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South of the Border, West of the Sun By Haruki Murakami Philip Gabriel,

  • Title: South of the Border, West of the Sun
  • Author: Haruki Murakami Philip Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9780307762740
  • Page: 209
  • Format: ebook
  • Following the massive complexity of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami s best selling, award winning novel comes this deceptively simple love story, a contemporary rendering of the romance in which a boy finds and then loses a girl, only to meet her again years later.Hajime Beginning in Japanese was an atypical only child growing up in a conventional middle cFollowing the massive complexity of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami s best selling, award winning novel comes this deceptively simple love story, a contemporary rendering of the romance in which a boy finds and then loses a girl, only to meet her again years later.Hajime Beginning in Japanese was an atypical only child growing up in a conventional middle class suburb Shimamoto, herself an only child, was cool and self possessed, precocious in the extreme After school these childhood sweethearts would listen to records, hold hands, and talk about their future Then, despite themselves, in the way peculiar to adolescents, they grew apart, seemingly for good.Now, facing middle age, finally content after years of aimlessness, Hajime is a successful nightclub owner, a husband and father, when he suddenly is reunited with Shimamoto, propelled into the mysteries of her life, and confronted by dark secrets she is loath to reveal And so, reckless with enchantment and lust, Hajime prepares to risk everything in order to consummate his first love, and to experience a life he s dreamed of but never had a chance to realize Bittersweet, passionate, and ultimately redemptive, South of the Border, West of the Sun is an intricate examination of desire, illuminating the persistent power of childhood and memory in matters of the heart.From the Hardcover edition.
    South of the Border West of the Sun Following the massive complexity of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami s best selling award winning novel comes this deceptively simple love story a contemporary rendering of the romance in

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    1. Whatever Murakami book I am reading, I find myself stepping back into the same world as before, with all of the same characters and themes of wells and transience and strangely poignant details like gold lighters and classical music records and the myriad spaghetti dinners the mundane details of everyday life spun into a dreamy tapestry The fact that every Murakami book I read seems to feel the same is a good thing in this author s case His tone is something quite distinct Every time I read him [...]

    2. A Companion IntervenesI re read South of the Border immediately after re reading Norwegian Wood , as part of my training regime for Murakami s 1Q84.Although they were written five years apart and were separated by Dance Dance Dance , they are good companion pieces.They stand out from Murakami s other novels because they explore love and its consequences almost exclusively.Although some things and events go unexplained, there is little of the surrealism and absurdity that characterizes most of hi [...]

    3. The other night a friend mentioned she is reading 1Q84 at the moment and it got me all nostalgic for a Murakami experience So choosing one at random of the ever diminishing list of Murakami s I haven t read yet I chose South of the Border, West of the Sun.What do you get Unsurprisingly a story that is Murakami There is an every man protagonist, mysterious lady from the past, jazz, university protests, people with deformities I could go on or just use the Murakami Bingo Desipite being so Murakami [...]

    4. I never fail to be impressed by the way Murakami captures mood and feelings Even in his less fantastic novels, of which this is one, he draws you into a world that is all his, and so full of possibilities and connections that you feel you could grasp them if you reached out Except you don t, because in Murakami s universe it s easier to stay put and wait than to get actively involved It s about memories and reminiscences, about wishes and alternate realities, and if you were to reach out and tou [...]

    5. At first I dislike this book but now I am confident to say that I hate it It s about this shallow and whiny man who wronged every women he put his hand on probably because he is so deep, no one can understand him since he s the only child, yes, you gotta remember how painful it is for this Hajime guy to be the only child except his childhood sweetheart who is so deep that she never has a real personality but some random emo appeal which cannot make me care less The author tried so hard but she t [...]

    6. This book is the literary equivalent of cloud paintings I m not talking John Constable s clouds, which are dense with specificity from a keen and earthy eye but rather New Agey cloud paintings, which are designed to be innocuous and calming, to not stimulate the eye, to induce a meditative state and readjust the spirit and turn one away from the tangible So South of the Border, West of the Sun is not all bad it does satisfy all the above criteria for New Agey cloud paintings and I have no beefs [...]

    7. Kokkyo no minami, Taiyo no nishi South of the border, west of the sun, Haruki Murakami 1393 179 9786009423033 20 1394 272 9786007061091 20 .

    8. This novel starts out as a coming of age story of a young Japanese man Like other Murakami novels we have cats, Western culture and music both American pop and European classical music To the cats we can add lame women because there are two in this story Another major theme of this book is that the main character and several others are an only child and the characters discuss what this means This makes a lot of sense in Japanese culture with its exceptionally low birth rate to the point where Ja [...]

    9. I really didn t enjoy this book, but it did make me think about why, so at least it had that going for it.I found Hajime an infinitely unlikeable character, but I couldn t put my finger on the details of why He had no problem doing things that would hurt the women he claimed to love , even as he said that there must be something wrong with him for doing so I think of that s just the way I am, nothing to be done as the worst, laziest possible excuse for bad behavior toward others But it wasn t un [...]

    10. I have always liked jazz music but I don t think I qualify as a fan But this book seems like a jazz symphony to me I m kind of clueless about jazz Is there something like a jazz symphony It s smooth, mysterious and leaves you thirsting for .I firmly believe that you don t choose your books the books choose you Yeah, I m one of them people who think that there is no such thing as a coincidence So, this SOTBWFTS short form was a gift from a friend on my birthday.Anyways, I jumped on the novel like [...]

    11. I am in love with Haruki Murakami s novels I guess it might be the resonance of loneliness emanating from all his works It might be the fusion of pop culture and philosophical musings It might be the mysterious atmosphere he creates I can t really pin it down Most of his novels are deceptively similar in their tones and backgrounds but each one has a different center Each novel shows a similar scene, but each one with a different focus.South of the Border, West of the Sun is a meditation on movi [...]

    12. At home, we have a private joke about the two Murakamis One Haruki Murakami, my Murakami, would be the author of Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World , 1Q84 , A Wild Sheep Chase My boyfriend s Murakami, the other one, is the one from Norwegian Wood , Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki or Sputnik Sweetheart And by a rule of thumb, I love and admire my Murakami, and am indifferent at best and hostile at worst towards his This one is completely different, though The protagonist, a fairly ordinary [...]

    13. They say that Murakami is one of those authors you either love or hate I can actually understand how his style of writing might not be for everyone s taste, but I happen to love him His unique writing style always had a sort of hypnotic power over me I feel enchanted when I read his novels, almost like I m entering some magical world Moreover, at times it is almost like I m in the book myself, a silent observer, but nevertheless, a person very much present Do you know that feeling you feel a par [...]

    14. After having read the bulk of his work, I ve come to the conclusion that one has to have a general picture of Murakami s novels in order to understand each of his stories seperately There are some recurring themes in all of them that at first I couldn t quite get Now, it s become easier to interpret those symbolisms As much as I love his surrealistic tricks, I can t help but be equally dazzled by his sensitive, romantic themes This one belongs to the latter category, while it has been suggested [...]

    15. This novel in an earlier translation Gef hrliche Geliebte gained a certain notoriety in Germany back in 2000 when it led to the acrimonious collapse of a long running television institution, Das Literarische Quartett It was, perhaps, inevitable The programme was kept alive by its gladiatorial atmosphere Four self opinionated critics who come together to dispute the merits of a literary work, each trying hard to hold their corner and usually getting shouted down by the most self opinionated of th [...]

    16. keep in touch twitter vivliovisionHajime is a happily married man He is also the father of two daughters and the owner of two Jazz Clubs At some point during his 30 s Hajime finds himself leading a typical suburban life close enough but not too close to down town Tokyo.Some people would say that Hajime is one of those lucky few guys, who can afford a rather easy going lifestyle, while others would argue that this sort of life is quiet dull, actually But then again, that s exactly how life is des [...]

    17. Dala bih joj pola boda manje, ali mi ljubav prema d ezu ne dozvoljava Pritom, ovo je prvo Murakamijevo delo koje sam pro itala, pa mu je zami ljen kraj opro ten Atmosfera mi se dopala, nakon bure koju je u meni izazvala Tenesijeva drama, bila je ba ono to mi je trebalo.Stil je, u nedostatku boljih re i, tih i iv Robins Nest je lokal u kom bih i sama rado popila koktel, pred vratima ostavljaju i zvuke dobovanja ki e, prepustiv i se svoj lepoti d eza.

    18. Ich war ja schon sehr gespannt auf dieses Buch, da es jenen Eklat im Literarischen Quartett ausl ste, der der Anlass nicht die Ursache f r einen Zerfall des Trios L ffler, Reich Ranicki, Karasek war Und ehrlich gesagt, verstehe ich die Frau L ffler sehr gut Dieses Buch ist so versteckt aber dennoch massiv patriachalisch, dass es jeder Frau, die nur einen Absatz in den Werken von Alice Schwarzer und Elfriede Jelinek gelesen hat, die Zehenn gel aufrollen muss Der st ndig unzufriedene Hajime, den i [...]

    19. Eh, this was Orange Crush trying to masquerade as champagne.The book s linchpin is a lifelong unrequited or dashed youthful romance that obsesses the protagonists, Hajime he and Shimamoto she , each unknowingly to the other holding a candle over a vast span of time Unfortunately, Murakami is no Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and this glass of soda pop novel is no Love in the Time of Cholera.I m not a guy who requires plot, per se, but what plot there is here is perfunctory Murakami makes things way too [...]

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    21. I just finished reading and liking another Murakami book My last three read books by him failed to impress me at all Norwegian Wood 2 stars , 1Q84 2 stars and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running 2 stars The middle of the book is utterly boring especially while waiting of Shimamoto to show up and meet Hajime again The waiting does not heighten the anticipation because you know that they are meant for each and the inevitable that they will make love when the see each other becomes all the [...]

    22. In denying a foothold to any portentous propensity of being needlessly repetitive, but so in the interest of brevity, I opted to start forthcoming reviews, of which there seem to be many as this Murakami fever I have uncannily contracted has sternly refused abatement, with the Murakami Bingo Murakami may have a definitive murakami style but it still operates within a framework with formulaic themes and recurring plot devices.So here we go Mysterious Woman Operative truth Unexpected Phone Call C [...]

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