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To the Rescue: The Biography of Thomas S. Monson By Heidi S. Swinton,

  • Title: To the Rescue: The Biography of Thomas S. Monson
  • Author: Heidi S. Swinton
  • ISBN: 9781606418987
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To the Rescue is the much anticipated official biography of President Thomas S Monson Beginning with President Monson s family heritage and his early years in Salt Lake City, it included his vocational preparation and his career in the world of journalism More important, this inspiring book recounts his lifetime of Church service Called as a bishop at the age of twentyTo the Rescue is the much anticipated official biography of President Thomas S Monson Beginning with President Monson s family heritage and his early years in Salt Lake City, it included his vocational preparation and his career in the world of journalism More important, this inspiring book recounts his lifetime of Church service Called as a bishop at the age of twenty two, as a mission president at thirty one, and as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve at age thirty six, he has traveled the globe to minister to the Saints for than fifty years This book shares many of his personal experience, from his visits behind the Iron Curtain to his contributions on the Scriptures Publication Committee and in the missionary and welfare areas it also provides up to the minute information about his work as Church President.Filled with wonderful photographs and little known accounts, this biography is a portrait of a leader who ministers both to the one and to the many, and who is completely dedicated to doing whatever the Lord prompts him to do.
    To the Rescue The Biography of Thomas S Monson To the Rescue is the much anticipated official biography of President Thomas S Monson Beginning with President Monson s family heritage and his early years in Salt Lake City it included his vocationa

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    1. 3.75 stars.An inspiring biography of a wonderful man Yes, it will change you You will want to perform small, simple acts of service for everybody around you You will serve better in your church You will study the scriptures on a deeper level, pray better, and love your family sincerely You will, in essence, be a better Christian than you were previously.So why my mediocre score I believe there are two ways to write an LDS biography One says, Look at the experiences of this prophet of God The se [...]

    2. I almost feel guilty giving a 3 star rating to a biography about the beloved prophet of our church While I enjoyed learning about his ministry, however, the writing was decidedly sub par.My biggest gripe is the lack of personal flavor in the book Having read several other prophet biographies, I thought this one was severely lacking in personal anecdotes, and was almost devoid of characterization outside of the obvious and ubiquitous commentary about his love, kindness, and willingness to serve [...]

    3. While the subject matter of this book is definite 5 star material, the execution left very much to be desired So many entire paragraphs in this book were simply lists of names or dates or places with absolutely no point Honestly, I would rather read Leviticus and Numbers than ever pick this book up again This author would labor over details of the background of a anecdote, only to complete it without giving any of the important details of the resolution One in particular stands out in my mind wh [...]

    4. President Monson is an amazing man Many times as I read this book I felt a flood of love wash over me and testify that he is a Prophet of God I cried and laughed and learned It was a great experience I want to be like President Monson concerned with people I love that President Monson sees the big picture In the book a story is related in which there is an attorney who had married a catholic and been inactive in the LDS church for many years The attorney s business partner was being ordained a [...]

    5. I had a hard time keeping a consistent interest in the book, there were some chapters I really enjoyed, however they were few and far between I think the author was trying to write a tribute rather than a biography.ill some really good stories worth reading like the chapters that covered his service in communist Germany In all, I really enjoyed learning about Thomas Monson and have really gained an appreciation for the kind and compassionate person he is

    6. I should probably justify my 3 star rating by saying biographies are hard for me to read, because they often contain SO MUCH detail To that end, I think Swinton did a pretty good job of sticking to main themes rather than a solely chronological structure Some reviewers have complained that it did skip around a bit I definitely noticed it was a little confused by it but wasn t super bugged by it I read this book because I wanted to have a better appreciation for President Monson, and to that end, [...]

    7. Three stars for the book, not the man himself I wish this book dealt with his thoughts and feelings, with his personal challenges and how he has dealt with them It is very factual the closest you get is the image of a young bishop praying alone in a dark church with his hand on the pulpit, but no mention of any struggle within.Excerpts President Monson communicated via telegram to his missionaries while serving as mission president in Canada He received one that said, President, the temperature [...]

    8. 3.5 stars Most of you probably know that Thomas S Monson is the current president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints He is an absolutely fascinating man One of his strengths is his personal warmth and love for other people In 2009, Slate ranked him number one in its list of eighty most powerful octogenarians in American.This book is full of lots of details and many wonderful anecdotes about President Monson, but overall, it was kind of uneven writing Some parts moved right along, [...]

    9. I have read a lot of books in my lifetime When I rate a book five stars, it has to be fantastic This definitely meets my definition of fantastic, and I want to go a step further by saying that this was absolutely inspiring I bought this book to read because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for President Monson I was not disappointed at all What an amazing man he is At a very young age he was taught about serving the less fortunate Throughout his entire life his focus has [...]

    10. Great beginning but what happened in the middle From reading this book one would think that Germany was the only country who suffered the ravages of war between 1939 1945 Also, where was any connection between President Monson and President Hinckley who had worked together for so many years I was sorely disappointed Only a brief note of sadness at President Hinckley s funeral in the penultimate chapter I fully realise that this is an autobiography about President Monson,but surely he has many ha [...]

    11. I LOVE President Monsonbut only LIKED his biography I felt it was way too long in pages and a little short on parts of his life I would have liked to have known about his parents and siblings about him BEFORE the call to the Twelve His father was inactive for most of his lifeat would have been something extremely interesting to explore How did this shape or effect him as a young boy But it is basically glossed over There were thousands of wonderful stories of his personal ministering to those a [...]

    12. I really loved this book It took me a while to get started with it, but once I was in it, I didn t want it to end I was inspired, uplifted, and most of all my testimony has grown that President Monson truly is a Prophet of God.

    13. If you have ever wanted to know about the prophet, this is definitely the book for you It was written under the request of Thomas S Monson, and he collaborated greatly with the author Heidi S Swinton did an excellent job at showing the prophet s life and introducing readers to what President Monson was like as a boy, teenager, and man long before he ever became the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.I will say, this is quite a tome Obviously I read a lot of books while [...]

    14. 2.5 Stars, which averages for 1 star for the actual book and 5 stars for the subject matter, President Monson The best testimony is one lived by example, and few examples are better than that provided to us from President Monson for decades that precede my own birth President Monson has dedicated his life to serving others Where society forgets or looks past an individual, President Monson looks into their soul and sees divinity He has brought out the very best in those he has come in contact wi [...]

    15. Wow I ve been listening to this book off and on for several months and finally finished it this week While I found the beginning part about Pres Monson s ancestors a little bit slow, once I got past that part I really loved it The writing jumped around some and at times I wasn t sure why the author wrote things in the order that she did, but in spite of that, I was so touched by the experiences shared and the amazing life that Pres Monson has lived that I still felt it deserved 5 stars I loved P [...]

    16. I wasn t necessarily overly impressed with the writing, however the writing of the book did a good job of getting out of the way and showing President Monson, which is what you want in a biography The reason this book was so good was largely because the subject of this book is so good.

    17. I loved reading about the life of President Monson, but the writing style was a little strange for my taste Too much jumping around.

    18. I enjoyed reading this book, but I did not care much for the writing I missed Sherri Dew, who has written the biographies of Ezra Taft Benson and Gordon B Hinckley To me, Swinton s writing is a little sugary Too often stories and anecdotes would be capped off with a statement like, Such was the life of Thomas S Monson That said, the stories were uplifting, and the life of President Monson is inspiring I was surprised at how many of his life s stories I was already familiar with a testament to hi [...]

    19. His character is truly Christlike He is very close to the spirit and always looking a ways to server others in the Church and outside of the Church He is truly the Lord s prophet to the World here on the earth today He had many fine examples and mentors.He is always the optimist For President Monson, being made whole does not mean being fixed, repaired, or made good as new Wholeness is much that that it is a description of a life on earth filled with the Spirit of God and one in the eternities [...]

    20. It was an honor to read a book about a Latter Day Prophet of God and have insight into his life and stories We had a wonderful book discussion on this book I had known about President Monson s personal ministry, but not about his managerial skills and organization and efficiency On a purely intellectual level, he is the perfect prophet of our church because he started in church service at such a young age he has served on every church committee and knows them all inside and out On a spiritual le [...]

    21. I had some difficulty with the density and seeming lack of a timeline in this biography, but the stories and moving messages easily made up for it It would be very difficult to try to condense into one book the influence and work of this man Who can not appreciate a great man like this whose seeming motto is Kneel down to pray, step up to serve and reach out to rescue A man who when he, had instructed college students in business classes, he always emphasized the importance of being understandin [...]

    22. Although, I have been aware of Thomas S Monson as a General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saint since my early teens, to have read his biography has been an eye opening exercise How impressive an upbringing he has had in preparing him to take on the mantle of the presidency of the church How carefully the Lord has molded his youth and directed his career leading up to and through his service as a bishop, a mission president and a member of a stake presidency What an impac [...]

    23. Five stars for the man obviously, but the writing left me dreading reading it Sister Swinton, I am sure she s a lovely lady , made Pres Monson seem way to perfect and her writing style was a bit quaint and dated So I m going to drop it Because I can Besides we ve heard most of the stories in conference a couple of times.

    24. This is a hefty tome but well worth the read The five stars really are attributed to President Thomas S Monson, current President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Prophet of God here on the earth today If I were rating the author, it may only earn four stars, but she did a really good job at this monumental task anyway I read the biography of President Gordon B Hinckley by Sheri S Dew and loved it so much that I then listened to the whole thing on audio I guess I prefer Dew [...]

    25. I found that this book was rather uninspiring, considering it was about an inspiring man I listened to the audio book that was produced by Deseret book I m not sure if it was the narrator, or the author, but this book didn t resonate well with me.There were a few things that I felt that this biography was missing First, I was hoping to get a better understanding of the human side of President Monson I wanted to know what he struggled with, and how he overcame those struggles I wanted to know abo [...]

    26. I devoured this book for what I learned about 20c church history So many events that I knew about were fleshed out by knowing Pres Monson s role in them I came away realizing that he is a different style Jeffrey Holland or Dallin Oaks brilliant I particularly like the stories of the German Saints I remember taking the train to West Berlin in 1978 when we lived in Germany my husband was on the High Council He had to speak and conduct business in the ward there We were in the military stake, of co [...]

    27. I rate this book at five stars because of its subject We all need to learn about Thomas S Monson and to learn to follow his example I particularly enjoyed learning about President Monson s growing up, his early life, and family background He is a real person after all and came from a real family that had its weaknesses and many strengths Also the book was extremely informative and very inspirational about all that President Monson helped to accomplish in what was East Germany The Saints behind [...]

    28. My mother said it best when she stated This book is a priesthood training manual The way President Monson lives his life and conducts his affairs is so very different than the rest of us He has no hidden agenda or selfish intention What he values and places priority on is to help others feel good and to serve them Now, this review needs to be on the book, not the life of the man The book was well written It started a lot stronger than it ended but it still carried with it a strong spirit and tre [...]

    29. First, I would say that Pres Monson s wife must have been a super incredible woman He was going and giving all the time, and would not have been able to if she was not strong enough to manage a lot of things and secure enough to have him gone often My favorite part of this book was the section about his work in East Germany or the German Democratic Republic I had no idea how involved he was and what he did there I also really like the recounting of church history and prophets before him that ser [...]

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