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The Various By Steve Augarde,

  • Title: The Various
  • Author: Steve Augarde
  • ISBN: 9780385604741
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gritty and captivating story of courage and strength against terrible odds, this is the story of Midge, abandoned with her eccentric uncle during the holidays, and her adventures with the Various, a band of earthily realistic fairies The existence of the Various, who are strange, wild and sometimes even deadly, has been kept secret since the beginning of time, but whenA gritty and captivating story of courage and strength against terrible odds, this is the story of Midge, abandoned with her eccentric uncle during the holidays, and her adventures with the Various, a band of earthily realistic fairies The existence of the Various, who are strange, wild and sometimes even deadly, has been kept secret since the beginning of time, but when their world begins to clash with that of human beings, their livelihood is threatened with extinction This is a wonderfully imaginative story of love and loyalty, and is the first in a powerful trilogy.
    The Various A gritty and captivating story of courage and strength against terrible odds this is the story of Midge abandoned with her eccentric uncle during the holidays and her adventures with the Various a

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    1. I m not a huge fan of fairies, elves and other critters of that nature But I am a fan of great writing, strong atmosphere, great characters and dialogue, and this book has all of that in spades When Midge goes to her uncle s farm in Somerset for the summer and first encounters the fields and tangled forests, the old house and dilapidated and dangerous out buildings, it really is magical because of Augarde s beautiful evocation of place and character Her bumbling uncle, mother in career overdrive [...]

    2. I think I was, like, three pages into this when I was set to give it five stars What a perfect gem of a book it starts off wonderfully and actually never, ever falters The whole thing is charming and magical and absolutely top notch.The plot is one that s been done before kid Midge finds some kind of magical creature in this case, first Pegs the miniature winged horse and then the rest of the Various who lives in the woods by her house or her Uncle s which are about to be sold off destroyed buil [...]

    3. I picked this up because I liked the cover and title Having finished the book, I suspect both were marketing gimmicks to make the books seem intriguing Not that it sucked or anything, but it wasn t novel or mysterious the way I had been hoping A pretty standard kid staying at old family home discovers secret supernatural whatever fantasy Moderately interesting to read Pacing a bit off, with the second half feeling much full than the first and introducing most of the secondary characters and pl [...]

    4. Attempt 1 The little that i did read of this book, was not very good in my opinion It just didn t make me want to read on.Attempt 2 I have to finish the first two books in this series, to get my friend to read the first two Skulduggery Pleasant books.I ll try not to die of boredom Finished Is it could the torture actually be over temporarily And now i get to write a review about why i hate this book so much.This book was boring for many different reasons 1 The way people spoke in this book confu [...]

    5. Brilliant But why change the cover The girl on the front looks like a heavily made up teen Midge is not , and the floating fairy Why not read the book and decide for yourself The original cover was all mystery, and therefore much inviting than this Hollywood cover

    6. How many pages do you read of a book before you decide its fate Can you know within one page if you love it How many chapters do you endure if you hate it What if your feelings are simply neutral All these questions have been debated by readers Some readers hold to a 5 sentence rule others to a 5 page rule while a few doggedly persevere no matter what to the end Myself, I m normally pretty tolerant of a novel It s been almost a year since I abandoned one Yet I came close to quitting on The Vario [...]

    7. Just like with the second book in the series, Celandine, what I got from The Various was different from what I d been expecting I d been expecting a high octane mix of magical adventure, a mysterious forest, and nonstop action, but that isn t what this book is Rather, it s a fantasy story that takes place in a much smaller and intimate context though it s still quite enjoyable The book is about twelve year old Margaret, or Midge , who is sent to her uncle s house while her mother performs with [...]

    8. Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooTwelve year old Midge has been sent to stay with her Uncle Brian at Mill Farm while her musician mother goes on tour.Though she s not sure what to expect, Midge never dreamed of the adventures she d encounter at the farm She stumbles upon an injured winged horse in one of the outbuildings and helps the creature She learns the horse lives in the Royal Wood Unfortunately, Uncle Brian has decided to sell the woods and they are set to be plowed down.Midge i [...]

    9. solid fairy story, first in a trilogy, which I will read the old city child comes to the country and falls in love with it and discovers fairies story the fairies themselves are pretty imperfect, not in that we re beautiful but cruel way but in a regular way they re not particularly beautiful, either, most of them some of them fly, most don t their speech is interesting nice mixture of danger and safety girl goes to stay with her uncle alone in the country, he s perfectly nice and gives her lot [...]

    10. I barely got passed page 60 and I struggled to read my personally required 10% The idea, from what I can gather, is a good one and I like faerie stories normally but the opening to this is just too slow for me and I couldn t care less about the characters The descriptions are long winded and overly simplified perhaps it s just a little too young adult for me The illustrations are lovely though And maybe if I try this at another time, I ll be able to find a place for it in my heart.

    11. I wonder why Midge isn t that shy of her uncle When I got sent to live with someone else I was shy of her for a really long time Actually I still kind of am, and I always wait a really long time for her to move so I can get food out of her refrigerator There s a really good looking blue drink she has, but I m always too scared to ask her if I can have some But I really want to try it

    12. I m racking my brain but I honestly cannot remember why I borrowed this book from the library It s not one that we have in the bookshop and I wanted to read so I could recommend it properly to prospective purchasers It s not one that has ever been on my to read list And I don t usually browse the children s fiction I reserve copies of books I know I want I have no recollection of taking it off a shelf However, I must have.Be that as it may, the real question is Did I enjoy this book and the answ [...]

    13. Enchanting cover I didn t crack it open and read the first pages at the bookstore Ugh, NEVER judge a book by it s cover It s a narrative, a bad one I got half way through the first chapter and threw it on the floor Terrible Look, people, at least try to teach our children what good books and good writing are Good lord

    14. A pleasant surprise to read a fantasy novel targeted at a younger audience but which still managed to keep me engaged It felt like an updated version of Enid Blyton s novels but with fleshed out fantasy characters.

    15. This was wonderful I can not wait to read the sequels and I also know I ll have to reread this at some point, as I feel like I forgot about a few seeds Steve Augarde planted earlier in story, and only picked up again at the very end.Anyway, this is slightly reminiscent of the Spiderwick Chronicles, but does definitely follow its own storyline It also has a very different cast of characters And a British one, might I add.It s one of those stories where you kind of sense where it s going to go, bu [...]

    16. Well this book made no sense Between the fairy people who spoke gibberish the action cut with dull and boring description, the book was so hard to follow that I stopped trying to understand what I was reading and just went to getting it finished To begin with, it was a slow start It took a good couple chapters to get me into it Once I did get into it I was curious to see how everything unraveled and was shocked to see that everything pretty much exploded in the span of two days or three days I l [...]

    17. Twelve year old Midge is sent to stay on her uncle s West Country farm for the summer holidays She s bored and lonely until the day she finds a tiny winged horse lying injured in an outbuilding and goes to its rescue return return So far, so ordinarythere s a band of tiny people living in the woods on the hill, and Midge finds herself caught up in their lives and problemsbut the depiction of the tiny people, the Various themselves, sets this book apart they re a far cry from the ethereal fairies [...]

    18. I LOVED this book It has all the ingredients of my favourite childhood books perfectly ordinary girl stumbles on something extraordinary and has an adventure Midge whose real name is Margaret is a believable character and I liked her a lot I especially liked that, when she was in danger, she thought about the best thing to do for example, realising that hiding in something would mean being trapped once she was found instead of panicking and doing the exact opposite of the sensible thing think ho [...]

    19. When Midge s mother goes on a tour with the London Philharmonic, she sends Midge to Mill Farm to stay with her Uncle Brian There, Midge finds an injured flying horse named Pegs As she helps Pegs, she is drawn into a world of small and magical people called The Various The Various live in the woods near her Uncle s farm, and their livelihood is threatened both by the barrenness of the land and the possibility of the forest s destruction.To say much about the plot of The Various would be, I think [...]

    20. I wouldn t hesitate to recommend this book to fans of Philip Pullman, J.K Rowling, Lemony Snicket, et cetera This book may even be slightly better than what I ve read from those authors It s decent YA entertainment However, I have to admit that that s just not good enough for me and in fact, I only skim read the second half of the novel More and often I m finding that a genre novel and YA is certainly a genre of its own just doesn t hold my interest if it isn t clearly one of the best of its ki [...]

    21. I have to say that when I first picked up The Various around age ten, I found the book rather tedious despite my love of the subject matter fairies, or the little people I, however, persisted, and made my way through Celandine , the prequel to The Various and Winetr Wood I enjoyed Celandine much than The Various yet failed to pick up a copy of Winter Wood until sometime earlier this year Having reread the first two books in the trilogy, I can now appreciate the near flawless writing stlye, some [...]

    22. An enchanting cover the story, not so much.It took five separate attempts over the last two months before I could finally push my way through to the end Midge didn t talk, act or react like a 12 year old girl, and I found the adults all rather self involved and unlikable So there weren t any characters with whom I really felt a strong connection.The world of the Various should have been exciting and mesmerizing, but it just wasn t It needed oomph I was almost and I loathe to say this bored Perh [...]

    23. This is a book about a young girl named Midge who has gone to stay with a relative on a farm, sort of, in a rural area The farm is in bad shape and her relative is considering selling the woods off, maybe selling the entire farm, because all his other plans to make money have failed.Things become quite complicated when Midge discovers a small horse with wings trapped in a barn She takes care of the horse while keeping it a secret, and ends up getting introduced into the world of fairies.Which ar [...]

    24. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK SERIES Let me repeat MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK SERIES Let that sink in for a minute All the books series across space and time, and yes, The Touchstone Trilogy is my favorite I can t possibly describe how important these books are to me Everyone who reads a lot will undoubtedly experience the feeling when a book comes along that feels as if it were written precisely FOR you, as if it is speaking directly to you The Various is this book for me When I first picked it up, [...]

    25. Have you ever read a book that you weren t sure you liked while reading, but then couldn t stop thinking about it afterwards The Various, by Steve Augarde was one of those books for me It took me a month to read it because I had several other books taking precedence, but once I gave it my undivided attention I did enjoy it The main character is a girl who s mother is a professional violinist She goes to spend time with her uncle on his farm while her mother is on tour She loves the farm and the [...]

    26. Such a disappointment I enjoyed The Various so much and looked forward to the next installment I read Celandine a first time, but didn t want to be too judgemental after a once over So I read it again and what a let down Don t get me wrong, I can t fault the eloquent poetry of the language, or the ability to set the scene, but to use the term overcook would be an understatement Mr Augarde is way too dependent on long overdescriptive passages and doesn t offer the reader the opportunity to build [...]

    27. I picked this book because it sounded like a fun read, but I was a little disappointed in it I found the writing to be a bit clunky and obvious, especially in the beginning Although I found the way the main character reacted to the little people to be fairly realistic, I didn t like how she reacted to adults around her It just sounded like it was a child written from an adult s point of view spoiler alert Further, I didn t find the little people all that interesting The first character Midge mee [...]

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