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Live from Golgotha: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal By Gore Vidal,

  • Title: Live from Golgotha: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal
  • Author: Gore Vidal
  • ISBN: 9780140231199
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Timothy later St Timothy is in his study in Thessalonika, where he is bishop of Macedonia It is A.D 96, and Timothy is under terrific pressure to record his version of the Sacred Story, since, far in the future, a cyberpunk the Hacker has been systematically destroying the tapes that describe the Good News, and Timothy s Gospel is the only one immune to the Hacker sTimothy later St Timothy is in his study in Thessalonika, where he is bishop of Macedonia It is A.D 96, and Timothy is under terrific pressure to record his version of the Sacred Story, since, far in the future, a cyberpunk the Hacker has been systematically destroying the tapes that describe the Good News, and Timothy s Gospel is the only one immune to the Hacker s deadly virus Meanwhile, thanks to a breakthrough in computer software, an NBC crew is racing into the past to capture live from the suburb of Golgotha the Crucifixion, for a TV special guaranteed to boost the network s ratings in the fall sweeps As a stream of visitors from twentieth century America channel in to the first century Holy Land Mary Baker Eddy, Shirley MacLaine, Oral Roberts and family Timothy struggles to complete his story But is Timothy s text really Hacker proof And how will he deal with the truth about Jesus eating disorder Above all, will he get the anchor slot for the Big Show at Golgotha without representation by a major agency, like CAA 1,896 years in the future Tune in.
    Live from Golgotha The Gospel According to Gore Vidal Timothy later St Timothy is in his study in Thessalonika where he is bishop of Macedonia It is A D and Timothy is under terrific pressure to record his version of the Sacred Story since far in

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    1. Vidal is devilishly clever pun intended, though, irreverently withdrawn with this book, a postmodern, post theist, post omni masterpiece that has its slow points where it gets a little clever for its own good perhaps intentionly I forgive him, though like a Judas must, I still remove a star The novel is about the nature of belief and its relationship with narrative structure It uses Christianity as its model, but one gets the sense that it could have used any Grand Narrative It s interesting how [...]

    2. Gore Vidal was, based on my experience so far, incapable of writing a bad book This book is a bit strange and definitely ties a knot with the normal narrative timeline but I like a book that can surprise me with it s creativity and originality while still crafting interesting characters that make me laugh and think at the same time I love Roman history and how it represents and then runs into Christian history Much like his books about America s founding fathers, I like the notion of being a fly [...]

    3. I m only marking this book read because I don t want to see it in my currently reading This book will officially be the only book that I ve started and not finished I ll quote a reviewer below me, a stream of consciousness that should never have been put to paper This thing is impossible to read if you aren t 1 used to stream of consciousness, 2 time travel which I am but, 3 familiar with the lives of the Saints in the New Testament I know who they are, who s the favorite, etc, but I don t know [...]

    4. Here s the thing this is very smart, witty, full of real knowledge about the period and quirky humor But, it takes than a fast tongue and phenomenal vocabulary to sweep me off my feet I mean, yes, Vidal is highly intelligent in this little novel, rewriting the gospel, dropping names, calling people out on the shit they do in the name of God, giving his own little twist to the Judas kiss of betrayal, and even laughing at the art of writing itself It takes some solid balls to do this and those he [...]

    5. Finally, well in 1992 anyway, we get the answer to WWJD.Gore Vidal s gospel good news comes at us through the lips of St Timothy aka Timaximus, Timinimus, Timikens, Timmy or just plain Tim the first century Bishop of Ephesus who was a top but only sometimes Timmy was St Paul s confident that according to biblical history and may have been the author of many of the Pauline letters He was born shortly before Good Friday the original in CE 17 and died in 97 CE He apparently was a handsome lad, with [...]

    6. Per me che non ho fede religiosa, l idea di una dissacrazione, fatta con ironia intelligente, poteva essere buona Peccato che, in pratica, l idea si sia tradotta in una insopportabile serie di scemenze che non fanno nemmeno ridere, degna del peggior cabaret.

    7. Gore Vidal like Salman Rushdie is one of those writers whose been hanging in the outskirts of my writers consciousness my whole adulthood without me having read a single one of his books I picked up Golgotha at some cheapo booksale, thinking finally I m going to Read Something by Gore Vidal.Obviously, he is a talented, witty writer, but I could not get into it and I m jumping ship.Fuck, maybe I ll just have to die, never having finished a novel of Gore Vidal.

    8. This one is funny with just the right amount of irreverence to interest me I honestly think it comes kind of close to a bizarro work It s not as free and scrapes bottom at some points due to other goals, but I think the bizarro people I know should check this out I think they ll be as surprised as me that Vidal wrote this.

    9. My writing professor in college knew Gore Vidal, so I picked up this title based on his general endorsement I picked the wrong Vidal book as my first This is a ridiculous story meant as satire, but it comes off like a bad Monty Python skit.

    10. Timothy Bishop of Macedonia and Ephesus Maryred in 97AD Killed by a mob of pagans at the Katagogia, a festival for the god Dionysus Born just after crusifixtionGossolalia speaking in tonguesNo such word as JewishThe Battle of Philippi was the final battle in the Wars of the Second Triumvirate between the forces of Mark Antony and Octavian the Second Triumvirate against the forces of Julius Caesar s assassins Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus in 42 BC, at Philippi in Macedonia The S [...]

    11. Witty, weird, and very camp, which is what I was led to expect from Vidal It is long on imagination, medium on erudition, short on credibility, but as this is a farce, that too is to be expected It has some great moments and one liners, and the central dilemma of whether the salvation of Jesus is for the Jews only the James camp or all humankind the Pauline camp is interesting reading, as much as the switcharoo from Jesus to Judas on the cross is fun, but in the end, if you want laughs at the ex [...]

    12. This is a wonderfully outrageously camp exercise in total blasphemy and for that it s to be commended Nothing is sacred No one is sacred Whether its Jesus and his weight gain, Saint Paul and his predilection for young men, James jealousy of his big brother, modern media moguls out for a quick buck or new religions and their gurus like Mary Eddy Baker It s bawdy and funny enough to make me glad I wasn t drinking my tea when I read it.

    13. This book is an interesting idea dragged out for a bit too long I think it d be an excellent novella or longer short story When the writing is on, it s ON absolutely prescient and hilarious It predicts an awful lot about reality TV culture and speaks well to the principle of an object observed changes because of the observation Overall, an insightful, clever, fun book with a few two many boring literary potholes.

    14. A while back I read Behold the man by Michael Moorcock and though the concept of Jesus as a time traveler was interesting But it s nowhere as interesting as Vidal s take on probably the most influential myth All I can say is that, if Bible did get it right then I am going to be roasted for giving this five stars.

    15. When describing Live From Golgotha by Gore Vidal, the word iconoclastic would represent extreme under statement This novel, a hotch potch of fantasy, history, science fiction, theology, politics, philosophy and sheer nonsense, is nothing less than a full frontal bombardment of Christian myth The ruins of what originally existed, whatever that might have been, become the skeleton that two thousand years of re mythologising have fleshed out They began as an unlikely mistake, according to Gore Vida [...]

    16. Saint always adjusted his grammar to the audience and never the audience to the grammar But then we saints are born knowing the tricks of the trade except that Saint had one trick that nobody else has ever mastered When we have to go into all that endless rap about how J.C is descended from King David and so on, the result is not only deeply boring but absolutely mystifying for a Gentile audience that doesn t know the difference between a Jew and a Chinaman So how did Saint get through the dull [...]

    17. I m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I picked this one up, but I generally enjoy fictional accounts of Christ s life There wasn t much on the actual life of Jesus, but of the ministry following his death The narrator, Timothy, focuses mainly on the life of St Paul aka Sol aka The Saint So, Saint fudges a few facts, embellishes his relationship with Christ, has a taste for young men, is in conflict with Jesus brother James, and annoys the hell out of St Peter It is a satirical look at [...]

    18. a great read for the Christmas season Vidal uses his usual wit and unblinking irreverence to turn the story of St Paul on its head and into a funky dark satire reminiscent of Christopher Moore s Lamb.or did he tell the Real Story quo vademus we can never be sure because of the presence of one or hackers who may or may not be erasing and changing the course of history by altering history tapes St Timothy begins seeing and receiving visitors he calls them kibitzers and visions from the future via [...]

    19. Farce Satire Comedy Black comedy Irreligious Sacrilegious Gore Vidal has written a novel that is all of these and yet none of these by themselves Even the non believer may shudder at times, expecting the visitation of thunderbolts hurled by an angry God.Vidal has taken the early days of Christianity and turned them up side down The events and the people who were a part of them are no longer recognizable What were the roles of Peter and Paul in this fictional interlude How does a Judas badly in n [...]

    20. I don t know what to write It s simply a masterpiece This book contains a paragraph and resulting mental image that I will never, ever forget, and which makes me laugh every, single time I think of it In fact, when I first read the paragraph in question, it almost killed me I was ill, I had a terrible cough, I started laughing uncontrollably, then coughing uncontrollably, but I couldn t stop laughing, or coughing, which resulted in me running out of breath I won t tell you what the paragraph is, [...]

    21. While not my favorite of Vidal s works Golgotha is certainly entertaining It is a relatively short working focusing on Saint Timothy being chosen to anchor a live filming of Golgotha for NBC and record his version of the Gospels in response to all other versions being corrupted by a hacker.As one might guess the plot is a bit convoluted and chaotic but still enjoyably sacrilegious It delves into the confusion and infighting of the early church as they try to solidify Jesus message, as well as ta [...]

    22. Gore Vidal is a very clever and intelligent man, and his novel is also clever and intelligent However, I think Vidal is a bit too clever for his own good this time This short novel is packed so tightly with satire, blasphemy, insanity, and mind bending time travel physics that it s all a bit too much to take in It s a funny idea about how NBC executives of the future time travel to a few weeks before the crucifixion of Jesus to set up a new gospel to be written by a commoner and to film the actu [...]

    23. a meta tra fantascienza e libello anticristiano antipaolino in particolare Paolo di Tarso e la vittima prediletta di Vidal, che lo ha a mio avviso giustamente ridicolizzato anche altrove, V anche il suo Giuliano Irriverente, scanzonato, divertente, a tratti molto volgare, il libro gioca sulla linea dell assurdo, ma coglie nel segno a mio avviso nell individuare in Paolo di Tarso l artefice del passaggio del cristianesimo da un messaggio inteso per il solo popolo ebraico in continuita con il dio [...]

    24. What would Jesus do select all then delete review R138KC6V The book is first and foremost a lampoon of Christianity, specifically, the early years of the church St Timothy is a first hand observer of St Paul s effort to expand the market for Christianity Other Vidal books have documented his cynicism of Christianity and the religious right, but Live from Golgotha clearly sets out to satire Christianity from its source St Paul.

    25. It reminded me of the quote This isn t writing, it s typing Vidal is clearly enjoying himself, and that s the only thing that kept me reading It wasn t convincing, and when I read it I was not a believer I was not shocked at the blasphemous content, though I got the feeling Vidal wanted me to be I had high hopes for this book after Creation, but I think he put a lot effort into Creation than this one.

    26. Sacrilegious, punk, scathing, sharp, but ultimately forgettable, and pointless The perfect book to read on the beach in the summer or when you really want to piss off a Catholic on your list.No, that s not totally fair Parts of the story are rather clever and memorable The polished obsidian stone, for example.

    27. I spent most of this book thinking it was interesting, but not very sure of it otherwise It pulled together at the very end, though, so I think that ultimately, I liked it than I was ambivalent I do wonder, however, if I would have gotten out of it had I been older in the early 90s when it was written as there seemed to be references, etc, that I wasn t entirely sure about.

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