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Sinking of the Eastland By Jay Bonansinga,

  • Title: Sinking of the Eastland
  • Author: Jay Bonansinga
  • ISBN: 9780806526287
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At once riveting and poignant, The Sinking of the Eastland brings to life a bygone era that yielded one of the most significant American disasters of the last century The Sinking of the Eastland was written with the full support of the Eastland Historical Society Will captivate readers of recent nonfiction bestsellers about historical disasters like Isaac s Storm by E At once riveting and poignant, The Sinking of the Eastland brings to life a bygone era that yielded one of the most significant American disasters of the last century The Sinking of the Eastland was written with the full support of the Eastland Historical Society Will captivate readers of recent nonfiction bestsellers about historical disasters like Isaac s Storm by Erik Larson, Ship Ablaze by Edward T O Donnell and In The Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick Includes 16 pages of black and white photos
    Sinking of the Eastland At once riveting and poignant The Sinking of the Eastland brings to life a bygone era that yielded one of the most significant American disasters of the last century The Sinking of the Eastland was w

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    1. It was a morning to remember On July 24th, 1915 in downtown Chicago, over 2,000 Western Electric Employees and their families, dressed in their best and went to board the Eastland for the annual company picnic The Eastland was a breathtaking steamship and many came to watch as the ship loaded the excited and happy employees and families.Then the unthinkable happened.The Eastland as you will find out within the book, was never a very stable feeling ship rolled over in the Chicago river, trapping [...]

    2. The best book on the subject I ve ever read Of course, it s the only In its favor, it was very engaging One reason I don t read much fiction these days is that I often find myself unable to put the book down, to the detriment of other aspects of my life This book, though filed under nonfiction , had enough of the story feel that I found myself quite caught up in it It painted little vignettes of several of the passengers On the other hand, it was at times nauseatingly over written The thought of [...]

    3. Extremely heartbreaking to know that this disaster is so unknown to many Chicagoans More people died this one day in 1915 than in the Great Chicago Fire how did this become just a mere footnote in the history of our great city I first learned of the Eastland sinking when I took a history of Chicago course in college I always wanted to learn and finally found this book to aide in my study I was reinspired this year to read on the ship, as I changed job locations and now work facing the Chicago [...]

    4. This book was selected by my local library as one of the community reads books It is a great book because it is well written and the story is so amazing and tragic It details the capsizing of the Eastland passenger steamship in the Chicago River in 1915.The author calls this a Chicago story that sadly has been forgotten because it was just so traumatizing to the city Considering this is the worst loss of life disaster in Chicago history you have to wonder why you have never even heard of the Eas [...]

    5. The Eastland disaster killed over 800 Chicagoans in 1915, but until I purposely picked up a book on Chicago history, I had never heard of it and me a native Chicagoan Actually, no one has, which is why this is such a great and needful book it is a cinematic portrayal of the disaster and Bonansinga really makes the details startlingly real My husband and I are currently writing a song called The Shining White Ship which is based on the Eastland disaster I m grateful to Jan Bonansinga for bringing [...]

    6. Remember the Eastland An amazing story of one of Chicago s forgotten tragedies, a must read for any Chicagoan It s a story of tragedy and horror that saw the little guy destroyed by bureaucratic blaming.

    7. Wow This was fascinating to me In 1915 a ship holding 2,000 people who were going on a company picnic capsized at the dock in Chicago Over 800 people died I feel like I ve read pretty extensively on American history and I d never heard of this tragedy Heartbreaking.

    8. The Sinking of the Eastland by Jay Bonansinga is aptly subtitled America s forgotten tragedy In 1915, as it sat in port on the Chicago River, the steamship Eastland turned on its side, killing 844 people Despite a loss of life than twice that of the Great Chicago Fire, this tragedy is not well known today I grew up in a Chicago suburb and do not remember hearing about the Eastland.Bonansinga s book is not intended to be a summation of the facts surrounding the tragedy Instead, he introduces us [...]

    9. On July 24, 1915, Western Electric Company s Hawthorne Works in Cicero, Illinois chartered the SS Eastland, along with two other tour ships, the SS Theodore Roosevelt and the SS Petoskey, to take its employees to a picnic in Michigan City, Indiana As over two thousand five hundred employees and crewmembers boarded the Eastland, the ship began to list and eventually flipped over on its side in the Chicago River What followed over the next several days and weeks was a horror not seen since the sin [...]

    10. on Wednesday, August 01, 2007 I wrote During this last week I completed reading 3 books.The first was also a Non Fiction about the Sidney Hobart race, something I did not know anything about before reading.Afterwards i picked up The Vanishing Point a totally different genre, which I loved and read in 1 day and a half.Now I ve just read this book by Jay Bonansinga.I am referring to the Sydney and Hobart book because that took me a while to get in, but overall it was a decent read.When comparing t [...]

    11. I d heard of the Eastland, as I ve walked past the riverfront plaque at LaSalle Street many times over the years But Bonansinga s narrative nonfiction account nicely weaves together the facts, transcripts, and historical records through the stories of several who experienced it first hand It amazes me that such a tragedy is so little known Yesterday, when about half way through the book, I passed by the very site currently under construction , and paused a bit at the thought of the ship sitting [...]

    12. I never realized this great tragedy in Chicago s history had occurred This book was well written and easily read The style made you feel as if you were there getting things from an insider s point of view How sad that entire family s and neighborhood s were devastated in a few minutes one morning It especially hits home given that the Hawthorne plant and where many of the victims lived is in my old neighborhood What this book really leaves us to ask, is how can such a major maritime tragedy in A [...]

    13. This is a fascinating account of a disaster I never heard of and I ve lived here most of my life The author, whom I chatted with via email, presents a very personal saga His intensive research results in a picture of Chicago I d never paid much attention to, around 1910 Lots of detail about the ship, the clothing, the factory, burial and transportation systems, and much He has been criticized as taking liberties with the personal stories because it is impossible to very exactly what was said an [...]

    14. Well, this is aptly named America s forgotten tragedy Who heard of the Eastland This is a very sad story of that ship that capsized pretty much by the harbour wall in 1915 killing over 800 peopel en route to a company picnic.Harrowing tale no doubt and respectfully told focusses in part on a couple of families and the human interest angle therefore is particualrly engaging Bonansinga also leans heavily on imagery that tells of the historical environmen tand this brings it greatly to life.Extreme [...]

    15. What a horrifying story I really wonder why we don t know about this tragedy the largest in Chicago history Several passages ripped at my heart strings, especially the parts about babies and children For a non fiction mostly account of the tragedy, it was highly readable I m interested in the book the only other full length treatment on this tragedy he quotes throughout by George Hilton Some of the writing didn t seem quite right, but I loved the rest of the story pieces where he followed up on [...]

    16. I really liked this book It s the story of a tragedy that I had never heard of before The sinking of the Eastland took lives than the Chicago Fire and happened in the same city It s a historical event that deserves attention The book sometimes left me craving detail about a certain character or event However, for something that occurred nearly 100 years ago, I m sure it s difficult to find enough information to satisfy my curiousity I highly recommend this book, but it is not for the squeamis [...]

    17. An absolutely riveting work of narrative non fiction focused on the July 24, 1915 sinking of the Eastland as it was docked in the Chicago River awaiting its launch to Michigan City, Indiana for a Hawthorne Works Western Electric company picnic Fans of Erik Larson s Lusitania, The Devil in the White City or In the Garden of the Beasts will appreciate Bonansinga s work here Highly recommended

    18. This was a compelling, enlightening book about a 1915 Chicago disaster that I had never heard of A friend told me about a play being presented in downtown Chicago about the Eastland and urged me to read this book so glad I did The places in the book are all places I have been living in Northern Indiana so the story was even real to me I highly recommend this book I think it s the only one out there recounting the horrible Eastland tragedy.

    19. This was interesting than normal because the main event took place here in Chicago It was a good snapshot into the city at that time, and how disasters were managed back then But due to the tragic nature of the event and the amount of people who died, it was hard to keep reading Similar in some ways to the Titanic, the Eastland tragedy is far less known Even though it was tough to read, and I didn t always care for the author s style, I m still glad I read it.

    20. this is the story of the doomed eastland steamer that sunk in the chicago river while docked at the clark street bridge 844 people, weighed down by their heavy sunday best clothes, drowned because of captain error it s a tragic story, but there are some redeeming characters in it too, i.e the kid who rode his bike from the near north side to help rescue people it s a great chicago read and a story that every chicagoan should know.

    21. A lot of people wrote that they weren t aware of this tragedy I feel the same way having only learned the details in recent years and I grew up in Cicero The book started a little slow but I soon was unable to put it down One interesting thing that I learned was that an armory at the time was used as a temporary morgue That building still exists and was converted into Harpo Studios.

    22. Heartbreaking This book takes you on a trip It is thoroughly researched and brings to life that fateful, hot summer day on the Chicago River I was aware of this tragedy and its magnitude, but I wasn t familiar with all the back stories This is an insightful account of the tragedy and the subsequent days of mourning and finger pointing in Chicago.

    23. I read this because my great grandmother was a Chicago police officer when this happened My grandmother would tell us about how her mother, Alice, left for work that day in a white dress and returned later that night with the dress nearly totally red with blood She had used a grappling hook to pull people from the Chicago River This incident is still remembered here in Chicago every year.

    24. It is very good that this book was written It feels as though the Eastland disaster is becoming slightly better known, but it is still not common knowledge.The actual history is separate from the book The book was fine and was not a chore to read It is always interesting to see how far authors will go to create dialogue and such for long past real life events.

    25. Fascinating book, extremely well written I read it straight through in one day.My grandfather was a teenager living in the Chicago area when this tragedy occurred in 1915 I remember seeing an entry referring to thisevent in his diary I hope Jay Bonansinga will write narrative non fiction.

    26. I ll admit, I had never heard of the Eastland, but this book caught my eye I love non fiction Victorian Era books, and I always have been fascinated with reading about disasters This book held my interest from start to finish, and it also included pictures I couldn t put it down Great, quick read Educational and very, very sad.

    27. This book could have benefited from a glossary of ship terms, of which I am not familiar, and a diagram of the ship that would have pointed out where the particular locations discussed were located Other than that it had a feeling of immediacy as if you were there during the disaster and the aftermath Reading it so close to the anniversary of the sinking made it especially poignant.

    28. Very much enjoyed this book about the sinking of the Eastland cruise ship on the Chicago river Lots of Chicago history and anytime I can place a historic event to a place that I ve actually been it s good for me

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