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The Whingdingdilly By Bill Peet,

  • Title: The Whingdingdilly
  • Author: Bill Peet
  • ISBN: 9780395247297
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Scamp learns to be content with his dog s life when Zildy the kooky witch turns him into a whing dingdilly.
    The Whingdingdilly Scamp learns to be content with his dog s life when Zildy the kooky witch turns him into a whing dingdilly

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    1. 4 starsNote Bill Peet, author and illustrator, died at the age of 87 in 2002 All of his 34 books, including the first, published in 1959, are still in print today In his career as an author and illustrator of children s books, Peet created a menagerie of unforgettable characters He had this to say about them I write about animals because I love to draw them Most of my animal characters have human personalities, and some are much like the people I know Children from ages 4 8 love to listen to the [...]

    2. Bill Peet is a genius I ve read several of his books now They re all a little different they re all excellent The only reason I m not giving this book 5 stars is there were some scary and sad parts that might be a bit too much for some readers listeners, and almost too much for me But, I unreservedly love Scamp the dog What a wonderful character

    3. The Whingdingdilly is a beautiful and fantastic story from the creative mind of Bill Peet Bill Peet s witty writing along with his beautiful illustrations makes this story one of the finest children s stories ever written Bill Peet has done an excellent job at both illustrating and writing this story with such creativity that will astound many children This story is extremely heartwarming and exciting at the same time with Scamp trying to find his true self while trying to find his owner, Orvie [...]

    4. This is an entertaining story that teaches a lesson that we should appreciate what we ve got and not wish to be someone or something else The illustrations are very comical, especially when the witch finishes changing Scamp into the Whingdingdilly We loved the old fashioned feel of the rural farm and horse drawn buggy And the story has a lot of suspense, as the roustabouts chase and capture poor scamp We enjoyed reading this story together.

    5. I cannot get over my mysterious childhood fear to understand what this book actually is Why did it freak me out I have no idea, but because it did it still kinda does.

    6. It was good, makes me think twice about being an otter XD It would be nice if he just stayed like that but had his owner it kinda relates to another book about a boy who wants to be something else but figure there will be a consequence That poor poor dog, yes DOG When I saw the cover, never in 1,000,000 years would I have guessed that was a dog on the cover I highly recommend checking out Bill Peet s books, they remind of Stephen Cosgrove s book style.

    7. I came to love the works of Bill Peet when I read about him in elementary school Like the Serendipity series, the characters are given their own life, a story that becomes a wonderful lesson and a chance to really see how life works Unlike Serendipity, though, is the fact that the stories have less of a fantastical feel and the beautiful illustrations as these ones focus on daily life so instead are slightly blandish if compared to the other series In this particular book children are given a st [...]

    8. Last year, I read every single Dr Seuss book despite having read them as a child My thinking was that maybe I might have missed one or two and guess what I had A few, in fact This year, I decided to read Bill Peet, whose literary output equals that of Dr Seuss, yet somehow I d overlooked Peet even though the two writers were cranking out books around the same time I haven t finished Peet s bibliography but, so far, I m impressed His Wumpworld is very similar to The Lorax but better, way much bet [...]

    9. Wow, this book is long I didn t really feel as lovingly as most people who rate this book did I mean it wasn t a bad book per se, it was just kind of boring The illustrations were nice in that old Dr Seuss kind of style, and nicely colored, but the story, didn t give me much emotion My daughter sat with me, but only to cuddle She lost interest halfway through I felt I had to finish cause I didn t want to have lost a whole book toward my challenge count because I gave up Basically this book shoul [...]

    10. This book was my absolute favorite as a kid, and I still hold it close to my heart as an adult Every time I went to the library, I would immediately dart to The Whingdingdilly and check it out every time Today I had to go read it again and boy did it bring back memories Bill Peet is an amazing author, and his books are definitely those that I will read to my kids in the future.

    11. Bill Peet is hands down, our favorite children s author His stories are fabulous and his illustrations are spot on We ve read every single one and there is not a bad one in the bunch.

    12. Scamp is a dog unhappy being himself He wanted to be somebody special Over the course of the story he learns that there s nothing better than being a dog and being with his best friend Orvie The story is well written, pictures are interesting to look at A fun read aloud book.

    13. A cute story about being happy with who you are and how difficult it is to be someone else I love the illustrations and how the characters from other books show up The you read of Bill Peet, the you love him.

    14. Tiresome witch stereotypes paired with an important but yawn inspiring moral of being happy with yourself and your life as it is.

    15. Bill Peet is the cream of the crop when it comes to writing children s books I read them when I was a kid, I remembered them in the back of my mind for years, and I rediscovered them to my delight when I was searching for good books to read to my own children His philosophies are often not compatible with mine, but they are not pernicious, and the delight of reading is all I remember from my childhood I did not absorb any of his worldview.

    16. This one is only good to look through on your own She actually used to bring this to me to have me read it when she was first pulling books off the shelves on her own, but each page has multiple paragraphs of text on it and it s just too long to keep her attention The pictures captivate her, but I m not sure why.

    17. A very charming little dog story with very sweet and funny illustrations The only things that could make this book better would be illustrations I don t know how the creator managed to let the dog s original appearance and darling character shine through all the transformations, but it is quite splendid.

    18. This is a great book for advanced pre school readers and probably on up to the 2nd grade It s a fairly long book for little ones, but it s a captivating story of a dog who wishes he were a famous horse and what happens to him when his wish comes true The dog is brilliantly illustrated you feel his every sigh of discontent

    19. Not my favorite of the stories by Bill Peet It s about a dog that is envious of a fancy horse that is receiving a lot of attention He feels depressed about being a plain ol dog So, he wanders off into the woods where a witch turns him into a blend of creatures ranging from an elephant to a camel.Really creative illustrations though

    20. I so remember this book from my childhood I m not sure why if I read it a bunch of times, or whether it just really stuck with me It s a fantastical tale and illustrations , with everyday life subtexts Funny how the truth endures because part of this story really applies to today s celebrity obsessed culture, but it s a 1970 copyright.

    21. One of my nephews loved the Bill Peet books when he was in elementary school, and now he s reading them to his own children I m slowly catching up on the kids reading favorites I can see the appeal of this one a lovable dog, a twist of magic and glory, and an old fashioned farm setting The moral of the tale is similar to that of The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings.

    22. What a fun book I bought this book after reading another by this author I really don t think you can go wrong with his books This was a good story about a dog wanting to be something else Good message and fun to read.

    23. I loved the artwork and the message be your own dog, don t envy beautiful horses The artwork reminded me of several of my favorite children s books My only disappointment was the complete lack of diversity in the humans portrayed.

    24. I found this for 50 cents on the library sale table, and it brought back so many good childhood memories Bill Peet was prolific, and my brother and cousins and I devoured his books I love the sketchy illustration style, and I still anthropomorphize houses and trains thanks to him.

    25. I read this as a child As I m reviewing these books I ve noticed that many Peet s books are about accepting yourself How wonderfully progressive I love this book The story is wonderful and the illustrations are as always, top notch.

    26. Another beloved Bill Peet book, which tells the story of Scamp the dog, who wants to be great and fancy like a horse He learns to be careful what you wish for, as a witch grants him his desire to be unique A great book with a good moral I really enjoyed it.

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