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Tomorrow Never Knows: The Silverchair Story By Jeff Apter,

  • Title: Tomorrow Never Knows: The Silverchair Story
  • Author: Jeff Apter
  • ISBN: 9780958073721
  • Page: 340
  • Format: None
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    Tomorrow Never Knows The Silverchair Story None

    One thought on “Tomorrow Never Knows: The Silverchair Story”

    1. I didn t even know this book existed so I was very happy to pick up a copy.For the average music fan, curious about how fast success can unhinge a youthful band, this is an average though entertaining read For Silverchair fans, THIS IS ESSENTIAL reading Being the ONLY book available to explore Silverchair s remarkable rise to prominence, I was expecting a shallow and quick cash in Instead, Jeff Apter, with official approval from the Silverchair estate and unrestricted access, has crafted a chron [...]

    2. It was an interesting story but the writing style just down right sucked It made it less personal and cliche and typical I would have loved to see at least Daniel Johns co write this book, but to me it felt like one big article.

    3. 15 Year Old Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou went from rocking out in their parents garage s to become one of Australia s most successful rock bands This first ever account of Silverchair details the albums, tours, highs and lows of being teenage rock stars, as well as candid interviews with the band include rare one on one interviews with Daniel Johns and Silverchair s manager, John Watson This amazing book is not to be missed.I love Silverchair.As a Silverchair fan I was so excited [...]

    4. Pretty straightforward, walks through the albums and tours from Frogstomp to Young Modern Some good detail and behind the scenes info As a biography it isn t epic or anything, it s written for fans and I can t imagine it being interesting to anyone who isn t one I purchased the Kindle version from and I m not sure whether it was a result of the digitizing process or whatbut it was riddled with spelling errors At least 10 very obvious ones All in all I enjoyed reading it and listening to the albu [...]

    5. as a silverchair fan i was happy to find this book had finally been written and published it gives a good insight of the band from the early beginnings to the mechanics of their relationship as a band and how over the years it has changed s easy to read and if you re a silverchair fan from way back, a must read.

    6. It s called The Silverchair Story , but it s the chance to peel back the layers of Daniel Johns life that most people will be looking for here And with no meaningful revelations, I d say this is one for fans only.

    7. The complete and unexpurgated biography of arguably one of the best bands to come out of Australia It includes interviews from all the major players involved in the rise and rise of the powerhouse that is Silverchair A fantastic read for fans and potential fans

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