization In this book Sam s sister joins him in the wild Alice builds a tree house then she runs away from her brother Sam uses his resources to hopefully find her All and all, this book is a great about survival in the woods and to me has a classic style.

    3. I know I m not the age demographic for this novel but the title could have been They went for a hike and nothing bad happened.

    4. On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, is about a teenage boy, Sam Gribley, who lives in the wilderness with his sister, Alice Sam and Alice live their everyday lives hunting, gathering and building structures to keep their lives livable But, one day Sam can not find Alice anywhere and eventually finds a clue from her showing which way she has gone Sam meets up with his friend, Bando, and the two venture off in search of Alice Sam and Bando find many of Alice s clues and meet [...]

    5. This book was pretty good and it had twist and turns that my heart pumped very fast during moments There was a lot of things I loved about this book and sad The top thing I loved is how Alice lives with Sam until she goes on her own adventure I also love how Alice has her own home which is a tree house My last thing that I loved is how Alice thought it was fun for Sam trying to find her and Sam was scared to death about Alice I learned that hac means to breed endangered animals.This book was rea [...]

    6. Sam and his sister Alice are living alone on the mountain, away from the turmoil of civilization They hike and fish and forage for forest berries and roots, and of course Sam has his falcon, Frightful, to do the hunting But their peaceful life is thrown into chaos when Frightful is confiscated by government conservation authorities, and Alice disappears into the forest with her pet pig Sam, heartbroken over the loss of his bird, must lay aside his grief in order to track down his little sister t [...]

    7. In book one, Sam ran away from New York City He started a new life in the Catskill Mountains In this story, his younger sister Alice has joined him She lives in a tree house of her own nearby The two find danger and adventure when the forest service and government don t want them there.

    8. Read this with my seventh grade student He enjoyed it It s very different from the first in that Sam is no longer a solo mountain man He s had family come and build lots of structures, gardens, etc His sister has a treehouse I appreciate Sam s evolution regarding captive birds of prey, but I m glad to be done reading about fishing using deer tendons.

    9. On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, is one of my most favorite outdoor survival books It shows and teaches good lessons and tricks to know while in the woods or if anyone would get stuck in one The book is about a teenage boy named Sam who lives in the wilderness with his sister, Alice The both of them spend everyday hunting and basically everything they need to survive One day Sam could not find Alice anywhere and eventually finds a clue from her showing which way she has [...]

    10. You know you re a city girl when this book, written by an acclaimed author, fails to spark your imagination I dimly recall her Newberry winner Julie of the Wolves from my adolescence, but I haven t read the first in this series, the multiply awarded My Side of the Mountain, and most likely won t unless, like this one, I have to read it for work.Not only am I unpiqued by the wilderness setting, but the characterization is flat and the plot barely existent There didn t seem to be any point to the [...]

    11. This was a really good intersting adventure outdoors book I liked it a lot better than the first book, My Side of the Mountain Sam lives in the wilderness and built everthing himself, furniture and his house, and in this book Sam s sister, Alice, comes to live with him Alice built a tree house to live in and builds furniture, but then she ran away She really likes waterfalls, could she be headed for one Meanwill Sam s falcon get confiscated Will Sam find Alice and his falcon or will he get arres [...]

    12. Full review Smoke Mirrors books n music 201 What a gorgeous book There is a mystery and some danger, and an amazing ending Sam may no longer have Frightful, but that s okay He realizes now that all wild animals should remain wild And he may decide to make electricity on his mountain

    13. I m about 4 5 of the way through but I ve given up struggling through As a disclaimer, I didn t read this book until well into adulthood, however, I don t believe I would have enjoyed it even as a child view spoiler I m at the point where they re finding notes around town about hacking and good lord, the entire town is full of idiots Hey these people are leaving messages all over town about hacking at a time of day during which hacking does not actually happen And we happen to know that falcons [...]

    14. I was surprised when I discovered Jean Craighead George wrote a sequel to My Side of the Mountain 31 years after Since she had been busy writing for decades, I thought she would ve learned a thing or two I was a little disappointed First off, the sequence of events seemed off I may be wrong, but it came across that way Another problems was that the American peregrine falcon was listed as endangered in 1970 If Sam was 15 in 1959 when the first book was written , then he d be 26, but he was still [...]

    15. My Side of the Mountain was just boy versus nature, and the simplicity of survival made it a wonderful story The sequel has survival elements but also incorporates a sister who Sam clashes with and environmental law officers The inclusion of the outside world makes it realistic but frustrating And while it is great to see a female character who is smart and outdoorsy, it s unfortunate that Sam complains about her so much, making her appear to be of a nuisance Considering this book was written m [...]

    16. I read this aloud to my kids after we had finished My Side of the Mountain, and we enjoyed it very much I love the first book because you learn so much about living in the wild and there is a real sense of being able to learn anything by reading and trying your best This book rounds out the other because you learn about conservation, laws that protect wild creatures, and you get a great sense of how you can love and appreciate nature in a modern, conservative way The mystery and tracking in th [...]

    17. Some readers think this story is slow, and uninteresting, but I love an occasional old style story that tells of simpler times in an uncomplicated narrative The teens in this story are left by their parents to live off the land unusual and unlikely even in the 1940 s The first books tells of the boy making a home in the woods Now his sister lives there two They travel many miles in a tracking game of sorts that uses natural directions, and hints, and clues for the brother to follow, and find his [...]

    18. My children are thoroughly enjoying these escape to the wilderness books There s a bit of a conservationist theme to this one, and a chance to add some falconry terms to the vocabulary I noticed a couple of the minor characters had names or aliases that fit the theme Sam s independence and self reliance are enchanting to children There s much to learn here about the natural world and the mechanics of water mills.

    19. On the Far Side of the Mountain is a very good book to read Not only does it have a really interesting story, but the different core parts to it make it really important to the plot of the story Having a amazing facts about the environments, animals, and plants that the book tells throughout the story I highly recommend for you to read this book to find out yourself.

    20. The Far Side of the Mountain has Sam chasing his sister across the mountains An enjoyable adventure that at the end gets a little too rapid It just becomes places names flying by Characters reoccur and deepen some Without reading book one, this one may be a bit difficult to get all the nuances.

    21. I liked this book a bit better than the first one, mostly for the adventure of On TheTrail played with the siblings and the minor role of a mystery to solve about Frightful s abduction Still wish I had read these when I was younger.

    22. This book was a little awkward at times but still enjoyable, plus all the falconry stuff was accurate so bonus points for that

    23. I have read the first and this one both of them are very good survival books and adventure i recommend this book it is one of the best books i have ever read

    24. It was a good lead on from My Side of The Mountain Once I got past the first bit I started to really enjoy it.

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