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River's End By Nora Roberts,

  • Title: River's End
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781101146101
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • Olivia s parents were one of Hollywood s golden couples until the night her father destroyed their home and took her mother away forever Now, years later, Olivia is forced to recall those horrifying events and discover the truth about her childhood.
    River s End Olivia s parents were one of Hollywood s golden couples until the night her father destroyed their home and took her mother away forever Now years later Olivia is forced to recall those horrifying e

    One thought on “River's End”

    1. After reading a few too many lackluster, hard to get into and hard to stick with until the end novels this one reminded me of all the reasons I use to buy Nora Roberts books the minute they were released can t do that any Her characterization just grabs me from the first page and her books are difficult to break away from.The book starts out when Olivia, the heroine, is only four and her storybook life with her beautiful movie star mom comes to a horrific end Olivia is the only witness to her mo [...]

    2. Aproveitei uma promo o fabulosa da Feira do Livro do Continente e comprei A pousada no fim do rio N o tinha grandes espectativas Gostei da sinopse, fiquei interessada em ler mas n o criei muitas ilus es volta da hist ria Ainda bem porque adorei completamente esta hist ria de Nora Roberts.O livro est dividido em 3 partes, a primeira com o nome Ol via, segunda Noah e terceira O Monstro, em que cada uma destas personagens o centro da narrativa.Julie McBride e Sam Tanner, vivem uma vida de sonho, t [...]

    3. Kitapl mda senelerce bekledikten sonra nihayet okuyabildim Seneler nce Ankara Kitap Fuar nda bir sahafta bulmu tum ama hi elime al p giri medim GR de bile okuma listemde senelerce bekledi, yeter art k okumal y m dedim ve elime ald m imdi bu kitapta birka sorun var Ben Nora y a r seven biriyim, o y zden o u kitab n da zellikle de l m serisini ay la bay la okumu umdur ncelikle anlat lan ok uzun bir d nem, Olivia n n 4 ya ndaki haliyle ba l yor Yava yava ilerliyor, sonra Noah anlat yor bir s re Yan [...]

    4. 4,25 stars It broke my heart When I read the first chapters of this book Poor Olivia Who can do this to a little girl The policeman who had the chase I took to my heart because he is human That is one of the great things about the writting of Nora Roberts The characters are real characters The story lines well written One of the things I did not like this time is that there are 4 parts of the book who are not connected with one an other in my opinion I loved the blooming love between Noach and O [...]

    5. This book was 3.5 stars for me In deciding whether to list it here as 3 or 4 stars, I decided to round down, since my standards for Nora Roberts are pretty high.I actually liked the first half quite a bit The book took its time setting up the primary romance, starting when Olivia was only 4 years old, and revisiting her at her first meeting with Noah when she was 12 no romance yet Their next meeting when she was 19 was full of sparks, which lead to some burns, and a refusal of all contact for y [...]

    6. And she floated, drifted, glided She imagined herself a single white feather, weightless, spinning slowly, endlessly, through the soft green light of the forest her heart swelled and its beat quieted to a thick, dull thud The muscles in her stomach loosened and dipped As she skimmed her fingers into his hair, tipped her head back in surrender, she could have wept from the discovery This, she thought, is life Is beginnings Is everything.When Olivia was only four years old her movie star mother wa [...]

    7. This novel broke a lot of patterns for a romance novel Much of the book was about Noah s book plans and huge swaths of the book were about the central mystery with Olivia completely absent This might have worked better if the times we get with Olivia had been pleasant Which is my main problem with the book, I suppose I really didn t care about Olivia She was an emotional wreck, way beyond what is justified by her background at least IMO Or, to put it another way, someone who continues so comple [...]

    8. I was sucked into this one right away There was something about the little girl Liv that made you want to protect her, to make sure that the monster never got her, that her mama would come back That Liv had to see what she did was horrible, but even chilling was the questioning in the aftermath by Detective Brady Frank was so good with Liv and treated her gently that I found myself agreeing with adult Liv, that Frank is a great man.Even when we met Noah as a child I wasn t sure about him His ac [...]

    9. This book was amazing Nora Roberts has written wonderfully the voice of a little child, who lost her mother This is not just a regular romance book The mystery part of the book was deeper and interesting than the romance All the characters will stay with me for a long time Just a fantastic read.

    10. 2,5 estrelasEste livro foi me emprestado pela minha prima Adriana obrigada e sei que, mais cedo ou mais tarde, ela acabar por ler isto provavelmente e n o sei se o que tenho a dizer a afectar ou n o N o gosto de escrever o tipo de opini o que estou prestes a escrever quando algu m me empresta ou d livros, porque s tantas a pessoa at pode ficar triste, o que perfeitamente natural.Por isso, antes de mais gostaria simplesmente de dizer que j li livros suficientes da Nora para lhe reconhecer m rito [...]

    11. This book had a lot in common with Nora Roberts book Black Hills, which I really enjoyed Both centered around a romantic couple that met in childhood and fell in love as adults both featured a female protagonist who threw herself into a career with the natural world to avoid emotional entanglements both included long distance relationships in which the man moved for the woman and both had a psycho killer who endangered the female lead as a main antagonist.All felt handled with dexterity in Blac [...]

    12. Opini o no blog howtoliveathousandlivesspNeste livro estamos perante a f rmula do sucesso de Nora Roberts drama, amor, a o, mist rio, reden o Talvez por isso esta est ria peque pela pouca originalidade, pois, para quem j leu muitas obras desta autora, acaba por n o trazer muito de novo O casal principal minimamente cativante, o que permitiu que me dedicasse a esta leitura, apesar da previsibilidade A protagonista, Olivia, possui uma personalidade complexa, misturando inoc ncia e coragem A trag d [...]

    13. Olivia MacBride and her parents, a fairy tale Hollywood family, had everything fame, fortune, and love But when 4 year old Olivia awakens one night to find her mother brutally murdered and her father, Sam, standing over her corpse, the little girl s dreamland dissolves before her very eyes.Whisked away to the sanctuary of the Olympic Peninsula by her grandparents, Olivia learns to bury the past deep within her Determined to protect herself from painful memories, Olivia limits her life to the eme [...]

    14. A friend from church recommended this book to me As soon as I started listening to it, I realized I had read it before some years ago It was still gripping and entertaining, all these years later And when I came to the end, I was surprised again Olivia was only four years old when her mother died The monster came, and the frightened child hid in the closet The policeman found her there She remembers only a few details of that night Years later she meets the policeman again with his family to ren [...]

    15. This is not your typical mystery or suspense but it has all of the elements to make it a really good story Olivia is as complex as they come but Noah was the perfect man to help her tear down the walls she built to cope with the tragic circumstances of her childhood While a suspect was imprisoned for the murder of Olivia s mother, you re never quite certain if the right person was brought to justice and this book takes you the distance.To say anything would ruin the experience for other readers [...]

    16. Que libro tan horrible Si pudiera darle 0 estrellas se lo daria, no se que le paso a la autora, cientos de paginas en las que no pasaba nada en lugar de invertir en escribir una historia coherente y al final nos tira la gran revelacion y ya esta WTF el libro no tiene final solo se detiene es inconcluso no puedo creer que no le haya dedicado mas paginas a esta etapa del libro.Los peores protagonistas del mundo , mal perfilado, si ningun desarrollo de la historia aaaahahhh destesto a este libro , [...]

    17. Isn t it every woman s fantasy to make love to a hot guy on a river bank in the mountains The villian is someone you end up feeling sorry for And at the end you love him and cry for him.Unexpected twist at the end.For a brief moment, I wanted to become a hiking guide But then I came to my senses.

    18. It is almost confusing in certain sections, I have to figure out which character is thinking what Which is why head hopping is a big no no I did like the characters The mystery is good Full Review thetbrpile.weebly reviews

    19. I ve read a couple of her books before, and a couple of her as JD Robb, which on the whole I ve preferred because I like the slightly sci fi combination with the detective stories I picked this up because I m on a mission to get through my book club pile and the blurb sounded good On the positive side, she is a good storyteller and the plot certainly kept me going right through a lazy Labour Day I liked the descriptions of the Washington forest and felt like booking a holiday to go see giant tre [...]

    20. Setting Beverly Hills mansions River s End camp and forests of Olympic Peninsula, WashingtonTheme Love violence drugs justice vs miscarriage of justiceCharacters Olivia MacBride age 4, has been loved by her mother and father they read her stories and play with her, they dress up and go to parties, but daddy becomes sick using drugs and doesn t live at home, she visits dad with aunt uncle as chaperones and then she hears fighting, goes to find mom, plays with mom s jars and lotions for a bit whic [...]

    21. This is the story of the rippling effect of murder The psychological and emotional impact a heinous crime can have on the family and also, on the law enforcement personnel In this story a starlet is murdered by her celebrity husband Leaving behind the main character of this story, a 4 year old child, to deal with the repercussions The writing makes it an easy read And the author excels in giving vivid descriptions But multiple scenes are repetitive to the point of predictability between the main [...]

    22. I Love Nora Roberts Books They Not Only Have A Very Good Ending But The Story Is Great This Story Keeps You Interest Loved The Drama And How The Characters Related To Each Other Loved The Ending Another Great Book By Nora Roberts.

    23. Actual Rating 3.5 StarsFirst of all, I m going to have to admit that the first chapter of the book bowled me over and I nearly cried with grief for Olivia as a child finding her mother dead, seeing her father standing over the body with a bloody pair of scissors in his hands, running scared and hiding, and then being told that her mother was never coming home again I m usually not one to make much of these scenes, having read a lot of crime thrillers with all of their bloody violence and tragic [...]

    24. Een oudere titel die me nog ontgaan was Weer betrouwbaar smulboekamusement met spannende ontknoping Wel grappig om te zien hoe gedateerd sommige dingen raken, zoals een modem meenemen voor je laptop.

    25. Eu gosto muito de ler Nora Roberts Ela consegue entrela ar um conjunto de ingredientes que t m a capacidade de me fazer apaixonar pelos seus livros Romance, mist rio, suspence Pequenos apontamentos de humor e boa disposi o nas personagens Apesar deste livro reunir todos estes ingredientes, a forma como a hist ria foi conduzida n o me convenceu N o me senti muito conectada hist ria, ao local onde tudo se passou, nem sequer s personagens.Olivia e Noah s o o casal protagonista deste livro Houve mom [...]

    26. River s End spans just over 30 years in the life of Olivia McBride from her mother s murder when she was 4 to her father s release from prison when she s 26 When 4 year old Olivia woke up to the sound of her mother s scream and found her father standing over her mother with a pair of bloody scissors in his hand she ran and hid Her testimony helped put him in jail even though he claimed he was innocent Now 30 years later, true crime writer Noah Brady, son of the cop who helped jail Olivia s fathe [...]

    27. A life altering story of murder, betrayal and a dark secret kept for almost 20 years by a person closest to Olivia McBride.Livvy was four years old when her father was incarserated for the gruesome, drug induced murder of her mother The tearful testimony of a four year old made sure that he was convisted of the murder The sentence, twenty years, the first fifteen without the option of parole Twenty years later she still only knows the bits and piecies she s been able to learn from her aunt She w [...]

    28. Most part of the book was amazing, it was the type of plot that got me hooked with NR s books in the first place and then came the ending and it fell flat for me I m really sorry to say this but Livvy was stubborn as hell And then when Noah starting pushing away she just jumps straight back begging him to not walk away I mean I get it, that Noah s getting a little bit annoyed and pissed at her stubbornness when she tried pushing him away again but the way it was handled, it felt really rushed Li [...]

    29. Kitap elimde uzun s re kald ama tamamen zamans zl ktan.Olivia 4 ya ndayken annesinin l m ne ahit oluyor ki bir ocu un bu travman n etkisi ile ekillenen ki ili ini g r yoruz kitap boyunca stelik katil olarak babas n n tutuklanmas da cabas Olivia ya bu zor zamanlar nda yard m eden polis Frank de bu olay kafas ndan atamaz Frank in o lu Noah da ayn ekilde i ten i e, bu olayla i inde bir ba oldu una inan r Kendisi cinayetleri konu alan kitaplar yazar ve bu olaya da el atmak ister seneler sonra Tabi O [...]

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