[E-Book] ☆ Around the World in 80 Days: Value-Priced Edition | by ☆ Michael Palin

Around the World in 80 Days: Value-Priced Edition By Michael Palin,

  • Title: Around the World in 80 Days: Value-Priced Edition
  • Author: Michael Palin
  • ISBN: 9781609980016
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Following his highly successful television series and book, the indefatigable Michael Palin brings his incredible story to audio, recapturing all the excitement of his original expedition Complete with visas, running shoes, an inflatable globe and sound advice from Alan Whicker, he set off to circumnavigate the world using only forms of transport available to the fictionaFollowing his highly successful television series and book, the indefatigable Michael Palin brings his incredible story to audio, recapturing all the excitement of his original expedition Complete with visas, running shoes, an inflatable globe and sound advice from Alan Whicker, he set off to circumnavigate the world using only forms of transport available to the fictional Phileas Fogg His journey was phenomenal, his deadline 80 days The rest, as they say, is history.
    Around the World in Days Value Priced Edition Following his highly successful television series and book the indefatigable Michael Palin brings his incredible story to audio recapturing all the excitement of his original expedition Complete wit

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    1. Ok, so I m outing myself as someone who loves Michael Palin BUT yes, there is a caveat to this statement, I only love him when he s doing travel stuff and is not in any way attempting to be humorous in the style of Monty Python Yes, yes many people persist in telling me that Monty Python is both pant wettingly funny and part of the premier league archive of ageing British Comedy along with the Goodies and the Goons eh Exactly but it just makes me go yeah, yeah WHATEVER Not my sense of humour May [...]

    2. First things first, it was a great idea to attempt re creating Fogg s journey around the world in 80 days, how will modern travel and the latest in crazy bureaucracy delay or improve the time taken Palin says at the beginning if he went by plane he could be home in 36hrs, if he went by boat he could be back in 63 days, but what was the point in only seeing clouds or sea It turns out he might as well have just done that for all he got to see Everything is timetabled, as soon as he gets off one tr [...]

    3. I watched the series a few years back and found that Michael Palin appeals to my sense of humour and I do love to watch other people travel to places that I can t visit This is not, however, a book about visiting countries and getting to know their culture, it is about the travelling Palin hops from one method of travel to another and although the journey isn t all that interesting on audiobook the man himself is It is his thoughts, feelings and interpretations of everything that happens to him [...]

    4. While Michael Palin s TV documentary of the same name is the basis for this book, the book itself actually comes from the diary Palin keeps on his journey, and the result is a delightful book, breezy and well written after all, the Monty Python troupe were writers as well as performers , and giving even detail and color to the experience Anyone who likes travel narratives would enjoy this one.

    5. An invigorating read Slightly dated now, but Michael Palin is always good value and I thoroughly enjoyed his adventures.

    6. Michael Palin and a film crew of 5 set off to follow Verne s Phileas Fogg s trip using land and sea travel, no air, in comparable time They travel from London via the Orient Express to the Channel Ferry then again on the Orient Express to Innsbruck where an Austrian rail strike brings the first of many delays By the time they have completed Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and India they are 10 days behind schedule due to bureaucratic and transport delays Palin and the soundman have been sick and all [...]

    7. From September 25th to December 12, 1988, Palin circumnavigated the world on the fictional route of Phileas Fogg in Jules Vern s Around the World in Eighty Days No aircraft The Orient Express at Victoria Station, London Ferry across the English Channel Train over the Alps to Venice Corinth Canal to Athens, then Crete and Alexandria Train to Cairo Ferry from the city of Suez to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Across Saudi Arabia to Dubai by car Dhow to Bombay, a week behind Phileas Fogg Indian Railways trai [...]

    8. Oh, I do love Michael Palin He is probably the nicest guy ever, and his memoirs are always delightful.It is a bit funny to read this without having read the original Around the World in 80 Days and without having seen the accompanying BBC series These diaries are sort of like getting half the story.The only downer is that he does tend to stereotype about people as he writes especially Americans he seems to think the majority of Americans are loud and obnoxious.

    9. A good thing to read if you are thinking you would ever want to try to go around the world in 80 days, because then you will already know you will not get to see much

    10. I got hooked on Michael Palin books after reading Pole to Pole This time, Palin travels latitudinally starting in London and trying to match the famous but fictional Phileas Fogg journey He restricts himself again to water or overland modes of transportation It s wonderful to be an armchair traveller as Palin meets mostly helpful characters in all countries from Africa to Asia My favorite part of the book was the journey to Singapore via the slow boat from Africa, with a great crew made of of In [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this and although I ve had the book in my collection for some time, I ve only just got round to reading it It was really fun to combine reading the book with listening simultaneously to Michael Palin s audio version from Audible, however it s worth noting that the audio book does differ slightly to the written version, not too much to be a distraction however The TV series dates from 1989 and represents Palin s first travelogue, in a series that was first earmarked for Alan Wick [...]

    12. We have been watching the old TV series with our kids, and I thought it would be fun to read the book alongside the show It s fascinating to watch thirty years on, particularly through the eyes of our young teenage children So much has changed in the countries we ve visited, and the world has also become so much international Unusual curiosities from the eighties like a Japanese sushi bar are now commonplace The book is a great behind the scenes companion, and a good adjunct to his diaries, whi [...]

    13. A truly entertaining book, and one I was itching to get back to reading every second it was out of my hands Michael Palin has a new fan in me.While it is obvious that Michael Palin takes his role as author and tv presenter seriously, there are moments of great observational humour in this book as one should expect from someone who was part of the Monty Python crew.If you want a book that does not bash you over the head with an overload of an info dump, yet provides relevant information, coupled [...]

    14. I cannot get enough of well written travel books written about interesting places I read this Palin one soon after it came out 25 years ago but found a copy of it recently and so decided to read it again Palin gives his insight on traveling around the world but not only traveling around it but trying to match Fogg s 80 days, from the classic novel.Palin has many interesting experiences but at the same time they re not fantastic, hair raising, being chased by cannibals type adventures It s a rela [...]

    15. Meeeeeeeh meh meh meh Why such a love for fragments, Mr Palin Also, people, please stop referring to people as a Chinese or a black It s annoying You don t see me going around saying, Oh yeah, he s totally a Danish, because that s fucking stupid I ve heard one too many Britons see how that works Where some demonyms are only adjectives, and some are nouns say Righto, think I ll pop over and pick up a Chinese Yeah Fuck you, Simon, or Basil, or Imogen, or whatever the hell your name is.

    16. Very funny, very interesting, and superbly read So yes, going around the world in 80 days and NOT taking a plane surprisingly was a bit of a problem, and there isn t any real in depth information about the many places Michael went to, but his observation skills and wit make this a thoroughly enjoyable journey for the reader listener, with his very personal insights into the people he met and places he traveled.

    17. I love Monty Python s characters and especially their movies Michael Palin takes that brand of humor on his modern journey around the world, in the style of Jules Verne s journey of the same name His writing style amuses and inspires at all points, whether the journey encompasses periods of boredom, adventure, stress, or disaster.

    18. This was one I forgot I d listened to last month and in honesty I wasn t overly impressed I remember watching the series as a child but certainly in this format it hasn t aged well and didn t particularly have much excitement to it.

    19. The central theme of Michael Palin s first travel book is the travel experience itself primarily his own, as an urgent and unconventional passenger on trains and ships, but also conveying something of the day to day lives of those whose work involves transferring people and products across borders and oceans sometimes in rather precarious circumstances Palin s mix of train spotter enthusiasm, good humour perhaps strained to saintly patience at times and empathy make him the perfect choice for th [...]

    20. I m keeping up my nonfiction by old British actors I ve always liked stint Over the years I ve watched bits and pieces of Michael Palin s travel shows with my parents, and they always left me with a sense of easygoing fun and hope I must have caught part of this series once, because I distinctly remember seeing him score the coveted role of Man in Elevator in Cairo Reading the book was essentially the same I didn t get to the heart of any issues, and I didn t meet any uncomfortable truths But th [...]

    21. bookcrossing I do actually remember buying this, and Pole to Pole, in a charity shop in Northallerton years ago And I have only just gotten around to reading it I never saw the tv series, although looking in the front of the book, this was all a good few years ago he wrote this in 1989 Mind boggling And there are mentions of walkmans with tape cassettes not even CDs, never mind MP3s and relatively easy travel through the middle east I suspect some things have changed since then.As the title suge [...]

    22. This was my first delve into travel writing It was a perfect start Like many people, I am fascinated with our incredible, beautiful world but also like many people, I lack the time and money needed to explore it Palin so aptly points out how much we all see of the world on television and in the newspapers, and how little we know of it While I m sure he d recommend I spent time travelling wherever and however I can, I feel that reading some travel writing is a good start Since I travelled around [...]

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